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Lesson 20 Hallelujah

Lesson 20 Hallelujah

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name888 2 months ago


I ce
I ce 2 months ago

This man's singing voice makes me question my sexuality.

Patrick Coyle
Patrick Coyle 2 months ago

How about that! Great

Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith 2 months ago

Not that you really care anymore a bout me BECOUSE

Rustam G.
Rustam G. 2 months ago


Wolle Becker
Wolle Becker 2 months ago

Ha Keith, you are so funny and kind, and a great singer and songwriter, perfekt thanks an god bless you

Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 2 months ago

Very good tutorial.
As the song says laid your flag on the marble arch. The close caption says 'Nazi'.
Not sure I'd be happy with that.
Would take it up with youtube.

Isabel rubio
Isabel rubio 2 months ago

The las perdón singing have no microphone sound!😞

Zenaida Hunt
Zenaida Hunt 2 months ago

Wow! Didn’t know he is also doing this kind of guitar teaching. God bless his kind heart.

Lou Guarino
Lou Guarino 2 months ago


Jane blundonedwards
Jane blundonedwards 2 months ago

This is great and I’m going to give it a try

Steve New
Steve New 2 months ago

Wow... This is my time seeing his guitar lesson videos... Very impressive.
I loved how he goes through it all with a band. Then took out the the main guitar part and let you play it? Never seen that before... it was a great video.

Surfari del Mar Izaak Warmenhoven

How can some not like this

Asti prema
Asti prema 2 months ago

good lesson

Lucas Muniz
Lucas Muniz 2 months ago

that guy on the band with the blue t-shirt is just dying inside

lucademontis1 2 months ago


Bursting Republic
Bursting Republic 2 months ago


Simplekind Ofman
Simplekind Ofman 2 months ago

Keith had a complete video teaching set at one time. In fact it even came with a guitar too. The strings were closer to the fretboard. I forget what the cost was but who cares, it’s Keith Urban! I would’ve purchased it but at the time I didn’t have the funds.

Linda Chan
Linda Chan 2 months ago

Your singing and your voice is soooo beautiful and also the way you taught the chords too.. thank you❤️❤️❤️

Praise Him yr2020
Praise Him yr2020 2 months ago

I love waltzing!! :)

Brigitte Robert
Brigitte Robert 2 months ago

Merci pour ces explications . même si je ne comprend pas complètement l'anglais ,cela m'a bien aidé.merci encore.

Francis Beth
Francis Beth 2 months ago

Ok, first day, didn't learn a thing, Keith you're too cute and I was so distracted! sorry ... Nicole, I love you too :) Awesome video! thank you for the lesson Keith, Ben and the band

Guitar Soundsaround
Guitar Soundsaround 2 months ago

Horrible! Ben speeds thru the chords like an idiot! Slow down Ben, the song isn’t even that fast.

Phillip Jacobs
Phillip Jacobs 2 months ago

Glad I stumbled on this! Gonna knock the dust off the old guitar and give it another shot! Thanks!
Any written music?

Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler 2 months ago

Keith you rock bro.. thank you for taking the time to teach.. God bless you..

Want To Say AD REM
Want To Say AD REM 2 months ago

Great lesson, regards from Poland :)

henry ombogo
henry ombogo 2 months ago

Your step by step instructions are amazing!!!!

Elizabeth Eluch amor
Elizabeth Eluch amor 2 months ago


Don Gillette
Don Gillette 2 months ago

Somebody needs to tune Ben's E string up just a bit. That little bit of flat damn near drove me insane.

Elizabeth Eluch amor
Elizabeth Eluch amor 2 months ago


Andres Duarte Villarreal

Thank you very much :D

LP Frank
LP Frank 2 months ago

At last, an enjoyable and engaging tutorial. Great set up/environment for the tutorial as well. 😊🙏🏼

Tol Chrun
Tol Chrun 2 months ago

Thank you everyone for everything.

mende tanasovski
mende tanasovski 2 months ago

by far exselent lesson looking fore more thens

Don Charlesworth
Don Charlesworth 2 months ago

Great lesson, thank you!

Pat Riot
Pat Riot 2 months ago

Thank Q, Keep the Faith.

Martha Bradas
Martha Bradas 2 months ago

Thank you for teaching and sharing your talent, easy to see how you are a star!!!

Michael Trees
Michael Trees 2 months ago

Is it me, or are some of the chords being flashed on the right wrong?

AlbieElstob 2 months ago

Dear Keith Urban, while watching your tutorial video for Hallelujah I noticed a difference in chord progression during part four of the verse. You say to play an E7 yet on your play through the chord box appearing on screen says play an E? I guess it doesn’t really matter but I thought I would point it out anyway. I really enjoyed your tutorial it is first class, thank you so much 👍⭐️

Ray Beez
Ray Beez 2 months ago

What mode might this song be closest to?

Tim Mack
Tim Mack 2 months ago

Great lesson, but that guitar sounds absolutely hideous. 😬

RUWAN HAGGAI Perera 2 months ago

Great guitar lesson

C David
C David 2 months ago

This is, by far, the best tutorial I've ever seen

Ndue Dimitris Dedgjonaj

Super fantastik .
Bravo .

L. Bott
L. Bott 2 months ago

that is a superb teaching! Many thanks... greetings from Hamburg

Stevn Iangley
Stevn Iangley 2 months ago

Not a bad cover but what's going on with the base players feet clown shoe

Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin 2 months ago

5:28 first section all together
7:16 chorus all together

Bill Hillyer
Bill Hillyer 2 months ago

Nice thanks 😊

EDMAN78 2 months ago

Legend Keith 👍

Vivian Martin
Vivian Martin 2 months ago

What is the strum pattern?

Александр Ермоленко

Nothing more than "Unrral amazing beautiful " :)

Manal mohamed Badr Eldin

Keith Urban.... Great love from Sudan by me... Manal

vasilopp 2 months ago

καταπληκτική δουλειά!ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

Basu Pawar
Basu Pawar 2 months ago

Singer sewing

PatriciaAnnGriggs 2 months ago

I Love Love Love that song for some reason it makes me cry

Warren Albert
Warren Albert 2 months ago

Very disappointed, not the right Hallelujah I expected and thought I was going to here a song too. :(

Richard Barksdale
Richard Barksdale 2 months ago

Hope this makes sense, the word Hallelujah means "help us" so when you pray or ask hallelujah you are praying for HELP!... Thank you for sharing this story though It's beautiful.

Lisa Guerrero
Lisa Guerrero 2 months ago


Holly Woodruff
Holly Woodruff 2 months ago

I just discovered this - love this song and love that it's Keith Urban teaching it! Thanks!

CMV_ SAN 2 months ago

When you think it's easy 💀

BROTHER Danny 2 months ago

Keith Urban tutorials to me are the best I’ve seen to help anyone that wants to learn guitar he’s a great teacher.

kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 2 months ago

lesson 20

Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen 2 months ago

When people ask me who I'm getting lessons from, I smile and say Keith Urban.

zacarias benedito
zacarias benedito 2 months ago

Helo voce pode explicar em potugues kkkk

Philipe De Campos
Philipe De Campos 2 months ago

Awesome... 🤩🙏🏻

Kai Valero
Kai Valero 2 months ago

Salut Keith, I just want to tell you you are the best guitar guide ever, It is just a pleasure to follow your guidance. Guitar can be challenging for many but you keep that great smile and attitude toward sounds. Thnak you, please consider to make some other tutorials.

Vernon Sivalingam
Vernon Sivalingam 2 months ago

Thank you

Lightning546 2 months ago

Actually this song was originally written and composed by Beethoven, this is my favorite gospel song and the 4 Tenors (II Divo)version taped in the coliseum in Rome is amazing. www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzB8xC_CwH8

Marcela Garrido
Marcela Garrido 2 months ago

Muy claro!. Muchas gracias!

James Shepherd
James Shepherd 2 months ago

Who knew you would be a great teacher. Love the 30 songs in 30 days series. Time to do another 30 mister. Great stuff and easy to learn for us newbies. I love how you have the band play it at the end to play along with. Good stuff man keep it up.

leo de brouwer
leo de brouwer 2 months ago

really perfect and the best lesson of all !!! Thanks a lot , it help so much !

JoeyJoelBand 2 months ago

Keith, I just sort of stumbled on your page. Your presentation is beautiful., and your manner of teaching is of the highest I've ever heard. The way you explain the beat/timing makes a part of music many have difficulty relating to accessible. But... geez, when the guy with the beard enters; it was if he was playing a different song. His timing was rushed and pushing the beat, then he'd lay back a half-beat to compensate, then pick it up again. I am sure he is a good player, but when leading beginners, if they get that sound in their head, Well, how a person begins to learn, may become hardwired. The proof is when the bass came in, he hit the 'one' and the 'four' solid, it stabilized..But I still heard the sense of wanting to push. Some may think I am being overly critical, however. we've all known players who are good at chords, even lead - - but they don't mesh with others because of time issues. If I am wrong, in your estimation, tell me. But years producing and or contracting sessions have shown me the value and often the necessity of a 'click track, even for established players.

RandoGRL 2 months ago

Amazing Artist and Teacher :)

Anthony Willis
Anthony Willis 2 months ago

What an awesome lesson. This is out of this world! Thanks 😊

Teacher Josué González

Hallelujah 6/8❤❤
2:02 Intro
3:45 Verse
6:03 Chorus
8:10 Play with Ben.
10:54 Play with the band.
13:30 You are the player!😸

Larry Tweed
Larry Tweed 2 months ago

accidentally stumbled on to this video while watching another guitar video. Awesome!

inaje shohe
inaje shohe 2 months ago

I used to play on AADE....🤣🤣

Patrick N.
Patrick N. 2 months ago

Thanks for this beautiful lesson. God bless!

David Smith
David Smith 2 months ago


Marco Huerta
Marco Huerta 2 months ago

Thanks for you're paciencia ....🙏

Bips Muan
Bips Muan 2 months ago

Is he keith urban

Mari Leap
Mari Leap 2 months ago

I would like to say thank you for your help and showing me how you have a great training to sing and the guitar chords.

BBQDad463 2 months ago

Thank you for this fine instructional video.

Anthony Barnes
Anthony Barnes 2 months ago

5:23 7:14

Allen Rhodora
Allen Rhodora 2 months ago

Wow..my idol...i want to learn how to play guitar..

Roberto García Amoriz

The greatest Video lesson!! Thanks

Lighten Up
Lighten Up 2 months ago

beautiful studio, nice lesson.

Scott D
Scott D 2 months ago

Is there written music for this anywhere? I have an easier time reading the music than watching when arpeggios are involved...thanks.

Rob Howe
Rob Howe 2 months ago

3/4 time

judyhoomalamalama 2 months ago

thanks for the song structure. What was missing 4 me. Is no picking pattern was discussed nor a strum except for all downbeats. I do have a song book with the picking pattern but was wondering what u used?

Geoff Rundel
Geoff Rundel 2 months ago

This could be my lucky break halaiujar

Bips Muan
Bips Muan 2 months ago

I thought u were Nicole Kidman husband

Martin Petulla
Martin Petulla 2 months ago

Hi guys !
If u want to watch my classical guitar cover (quatuor) of this song, you can go here :)

Dr. Reid Sheftall Truth in Science

too fast, guys.

Joel Klein
Joel Klein 2 months ago

Hey, in the second time through the chorus during "Play with Ben" at 9:48 it shows the chords C-C-E-G in the second line, but Keith taught it as F-F-C-G. It doesn't sound like Ben's playing an E there---problem with the chord graphics or my ear?

Guzman 2 months ago

Brilliant bro

Magdalena Quezada
Magdalena Quezada 2 months ago


Sherry Bates
Sherry Bates 2 months ago

How awesome that you take time from your busy schedule to teach . My friend Ed Skinner worked for you for a while and he said you were the nicest guy in show biz.

Paula 2 months ago

Obviously Keith is a genius and a great teacher, I just think is too slow to explain, I need more tempo, I get a bit impatient

bob shealey
bob shealey 2 months ago

Keith, i just want to say its nice to see tutorials that are not for begginers where they show you how to play each chord, this is a great site cause you get right to the point, with no screwing around, that helps a lot, thanks again, and best of luck to you.