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Spiked Cider | How to Drink

Spiked Cider | How to Drink

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ArchArturo 2 months ago

7:30 Don't you EVER do that sound again, Greg! D:

angel whispers
angel whispers 2 months ago

You did another recipe of this more recently I want to say that involved whole apples sitting in the cider while it cooked with a orange spiked with cloves. That is a lot closer to my personal recipe for hot alcoholic apple cider.

Though I like the idea of adding bourbon. I may try that when I have a another chance (supplies kinda suck right now). Greetings from snowmageddon 2021 Houston Texas

Andrew 2 months ago

No noats on Sunday & Cointreau is a really good mix

Reece Barnes
Reece Barnes 2 months ago

This is finally going to be the year i make this!

Ragnorok79 2 months ago

How does the cider taste if you add the cinnamon stick to the simmering pot? Does the cinnamon become too overpowering if you throw it into the pot instead of using it for garnish?

David Frey
David Frey 2 months ago

I am terrible at posting comments on videos, but as a professional consumer of alcohol I just have to give you props for the star anise and cloves tip. This has been a total game changer for our holiday “spirit.” Cheers!

Logan Avery
Logan Avery 2 months ago

Sometimes I mix a shot of fireball with an angry orchard. Wonder if I heated both of those up how winter apple cider-y that would be...

Julian Kennedy
Julian Kennedy 2 months ago

People forget how personality is a huge part of bartending. Just because you can combine 3 ingredients does not make you a bartender. Great presentation 🙏🏾 and thanks for sharing

Mark Nicolaye
Mark Nicolaye 2 months ago

Great video but you godda stop stammering so much and the jokes are lame

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly 2 months ago

If its non alcoholic its Apple Juice, Cider is alcoholic. Hard Apple cider??? Yanks need to stop corrupting language.

lelev 2 months ago

This is the 90th video.

J G 2 months ago

'spiked' not sellint it!

Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller 2 months ago

Can't.... Hold...in... Crazy..... Must....screech....at camera!

Tomaševskiy Gnativ
Tomaševskiy Gnativ 2 months ago

So non-alcholic apple cider is apple juice?

Adam Bonifer
Adam Bonifer 2 months ago

Very very nice. Sitting in front of fireplace with my gal enjoying a glass of spiked cider.

TechnoPriest 2 months ago

Im very eager to try this, but am curious about changing something. Where im at theres a distillery located on a farm that has an apple orchard as part of what they grow, so the distillery specializes in apple alcohol (dunno what the word would be, dunno if its liquor or something else) and i got a bottle of apple brandy from there, actually 2 of them, different kinds. Eager to see if these work about as well as bourbon would in this recipe!

Diekoloreoluwa Ogundana

Can this be taken cold?

SharpEdgeSoda 2 months ago

A seasonal tradition I have is just buying Trader Joe's seasonal Spiced Cider. It's not far off from the spices here if I remember right.

Now I might just be dumping bourbon in it as well. Thanks!

Макc 2 months ago

What is this ''cider"? Where i come frome cider is always bubbly and if u boil what's bubbly ...it's not bubbly anymore and kind yuck-ish. Is it just apple juice? im so confused and i so want this drink it's getting cold

xiaowei guo
xiaowei guo 2 months ago

What brand is cider? How to makecider?

Paul Trahan
Paul Trahan 2 months ago

Is this the last episode on the same shoot. Sounds like it. But no judging, love you man.

Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel 2 months ago

Love the turkey call 🤣

ironsoul80 2 months ago

Is this wassail

Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 2 months ago

the cinnamon stick drop and your disappointment in it had me cracking up because I too had that same feeling lol

James Barnousky
James Barnousky 2 months ago

That was a pretty good turkey call ngl

Aaron Moss
Aaron Moss 2 months ago

Wouldn't a rye go better with this recipe?

Karly KD
Karly KD 2 months ago

I’ve only ever made hot cider with hard cider, rather than adding a spirit to non-alcoholic cider... I feel like I’ve been missing out. Having said that, it’s still delicious. I use maple syrup to sweeten rather than sugar because it adds to the overall festive flavor. Definitely going to have to try it spiked with bourbon.

Shawn 2 months ago

I'm going to try making this for Thanksgiving. I've never dabbled with bourbon, but do have a bottle of Buffalo Trace sitting in my liquor cabinet. In your opinion, is this a decent bourbon or should I go with a different brand? If a different brand, which is best for someone new to bourbon like me?

Derek Lopez
Derek Lopez 2 months ago

Here from babish. Glad to be here.

Nibberbobber 2 months ago

7:31 You sounded like one of those cheap old plastic t-rexes

RS H 2 months ago

Lairds BIB apple brandy works really well for this! I added a few dashes of angustura bitters too.

Jacob Haas
Jacob Haas 2 months ago

I mix it with fireball whiskey

Rob Lee A Account
Rob Lee A Account 2 months ago

The Trader Joe's canister lasted me several different holidays thru the year's including Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. Cheers!

Rob Lee A Account
Rob Lee A Account 2 months ago

I have bought my Mulling Spices From "Trader's Joe, which told me to use a bag for the spices while steeping.

TCJones 2 months ago

So you sieve it take out the bits from the pan, to then add the bits back in...

Comes a Horseman
Comes a Horseman 2 months ago

Four Roses as the spike? You are a good man, my friend!! ;)

August Zera
August Zera 2 months ago

that outro tho...

Joe Turner
Joe Turner 2 months ago

Cider is alcoholic.Otherwise it's just apple juice.

Jhenbo B
Jhenbo B 2 months ago

Enjoying yor show. Just found it a week ago. Been wondering if u make yor own clear ice cubes. If so- how? Tx

Conner Van Vorhis
Conner Van Vorhis 2 months ago

Uhhhh star anise is expensive for a garnish greg.

Mike Lathrop
Mike Lathrop 2 months ago

Thomas the turkeyengine?

M4st3r0fN0n3 2 months ago

that fucking outro was priceless lmao i wanna know how many drinks you were in before you could do that with a straight face

Fabrisse ter Brugghe
Fabrisse ter Brugghe 2 months ago

How about doing some Calvados cocktails?

Brendan O'Keefe
Brendan O'Keefe 2 months ago

I made some hot cider and threw in some cinnamon sticks, a nutmeg, and spiked it with Fireball (I didn't really have anything else to spike it with) and it was shockingly delicious! The cinnamon flavors and sweetness worked great with the apple flavor. I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely a drink good for amateur cocktail drinkers

miksmith 2 months ago

i stan calvados and the mention of it makes me want a calvados cocktail

R Martinez
R Martinez 2 months ago

This looks yummy
Side note.- there is nothing wrong with getting a manicure

Chris Vasquez
Chris Vasquez 2 months ago

This is seriously the first video I saw of yours. I had to find it again!! lol GOBBLE GOBBLE!!! Ever since, I've loved your channel. Tried a few of your cocktails, and love em!!! Best channel on the tube!!!

avantgauche 2 months ago

Not being American I call my version of this spiked & spiced apple juice and serve it with shot of your choice Calvados, Sloe Gin or Umeshu

piemaker93 2 months ago

This sounds amazing and I definitely look forward to trying it! Although part of me remembers I have Apple pie Moonshine in my cabinet...sorry bourbon but imma cheat on you

Dylan Nichols
Dylan Nichols 2 months ago

The ending on this vid... man. Best I've seen in a while

Ryan Trump
Ryan Trump 2 months ago

1:12 Hungry for Apples?

Sean Chinery
Sean Chinery 2 months ago

And no one drinks apple jack anymore.

0 D
0 D 2 months ago

If you ever decide to switch careers you should go into making sound effects for B-rated movies ☺

Your channel is awesome btw.

Dishonor On Your Cow
Dishonor On Your Cow 2 months ago

That turkey scary

Austin Lawless
Austin Lawless 2 months ago

What brand of bourbon did you use?

Gavin Reed
Gavin Reed 2 months ago

That deer mount tho 🤤🤤🤤

Bloody Hatter
Bloody Hatter 2 months ago

If I still had my apple brandy I'd use that, sadly I finished it off years ago and never found it again.

Ordo Militaris Radio TV

do a bowl of hot Christmas Punch from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol!

Isaac U.
Isaac U. 2 months ago

Haha the end had me dying!😂

MarraMay5 2 months ago

he reminds me of that guy from fantastic beasts and where to find them, love the show!

Josiah Silas Michael
Josiah Silas Michael 2 months ago

So strain out the lemon and anise just to garnish with lemon and anise. Got it.

Noisy Neighborhood Ghostrider

Hey Greg i want to very soonish use this for my birthday. I want to do a large pot of the cider, do you recommend scaling up the other stuff as well as you increase the amount of sweet cider? I'm talking several litres here btw.

Ascanet 2 months ago

Just finished drinking spiked cider following your recipe... That's a damn fine drink sir

DOSsector 2 months ago

Non-alcoholic apple cider is an apple juice.

Spencer Douglass
Spencer Douglass 2 months ago

In USA is the cider you mentioned you bought at the supermarket the regular alcoholic cider you find all over the world? Or is it more of an apple juice type drink?

Spencer Douglass
Spencer Douglass 2 months ago

I'm going to have this for breakfast

Alex Silvas
Alex Silvas 2 months ago

Thanks a bunch for posting this! I'll be making this for myself on Xmas!! Cheers!

John Q
John Q 2 months ago

3:18 you're not looking us, that's not how stiring works.

FremenMountain 2 months ago

For bourbon, and it being Thanksgiving, I’m surprised you didn’t go with Wild Turkey...

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 2 months ago

Powder cider and fireball is what I did a few weeks ago. College struggle.

Samwise Ganja
Samwise Ganja 2 months ago

add a botton to skip to the recipe lol. love the vids m8

chuangtsu 2 months ago

Where did you get your presentational glass bottles? I've been obsessing over them ever since I saw the White Russian video.

Hubris73 2 months ago

This is delicious. Another favorite variant of mine is subbing in an Anejo Mezcal for the Bourbon (I like Scorpion, the 1 year has some nice candied ginger notes) and if you are feeling feisty a dried chipotle pepper, or even a dash of chipotle tobasco sauce in the glass.

membership157 2 months ago

Hey Greg, great episode! In the mode of holiday drinks, I just had a 5th Avenue. Equal parts Bailey's, Kalua and Peppermint Schnapps. Tastes like a liquid Andes Mint! Give it a try. Keep on keeping on brother!

StudioUAC 2 months ago

jesus christ! does everyone in america hate their families?!

The Art of Banana
The Art of Banana 2 months ago

its intresting that apple cider is non alcoholic in us, while in europe, at least where i live its known as light sparkling wine made from apples and only rarely you get a pre form of cider which has no alcohol (for kids sometimes and while harvest time when its fresh)

Captain Craptain
Captain Craptain 2 months ago

is this drink good if its chilled??

yeska420ne 2 months ago

lmao episode was kinda cringe in a funny way. lmao that last part tho

SoItsRyan !
SoItsRyan ! 2 months ago

Why does he always seem confused on the drink he is making?

Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 2 months ago

@48 Go home Greg, you're drunk. Or maybe I'm drunk. Let's see what happens.

Iver Jacobsen
Iver Jacobsen 2 months ago

This is one of the funniest ones yet. Nice job, Greg. Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Ellis Field
Ellis Field 2 months ago

You're damn right you're gonna put four roses single barrell in it cause that ish is amazing and the price is much more than fair.

Genius Insider
Genius Insider 2 months ago

I wuld love to see a Q&A with you :)

Mr. Ghoulie
Mr. Ghoulie 2 months ago

I make a drink, that I call Autumn Punch. It's made with 2 oz. apple brandy, 3 oz. apple cider, and 3 oz. of 100% cranberry juice (the kind that has no sugar, and is extremely tart.)
The sweetness of the cider cuts some of the tartness of the cranberry juice.

Erika Guzman
Erika Guzman 2 months ago

Definitely makin' this for Friendsgiving! Warm, alcoholic, and delicious.

Scott Detweiler
Scott Detweiler 2 months ago

an apple garnish would really work great here. I make something similar but I start with a 1/2 gallon and reduce for 4 hours and add one shot to a drink so I have room for things like cranberry, etc. nice work on this one!

IMRP 2 months ago

Could you do an episode on how to build a basic cabinet for all these drinks? Like the most typical liquors mixers ect

freedoomed 2 months ago

I use rum in mine. I use whole star ainse, cinammon, allspice and cloves. i put the spices in a tea bag made for loose teas so i can just fish the pouch out instead of the whole spices.

FightDoggo 2 months ago

So if I wanted to serve this for the family at thanksgiving would I just scale up this recipe 1:1? How would you go about it?

billiamwell 2 months ago

Wow this is literally just on time!! I've been looking at cider recipes all week. Keep up the great work. Love the videos

just the tip? band
just the tip? band 2 months ago

i throw a bottle of old crow n apple cider a cinnamon stick n a pack or 2 of instant cider drink mix in a slow cooker. then let the good times roll 🍻

Mitchell Gillett
Mitchell Gillett 2 months ago

What is?.... That cider works fast

Anthony 2 months ago

It would be great if you did like a chaser episode for “best bang for your buck” liquors. Listing your top picks for quality booze for
Cocktails under $40

Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins 2 months ago

The ALTs in my small town in Japan are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, and they charged me with making the drinks. This looks like it’ll be a hit. Thanks Greg.

peaceofatown 2 months ago

What would be your recipe for a gallon of this? 👀

Ryan McLain
Ryan McLain 2 months ago

dammit greg! I was playing this while outside, as is my want, but was compelled to hastily reenter, most prematurely I attest, for onwards the ending Galdarnned pterodactyls gathered and the pets were swooped upon as I fled sheer terror! Anyways, ya owes me a dog! Seeing as it is you though, in recompense I could be persuaded to, rather graciously I might add, accept Steve. Bother!

ClauZenberger Twitch
ClauZenberger Twitch 2 months ago

I wouldn't mess with "Thomas the Tank Turkey", that's for sure! Great vid.

Grace B
Grace B 2 months ago

LMFAO the end of that. i almost snorted my chocolate milk.
an honestly i like apple cider but cold not warm.
I had this spiked tea in nova scotia and it was delicious, so maybe i will give this a try
An if your ever in Nova Scotia go to The old triangle irish alehouse and order a blueberry tea, so good :D

Ann Todd
Ann Todd 2 months ago

I heard of butter to put in it...and clothes to put on ...Christmas clothes!

Sean Tivald
Sean Tivald 2 months ago

i love 4 roses Single barrel. i want to do this with bookers.