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Frames Kendall Jenner: Missing In Action | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Description Kendall Jenner: Missing In Action | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kendall Jenner: Missing In Action | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kendall Jenner: Missing In Action | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Zarah buatista
Zarah buatista 2 months ago

Why does Kendall’s dad look like a girl and has long hair

swetha sabu
swetha sabu 2 months ago

I can understand kendall is shy and is not very outspoken , but she should also take initiative sometimes and should talk to them to them also " hey talk to me also " hey can I also come ?? If you want something you should ask for it , no one is going to ask or help you , why should she be asked???

simple pink
simple pink 2 months ago

Why does Bruce look like that?

dawn thompson
dawn thompson 2 months ago

But Kendal is annoying too cause she wants ppl to feel sorry for her. She's playing victim. Just include yourself in the family outings not hide away

Tasnim Falak
Tasnim Falak 2 months ago

Can anyone please explain me what happened 6:50 here?

Jalpa Chauhan
Jalpa Chauhan 2 months ago

6:42 Kim saying that to the producers coz 6:33 seems totally scripted and you can make out that Kendall's acting in it

Dramaz News
Dramaz News 2 months ago

Why this family have only daughters not sons???

Ananya A
Ananya A 2 months ago

I get Kendall cause I am always left out in my family vacations fun I have 7 aunts and my cousin when they leave me and do there fun I get really mad

Awesome blossomed
Awesome blossomed 2 months ago

Kylie: being herself by being feminine
People: she's so girly and mean ugh
Kendall: being herself by being interested in different things than her sisters
People: ugh she's a "pick me"

Bibor Magyari
Bibor Magyari 2 months ago

Bruce with tits is hilarious

Umbrella Effect
Umbrella Effect 2 months ago

I think Kendall just suppress her emotions most of the time whenever she's upset with her family and her being rude to others is the outburst and her just letting out of her frustrations. Poor Kendall.

Laufeyson 2 months ago

I feel so bad for Kendall that she's just always forgotten I feel her my family acts like I never existed

comrade leppi
comrade leppi 2 months ago

I loved when Kendall walked away.. She stood up for herself .

rose 2 months ago

I can understand where Kendell is coming from.

Rohee 2 months ago

People be like She is " pick me girl " SHE DOESNOT HAVE TO BE SHE IS KENDALL JENNER Y'ALL and she is the queen IDC

fatima Al-Omaira
fatima Al-Omaira 2 months ago

me and Kendell are Scorpios and i feel her so mutch :<

Ejade Garcia
Ejade Garcia 2 months ago

I think it is because Kendall doesn't share the same drama with her family. It's like me when I'm with my family. They have the same shits, talk the same thing, having the same perspective which I am not into.

Karmelos 2 months ago

she deserves better

Joyce Scott
Joyce Scott 2 months ago

0 no

Kush smoker
Kush smoker 2 months ago

"Why, what is wrong with you" maybe her own family forgetting her existence, yall should have gone on the trip alone.

STAN SB19 2 months ago

Lol I'm Kendall in every social situations

Muzainah Saffdar
Muzainah Saffdar 2 months ago

"Nobody is talking to me", ahe complains whilst being the only one on her phone in dinner

Em 2 months ago

Kendall is literally the prettiest one who is so naturally radiant & adventurous. They are JEALOUS

Ashley The Llama
Ashley The Llama 2 months ago

i feel so bad for kendall, i can personally relate a lot to her. I just feel bad

Loveyou 2 months ago

Someone know what episode is the first scene

• 𝐹𝑎𝑡𝑚𝑖𝑟 𝑀𝑢𝑐𝑎 •

"i mean like thats a little drammatic"

-Kim Kardashian

Sinceramente, Nós - Sincerely, Us

I feel Kendall. Mostly, it's like that

Rd animations
Rd animations 2 months ago

Caitlyn taking kendall horse riding is the most wholesome thing I've seen today

Scrolling Till Midnight

Everytime they say Kimberley I'm like who tf is that

SHRUSTI SHAWOL 2 months ago

I can relate with Kendall on this so much.. like even when I am in these family meetings I am not outspoken and they all just skip me..

Vera Eunice
Vera Eunice 2 months ago

I really understand Kendall
Being forgotten is very lonely

AmalinA212s 2 months ago

I love kendall because she's the only pure pearl in the family
she's unique 💖

Ishza Rose Abetria
Ishza Rose Abetria 2 months ago

what season and episode is Kendall crying?

Res on Peas
Res on Peas 2 months ago


Recluse 2 months ago

Kendall and her life are so Scorpio

cam lol
cam lol 2 months ago

I feel so bad for Rob and Kendall

Molly Foster
Molly Foster 2 months ago

I can’t believe he turned into a women 😢

Universal Traveler
Universal Traveler 2 months ago

I'm the kendall of my family... at least she's the prettiest one

Diệu Phạm
Diệu Phạm 2 months ago

Kendall is me and her family just like my "friends"

Uno Malonda
Uno Malonda 2 months ago

her dad is turning into a girl for now

Y陳保養及英文 2 months ago

My family always acts like that I am not anywhere all the time.

yoyo man
yoyo man 2 months ago

I've seen a lot of comments talk about Kendall not having kids and that being the reason she's excluded in some family events. But, people should also realize that as a model, she travels more than the rest of her family. She obviously sees them less because of her lifestyle. Also, her having kids would probably impact her modelling career alot.

Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 2 months ago

No offence but Kendall is my favourite because she doesn’t try and be other people yet she accomplishes so much and she’s so beautiful but no one cares when she’s upset or feeling left out they just let her go

Jani Silverlake07
Jani Silverlake07 2 months ago

1:49 Tyga: I see u jigglin'

Nur Damia Hanna
Nur Damia Hanna 2 months ago

Kendall really look more normal than her sisters maybe because she just show what real it's

Annah Sialsa
Annah Sialsa 2 months ago

Im not spoken as my family,, but they cant just act like im not there.. "sis i feel you oy"

JM 2 months ago

I think kendall feels lonely and sad but she still going trough life

nysia nysia
nysia nysia 2 months ago

kendall is literally the prettiest .
i mean kylie is good but she is getting to much hype which is fine and kendall deserves the same .
i feel kendall is the most real like dude kendall is a whole freaking vibe.

Anshika Singh
Anshika Singh 2 months ago

Kendall is the best 👍💯and its my dream to meet her 💜💜💜💜✨she sooo beautiful✨😍 all sis have done plastic surgery to look beautiful but Kendall is natural that's why I love her 💜

brie cheese
brie cheese 2 months ago

Why do people neglect Kendall like seems so unfair

brie cheese
brie cheese 2 months ago

What is about the head jewellery on kourt and khlo

brie cheese
brie cheese 2 months ago

Kendall and kim are so pretty

Ambience Wakenink
Ambience Wakenink 2 months ago

idk why but I got all these vibes that Kendall maybe was a bit depressed, like those stars whom grew up on screen

Jason Adams
Jason Adams 2 months ago

That is because she is boring

Anz marz
Anz marz 2 months ago

I love Kendall.

fatma 2 months ago

This is literally me in the family

RIYA JASMINE B 2 months ago

Being a middle child is hard

Derin Çakmakçı
Derin Çakmakçı 2 months ago

I cried during this because I relate to her. İt really sucks.

Curly wuuurrrrrlllyyy😇


Anak Ayam
Anak Ayam 2 months ago

Is anxiety similar to GERD?

Nikki Combée
Nikki Combée 2 months ago

The fact that there's a actual video from this official channel stating that Kendall is never included in stuff says A LOT. Like, come on.

emeraldskky 2 months ago

kendall is an introvert for me I think she is

Happy colouring
Happy colouring 2 months ago

I never knew Kendall was left out😅

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 2 months ago

And she is the most hated one

Atsuhi Hinata-Miya
Atsuhi Hinata-Miya 2 months ago

3:45 Okay. I saw a bit of Kendall here. Oh my god.

why not
why not 2 months ago

Im the kendall in my family

My Creativity 🎀🎭

From my opinion Kendall talks with everyone in a sweet way

Adora_ Blink
Adora_ Blink 2 months ago

I cant understand
Do All Kardashians have chirurgie plastic ?

1999 SUN
1999 SUN 2 months ago

Hurry up guys!!
Hand Kendall a pepsi !

Malak Chamandi
Malak Chamandi 2 months ago

It’s always the best genuine honest and beautiful ones that are left out

Melody Prahinog
Melody Prahinog 2 months ago

Kendall in bisaya 👁️👄👁️ : mao na ni ron murag dili family

hi oppaR
hi oppaR 2 months ago

i don't see kendall as bad and rude person like what those people say about her. i know what she feels. you can't just explain things. when you express your feelings and explain your side, they just don't understand and doesn't believe you. they'll assume you are being unreasonable. if you're tired of explaining for yourself and walks out, it makes you look like a rude person. now i know why people see her that way. and to think she's a shy person (that time).

people think her every behavior is just for publicity and money.

Manisha Sharma
Manisha Sharma 2 months ago

Oh god!!! My 15 year old self can totally feel Kendall (i m just 17 now btw but i just...)

Josie Domay
Josie Domay 2 months ago

As if they left her out the christmas card... Like what???

Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose 2 months ago

Poor Kendall. She’s the nicest most down to earth out of all of the Kardashians/Jenners. And the family don’t care about her at times!

Aman Dixit
Aman Dixit 2 months ago

That booty jigglin 😂😂😂

S 2 months ago

I h8 when people say “are you crying” so loudly like no shit Sherlock thanks for telling the entire table I’m crying

piper`s fanpage
piper`s fanpage 2 months ago

kendall jenner is my favorite

pat 2 months ago

i feel like we all can feel kendall being left out every family reunion or every family gathering ever.

Darla Bell
Darla Bell 2 months ago

The Kardashian i can relate to the most is definitely Kendall

Taylenaaaaaaaa 2 months ago

I'm Kendall in every situation and this is SO RELATABLE

Regular What ever
Regular What ever 2 months ago

Poor Kendall 🥺 she just wanted to hangout with her family who neglected

Aseel Aljabr
Aseel Aljabr 2 months ago

When kylie said u don’t feel lonely Kendall look like she want kid soooo bad and so lonely :/

Audreywasy 2 months ago

Wait bruse is a girl- wha

Hazel Shah
Hazel Shah 2 months ago

I wish Kendall was more included in everything
I love her soo much she is literally the best ❤️
We love u kendall

ladygabby1 2 months ago

This is not Kendall MIA, this is Kendall jealous AF.

Myriam 2 months ago

People say stuff like kendall is really mean or rude... Look what she faced in her life no one gave her attention and she was always left out. I wouldn't blame her tbh

amenblack 2 months ago

they love their kim khole, kylie , but they forgot that kendall alsosholud be there , right kendall maam

amenblack 2 months ago

no , some of them forgot, yeah kendall nobody ask me , or take me , they ingore us like we are not their child.

My Mind
My Mind 2 months ago

Don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like no one cares about Kendall 😕

Masyd Kidu
Masyd Kidu 2 months ago

Kendal don't worry about people around for once worry about yourself your Beautiful and blessed.

Liv VanWyck
Liv VanWyck 2 months ago

When Kendall asked her dad to take a picture of her and instead she calls Kylie....

hallo 2 months ago

Sorry why is kris jenners husband sometimes a woman and sometimes a man

Norris nuts Boba
Norris nuts Boba 2 months ago

Hi ken

hajeongwoooo💙 2 months ago

Kendall I feel youu😓

lemoni ruttens
lemoni ruttens 2 months ago

Omg i really want to give kendall a hug bc my family would do exactly the same and it hurts baddd

delsie _
delsie _ 2 months ago

im a kendall of my family and my friend group

leyla yetmez
leyla yetmez 2 months ago

Kendall: doctor l feel like am invisible
Doctor: why didnt next patient come yet?

Donya A
Donya A 2 months ago

When Kris said to Kendall "what is wrong with you?" that was just so rude and disrespectful. No one understsnd Kendall

Ella May
Ella May 2 months ago

kendall’s my favourite out of all of them i wish we’d seen more of her

also she’s the most relatable in my opinion—