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Information A Christmas Carol (2019) ANALYSIS | GUY PEARCE AS SCROOGE

Title : A Christmas Carol (2019) ANALYSIS | GUY PEARCE AS SCROOGE

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Bob Prentice
Bob Prentice 2 months ago

I must agree, the last line was not needed. It almost gave the series a "tune in next week for another episode" feel, or "Mrs. Crachit will return in Scrooge II, the reckoning"

Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane 2 months ago

What a piece of trash this version of a great classic is.It looks nothing like A Christmas Carol that I'm furmiler with. Let me tell you something about A Christmas Carol, the story is actually part, a Horror story ! That's rite . And this version hasn't got all the the wonderful things that Scrooge does that make you like him at the end of the movie. In my opinion the Scrooge I love the most is the one with Alistair Simms. His rendition shows how much contempt he has for his fellow men, how mean he is. So at the end you can't help but feel happy for his redemption in his behavior. Perfect seen for this is when Scrooge steps inside his nephew's home asking his nephew's wife, can you forgive a pig headed old fool for having no eyes to see with and no ears to hear with all these years . A great seen in a great movie. This is my favorite story of all time. This is Charles Dickens at his best, but not the only story that he does a great job of telling us about. He is my favorite writer. Thank You Charles Dickens.

speedrunner gamer
speedrunner gamer 2 months ago

I saw the vincent feagan Christmas carol, and it wasnt good. But this was good. But I wish bob cratchet was nicer.

Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 2 months ago

I just watched it for the first time and I was extremely impressed. I thought the creative liberties taken were not in vain because of how compelling it made the story. I almost feel like the writer had their own new story to tell and used A Christmas Carol’s format to do so. Also good video, I enjoyed your analysis.

Candace Clarke
Candace Clarke 2 months ago

Today was our second time watching this version of the Christmas Carol - it's become our favorite. The new character development and backstories made the film compelling. This is an adult version, dark with mature humor. We are used to the general story line presented in the other movies, so this is a departure. The opening dialog between Scrooge and his employee Cratchit gave a forthright introduction to what was to come. Scrooge's OCD comes out immediately as does Cratchit's well spoken intelligence. It reminded me of the new versions of Sherlock Holmes. This takes a deeper dive into motivations and consequences. However, that said, it seemed to end suddenly without the usual outcomes. For instance, we normally see Tiny Tim's life or death due to his illness. Scrooge and Cratchit part ways. We don't know what will become of Scrooge.

David Kirby
David Kirby 2 months ago

I literally just watched this FX version of A Christmas Carol on cable tv and I didn't hate it but I was somewhat disappointed by the production. Maybe it just boils down to taste. Many creative liberties were taken from the 1843 novel which made the FX version confusing (Scrooge & Marley's business practices changing, many collateral deaths because of them, young Ebenezer Scrooge getting molested, his sister becoming the ghost of Christmas present and her name being changed from 'Fran' to 'Lottie' among other things). Scrooge's sexual manipulation of Mary Cratchit made me cringe and it seemed out of character for Scrooge (I agree with you that he's not a villain but an antihero-turned-hero). However, I appreciate the new backstories provided for Jacob Marley, Mary Cratchit and their associations with the three spirits of Christmas. Like you, I think Guy Pearce did a phenomenal job with his compelling take on Scrooge and this production would've warranted a worse review if it weren't for him (L.A. Confidential, Momento and The Proposition are my favorite films of his btw). I would've appreciated seeing Scrooge become like a second father to Tiny Tim and visit his nephew Fred's Christmas dinner but it was interesting to see him reunite with Marley and their urine covered gravestones. Overall I would grade the FX version of A Christmas Carol with a B- or a C+. I like your reaction on this cynical interpretation and thank you for your insight!