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Jan Ferry-Axman
Jan Ferry-Axman 2 months ago

ONE GUYS PERSONAL OPINION - Random facts and anyplace cold to make it bad? Facts like : this town has 20% worse crime than the average in the USA. - Or the schools are 15% less than the national average. We can all pick a few random facts and frame them as negative on anyplace. NO TRUE CRITERIA IS GIVEN FOR WHY the negativity. You can randomly pick out any statistic (and where DID you get yours) and frame it as Good, bad or neutral. Example: Mt. Morris NY - Just outside of one Stunning Park which he admits and the downtown is cute which he admits but overall it sucks and pricing is over valued according to who - HIM again. Just random facts. Useless info unless you love this ONE guys opinion. Forget this video! NOTE- I do NOT live in any of these towns but find this a video to be one guys random opinion and weirdly chosen facts.

50by50 2 months ago

This list isn't even close to the top ten worst towns. How Gouverneur NY didn't make it I have no idea.

Keigh Kenyon
Keigh Kenyon 2 months ago

Lewiston is lovely. Cross into Canada and Niagara on the Lake is also gorgeous. Is Rochester a town? Cuz Rochester is dying except for U of R Medical.

Joseph Odarchuk
Joseph Odarchuk 2 months ago

Upstate and central New York are the awesome places to live, the weather is perfect as you get the best of both worlds. The only thing that sucks is the legislation.

Alexapexgod 2 months ago

One minute and 21 seconds In and I know I know that bridge goes over my city

Disney Cast Member
Disney Cast Member 2 months ago


suprapowers 2 months ago

I grew up in millerton ny

Alex Yontz
Alex Yontz 2 months ago

Came here too see if Elmira was on here. It fucking sucks. Period. I highly don't recommend it.

Logan Hebert
Logan Hebert 2 months ago

The entire clinton county and franklin county. Both the highest suicide rate. I live(d) in them.
The entire place could burn down and everyone would be happy, angry, and relieved.

grace kavanah
grace kavanah 2 months ago

Did you even try with this one mate?

Andrea Karsch
Andrea Karsch 2 months ago

This whole video smells like mosquito spray 🦟🦟🦟

Moni Love
Moni Love 2 months ago

Lol. Brownville is the one near the Black River. What are the chances? That wasnt a coincidence.

Conroads Dev
Conroads Dev 2 months ago

Disappointed Elmira wasn't the top spot.

Joshua Hatz
Joshua Hatz 2 months ago

Go to gusses hotdogs watervliet ny lol

jstoli996c4s 2 months ago

This asshat is an internet jockey whose never actually visited 95% of the places he shits on.

getshorty75 2 months ago

Sounds like you just hate small country towns (shrug)

Rosewell Butterworth
Rosewell Butterworth 2 months ago

this guy i wouldn't advise moving to upstate knew York because the towns are trash and the weather is cold. but i say the worst part is in the summer the weather is humid and hot and in the fall the earth decides it wants to have mood swings

Mateo Zuniga
Mateo Zuniga 2 months ago

What the hell that is not okay when you said that there Is a lot of crime in Mexico to the south that is not true I go there every month and it’s not like that that is stereotypical and I am mad that you said that. don’t.

Common Ground
Common Ground 2 months ago

Despite what many of the environmentally "enlightened" seem to believe, I do NOT think it is best for mankind to cluster together in densely populated urban areas. If you do you must rely on huge central systems to provide your food, water, power, housing, transportation and security. This forces you to compromise the quality of your life and makes you much less capable of being self reliant. I live in a compact residence in Liberty, NY. It is a small rural town in the mountains 100 miles North of NYC. It provides for all my needs (many markets, eateries, Shops,, Library, Post Office and Houses of Worship are all a short stroll away). I don't own a car and and don't want to. My life is incredibly cathartic (and inexpensive). I often sit on my front porch, watch the clouds roll by, see the stars at night, listen to the birds and crickets, watch the occasional deer or four pass by, and yet I'm near enough to my two closest neighbors to say hi without shouting to them. SWEET! Poor NY towns can be very cool!

Carmen 2 months ago

Kerhonkson sucks more than Ellenville, trust me. I lived there once longgg time ago and there's ONE traffic light!

Carmen 2 months ago

00:32 😂

brad11344 2 months ago

This guy sucks. What's this based on? A road trip?

Elaine Peralta
Elaine Peralta 2 months ago

I love this! I'm from a small town in upstate NY (Standish)and this gentleman speaks the truth, but talk to the people in any of these places and they wouldn't leave it for the world. That's what makes it funny and all you can do is smile and shake your head...

disturbedx1000 2 months ago

Its weird to not see my town of Massena on here. Especially durring this covid pandemic. We have one of the highest crime rates, multiple shooting and stabbings over the years. Huge poverty rates, and durring covid the highest rates outside major cities. We also have a low income average of 22.9k, with an average home rate of 72.7k. A huge imbalance of going rates to the economy. We also have the highest rates of drug use in the North country, and im talking hard drugs, not pot. This town is seriously far worse than any other on your list, and I'd honestly rank it like 3rd worst out of all the NY towns I've been too...

Linda Gill
Linda Gill 2 months ago

No need for sunscreen? I'm there!

HiVibes 2 months ago

When u grew up in brownville😂

Stephen Layland
Stephen Layland 2 months ago

Watertown has had its fifteen minutes, courtesy of the late Harry Chapin. He "... spent a week there one afternoon". He called the song A Better Place to Be. The title, actually, does not refer to the town.
Miller Tool & Die is located, and was founded, in Jackson, MI. Their website makes no mention of Chapin, and the midnight watchman is not identified.

Timothy Cornell
Timothy Cornell 2 months ago

I like Mt. Morris! I was there today!

Jeff Joles
Jeff Joles 2 months ago

I can't believe I actually sat through this. I grew up in a small town in northern New York. If you'd have visited it, I'm sure it would have made your list. People live in these small towns for a variety of reasons, most of which don't seem to matter to you. 90 percent of New York is very rural with thousands of small towns that nobody has ever heard of.

Jonathan Haughom
Jonathan Haughom 2 months ago

Well your piece on "Nasa" NY seems off. Half the pics are from some random upstate town, judging by the cumberlands and stewarts. Then your next pic is the entrance to the Southern State Pkwy which is on Long Island. (far from upstate) . Followed by a pic of Queens NY (traffic) then a pic of a gated community which I believe is in Plainview or Woodbury which again is Long Island about 150 miles away from Albany. Did you mean Nassau County? NASA has astronauts. Nassau has assholes like me. There are no more mom and pop hardware stores. Home Depot, Lowes and ACE put them out of business. Also there's plenty to do AND its an ISLAND!!!! Boats, bars, half naked women. Not sure who you got your info from but you should punch them in the face for making you look like an idiot.

Thanks have a nice day

WyNd Cammac20
WyNd Cammac20 2 months ago

i live right by ellenville and hoestly its great

Ernest Rugenstein
Ernest Rugenstein 2 months ago

You missed Ogdensburg, NY

Gail Cline
Gail Cline 2 months ago

Do you realize you missed a few towns
While letting people know
What you think of the towns
Endicott NY do you realize once
IBM left there was nothing left
These companies help the towns with taxes !
GM left Weschester our lovely governor could could given them an incentive but no so
GM left !
Olean NY has a knife company
They make knives there then you have a American Olean Tile
Bolivar has really nothing in that town the history town is Angelica if your interested In history
Ellenville used to have a knife company there years ago but they went out the only thing Ellenville has going is the hospital ! They do have many vacant lots I have to agree with you on that !
Elmira is a cute town history there too ! Corning they used to make Corning ware to there not too sure if they do that anymore !

Nick fanelli
Nick fanelli 2 months ago

Ellenville is on the list? What a surprise

Gail Cline
Gail Cline 2 months ago

The main reason why Wellsville NY is bad is the fact there is simply no industry and the school taxes are extremely high
It’s not the best place to move

Knott Chu
Knott Chu 2 months ago

I've been attempting to make a post with a link about the 30 worst towns and cities to live in within NYS. Unfortunately, Google is playing overseer yet again deciding what posts are appropriate. 🤷‍♀️ Truth and law enforcement statistics are not high on their priority list apparently.

Rioule Thebeats
Rioule Thebeats 2 months ago

So utica is so bad its nit on the list

Sarah Vincent
Sarah Vincent 2 months ago

No shit its cold, all we get pretty much is rain and snow with only 2 months of hot and muggy weather. We get everything, the only thing we dont have is a volcano here, but give it time, pne might pop us some day.

Sarah Vincent
Sarah Vincent 2 months ago

Of course new york sucks we have demacrat assholes running the state. The only thing that is good about our state is the scenery. When nyc controls who becomes president and whoever runs the state we the people of upstate ny get fucked our voices become unheard.

Tom Biller
Tom Biller 2 months ago

Yes, there are some struggling towns, but the New York Finger lakes region is one of the nicest areas you could ever visit in the world.

RGP 2 months ago

Upstate New York is dying.

Rebecca Monday
Rebecca Monday 2 months ago

Don't insult my hometown of Nassau New York it's Quaint. Everybody knows your name and they give you a smile whenever they see you. Gasp!! New York is cold who knew! Word of advice find something better to do.

Josh Reichardt
Josh Reichardt 2 months ago

The main takeaway from this video seems to be its cold in Northern and Western NY. This just in water is wet.

Grimace 14
Grimace 14 2 months ago

oh thats strange professor said poverty caused crime but Mexico New York doesn't :coughonlywhitepeoplelivetherecough: have crime I wonder why?

IamMe 2 months ago

Not cold weather in the winter! In New York! 😲

Sierra Robinson
Sierra Robinson 2 months ago

But it really is beautiful in nys. Especially around the mountains and lakes. I grew up there.

Mady Ashton
Mady Ashton 2 months ago

He forgot Whitehall lol 😂

Black Onyx Cat
Black Onyx Cat 2 months ago

We have 4 seasons in the Northeast. I'm in Connecticut and we get some pretty hot and humid days June through August. May and September aren't exactly cold either. I start using that sunblock in May. It's only really, really cold in winter.

R. Cast
R. Cast 2 months ago

100% made by a non skier

John Overturf
John Overturf 2 months ago

Hi. I would love to get your take on the city of Halfmoon NY. Have you made any video on it?

Marilyn Ringel
Marilyn Ringel 2 months ago


The power Of truth
The power Of truth 2 months ago

ROME is the number one shithole in my book.

Wandering Soul
Wandering Soul 2 months ago

Uhhh I’m confused it’s cold everywhere in New York.. the whole north east. We have hot summers too lol we’re used to having all seasons. That’s the beauty of living here

Rose Cottage Studio
Rose Cottage Studio 2 months ago

Schoharie New York sucks too

Dev 2 months ago

Want access to some of the best fishing holes in the country? Live in Theresa, NY.

Dev 2 months ago

Watertown is like 40 minutes from Syracuse. Lol.

Trenton Joestar
Trenton Joestar 2 months ago

As someone who grew up around all of these towns I feel like this list really missed the mark. Watertown should have made the list at #1 and there are plenty of other towns. Give me a top 20 but keep it to the true North. Nothing below Syracuse. Brownsville is boring but they have Jodies Ice-cream and that shit hits different.

Vicky Thomas
Vicky Thomas 2 months ago

Watertown is great I've lived there my whole life so that info is wrong

djlilpp 2 months ago

It’s “Morrisonville” not Morrisville. And that sign is for the small ice cream shop out there. Most of these places are pretty lousy, but this video is poorly researched and you should really be embarrassed.

Joseph Arcuri
Joseph Arcuri 2 months ago

Well im from Utica New York its the yellow spot on the map of upstate cause its the pisshole of the state.

freestone wilson
freestone wilson 2 months ago

born and raised in Interlaken, ny. The home of the twilight zone.


Rod Serling, the create of that tv show, is buried in the town cemetery. He used the town settings in many of his stories.
He had a cottage just below the town.

the town? 900 people on a good day, and my 1960 graduating class had 28 kids! There actually is industry here, like the factory that makes the electronic guts for the big boy guitar makers. One good church. Many commute to Ithaca for jobs.

a nice town. Oh there is the usual small crimes and the usual dramas. Got to love winter though. 30 to 100 inches of snow per year and winter can last for six months or more. why on April first of 2021, there was an inch of snow on the ground. summers are nice if they have a summer.

Northern Appalachians. mountains nearby up to 2100 feet. 300 miles of hiking trails in the area and a national forest too. Last but not least is the Finger Lakes! Cayuga lake is just below the town.

thus IF you can fit in, a nice place to live.

Ryan Buchanan
Ryan Buchanan 2 months ago

I love this little towns but something for such about them lol try ilion ny 😅

Sxrry 2 months ago

I live in ellenville 😂💀 but I’m not poor

Fred Christman
Fred Christman 2 months ago

It’s morrisonville n y I was raised there. The bar burned down last summer

Patrick Baynes
Patrick Baynes 2 months ago

It's Nassau, not Nasa. Theresa is pronounced "Turr-ees-uh," not "Thurr-ees-uh." Morrisville is in central New York, NOT near Canada. Maybe he is thinking of Morristown. I stopped watching after seeing so many mistakes.

bigvis497 2 months ago

No Oneida?

Hamp Dog
Hamp Dog 2 months ago

When you mentioned Endicott, you probably should have mentioned the other cities right next to it. Binghamton and Johnson City are the exact same thing haha. Vestal is somehow doing fine I guess

Erica Covell
Erica Covell 2 months ago


Noah Broome
Noah Broome 2 months ago

Where's Mount Vernon and Yonkers

Lauren Dziwulski
Lauren Dziwulski 2 months ago

Your so negative

Sal C
Sal C 2 months ago

I have a house up in the 845, my primary residency is in the 718. I’m currently in the process of selling my house in the 718 to be in the 845 full time.

If you’re a New Yorker, you’d get it.

derek hand
derek hand 2 months ago

I was stationed at fort drum in water town ny I feel in love with state and moved to Syracuse Afer leaving the army

Dizzy Foxx
Dizzy Foxx 2 months ago

These arent even bad spots lol try checkin around massena ny

thesamethingeveryday 2 months ago


Donald Gauthier
Donald Gauthier 2 months ago

Actually,Massena wasn’t really that bad,Malone is kinda nice Ogdensburg on the other hand...well... I was always taught that if you can’t say anything nice than don’t say anything at all so I’ll leave it at that

James France
James France 2 months ago

These videos are always made by morons.

Susan Brinson
Susan Brinson 2 months ago

I live in Northern New York which is north of upstate ny. The winters are long , the summers are short and good jobs are hard to find. The hiking is incredible, and so is the kayaking. There’s tons of history ie: fort Ticonderoga, the Battle of Plattsburgh against the British, lots of houses on the Underground Railroad. Lake Champlain is huge and great for boating and fishing. Winter sports are popular and so are hunting and fishing and yes ice fishing. I live one hour from The beautiful cultural Montreal, one hour from Lake Placid and one hour from Burlington Vermont. 👊🏻

chip89 2 months ago

Wait........your from Syracuse that's where I'm from. And i was assuming syracuse was gonna be on this list lol

Nancy Silverman
Nancy Silverman 2 months ago

Hey Briggs, LOVE your delivery and thanks for the laughs. I lived in Upstate NY and it was as you described only worse. Very nice people though. It's supreme for those who wish to do nothing but you've got to admit, New York State is Beautiful.

susan nezezon
susan nezezon 2 months ago

You’re totally wrong about Lewiston

PhatBoyGetDown 2 months ago

Troy NY is TRASH

Red Army
Red Army 2 months ago

id like to say now the weather in the summer months are so damn hot 98 degrees. just dont come from december to march now as the weather has been weird

Craig Clark
Craig Clark 2 months ago

Number one worst town? The whole state of New York. Don't go there. If you live there. MOVE!!

Joel 2 months ago

What about Onion....that is the worst in every aspect except the weather.

Joel 2 months ago

It seems like your list should be called 10 coldest towns in in cold weathered towns doesn't make it the worst towns to live in.

tommy k
tommy k 2 months ago

Nassau, NY has no signs for the Southern Parkway (2:42). Sloppy work.

William Swan
William Swan 2 months ago

You want a real thrill go to Pulaski up to Richland

Verona Raven
Verona Raven 2 months ago

this dumb goober-narrator has never been to Long Island or Binghamton nor New York. He's from some heroin-addicted wasteland pass-by town in Oregon. I'd say Elmira and Hornell are far worse than these places as well.

J Brat
J Brat 2 months ago

Lewiston should be on the best towns list.... are you smoking crack?

Mara F
Mara F 2 months ago

Lewiston is nice as hell. Weather isn't that crazy. Grew up there.

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 months ago

You drive for one hour and think you know the state?? Lolll

Brian McManus
Brian McManus 2 months ago

lol it's like a travelogue of why I left New York.

Tee Jay
Tee Jay 2 months ago

Lol "Pepsi/Cocktails"

Nutty ?
Nutty ? 2 months ago

Thi was posted on my bday

Chrystal Christiansen

Check out elmira, binghamton, watkins glen, corning, ithaca, Jamestown etc in nys.

Kv Savage
Kv Savage 2 months ago

West side of buffalo
Thats A shit show that dangerous

Jojo Luciano
Jojo Luciano 2 months ago

Fort Anne and Dannemora are sh*holes..

Rob Aumick
Rob Aumick 2 months ago

A few pictures of Endicott NY are false

Anthony 2 months ago

I'm shocked the City of Newburgh or Poughkeepsie weren't on the list.

Michael Meagher
Michael Meagher 2 months ago

I went to High School in Washingtonville and CC in Middletown. I recognized the Moodna Viaduct right away in the opening piece...was scared for a second that W-ville was going to be on the list! Used to drive a battery truck all over Orange, Sullivan and Rockland counties back in the vote is Newburgh hands down. Some pretty run down places in Sullivan like Ellenville I agree... but I hated going to Newburgh more than anywhere else.