Savatage - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (HQ)



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Title : Savatage - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (HQ)

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Description Savatage - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (HQ)

Savatage - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (HQ)

Savatage - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 (HQ)

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TheRockConklin 2 months ago

Regular Show anybody?

Glenn Clark
Glenn Clark 2 months ago

Haven't heard it before ... love it, especially in its historical context.

Anw S
Anw S 2 months ago


Andreas Themistokleous

Merry Christmas 2020 everyone!

Ronnie J Dio
Ronnie J Dio 2 months ago

Best version

edi 2 months ago


Carl Paesbrugghe
Carl Paesbrugghe 2 months ago

Guitars and piano are so technical!

Dean MIller
Dean MIller 2 months ago

Wonder how many people think Trans Siberian Orchestra wrote this??This is the band that wrote it and TSO was formed by Savatage..

Rose ARZUR 2 months ago

The theme song of December, the last boss of 2020

Taliesyn42 2 months ago

Gotta admit, I've loved this song since before Savatage became TSO.

Mazie Thompson
Mazie Thompson 2 months ago

All I think when I hear this is Gabe and Dwight playing air guitar

GondorianDotCom 2 months ago

Is it too early for Christmas songs this year? After hearing this for the first time just now, I think they should be allowed all year round.

Laurens penseler
Laurens penseler 2 months ago

The Only Song on my Christmas list, perfech for Winter

Aygüzer 2 months ago

I love Dwight Schrute 💜💛💚💙

Andrea Cavalcanti
Andrea Cavalcanti 2 months ago

Like an undertale OST

Prashant Chaudhary
Prashant Chaudhary 2 months ago

Dwight Schrute brought me here

Matheus Amorim
Matheus Amorim 2 months ago

I will definitely play this at Christmas dinner ksksks

Firex gacha fast
Firex gacha fast 2 months ago

Like si estas aqui por el especia de navidad de un show mas

Sherlock 2 months ago

Enough of this garbage... This is Christmas
:Dwight Shrute 😍😍

Crack on Acid
Crack on Acid 2 months ago

Yo Dwight schrute also brought me here bro😂🤣 yo I’m almost finished wit the show tho 😔

Cengiz Aykın
Cengiz Aykın 2 months ago

The office 8. Season

Kaushik Chatterjee
Kaushik Chatterjee 2 months ago

Me too

Matheus Amorim
Matheus Amorim 2 months ago

Dwight Schrute brought me here ksksksk

Maratonando 2 months ago

Dwight really knows how to upgrade christmas

Julia Centeno
Julia Centeno 2 months ago

I'm here thanks Dwight

Guilherme dos Santos
Guilherme dos Santos 2 months ago

Brazil, May 5th and Dwight brought me here kyahkakakakak

Amal Sreesh
Amal Sreesh 2 months ago

Dwight got some good music taste

Brian Tolley
Brian Tolley 2 months ago

I had no idea,holy crap,that's cool

Firex gacha fast
Firex gacha fast 2 months ago

Like si estas aqui por un show mas especial navidad

Brandon Hinton
Brandon Hinton 2 months ago

Cheers Dwight.

Sebastian Salvador
Sebastian Salvador 2 months ago

The best song of Chirstmas!!

Doroteo Garcia
Doroteo Garcia 2 months ago

How TSO got started after this song on the radio.people demanded it!

Johara sun
Johara sun 2 months ago

اللي جاي من دوايت شروت لايك

•s l e e p y s t a r t u n e s•

Boredom brought me here

Daksh Sharma
Daksh Sharma 2 months ago

Regular show

Weiss of Astora
Weiss of Astora 2 months ago

الي من زمرج لايك

Luiishツ 2 months ago

Regular Show

LP. Mapuia Pachuau
LP. Mapuia Pachuau 2 months ago

Just found out this video was Savatage... Thought that it was TSO original... But, i love them both...

Vakor Dono
Vakor Dono 2 months ago

living brought me here

Keith Bell
Keith Bell 2 months ago

I always loved Savatage. This song was so powerful when I first heard it. It’s power is still potent, it’s impact poignant.

babylon333 2 months ago

Still miss Savatage. That's why i am here christmas 2019

Andrew C
Andrew C 2 months ago

It’s Christmas Eve 2019 and I just found this video. Wow!

Jurxnator 27
Jurxnator 27 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

eirini mnkr
eirini mnkr 2 months ago

Came here 'cause my music taste is good 😁

Icon's World
Icon's World 2 months ago

We're going to play this song today

eldemasiado 2 months ago

Fuckin' epic tune, and awesome work, mr. Al Pitrelli!

Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

Going to a TSO concert and then looking up more info on wikipedia brought me here.

JOHN JACKSON 2 months ago


Johara sun
Johara sun 2 months ago

“Enough of this garbage. This is Christmas”

- Dwight K. Schrute

Sebastian Salvador
Sebastian Salvador 2 months ago


Spirit Chasers
Spirit Chasers 2 months ago

Amazing sound. Big and way cool.

Henry Aguilara
Henry Aguilara 2 months ago


Stian Jensen
Stian Jensen 2 months ago

Savatage was early in bringing melodic metal.
Now they are called Trans Siberian Orchestra

Leet Jack
Leet Jack 2 months ago

Facção Central

Scott Amoroso
Scott Amoroso 2 months ago

Oh hey da brought me here



Satish Rao
Satish Rao 2 months ago

thanks to dwight schrute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baftir Baftiroski
Baftir Baftiroski 2 months ago

Heard it as most people on The Office, but to my surprise it has my city's name in the title, wonder what's that about!

Imperius Rex![NA]
Imperius Rex![NA] 2 months ago

Let's pray for those who are still searching for this masterpiece.
Took me 3 years to find this.

Mashal Sabawoon
Mashal Sabawoon 2 months ago

I am here because of Dwight schrute

mundo mundo
mundo mundo 2 months ago

2019 still hear it who with me

Luis Gustavo Arbelo
Luis Gustavo Arbelo 2 months ago

Memorias do apocalipse - Facção central

Felicián Szarka
Felicián Szarka 2 months ago

DJ Cummerbund brought me here

Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 2 months ago

After Chris oliva there was no savatage and jon oliva couldnt pull the job alone only with his voice. SAVATAGE IS = CHRIS OLIVAS GUITER & JON OLIVAS VOICE.

unofficial missle
unofficial missle 2 months ago


Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson 2 months ago

A lot of people never realized that this song was a Savatage song.

Everyone thinks it was a Trans Siberian Orchestra song.

Craven 2 months ago

This video should play automatically whenever someone comments or posts "Carol of the Bells by Metallica"

Carmen-maria Cantabine

Bravo!I love this carol !!

Bob Jablonski
Bob Jablonski 2 months ago

When I was in Sarajevo we never listened to it

El pana Miguel
El pana Miguel 2 months ago

laki si vienes por pato animado

Andreas Themistokleous

Good taste in music and my childhood brought me here! Rip Criss Oliva 💗

Fabrisse 2 months ago

How many people recognize the politics of the song? This is the most well-known carol to come out of the former Yugoslavia, but the carol that starts it "God Rest Ye..." is the carol associated with England who were the primary peacekeepers on the UN task force that year. This is an amazing statement on multiple levels.

UnderWreck 2 months ago

Bells status: O F F I C I A L L Y J I N G L E D

Todd Wall
Todd Wall 2 months ago

People often forget this is a SAVATAGE song, NOT TSO! Yes, it is performed by TSO, but it was a Savatage song FIRST.

Adriano Carrasco
Adriano Carrasco 2 months ago

El mejor soundtrack que he escuchado 2:05

Justin Kantner
Justin Kantner 2 months ago

This has been my favorite Christmas song since I've heard it

lio90991 2 months ago

is it a Savateage-made aria, or is it a classical music?
such a fabulous masterpiece. thanx man

Eichorst Tornhill
Eichorst Tornhill 2 months ago


Tarik Bosnian
Tarik Bosnian 2 months ago

Santain Sarajevo

Scott Miller
Scott Miller 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song

Nick Waters
Nick Waters 2 months ago

Thank you Savatage for bringing us Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That's one of the reasons Savatage is so amazing along with incredible vocalists, beautiful compositions, and the astonishingly phenomenal Criss Oliva. If Criss Oliva didn't die in a car wreck, he would've continued with Savatage and filled for TSO just as great as Al Pitrelli. Pitrelli is awe-inspiring too and a great fit for Savatage, better fit than Alex Skolnick. Skolnick is wonderful too, I just think he's better off with Testament.

Ορχιδέα Τσέκα


Joshuah Lee
Joshuah Lee 2 months ago

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

giannis K.L.P
giannis K.L.P 2 months ago

This song was the intro to one greek tv program that called files and finally i find it

illithidlore 2 months ago

Came here from Regular Show...thought it was TSO

Msearthwalker 2 months ago

Dwight K. Schrut ✊

CHAT0BR0S 2 months ago

Alguien mas esta aquí solo por un show mas...

TheMasterDJ 2 months ago

Regular show and its awesomeness brung me here

mr big
mr big 2 months ago

Tso vs savatage

Chris Phoenix
Chris Phoenix 2 months ago

Being an original fan of Savatage brought me here.

Roula Fl
Roula Fl 2 months ago

Chris ....John......Oliva...........Savatage........ <3

Hugo Valer
Hugo Valer 2 months ago


Bass Spotter
Bass Spotter 2 months ago

Not sure who is celebrating Christmas in Sarajevo? It is muslim city!

Nils T Westergaup
Nils T Westergaup 2 months ago

Warpath! lol

Otávio Moura
Otávio Moura 2 months ago

Thanks Dwight

Jason Carpp
Jason Carpp 2 months ago

Awesome music! This doesn't sound any different from what was later used in "Christmas Eve and Other Stories", by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

ANONI BRONY 2 months ago

like if you stay here for regular show cartoon network ;)

DavidSixSixFive 2 months ago

I bought this album in December of 95. Less than 30 days later I crossed the Sava River into Bosnia to the sound of artillery and this record went with me. I got to within 20 klicks of Sarajevo. I seen a lot of stuff that made me appreciate what I have here in the States.

Alexander199022 2 months ago

TSO is way better than savatage

Jedan od njih
Jedan od njih 2 months ago

When the shells had ceased their falling
The young muslim and the serb
Listened for the old man's music
But now not a note was heard

And fearing what had happened
Each did, what should not be dared
And made their way through no man's land
To the old medieval square

They arrived at the same moment
In the cold december air
But neither pulled a weapon
For each knew why they were there

And they walked over to the fountain
And found him laying there in death
There was blood upon his face
The smashed cello on his chest

But then a single drop of liquid
Fell from out the cloudless sky
And it fell upon the cheek
Of the man who had just died

And the soldier felt a shudder
For the worst had come he feared
When the only sing of pity
Was a single gargoyle's tear

He turned to the young woman
And he said let's leave this war
But a soldier and his uniform
Was all that she now saw