Funny Church Signs that will go to Hell


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Title : Funny Church Signs that will go to Hell

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Funny Church Signs that will go to Hell

Funny Church Signs that will go to Hell

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Izzy Tree
Izzy Tree 2 months ago

I love how most of these are from the same placeπŸ˜‚

living the dream
living the dream 2 months ago

Some of these are shameful.

Andrew Dog-Gone Waylon

8:26, what do y'all expect from a dang Baptist Church, which has a history of promoting hatred and racism?!

Maria Knuutila
Maria Knuutila 2 months ago

Im just looking at this so i can laugh to churchs. Im an atheist. I dont belive in god

Brien Jefferson
Brien Jefferson 2 months ago

The music can go

Lorraine Shepherd
Lorraine Shepherd 2 months ago

Not religious, but do appreciate a funny Church sign πŸ‘

Jason Henerey
Jason Henerey 2 months ago

8:26 REALLY!!! They felt they had to specify a "White Woman"!!!!! So in their eyes it's ok if she's black, hispanic, asian, etc...? WTF!!!!

I just post memes in the comment section

As a Christian, these are partly funny and partly really sad. Most of these really cheapen or don't understand the God who they claim to worship, a God who can truly forgive sin because the price for our redemption has been paid on the cross.

P.S. That's why Jesus came to earth, to suffer and die the consequences for your sin so you don't have to

MRM Wallace
MRM Wallace 2 months ago

Because of the freaky music & some inappropriate material, I really couldn’t finish watching this. Sorry.

Martyn Cole
Martyn Cole 2 months ago

All these signs confirm my atheism! Spreading Fear Uncertainty and doubt is not something I want to be associated with.

Uncle George
Uncle George 2 months ago

Far better with the noise turn off.

EVZYL 2 months ago

The kind of video that makes me SO glad I'm atheist!

Tuomas Mattila
Tuomas Mattila 2 months ago

God have no favorites!

bledlbledlbledl 2 months ago

saw one once that said "drop and roll don't work in hell"

Eric Dunn
Eric Dunn 2 months ago

Compared to Satan, Palpatine was a wuss.

Lardcart the God
Lardcart the God 2 months ago

Why are there so many comments that hate the music for no reason?

Electric Chris
Electric Chris 2 months ago

Son screen prevents sin burn

Dark Mephiles
Dark Mephiles 2 months ago

all these churches can go F them selves

Sagaenne 2 months ago

(pauses the video at 13:56) I didn't know that Apollo has a church nowadays.

Mrs Big Mama Yas
Mrs Big Mama Yas 2 months ago


JohnnyJTav 2 months ago

Had to Mute the So Called MUSIC...

WWZenaDo 2 months ago

"God created sex. Isn't God great!"
And then god forbade almost all forms of human sexuality....

Phil Hand
Phil Hand 2 months ago

On a bumper sticker years ago:
If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence in your life to convict?

Mudkip X
Mudkip X 2 months ago

Some of these signs make me glad that my church doesn't have a changeable sign. People would surely find a way to make it inappropriate.
I got a laugh out of the rest.

Philip Clayberg
Philip Clayberg 2 months ago

"Anal Convention" was on one sign. Please tell me they really didn't say that. Ai yi yi.

Philip Clayberg
Philip Clayberg 2 months ago

I also like the one that says: "Adam & Eve: The First People To Not Read The Apple Terms & Conditions."

Philip Clayberg
Philip Clayberg 2 months ago

Procreation: Those in favor of God's universe, say "Aye!"

Philip Clayberg
Philip Clayberg 2 months ago

I like the one that says: Church Parking Only / Violators Will Be Baptized.

Bobby Gene Tummolo
Bobby Gene Tummolo 2 months ago

I saw one in my town: β€œIf you need a helping hand look at the end of your arm.”

SONYA Ramage
SONYA Ramage 2 months ago

Stoped watching the music is horrible

Spazzidy Art
Spazzidy Art 2 months ago

Good thing I'm not a guy

Selena Lulamoon
Selena Lulamoon 2 months ago

I've been meaning to ask but what part of the bible made Christian's hate masterbation. It makes no sense to me since well erections are a natural body function.

Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick 2 months ago

8:25 WTF?! Black people get raped too...remind me to stay away from that racist church.

Ordinary Mo
Ordinary Mo 2 months ago

0:11 If that was a bumper sticker I would buy it.

Shadow Boxin
Shadow Boxin 2 months ago

A lot of these were very blasphemous.

Ricketik65 2 months ago

Holy shit, some of these are really funny.

PeaceRayBob 2 months ago

Curious, I didn't see any of these signs asking parents to simply drop off their children and not worry for a few hours.

John Rowley
John Rowley 2 months ago

"God created sex. Isn't God great?!!" May the good Lord forgive me for saying this, but I can't help feeling that this congregation may have been a bit over enthusiastic about this fact!!! πŸ˜€

Nightingale Sings
Nightingale Sings 2 months ago

The last sign is just wrong

Felacia Barrie
Felacia Barrie 2 months ago

It's too fast to read. I'm not a speed reader.

Princess Cure Flora
Princess Cure Flora 2 months ago

Other non catholics are rude signs here.

Mary Connie
Mary Connie 2 months ago

The one about the 4 inch tongue has to do with gossip and defamation. I noticed someone here asked about it.

james burke
james burke 2 months ago

See if this makes sense. I saw one that said " I'd rather be 0 for 0 than 0 for 20" WTF

Mr. Scottie Dickens
Mr. Scottie Dickens 2 months ago

The Greatest trick the Devil ever pulled on mankind is that he is not Real !!!!

Carrington Hollister
Carrington Hollister 2 months ago

This is the reason I quit going to church

Curtis Powell
Curtis Powell 2 months ago

Some of these were pretty bad!

Others not so much.

trike rider
trike rider 2 months ago

Less time in church, more time in English class.

ev tile
ev tile 2 months ago

Good stuff... Catholic church is EVIL..... we are the aliens......

L'Ok Jazz
L'Ok Jazz 2 months ago

8:25 WTH

The Heartless Hero 2077

Who ever was in charge of these signs, I'm going to buy you a beer

(or a cookie if you can't/don't drink)

Except if you were responsible for the signs that were offensive to others or if you were responsible for 15:52.....


Billy Sherman
Billy Sherman 2 months ago

We sing a song at our church called Jesus Loved the Hell out of me.

Tommy Sweetweather
Tommy Sweetweather 2 months ago

churches are modern day mountebanks....children in cages located in near concentration camps yet religion says nothing. religious people are like drug addicts...useless.

Toby White Beebe
Toby White Beebe 2 months ago

Transition between too fast, cannot read some..

Allen Sagalla
Allen Sagalla 2 months ago

nice compilation, thanks for uploading :-)

Sylvia Babajide
Sylvia Babajide 2 months ago

What else from Evil Divisive incorrect Teachings you can expect Stupidity

blameitonthepixie 2 months ago

Beware of false profits, or how about thy body is that temple, worship me there.,or maybe thou shall build no false temple or monuments in my name. I'm not saying that religion is bad, I'm saying it's a way to control the masses and hypocritical at its core. You have televangelist spewing carp out of their pieholes saying God wants them to have a new private jet and conning money from poor people who think they are doing something that their God ordained by giving . God does not talk to these people who claim to be his mouth pieces. Wake up!

Martin Kostian
Martin Kostian 2 months ago

"Open your mouth and I will fill it". Seriously, I could not stop laughing! Must be a Catholic Church. WOW

Chris Mayer
Chris Mayer 2 months ago

Here's one- You want to join a church? PARISH the thought!

*Ruh Roh*
*Ruh Roh* 2 months ago

I could only stomach 2-1/2 minutes of this sappy Americana

Lone Wolf79
Lone Wolf79 2 months ago


tdamtoft 2 months ago

Quite a few funny signs, but Adriana Minadi you'll burn in hell for two or even three eternities for THAT music :-)

Lee Qing Long
Lee Qing Long 2 months ago

One of the best profitable...... Religion

animalrescue 3758
animalrescue 3758 2 months ago


Minerva Says
Minerva Says 2 months ago

That about evolution and the poor. If there no poor people, who's going clean your mansion or make your Big Mac? Like they said, "everything has a purpose."

Bill Huber
Bill Huber 2 months ago

Good ones.

Michael Graystone
Michael Graystone 2 months ago

Funny but they picked the most obnoxious music in the world to go with.

Renewal Creations
Renewal Creations 2 months ago

WOW. Some of these of SO inappropriate. Like unbelievers would not even be that crude. A kid's innocence would be completely ruined.

Kent 2 months ago

I've heard that music in porno's, lots of them!

Pelican beater
Pelican beater 2 months ago

Rap sucks. If u think these messages on these signs are bad then ur brain is retarded. You mean to tell me u just dont get the messages? You're not intelligent at all. They're simple to understand. Omg!!!! What kind of music is this!!!!!!!! Its the ugliest sounding I ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christopher hinkle
christopher hinkle 2 months ago


Barry Sabahat
Barry Sabahat 2 months ago

The music made it unwatchable.

Lorna E
Lorna E 2 months ago

I wonder if they stopped to read and then really read this signs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£I think I cracked a rib laughing πŸ˜‚

Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Cook 2 months ago

From an old timer gospel church going minister's daughter...Thanks for the memories and the little "nudge", shall we say!!!

John Wayne
John Wayne 2 months ago

WOW!!, that music is horrible

Zephyr Wind
Zephyr Wind 2 months ago

What in the hell is with that God awefull music. It sounds like the exorcist. "Rape a white woman you will die in prison." What the fuck!!!!

Anna Wimpey
Anna Wimpey 2 months ago

Jesus is coming, look busy. My fav

Ralll 2 months ago

The Road To Heaven is Lined With Choice Parking Places

Missy Cox
Missy Cox 2 months ago

Very funny.

whisper my name
whisper my name 2 months ago


Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson 2 months ago

HELL U can laugh your way in, but you can't laugh your way Out!!!

Patricia Oster
Patricia Oster 2 months ago

having a hard time finding the humor in most of these.....I have never found bigotry or hate funny......some of them are spiritual which is good to see....stopped watching at 8:32...that one was to disgusting to believe. the bigotry and hate expressed in it made my skin crawl. All rape is wrong not just raping white women. You music left a lot to be desired.

Happily Single
Happily Single 2 months ago

Here's one: We're not Dairy Queen, but we have good Sundays.

colin mccarthy
colin mccarthy 2 months ago

Those Funny Church Signs are out of
this World.

Wes Friessen
Wes Friessen 2 months ago

I found some entertaining ideas but what the Sam hill is with this demonic music???

Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 2 months ago

Church is toxic

Adrian K
Adrian K 2 months ago

Only in america

ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo

Once my church sign said "Christ offers forgiveness for everyone everywhere" which abbreviated means "coffee"

-Lloyd- 2 months ago

Beware the comments are filled with retarted atheist

Frank Philipp
Frank Philipp 2 months ago

Iddiot making a mockery of thenselves

Jim B
Jim B 2 months ago

Great ones!

Hamster Obsession
Hamster Obsession 2 months ago

0:11 the only thing ur gonna meet is a car crash

Plague Doctor Masque ***

On your knees? Yep I can attest to that!!!

DJ 2 months ago

Some of these are really inappropriate. Common sense ppl. β€œ A 4 inch tongue can bring a 6 foot man to his knees”?

Nick Blue
Nick Blue 2 months ago

GODz last name isn't dam lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

wv mike
wv mike 2 months ago

"Rape a white woman you will die in prison " WTF?! Is that really appropriate for a public sign? What kind of crazy church is that?

Steve Applegate
Steve Applegate 2 months ago

"Come early for good seats in the back!"

Richinia Langston
Richinia Langston 2 months ago

Will admit, I would check out the churches of some of these. I still believe in Him, just stopped going because pastor would preach for 15min and the rest of the time, talking about how the church needed money. Even though it was televised

Mister Turk Turkle
Mister Turk Turkle 2 months ago

3:20. Damn right and im trying to eclipse the A song of ice and fire series

Donna Byrnes
Donna Byrnes 2 months ago

No baptists 2000 years ago.

Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith 2 months ago

Thou shall not steal. Unless you are a Cardnial on first base.
Real sign outside a St. Louis church.