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Title : A Child's Christmas in Wales, A Story

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A Child's Christmas in Wales, A Story

A Child's Christmas in Wales, A Story

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Jim and Mary Powell
Jim and Mary Powell 2 months ago

I am about to read this piece at a Christmas concert on Saturday, if I can keep it all together without breaking down. I know Swansea well and as a Welsh expat, the voice and the tale mean so much.

Alana Dill
Alana Dill 2 months ago

His speech is almost a song. I get the feeling his voice would penetrate a crowded pub or a quiet music hall.

Julia John
Julia John 2 months ago

I absolutely love Dylan Thomas...as much as l absolutely love Bob Dylan.

Gwir Galon
Gwir Galon 2 months ago

why does this poem bring the sea to my eyes at the end so often? For me, thi s is one of the greatest odes written, though disguised as simple, homely story telling...

Joe Blow
Joe Blow 2 months ago

This was so crisp yet so beautiful.

Shelley Juneau
Shelley Juneau 2 months ago

Did anyone else listen to this because of an episode of Frasier? Just me? :D

Gerard Muller
Gerard Muller 2 months ago

This is a poor, muffled copy of Thomas's reading which I mistakenly listened to thinking it was the 1952 recording on Caemdon records done in Steinway Hall, NY. After enduring this copy I found the 1952 version www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv4-sgFw3Go and listened to it again pleased that my recollection was correct and finally enjoyed it as I had in previous years on Christmas morning.

Al Hilford
Al Hilford 2 months ago

Thank you.
This has long been my favourite Christmas poem, and it's always interesting to hear how a writer presents his own work.
I do regret, however, that Thomas had lost his Welsh accent.
I would love to hear this read with a strong, beautiful, Welsh voice.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley 2 months ago

Dylan Thomas was fabulous my favorite of course is the dying of the light. still inspires me to this very day .

Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 2 months ago

In my family, we always listen to this on Christmas Eve. Late in the evening, with the lights from the Christmas tree being the only source of illumination and a glass of good wine in our hands. A fine Christmas tradition, indeed.

Louise Rockne
Louise Rockne 2 months ago

A must listen every Christmas

fernhill36 2 months ago

Lyrical magic, like music.The great Dylan Thomas whose powerful mastery of words were all that was needed to express this beautiful reminiscence. Every year on his October birthday, "when the town lay leaved with October blood", I walk over to The White Horse Tavern and have a beer with him.

John Holly
John Holly 2 months ago

Wonderful to hear the writers voice reading a magnificent work

oldsteamguy 2 months ago

why doesn't this have several million views?????

David Newport
David Newport 2 months ago

The "FIRST" time, I meant to say.

David Newport
David Newport 2 months ago

The time I heard this (c.1969) on WEIU-AM, it was on Christmas day, sitting alone in my 1963 Falcon station wagon.
It was my first NPR "Driveway Moment".
It impressed me so much that I immediately bought a paperback copy of the poems of Dylan Thomas when I went back to college after Christmas break.