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Title : Gold vs Silver / I'm Pregnant!

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Gold vs Silver / I'm Pregnant!

Gold vs Silver / I'm Pregnant!

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Troom Troom Trick
Troom Troom Trick 2 months ago

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Serena 2 months ago

When you realize magnets don’t work on babies

Shakeel .S
Shakeel .S 2 months ago

Yes I'm

Izzys Fidgets
Izzys Fidgets 2 months ago

Are they actually pregnant

LailaaMalhotra Malhotra

I love silver more then gold

Its Noodle
Its Noodle 2 months ago

RiNg ToNe

PEACEFUL RELIEF 2 months ago


Makaya Mulvihill
Makaya Mulvihill 2 months ago

Every part

Sandybrabra 2 months ago

Phone asks unsubscribe heck no

Tells lov Mapuranga
Tells lov Mapuranga 2 months ago

Kate maravanyika woohoo love

Beetee 2 months ago

I love your videos
and I wish I lived with you

T20030003 HANSHIGA P
T20030003 HANSHIGA P 2 months ago

I love the dog

izzy bizzy
izzy bizzy 2 months ago

LOVE yor videos!

Dior Rose
Dior Rose 2 months ago

This better be fake

Kathleen Easton
Kathleen Easton 2 months ago

I love you troom troom❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Line Clement
Line Clement 2 months ago


Jose Tocoli
Jose Tocoli 2 months ago


Luke Makre
Luke Makre 2 months ago

Yey thats the shit

•Bunny• UwU
•Bunny• UwU 2 months ago

Ok what the frick is this- you have passed the line troom troom.

Honor McDonald
Honor McDonald 2 months ago


٭Hasumi _HQ٭
٭Hasumi _HQ٭ 2 months ago

How to get your life ruined by Troom Troom!
Step one.
Watch their terrible videos

Sithisak Wongasawanuek


Melissa Mccall
Melissa Mccall 2 months ago

I love it so much

Resmi Memisovski
Resmi Memisovski 2 months ago

Cc. C

Firas Abed
Firas Abed 2 months ago

hit some trim kit trick love you guys so much and every day I watch videos then I scrape every day and I love your videos I wish I knew like that

Hezi Up Bray
Hezi Up Bray 2 months ago


Claudio Gonzalez
Claudio Gonzalez 2 months ago

I love vets

Lim Fion
Lim Fion 2 months ago

I love silver

cayden kile
cayden kile 2 months ago

The funk type of sugar dream is this

Tracy Porteous
Tracy Porteous 2 months ago

I like Silver

thatonegiraffe 2 months ago

I'm concerned 👁️👄👁️

احمد العموري


Layana Daley
Layana Daley 2 months ago


kool Kidz
kool Kidz 2 months ago

Nice 👍 video

XxCookie_ DevilxX
XxCookie_ DevilxX 2 months ago

I lioe violet

Temeez Wilson
Temeez Wilson 2 months ago

Yea that's it for him to the account of a small amount that cam and it will be like over

Svetoslav Ivanov
Svetoslav Ivanov 2 months ago


Momtaz Ahmed
Momtaz Ahmed 2 months ago

Silver and gold are my favorite

Rebecca Clarke
Rebecca Clarke 2 months ago

I’m not going to the store for a

Denise Washington
Denise Washington 2 months ago

I love diver.

Savya Tamang
Savya Tamang 2 months ago

I likely going home to mom and dad and mom and best

Maritez Sales
Maritez Sales 2 months ago

I like the gold olivia because its pretty

Isabella Breymier
Isabella Breymier 2 months ago

Its a bummer troom troom used to be amazing, but now it's about rich poor pregnancy stuff.

Lil nut shell channel 76

I love it

Shalice Thomas
Shalice Thomas 2 months ago


Luke Porter
Luke Porter 2 months ago

They are not actually pregnant that is why there was no altrasound

Kylee Russell
Kylee Russell 2 months ago

What is dis

Wanda Efferson
Wanda Efferson 2 months ago

Can Troom Troom get any weirder

Tiana Allred
Tiana Allred 2 months ago


Jumma Bee
Jumma Bee 2 months ago

yup gold winsssssssdvaxcgvkjjcgm

Jumma Bee
Jumma Bee 2 months ago


Blessing Katalala
Blessing Katalala 2 months ago


Ronald Alvarez
Ronald Alvarez 2 months ago

i just saw the baby face and it was a teddy bear

Janice Chiles
Janice Chiles 2 months ago

God bles yall people bye yall love yall kiskis

Janice Chiles
Janice Chiles 2 months ago

Done please give me a rubucks

Jolanta Pavare
Jolanta Pavare 2 months ago


Jolanta Pavare
Jolanta Pavare 2 months ago


DYNASTI CASBY 2 months ago

yall really pretty

zeb Guevarra
zeb Guevarra 2 months ago


Siriusly 2 months ago

Geez don’t joke about this stuff

•Jamie Vlogs•
•Jamie Vlogs• 2 months ago

I love this video so much!!!!

Benie Kouakou
Benie Kouakou 2 months ago

Docteur là est bête 🤔🤔🤔🧐

Susanna Chiu
Susanna Chiu 2 months ago


athena Vids
athena Vids 2 months ago

I love troom troom so much

linie laray
linie laray 2 months ago


Quenesha Williams
Quenesha Williams 2 months ago

I love your family videos so much

Susan Cook
Susan Cook 2 months ago


Jane Patin
Jane Patin 2 months ago


Jane Patin
Jane Patin 2 months ago

I,v got a little cuz named vilit

Jane Patin
Jane Patin 2 months ago

Ek ahhh

Anne Boucher
Anne Boucher 2 months ago

Can someone please explain to me wtf this is

Maurice Kanyiri
Maurice Kanyiri 2 months ago


Gellie Soriano
Gellie Soriano 2 months ago

Dr goll is ugly

D Nation
D Nation 2 months ago


Syeda Shama Parveen
Syeda Shama Parveen 2 months ago

Oilvia is my favorite

Sonya Shores
Sonya Shores 2 months ago

Jim j) hj hjnujh h hj)j

Lucia Shimwetheleni
Lucia Shimwetheleni 2 months ago


Sydney W
Sydney W 2 months ago

Made you look

Esme Lashomb
Esme Lashomb 2 months ago

How does she watch the videos from a microscope

dark angels
dark angels 2 months ago

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Aranit Nani
Aranit Nani 2 months ago

Money Isn't Everything Jules But You have to work like other doctors to win your (prize)

Sphesihle Cele
Sphesihle Cele 2 months ago


Tenley Poe
Tenley Poe 2 months ago

Those are teddy bears

Jolanta Pavare
Jolanta Pavare 2 months ago


kissy0311 2 months ago

My jsesnia

kissy0311 2 months ago


Gjyfyufgh Fhtfhtf
Gjyfyufgh Fhtfhtf 2 months ago

Ewww that food yuck 🤢 I would never ever eat that

Lenity Makena
Lenity Makena 2 months ago

Share and like

Elsie Channel
Elsie Channel 2 months ago


Lydia Halici
Lydia Halici 2 months ago

What did I just watch

kayt white
kayt white 2 months ago

ok I ll do it

frupertportella 2 months ago


P.P.P. yrfdog
P.P.P. yrfdog 2 months ago

I love your videos

Latinier Stéphanie
Latinier Stéphanie 2 months ago


Theophilus Lugu
Theophilus Lugu 2 months ago

For me I will choose the broke mom

Averi’s World
Averi’s World 2 months ago

I love this video

Huang Xinsheng
Huang Xinsheng 2 months ago


Budhi Dharma
Budhi Dharma 2 months ago

Alright.. What is the moral of this video? being pregnant? im a boy nigga ;-;

Audrey Martinez
Audrey Martinez 2 months ago


Yadira A
Yadira A 2 months ago

Who else thinks the doctor looks like the girl from some assembly required