Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw


Madeleine Shaw

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Information Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

Title : Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

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Frames Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

Description Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

Healthy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Dairy free Hot Chocolate | Madeleine Shaw

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Angela Dyson
Angela Dyson 2 months ago

Looks pretty good. Also xylitol is another option instead of coconut sugar if you want to make this lower in carbs. It has a GI of 7. 👍

Avos and Waves
Avos and Waves 2 months ago

Awesome! Thank you so much I was Loopings for a healthy Gingerbread Recipe for ages 😍

Linh Hoang
Linh Hoang 2 months ago

I just made them now, they are quite hard but thats my fault because i put them in for 30 mins rather than 20 but still they taste great!

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎉😊

lena ullmann
lena ullmann 2 months ago

more videos like that!!!

Fiona W
Fiona W 2 months ago

Your kitchen is so cute!!

Sintija Fogele
Sintija Fogele 2 months ago

what can i use for coconut syrup subtitude ?

lee o'connell
lee o'connell 2 months ago

Please do another Christmas video

madran hull
madran hull 2 months ago

this was such a good recipie and you are so good at talking to the camera, my one criticism would be that you say the word awesome too many times which annoys me a lot! :)

Monster 2 months ago

Hi i love all your videos and recipes! keep up the good work! Although I'm allergic to coconut which you use a lot of instead of coconut sugar, syrup and oil what else could i use that is just as good?

bbaloo05 2 months ago

Dear Madeleine, as a ballet dancer I really like your healthy recipes. Well done. I wish you could teach us some yoga poses to reduce stress. xx

Holly 2 months ago

Love your respites

VideoPrettyBrilliant 2 months ago

I just found out your channel and I'm already loving it! :) This is like a amazing cooking show but then on Youtube! Well done girlie! Subscribed! 

Kei Kei Leung
Kei Kei Leung 2 months ago

Love your style of videos! More please :)

jules gharavi
jules gharavi 2 months ago

Hello Madeline,

I would for you to do a detailed video about how to lose weight. Also can you maybe teach me some quinoa recipes! Thank you... I absolutely love your channel. x

Falcon Griffith
Falcon Griffith 2 months ago

Yumm! This is perfect for a baking party I'm going to this weekend especially since I was looking for a vegan recipe. Thanks!

Krystal 2 months ago

I watched this and almost drooled over my screen and was like 'right i have to try these' and honestly - they are the best little treats ever! And it felt so good to eat them and not feel any guilt what-so-ever! Perfect! Thanks for the recipe. Love your channel! <3.

Wade Atkinson
Wade Atkinson 2 months ago

Amazing I might bake these because I can't have gluten so yay

KatieWoah24! 2 months ago

Came because of Tan, subbed because of you!xx

Misha Shabalina
Misha Shabalina 2 months ago

you have almost 1000 thumbs up! 1 more to go! <3

Rebecca Blackmore
Rebecca Blackmore 2 months ago

Looking forward to making these huge fan of your recipes, especially your fudge :) quick question re coconut syrup is there an alternative option? many thanks in advanced. Have a great Sunday x 

Lucy M
Lucy M 2 months ago

There not going to be gluten free if you have oats in them, unless there gluten free aswell xxxxxxx

Darci puchalski
Darci puchalski 2 months ago

These are just such cool and healthy recipes 💘😽

Darci puchalski
Darci puchalski 2 months ago

Love u maddie x

S 2 months ago

I loveee your videos, they are so well filmed and edited !!

Cassie Ferry
Cassie Ferry 2 months ago

can you do a video on how to make the mince pies you gave to tanya? x

MissMSL91 2 months ago

What a lovely video, I especially like that you mention why the ingredients are good for you and that it´s already gluten- and dairyfree, no need for alterations :) I hope you make more of these!

Luca Rose
Luca Rose 2 months ago

Love your channel, Maddy! Great timing too. Been trying to find easy ways to stay healthy over the holidays. Cant wait until your channel really lifts off. I see you going really far! Please visit New Zealand soon!! xx

Natasha Hansen
Natasha Hansen 2 months ago

I came over here when I saw you on Tanya's channel when you made her gluten free mince pies.
I so glad that I found out about you and your channel. It really helps as I'm gluten free and stifling to find out good recipes (because I'm also quite fussy) haha. But this is sure to help! I can't wait to read all your other recipes on your website and other social network sites ☺️ thank you! Xx

Linda Klein
Linda Klein 2 months ago

Tanya sent me :)! you are amazing!

Carlie Ettridge
Carlie Ettridge 2 months ago

Your videos have such a homey feel to them!! You're so gorgeous by the way xx

La Beri
La Beri 2 months ago

Is there any alternative I could use instead of oats? In Germany it's not really certain that they're gluten-free and I don't want to risk anything... Thank you! :)

And thank you for the inspiration! Since I'm "newly gluten-free" I was very desperate and sad to miss out on all the nice christmas cookies but apperently I don't have to :)

Samuel Effman
Samuel Effman 2 months ago

came here from tanya, love your channel

second amy s
second amy s 2 months ago

These are amazing! I will defiantly be trying those for Christmas!😀

Lulu Wonderland
Lulu Wonderland 2 months ago

I'm so pleased you have a YouTube channel now! Love seeing all your delicious recipes on your IG page :) Can't wait to try these but can I ask where you purchase the coconut syrup & coconut sugar?

Lulu x

Ellie Hopwood
Ellie Hopwood 2 months ago

Came over from +tanyaburr and loved ur videos

Trittabug 2 months ago

Hello, again.. I'm in the middle of gathering ingredients for the cookies.. I am having a hard time converting the ingredients.  Maddy, would I convert the grams into cups?
Thanks so much!

Sashrika Wadhera
Sashrika Wadhera 2 months ago

Love this <3

Aoibh O’Reilly Music

Great thank you xx

Hannah Morris
Hannah Morris 2 months ago

Ummm nope: table sugar, aka sucrose, has a GI of about 65, not 100 - that's glucose! Coconut sugar has a GI of >35, not 30

emelia 2 months ago

Tanya sent me over and I think your my new favourite youtuber, you, your style, your kitchen , your video style is all perfect can't wait for more! Xx

Jasmine Stockman
Jasmine Stockman 2 months ago

Tanya sent me !

Beth29 2 months ago

Tanya sent me and I'm so glad she did your channel is amazing and I'm defiantly going to try these xx

Emily Lynch
Emily Lynch 2 months ago

Is there any way around the food processor as I don't have one

letsliveallda y
letsliveallda y 2 months ago

amazing video!!

Rowan Verstelle
Rowan Verstelle 2 months ago

Just saw you over on Tanya's vlog and I will definitely make these cookies! Quickly going to check out your other videos now, looking for healthy food recipes! 

Sally Haslam
Sally Haslam 2 months ago

I'm from New Zealand too, have you ever been? This recipe looks amazing! I will totally be getting these ingredients tomorrow, your Channel is awesome so thankful Tanya sent me here xxx

Sophie Towns
Sophie Towns 2 months ago

These look amazing can't wait to try and make them myself !!

Millie Andrews
Millie Andrews 2 months ago

Been sent by Tanya and your channel is AMAZING !

Laura Atkinson
Laura Atkinson 2 months ago

Where did you get those white mugs they are so nice!

Georgie Dansey
Georgie Dansey 2 months ago

What do you use if you don't have coconut sugar? I'm also from NZ.

Madeleine C
Madeleine C 2 months ago


It's Mz Leah
It's Mz Leah 2 months ago

Love it! you have a subscriber from NZ! :)

Emma Hooton
Emma Hooton 2 months ago

On tanya's volg you gave her some christmas mince pies, could you possibly do a recipe for them? Love your channel :)

1024specialkay 2 months ago

love your channel! Cannot wait to see more healthy recipes in the future.

Valeria Cortez Mavila

I just subscribe, and I loveee your videos! The cookies look amazing and the hot chocolate makes it look even more festive <3

CarmenRalu 2 months ago

New subbie from Tan

Sofia Rose
Sofia Rose 2 months ago

Love your videos so much! Please do more! xx ♡

ChristyOgaard 2 months ago

IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHANNEL. It's absolutely beautiful and natural. I feel you will quickly become a new FAVORITE youtuber of mine.

Helen Moore
Helen Moore 2 months ago

Can you do a yoga video please:))

ANA KRAFT 2 months ago

tanya sent me and omg, your channel is amazing!! so happy about this recipe since im gluten and dairy free, thank you for this recipe! hope many more are coming ;) and that kitchen just made my heart stop, how beautiful! <3

Emilie N
Emilie N 2 months ago

I LOVE your videos!! Keep them coming, great recipes!! Also, I love your red skirt where is it from? xox

TheMarmite09 2 months ago

could you please share the mince pie recipe that you made for Tanya. They looked amazing!!!

Chelsea Byers
Chelsea Byers 2 months ago

I can't wait to try these out for Christmas. Due to the fact I have a gluten-intolerance I have tried to make many gluten free cookies and none tasted all that fantastic, but yours look wonderful :)

Georgia Devine
Georgia Devine 2 months ago

Wow I loved this video, I am definitely going to try this out for Christmas! New subscriber here and can’t wait to see more of your videos :) <3

Ashley 2 months ago

Tanya Burr sent me here! I really love the editing of your videos!! Also go New Zealand! Haha

Reese Osborne
Reese Osborne 2 months ago

I happy that I found you before you got way to famous and I would never be able to talk to you, your channel is doing so well keep it up :)

Trittabug 2 months ago

Really glad to come upon your channel! I've been gfree and mainly dairy free, for 3 years. Love finding new tips and tricks with foods! Can't wait to see what your channel has to offer! Xx

Aoibh O’Reilly Music

Ps: Tanya burr sent me x

Aoibh O’Reilly Music

Is this recipe paleo friendly ?

Jess Laz
Jess Laz 2 months ago

Hey Madeleine! I'm dairy intolerant and this video helped me so much!! Love it! I'm going to bake these soon! Just wondering if honey is a suitable alternative to coconut syrup?? :) xx

ARVX 2 months ago

I absolutely love your Instagram! So glad you've made a YouTube channel ❤️

Emma O'Prey
Emma O'Prey 2 months ago

Love this video❤️

Mary's Test Kitchen
Mary's Test Kitchen 2 months ago

Came over from @Tanya Burr's vlog today. Love the look of these treats <3 Looking forward to more from you!

BeckiesBlog 2 months ago

Love this video! I also found you through Tanya's vlog! But where do you buy all these ingredients?! Some of them I have never heard/seen can you recommend anywhere? :) x

briggyjudith 2 months ago

Those cookies look like heaven!!

Hannah Ahlmark
Hannah Ahlmark 2 months ago

Hi Madeleine! I am also new to your channel! was wondering if you could teach us how to make healthy oat or granola bars! xx

Carissa M
Carissa M 2 months ago

Great video and your personality is very infectious 😊👍 one of the things I struggle with when trying to switch to healthy alternatives like the coconut sugar or syrup or a diff flour is understanding what they are able to be used for on a day to day basis, it could I use coconut sugar in coffee, what else can the syrup be used for besides these cookies ect would you think about doing a vid or post on your site about healthier alternatives and how they can be used in every day life and what they are replacing?? May seem obvious to some but not to me lol thanks Maddy, can't wait for the next

Kerri Baldwin
Kerri Baldwin 2 months ago

I came over from Tanya's vlog and I love your videos so much x 

Sophia Lane
Sophia Lane 2 months ago

Hi Madeleine, I'm a vegan and have been really struggling to find vegan friendly recipes for traditional Christmas treats!! These cookies will defiantly go down well my husband and toddler!! Also a good excuse to get out the festive biscuit cutters :) thank you!!

Kenzie-Anne Grant
Kenzie-Anne Grant 2 months ago

Tanya burr sent me! glad I came! Ive been looking for treats that arnt pure junk food! Id love to see yoga too if thats something you would like to share, that would be awesome! :) great vid xo

Meghan Kirkland
Meghan Kirkland 2 months ago

Ah this is so perfect! I love gingerbread cookies at Christmas time!

Harriet Tozer
Harriet Tozer 2 months ago

Can you do yoga videos please

JXMES TUXKER 2 months ago

Kiwi all the way sol uce 👌

rosaelena perez
rosaelena perez 2 months ago

you should do yoga videos :)

rosaelena perez
rosaelena perez 2 months ago

yup tanya sent me 

Anya 2 months ago

Hi Madeleine, I have a channel doing healthy recipes, advice, etc. I'd love if you could take a look and let me know what you think :) x

Hayley Brigden
Hayley Brigden 2 months ago

Would be cool if you got featured on FoodTube!! :) great recipes!

Nikki Gibbons
Nikki Gibbons 2 months ago

I live in New Zealand :)

Jaimie Ritchie
Jaimie Ritchie 2 months ago

such a cute videoooo, subscribed x

Kate Fairhurst
Kate Fairhurst 2 months ago

You're so pretty Madeline :) love this video btw xox

Sophia Evans
Sophia Evans 2 months ago

I'm so glad you're on YouTube as I follow you everywhere else! I love the recipes on your website. This is perfect for me as I love gingerbread but I'm gluten free. Thank you :)

Gemma's Corner
Gemma's Corner 2 months ago

can you make a video of the gluten free mince pies that you made for tanya burr? :D

Renea 2 months ago

Sent by @Tanya Burr .. happy holidays! 

Anais Engelmann
Anais Engelmann 2 months ago

I love how you edit these :)

Gina Beshears
Gina Beshears 2 months ago

Tanya Burr sent me! Can't wait to see more of your videos, perfect timing for me as I'm trying to get in better health recently!

KaterinaPetrova 2 months ago

Anyone here from Tanya Burr's channel?

Clos SP
Clos SP 2 months ago

Can't wait for your next video!! and please keep uploading more recipes :) 

nadaisy 2 months ago

just made them,they turned out great, so good, thanks for the recipe :) 

Laurie 2 months ago

Madeleine your recipes have inspired me to change my lifestyle to a much healthier one! I never even knew cacao or coconut oil even existed until I discovered it. Since changing my lifestyle I have experienced so much more energy and amazing skin. thank you so much for your inspiration!

The Tifosa
The Tifosa 2 months ago

I'm always looking for natural, dairy free recipes, so am excited to try this out! Good luck with your channel :-)