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Information America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

Title : America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

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Frames America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

Description America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates

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Joven Agustin
Joven Agustin 2 months ago

They have a Volvo but they can't afford pots and pans like wtf...

Corinne Jennings
Corinne Jennings 2 months ago

im sorry hate me all u want but NO KID gets that excited over dishes and wants to go do them. He was like *dIsHeS oOh*. im only 11 seconds thru and i had to say that. AN HE CAN NOT SEE HIMSELF IN THE GOSH DANG PLATE. Also why the hell would you not get new pots and pans im sorry but. AND 5 PICES OF BACON GURL. I COULD EAT THAT IN 2 SECONDS, dont even ge me started on the shower and living room.

Oや ŁEGIT 2 months ago


Lynne Summers-Noble
Lynne Summers-Noble 2 months ago

There’s cheap and cheap. They’re nasty cheap! Do either of them work? I would never buy a house from people who do such tacky repairs.

Angela’s ASMR
Angela’s ASMR 2 months ago

The shower bottle idea is actually smart-

Ace Spa
Ace Spa 2 months ago

Wait people spend 20,000 on furniture? :O I mean I spent 400 on my couch and 200 on my whole bedroom furniture. Our fridge was 150. I am not a cheapskate either so who be buying such expensive furniture :O

Kayden Ramirez
Kayden Ramirez 2 months ago

These guys are using someone else’s couch because they are so cheap that makes me mad

Alexandra Sotto
Alexandra Sotto 2 months ago

So sickening and sad to live like that! They act as if they can take their money with them when they die! This is ridiculous

Alex Lua-Aguilar
Alex Lua-Aguilar 2 months ago

Lady your husband did not make the wrench my dad has the same one

Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 2 months ago

He’s actually smart. If he plays his card right, he could come out on top. Except the pool for dish washing.

B 2 months ago

those poor kids

JustMadi 2 months ago

I feel weirded out man.

GatlinburgBears 2 months ago

Was that Jewish music to start off this video?

Akuma4u 2 months ago

Gross. Washing dishes in used bath water.

PiggyFanYT 2 months ago


PandaWanda 2 months ago

He: I can see myself in the plate.
Me: Yeah, sure🤢🤮👍.

VARIETY VIDEOS CHANNEL 2021 Variety videos channel

Don’t need to do nothing to sell the house. This property agent want just to make use some of their money

Miss Fatima Jinnah
Miss Fatima Jinnah 2 months ago

Title should be America's most annoying people!!

fuck ass
fuck ass 2 months ago

"those houses are all new" furnished houses aren't really a thing in my country. We're a very large, very wealthy country and that just doesn't happen.

Rohan Satish
Rohan Satish 2 months ago

I kinda feel like the kids definetly get made fun of at school

Arunima V
Arunima V 2 months ago

Is that busby's old home??

Kylie 96
Kylie 96 2 months ago

Being cheap is a mental illness. They are far too extreme and can be dangerous. What a miserable life

Nidotle Bruv
Nidotle Bruv 2 months ago

Istg Why do they act like the dollars store doesn’t exist like-

БИРЛОГИЧ 2 months ago

They much more richer than ordinary Russian family😂😂😂

Megan Stevens
Megan Stevens 2 months ago

I feel so great but have they ever heard of a thrift store they can get pans,furniture,toys,everything for like $5 bucks

Shannu Seth
Shannu Seth 2 months ago

Wtf why you so cheep

Butterfly Express
Butterfly Express 2 months ago

Why do I fell as if those kids peed in the pool they washed the dishes with😭💀

One Of You
One Of You 2 months ago

If they are this cheap, why fit a carpet and why white? Crazy!

Fruity ツ Loopies_
Fruity ツ Loopies_ 2 months ago

Why? JUST WhY?😭

Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 2 months ago

The kids should be removed to a better environment as the parents are obviously unfit to be parents.

Mivvi Warren
Mivvi Warren 2 months ago

Why did the dad sound proud of the living room?? I would be embarrassed to show that living room.

Mona Kh
Mona Kh 2 months ago

I really hate this kind of people, poor kids

ZeyroX 2 months ago

This isn't the America's cheapest family , I would say this is America's stingiest family

DemonaLlama 2 months ago

This can’t be real

Freya Grey
Freya Grey 2 months ago

How much does she spend on tanning every month?

Freya Grey
Freya Grey 2 months ago

They refuse to get new pots and pans that have broken handles and I want to go buy new ones because mine are red.

faire de la peche
faire de la peche 2 months ago

Stay away from people like this. I had a friend attending a business meeting in my town and she stated she couldn't afford a hotel. She spent 2 days in my house and my family treated her to two meals in a restaurant. On the last day, I wanted to get a cup of coffee which costs $2 and I deliberately pretended not to have cash on me. I wanted to see what she would do. She made no effort to pay for it.

lily willswissen
lily willswissen 2 months ago

they cant be real

Yakou 2 months ago

These are the guys who said theyd move to a bigger space. Probably means they found an old abandoned asylum or a haunted mansion sellonh for $10

Yakou 2 months ago

They got a big house though and they wanna get a bigger space.

Agniva Chaudhuri 9C
Agniva Chaudhuri 9C 2 months ago

though cheap but happy

just jedidah
just jedidah 2 months ago

“The fence bring s character to the neighborhood,” don’t you mean it brings the pries of houses in the neighborhood down?

Debie House
Debie House 2 months ago

These people want top dollar yet refuse to spend money

Normal Profile
Normal Profile 2 months ago

0:37 Damn the girls face literally be looking like a chads

rahma osman
rahma osman 2 months ago

If they would have spend 500 per month for the last decade, they wouldn't be in this situation. Their selfishness and ignorance got them this way.

King Reid
King Reid 2 months ago


beast boy rock
beast boy rock 2 months ago

WTF did I see washing dishes with used water by kids in hot 🥵 summer shower head is broken so they used soda bottle 😂😅🤣🤣🤣 really ok living cheap saving money is good but being this cheap omg 🙌

Dawn phun
Dawn phun 2 months ago

I don’t get it, why sell your old house to get a bigger house that you won’t repair???

facto Jones
facto Jones 2 months ago

Washing dishes in dirty pool water that's fu***ng gross

Arpit Sahni
Arpit Sahni 2 months ago

Oh my Gosh this couple is really Gross !!! I mean they wash their dishes with their kids used water, i feel horrible for those innocent kids!

ry flanigan
ry flanigan 2 months ago

their kids probably peed in that inflatable pool and now they're washing dishes in it

Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown 2 months ago

Alternative title: A family who actually follows 5-minute crafts "life hacks"

Japple applej
Japple applej 2 months ago

That's why I don't eat at people's house.

GRAZ 2 months ago

those poor kids prob have no friends in school. i guarantee they’re bailing on their parents once they turn 18.

Jenna 2 months ago

Uhm how are they "so cheap" yet they have a big house, keurig, TONS of pillows, a nice dining room and a playground?


Vithiea Sethika - វិទ្យា សិទ្ធិកា

Kid:”I could see myself on the plate”

Yes, you are definitely on there buddy

Josh 2 months ago


Shashwat Rao
Shashwat Rao 2 months ago

Imagine being showed off as cheap

Anthemius Augustulus III

“Sean made this wrench that doubles as a handle” well damn if Sean actually ‘made’ that type of wrench you guys are probably multi millionaires by now with how many of those have sold already lmao

Sylvia Thomas
Sylvia Thomas 2 months ago

Can't stop laughing...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

rwalker0130 2 months ago

2021 they would sell that place as is for like $50,000 over asking price in a week

rwalker0130 2 months ago

Most shocking was the sunglasses on the realtor

Yo-yo Bg
Yo-yo Bg 2 months ago

Wait did she just say some people think that what they do is over the top nooooo I think she got it wrong everyone thinks it wrong and nasty and weird

Debbie Frampton
Debbie Frampton 2 months ago

They may think they are Cheapskates I think they're trashy

Jennifer K
Jennifer K 2 months ago

😹😹😹😹I’m not making fun. Hard to believe the rug thing is real. I’d just sell the house as it is. At least they are not spending more than they have.

Jennifer K
Jennifer K 2 months ago

I think the water is dirty😹

Francesco Pugliese
Francesco Pugliese 2 months ago

I wish they get fined like 200,000 dollars I dont really know if it’s possible but still I just hate these people

A S 2 months ago


defender of the faith

There huffing glue like wtf is wrong with these people

Odette Carral
Odette Carral 2 months ago

My apartment is sooo small and looks 100 times better than their awfull house 😂

DerrmanYT 2 months ago

There's a couch out ther for 5$ yall should try to get it before its off sale 99% off

JinAK 2 months ago

Well maybe in the tight house market now this house would actually sell as is! Except they would need to find a home to move into and probably wouldn’t want to pay much money for a new home

FRIDA K 2 months ago


FRIDA K 2 months ago

In the summer, the kids outside playing in the pool..... HUH?
You mean the blowup inner tube with 4 inches of water the family if four are bathing in??

Jaiden Kyrie
Jaiden Kyrie 2 months ago

Eww the dishes in dirty kid water

BlueOceanStar Trumpet

Why did they spend like 10 bucks on that kiddy pool that takes more water to fill instead of simply filling the sink up with water that uses less but okay

BlueOceanStar Trumpet

Why do the parent sound proud about being the cheapest family

Backup 2 months ago

U have kids atleast try to spend some money

Lux 11
Lux 11 2 months ago

How do the children feel

A- M-S
A- M-S 2 months ago

1st the kids pee I’m the water and they use the same water to wash plates and stuff?? Out of order

K. Mariaa
K. Mariaa 2 months ago

J’imagine même pas quand ils ont de la visite 😭

Kellin Teddy
Kellin Teddy 2 months ago

How in the hell do you have fun in a pool that size?

SIN THE BIN 2 months ago

8:19 I stg that picture killed me

SIN THE BIN 2 months ago

Saving 30,000 dollars over 10 years? That’s it?

Jenelle Robinson
Jenelle Robinson 2 months ago

Imagine the people who live in this house now saw this 👁👄👁

Elisa Cordovez
Elisa Cordovez 2 months ago

cant they make a YouTube channel of life hacks?

The_Russian_Hatchet _YT

Alternate title: how to ruin everything in your house within seconds

Jelle Ruiter
Jelle Ruiter 2 months ago

Poor kids

Noah Myers I'm
Noah Myers I'm 2 months ago

If I was one of there kids

Natnael Girmay
Natnael Girmay 2 months ago

Why can't you work hard instead of being hard on yourself what are you teaching to your children

kishan samadhan by dyal

जय जय श्री कृष्णा 💞🙏💖 मान्यास 🌹 BSR 💖🌹💖🌹

Girl With The Blue Glasses

If five minute crafts was a family

seemasoni seemasoni
seemasoni seemasoni 2 months ago

Yak😤washing dishes with bath water

FrenchDede 2 months ago

Le vendeur de moquettes en PLS 🤣 il les prend pour des aliens

Shommo12 2 months ago

if i was that boy im calling protective services

Latisha Lee
Latisha Lee 2 months ago

I really like the showerhead 🚿🚿 and I will be doing this today like right now I'm headed to my bathroom with a 2 liter bottle this saves a lot of 💦 water

Alpagaa 2 months ago

Why would they want à bigger place if they don't want to furnish it...?

hashem alsada
hashem alsada 2 months ago

They should change the title to Cheapstakes hacks

فاطمة 2 months ago

They are so gross lol

Jack Bell
Jack Bell 2 months ago

I love how there so cheap yet the house would be SO NICE if they put furniture in it.