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Danai Joyce
Danai Joyce 2 months ago

2021 🥰🥰🥰

Him Hazs
Him Hazs 2 months ago

I miss you bestfriend

r j
r j 2 months ago

2021 I feel the same 💕💕

busisiwe Ndlandla
busisiwe Ndlandla 2 months ago

Oh I love this song it touches me

Phyllis Mbugua
Phyllis Mbugua 2 months ago

Wow. This song just made me cry. Such a great dad. Much love chris

Binta Bah
Binta Bah 2 months ago

Am in love with this song so much I miss my son much love chriss

Kristal Williams
Kristal Williams 2 months ago


Fiona Francis
Fiona Francis 2 months ago

I cry everytime i hear this song im in tears rn lol ❤🥺

Osman Gök
Osman Gök 2 months ago

When you have a daughter you will understand this song ❤️

TurningBeastmode30 Swishbucket

I love this song so much its like one of the best song ever if you dislike this than you are a bad person and dont care because Royalty and Chris have that bond that no one can break their bond is so strong i know that i replayed this video so many times chris brown is by far one of the best singers

Korrina Porter
Korrina Porter 2 months ago

I love his painting ❤❤😍😍

Bahige Tumti
Bahige Tumti 2 months ago

2021 who are here?

Jinxe 2 months ago

Roses are dead

Violets are dying

Outside I'm laughing

Inside I'm crying

Felisha Havard
Felisha Havard 2 months ago

I cried ❤

Ashh Romandinioo
Ashh Romandinioo 2 months ago


A Lopez
A Lopez 2 months ago

Such a beautiful song , I’ll always love and admire Chris brown . Forever in my ❤️💜

Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

This song makes me cry because of everything that happens in 2020😢😖

flawless mom samantha

Listening in 2021

Fak7r 2 months ago

Anyone 2021?

Sashauna Brown
Sashauna Brown 2 months ago

Still Chris brown in 2021

Spirit Chancellor
Spirit Chancellor 2 months ago

While I was singing I started crying 😭

Babii Lenora
Babii Lenora 2 months ago

Everytime I listen this I cry because it’s said😭😭

damaris wangari
damaris wangari 2 months ago


Amadeu Manuel Gonçalves

My Godness, I love this song, it make my cry; how can I fly if you´re my wings?!

Bab Chudo
Bab Chudo 2 months ago

2021 ♡♡♡♡ thumbs up

Tyreek Hickman
Tyreek Hickman 2 months ago


Tyreek Hickman
Tyreek Hickman 2 months ago

He made some bad choices in his past but look at him now he still a blood and that stuff but he is a father of 2 he is the best dad ever awwwwwwww

Mansfield Baker
Mansfield Baker 2 months ago

Song so beautiful this james fiance songs fucken ball eyes out I never had favorite singer but think at 31 uv always been favorite best ever love so beautiful makes jerk tears as a women life beautiful thing

Vanessa Peterson
Vanessa Peterson 2 months ago

Beautiful song 😩❤️

Chris Wakefield
Chris Wakefield 2 months ago

I can listen to him everyday this guy's one idol of mine.

Viwe Ndamase
Viwe Ndamase 2 months ago

2021 who's still here?

khila and samirs world

Bromi love this it remines me how much i want my dad he is not dead but still

breezy Brown
breezy Brown 2 months ago


Poeta das Rosas O Romancista

Father´s voice

Gracie Brown
Gracie Brown 2 months ago

Love you 😘❤️😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️😘🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💔💔💔💔💔

Lalrinchhana Chhana
Lalrinchhana Chhana 2 months ago

Who still listening 2021

Jemzy 2 months ago

It's good to be a good father to a daughter.

Kayshya Singleton
Kayshya Singleton 2 months ago

That the most beautiful gorgeous picture I ever seen so cute with Chris and royalty love y'all 😁😂❤️❤️😁

Paula 2 months ago

Proud daddy there

Girl Walking Dog
Girl Walking Dog 2 months ago

That was so soft and beautiful!

Tracey Koke
Tracey Koke 2 months ago

So beautiful crying my eyes out happy new year everyone 🥰🥰

Ashanti Lawrence
Ashanti Lawrence 2 months ago

You on she is so beautiful

khadijah brunson
khadijah brunson 2 months ago

I played this song for my sucker fish when he died Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving)

Katie Gordon
Katie Gordon 2 months ago


Colleen Terza
Colleen Terza 2 months ago

<3(in tears)

Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison 2 months ago

Do you miss royalty chris brown?

Markel Farquharson
Markel Farquharson 2 months ago


Mansfield Baker
Mansfield Baker 2 months ago

This such beautiful song I dedicated my little guy hes young as your cute bring tears your eyes when ur lover n fighter fuvking love cuz this cutiest song iv heard I'm nightlight living in city lol I'm addicted now lol

Maryam Marafa
Maryam Marafa 2 months ago

Who’s here in 2020?😍

Senyange Christophe
Senyange Christophe 2 months ago

Denise Aquino
Denise Aquino 2 months ago

She's your beautiful little Angel🕊Royalty🌸

BwitJO 2 months ago

I will kiss you baby by honey I went to a different country now I love you I didn't want to do without my own baby

BwitJO 2 months ago

Mummy loves you

BwitJO 2 months ago

Chris I love you I wish I can be a mum for you but it is it what it is what it is so I love you Chris or I love you too baby

BwitJO 2 months ago


It’s Jamoya
It’s Jamoya 2 months ago

So cute

Janepher Godfrey
Janepher Godfrey 2 months ago

🙂all the time favorite song

Queen JennyRose
Queen JennyRose 2 months ago

How sweeeeet!!!! What an amazing Dad....way to go you guys.... love seeing sweet families

Devin 2 months ago

Saat besok tahun berganti tak ada satu pun bersama ku aku masih seperti yang lalu dengan sepatuku tapi, kali ini telah bersamamu dan 2 yang merusak selama ini telah ku agap tiada untuk menata masa depan ku selamat tahun 2021 🌹

Kenny Gasaro
Kenny Gasaro 2 months ago

whoever likes will be a billionaire

Top Up
Top Up 2 months ago

Any body who dis like this is a big BBC fool...

stevonique byfield
stevonique byfield 2 months ago

Enjoy your new life in heaven Lucan byfield, continue making the angels laugh just the way u made your family and I laughed. #enjoy_your_big_break because one day we’ll meet again. Ps: 4ever your soulmate ❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊

Makenzie Williams
Makenzie Williams 2 months ago

Who watching in 2020 omg this song made be cry 🥺

Jenny Ruiz
Jenny Ruiz 2 months ago


Chax Nkani
Chax Nkani 2 months ago


Isaiah Hines
Isaiah Hines 2 months ago

Isaiah. -Chris. -Brown. -D. -A.

Mechael Williams
Mechael Williams 2 months ago

When my heart skips a beat when our eyes meet I know it syncs next to yours

Shijina Shijina
Shijina Shijina 2 months ago


Shijina Shijina
Shijina Shijina 2 months ago

Really Love

Barbie girlz
Barbie girlz 2 months ago

He is a good dad I love them

Alex Alex
Alex Alex 2 months ago

I'm Chris Brown muito

Rafael Breezy
Rafael Breezy 2 months ago

i love this song

Nakia Hall
Nakia Hall 2 months ago

So Beautiful

oulcn arkr
oulcn arkr 2 months ago

military loop is suits perfect,in corona growing a strong daugther is may hard during 2020...

Abdul Malik Gates
Abdul Malik Gates 2 months ago

Seeing the end made me sob so so so much😭

Izee Kalala
Izee Kalala 2 months ago


shelbee96 2 months ago

Might not be the best influencer, but definitely a great dad 🥺

Imran Raage
Imran Raage 2 months ago


Susie Taylor
Susie Taylor 2 months ago

you are the best dad to her

Isaiah Hines
Isaiah Hines 2 months ago

Isaiah. -Chris. -Brown. -D. -A.

Susie Taylor
Susie Taylor 2 months ago

this reminds me of my dad and me .

Kinga Horváth
Kinga Horváth 2 months ago

You know, there's something that doesn't make me want anything better, like this...

Geovanna Vitoria
Geovanna Vitoria 2 months ago

Amo muito 😍💓.

Wamundila Mbwainga
Wamundila Mbwainga 2 months ago

Am in love with the song ❤️🥰

اسحاق اسحاق

all the beauty 😊

Irene Adonou
Irene Adonou 2 months ago


Velvet Kiss
Velvet Kiss 2 months ago

So emotional!

El Flako 12
El Flako 12 2 months ago

no me can so de es cuchar esta cancio

Lovie Jones
Lovie Jones 2 months ago


Avocado Bean
Avocado Bean 2 months ago

idc what ppl say about chris i still love him and support him no matter what

Jordan Mcclain
Jordan Mcclain 2 months ago

This song almost made my cry Chris Brown is a great father his baby girl is so happy to have a dad like Chris brown love you Chris brown

mersedes Cruz
mersedes Cruz 2 months ago

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓 love you

Uwimana Uwimana
Uwimana Uwimana 2 months ago


Jane Scully
Jane Scully 2 months ago

Telma da conceicao cardoso Cardoso

Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘👌

Bebe 2 months ago

Chris brown is a perfect father

mona G
mona G 2 months ago

😭😭😭 love you Chris ❤️

Phoebe Rhoda
Phoebe Rhoda 2 months ago

I love u and only u

Chandra Ramdass
Chandra Ramdass 2 months ago

This is such an emotional song ! The words are so meaningful .Royalty is so blessed to have a loving caring daddy like Chris.

Donna Moner-parks
Donna Moner-parks 2 months ago

Royalty is beautiful, it seems inside and outside. There is no doubt that she has taken after Christopher and is talented. He is such a wonderful father. Many Blessings to him and his family.

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