The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!


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Information The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

Title : The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

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Frames The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

Description The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

The Red Sox World Series Victory, in OYOs!

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Ben Clark
Ben Clark 2 months ago

is this film and animation?

CalbGaming 2 months ago

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CalbGaming 2 months ago

I know this team isn’t in this video but I’m a dodger fan and Red Sox aren’t in the World Series

Robert Martin
Robert Martin 2 months ago

Home jerseys shouldn't have the players' names on the back. Only the road jerseys do in real life.

Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 2 months ago

good job make more plz

BrainDead Enzo
BrainDead Enzo 2 months ago


Obed Martinez
Obed Martinez 2 months ago

voy Red son boston

duck 2 months ago

LEGO is better

G.a.m.e.r 2 months ago

Where is mokey betts??

Jerry Sowers
Jerry Sowers 2 months ago

Red Sox the best

Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto 2 months ago

This video is funny 😂 😂😂😂

Robert Tardy 11
Robert Tardy 11 2 months ago

Do 2018 WS

Jose Luis Varela
Jose Luis Varela 2 months ago

Who likes Javier baez like if you do

Greyson Nealy
Greyson Nealy 2 months ago

I feel like the commentary from the original game would have made it,funnier

Pyrood 2 months ago

Where's David Ortiz grand slam

Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 2 months ago


dip_. 2 months ago

Why the hell am I watching this?

Arty Lev
Arty Lev 2 months ago

I play little league and my team name is the Boston Red sox

MeowFace Productions
MeowFace Productions 2 months ago


dylan yang
dylan yang 2 months ago

Tͦhͦiͦsͦ nͦeͦeͦdͦsͦ tͦoͦ gͦoͦ vͦiͦrͦaͦlͦ

Priscilla Y
Priscilla Y 2 months ago

I hate the red sox

Zenaida Olson
Zenaida Olson 2 months ago

don't forget that Mike Napoli made a homerun over the green monster for 2017 against the Red Sox

Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval 2 months ago

Red sox

Safwan Siddiki
Safwan Siddiki 2 months ago

0:56 clearly safe

MLB Charleskid8
MLB Charleskid8 2 months ago

do one with call ripen Jr record breaking game

CreeperCraftMC 2 months ago

can u do the 2004 series

Edmund Levender
Edmund Levender 2 months ago

i love the cards

Owen Card
Owen Card 2 months ago

My baseball number is 21

lone owl team
lone owl team 2 months ago

Go Red Sox

Hickoo 's
Hickoo 's 2 months ago

Go Red Sox

Elizabeth Carmona
Elizabeth Carmona 2 months ago

go Chicago cubs

Chyzzle 2 months ago

Go Sox!

Martin Estevez
Martin Estevez 2 months ago

They lacked the most important thing... Where the Big Papi???

Jace Veltrop
Jace Veltrop 2 months ago

no body cares about the Red socks

Brandie Howard
Brandie Howard 2 months ago

I do baseball and I lost agints the red Sox

Izabella Valdez
Izabella Valdez 2 months ago

Im with Haniel Valdez right now because he is my favorite cusin

Izabella Valdez
Izabella Valdez 2 months ago

I'm with you cuz

Izabella Valdez
Izabella Valdez 2 months ago

I Love the Red Sox

Alanna H
Alanna H 2 months ago

this is such a cute fun way to get little kids into baseball, and I love it even more because I'm a red sox fan!!!

Tim Bowlby
Tim Bowlby 2 months ago

boo go Yankees

no 2 months ago

Racist Uehara is not American

Account Not In Use - Frankie

1:18 Doe ( 0 - 0 )

TreJ 2 months ago

nice job

KazukiPlays 2 months ago

Victorino and Halliday are/were on the Phillies team. I don't know if there were no Phillies OYO's or?

Yorda Tejeda
Yorda Tejeda 2 months ago

This remides me of the real thing I still hate the red socks

Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 2 months ago

true dat go yankees................and oyo sucks

Mateo Rowzee
Mateo Rowzee 2 months ago

red socks su*k

Amy Rose
Amy Rose 2 months ago

Even Gomes Himself Had A Laugh Out Of This

Ricky Goupille
Ricky Goupille 2 months ago

Go Sox!

TFrail 2 months ago

I noticed that they were using OYOs, so I have to throw my two cents in. You know those lego knock offs are $10 EACH?!?!?!? The field with the outfielders is $25 so add in all the other toys in this video, and they easily spend over 2-300 bucks on legos. SMDH

Kris Rehfuss
Kris Rehfuss 2 months ago

I forgot how incredibly exciting that series was. I mean a pick-off to win a game? That's so awesome. 

DoglinsShadow 2 months ago

Cool animation, must've taken a while to do the stop motion! (Unless you did it a different way, but either way it doesn't look too simple to make)

Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 2 months ago

The Red Sox had home jerseys in the obstruction play...

Gamerader 2 months ago

What's oyos?

J Arnold
J Arnold 2 months ago

i went form Led Zeppelin to this wtf!!!!

Kody Lalio
Kody Lalio 2 months ago

That's cool and im a red sox fan

808avgjoe53 2 months ago

That was fun. Thanks for your hard work. And it was well done.

mason howell
mason howell 2 months ago

sick video it awesome

Marie Pelletier
Marie Pelletier 2 months ago

 A correction: Victorino's hit was a double he got to third on the throw to the plate--

TheHorta 2 months ago

I bet it took forever to train those Legos to play baseball.

MNB Studios
MNB Studios 2 months ago


MineblastMCserver 2 months ago

That's bullshit those are not the real players.

Very Nice
Very Nice 2 months ago

Wtf us oyo?

Keelan Young
Keelan Young 2 months ago

i like this

Kooberz 2 months ago

very nice!

Aryka Moore
Aryka Moore 2 months ago

I live in st.louis and I'm a cardinals fan

guy d
guy d 2 months ago

Cardinals fan *

guy d
guy d 2 months ago

I'm a Cardinals, and even though I don't like it, this is pretty cool, I must admit

Jesse Popp
Jesse Popp 2 months ago

I love stop motions

Hdhje Heeh
Hdhje Heeh 2 months ago

, l , ,N#

Kåre Rosseland
Kåre Rosseland 2 months ago


Steve Rapposelli
Steve Rapposelli 2 months ago

this is cool

Joanna H
Joanna H 2 months ago

Victorino's hit was actually a double. He went to third on the throw home.

Aryka Moore
Aryka Moore 2 months ago

Do chiefs vs someone

thefourmonkeys 2 months ago

Haha, glad you caught that!! :D

Tom Glenn
Tom Glenn 2 months ago

Glad they got the beard tug in there!

thefourmonkeys 2 months ago

It makes a great gift for Dad too, and maybe even Mom!! :D

OYO Sports
OYO Sports 2 months ago

2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions OYOs are now available! Perfect stocking stuffers for all of the kids in your family.

thefourmonkeys 2 months ago

Thank you! :D

thefourmonkeys 2 months ago

They are OYO Sportstoys. Completely different from Lego and great for different reasons. Awesome collectibles for sports fans!! :D

Sharif Al-Amin
Sharif Al-Amin 2 months ago

Wow! Execellent!

Bartlett St. Theater
Bartlett St. Theater 2 months ago

Very cool, but what's with the fake Legos?