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miss. potatoe girl
miss. potatoe girl 2 months ago

Tiffany: Then knees tho
Me: Can't breathe (from laughing

Kayla Lucas
Kayla Lucas 2 months ago

I love those glasses

Luli Mau
Luli Mau 2 months ago

Yes those carpets were awful on the skin!

Pop Rock
Pop Rock 2 months ago

i feel ya with the white knees

Daniel Eder
Daniel Eder 2 months ago

At 9:15 you look like Nicki Minaj tho :D Luv you and your vids <3

CandyJoy 322
CandyJoy 322 2 months ago

Tiffy your glasses R on fleek

RainRainASMR 2 months ago

I screen shoted it. I love you tiffany. I wish you were my sister

sig310 2 months ago


Luiz Victor
Luiz Victor 2 months ago


jennifer howei
jennifer howei 2 months ago

in Christmas we make American breakfast in the morning . Lunch with all the family and go out for coffee and see movie.Merry Christmas ☆☆☆

Root er
Root er 2 months ago

So early Also 5th Commet

Benedicte Mundundu
Benedicte Mundundu 2 months ago

love your glasses

TheyEvnyNae 2 months ago

super funny i wish i was in her videos

Itz Ja’Lyah
Itz Ja’Lyah 2 months ago

hi tiffy

Gail s
Gail s 2 months ago

In Christmas We usually throw a party during Christmas to spend time with family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Tiffany I love your videos!!