Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup



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Information Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

Title : Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

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Frames Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

Description Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Unboxing \u0026 Setup

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Thanks for sharing. My Balsam Hill boxes just arrived and I appreciate the review of knowing what's in store and how to set up. . Merry Christmas!

Loriann Kerce
Loriann Kerce 2 months ago

Oh my gosh thank you so much for sharing I love it beautiful home, beautiful Christmas tree❗️ I will definitely be getting balsam Hill❗️🎄🎁 Merry Christmas, & I hope you are enjoying your Christmas tree again this year❗️❤️💝😊

AutumnAspens 2 months ago

Hi Rebbeca,

Horrid experience on our end. We have wanted this tree for many years.

First one......totally defective. Returned.

Second one.....looks great but 10 branches were not attached and 20+ lights were broken as if they were stepped on. Additionally, the top portion is bent at an angle that I cant even fix.

Customer service is beyond horrible. After over a month and many hours of just getting "hinge pins" and "lights" they are non-responsive.

We will never EVER purchase a Balsam Hill product again.

I'm happy yours worked but ours was 180 degrees opposite from what you had.

Third Sister
Third Sister 2 months ago

FYI... Balsam Hill will not lift a finger to help you if you didn't purchase directly from them. WASTE OF MONEY EVEN IF YOU DO ORDER FROM THEM. All their crap is made in China. BUY AMERICAN !!!!

David Miller
David Miller 2 months ago

I didn’t get a bag for the stand with mine

poohdd3 2 months ago

My top is VERY HARD to get into hole and connect

This RN runs on the DT

I just ordered a balsam hill sanibel spruce 6 foot cant wait for it to come so excited

Albert Salcedo
Albert Salcedo 2 months ago

What is the width of your 6.5 foot tree? I saw they had one that read 60 inches and another that was the "slim" version at 52 inches. Thanks!

Draco Malfidus
Draco Malfidus 2 months ago

No one mentions the size of the christmas tree which is esential for unboxing video! :D :D :D

Cupcake Dream
Cupcake Dream 2 months ago

I want this tree in 7.5ft - love it and can’t wait 🎄I really begrudge paying £50 a year for a real tree......

Richard Shelton
Richard Shelton 2 months ago

We just got ours today, June 8, 2020, and I quickly set it up to make sure the lights all worked (they did!). I didn't bother fluffing it up and wanted to get a better idea of how to do that. Thank you for posting your video!

Paul S
Paul S 2 months ago

You are very lucky to get this tree in your country hope they sell this type of tree in India

Norman Miller
Norman Miller 2 months ago

Next year we’re getting a Balsam Hill. European fir, 5 feet. Can’t wait! Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁

Jo Deming
Jo Deming 2 months ago

Ty for sharing. What a beautiful tree it is. Enjoy.

Carol Muscarello
Carol Muscarello 2 months ago

Yesterday, I researched these trees online. Reviews were very bad. Lights going out with no way to replace or lack of replacement supply and poor customer service. May get a tree from Home Depot or Big Lots.

Kay B.
Kay B. 2 months ago

Thanks for the video! Your tree is beautiful. May I ask how tall you are? I'm trying to decide between 6.5 or 7.5 ft tree. (I know your tree is 6.5). I assume your ceiling is 8ft high(?). just trying to get perspective to choose.

Lark 2 months ago

is the most realistic or just realistic cause right now it's on sale for 399! which is really expensive but at the same time it's an investment and hopefully lasts for years and years.

Daniel J.Glowny
Daniel J.Glowny 2 months ago

If you read the instructions you start fluffing the 1st section before placing the next section,you will find it easier and better and the tree will look fuller.

Fadi Al Hano
Fadi Al Hano 2 months ago

Thanks for the Video, could you please post the link from where did you but it in amazon, what is the model name? hight, please? Thank you in advance

Liana Ghazarian
Liana Ghazarian 2 months ago

thanks for the video. trying to choose among all trees and the blue spruce seems too dark for me. but this one looks great and greener

itsmeamanda01 2 months ago

so the needles are a sturdier plastic instead of tinsel like dept store trees is that right??

Tony Sibilla
Tony Sibilla 2 months ago

We are looking at Balsam Hill today and this video helped more than the web site videos. Thank you for doing this!