The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley



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Information The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

Title : The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

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Frames The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

Description The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

The Vicar's First Ever Scene! | The Vicar of Dibley

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bill stewart
bill stewart 2 months ago

Great Cast, Loved them all.

h4nter thc
h4nter thc 2 months ago


shawn eldridge
shawn eldridge 2 months ago

at one point this use to come on pbs channel, saturday nights at 10:00 pm. i use to watch this every sat night, until pbs stop showing it. its a shame.

Orion Star
Orion Star 2 months ago

When television licence was worth paying. :-) Now, I just give a cheque once a year, and I don't even watch it!

S m a c k
S m a c k 2 months ago

Why the fuck has my RS teacher sent me this

B Parker
B Parker 2 months ago

Vicar, one of my favorite shows of all time. Always wondered what might happen if vicar and hyacinth got together!!

Catherine Robillard
Catherine Robillard 2 months ago

When the pilot was made women still weren't allowed to be vicars in the Church of England; the producers were taking a risk by banking on the majority of the synod voting to allow female vicars

Butch 78
Butch 78 2 months ago

No wonder the Beeb and ITV have lost so many viewers. We are all on YouTube watching great comedy, not the rubbish put out these days.

Lana Jig-maker
Lana Jig-maker 2 months ago

When I wasn't able to stay asleep as a kid, I use to quietly turn on the TV. I faintly remember catching this show. Haha loved it.

Stephen Dines
Stephen Dines 2 months ago

Richard Curtis obviously didn't do any research. New Vicars are interviewed by the local church council before they get the position of local vicar, so David Horton would have known who the new vicar was before she arrived.

David and Rachel
David and Rachel 2 months ago

absolute comic genius

chocmilkshake24 2 months ago

Omigosh that grandma is the same one from "keeping mum" starring rowan Atkinson!

Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 2 months ago

This is my favourite programme of all time. The script the casting everything about the programme is just so right, so funny.

Kristijan Ahčin
Kristijan Ahčin 2 months ago

The show qas good. I'm still convinced protestants installed women to stop eccumenical dialouge. After all now there's nothing left to talk about.

battywattywoo 2 months ago

Geraldine has a few things in common with my heroine Anne of Green Gables: she has to fight to keep a place originally intended for a male; she dyes her hair, in one episode; and her best friend names a daughter after her.

James Long
James Long 2 months ago

25 years this year this first broadcast. Sadly Roger Lloyd Pack (Owen), Liz Smith (Mrs Cropley), Emma Chambers (Alice) and John Bluthal (Frank) have gone and Trevor Peacock (Jim) has dementia. Funny show with a great cast.

Joseph Stanski
Joseph Stanski 2 months ago

Just the BEST.

John Kelly
John Kelly 2 months ago

More "Vicar of Dibley

Random Videos
Random Videos 2 months ago

Another Awesome Show! R.I.P. Emma Chambers