How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies


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Information How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

Title : How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

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Frames How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

Description How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

How to make Mantecaditos or Puertorican Shortbread Cookies

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s A
s A 2 months ago

I would love to learn how to make vanilla, please.

Elise 2 months ago

I just wanna say I’m super glad you still have this video up!!!!!! I’m in the mood to do some baking. I will be watching your pb&j cupcakes video next!!!!!! Thank you so much

Carmen Candelario
Carmen Candelario 2 months ago

Hola, I'm very interested in learning how you make your vanilla extract, so can you make a video how to make it? Muchas gracias👍🏼🇵🇷

Elena Trujillo
Elena Trujillo 2 months ago

Estoy loca por hacerlos

Luz E. Meléndez
Luz E. Meléndez 2 months ago


Akram Al-Khunaizi
Akram Al-Khunaizi 2 months ago

حابه انا اشارك الجميع معنى vegetabil shorting
هو نفسه سمن نباتي

Jack 2 months ago

Your cookies look so adorable and delicious. Mine on the other hand, were pretty looking but they didn’t taste very good. I guess I’ll have to try again.

Margarita Mendez
Margarita Mendez 2 months ago

Los mejores polvorones en mi vida wow

Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart 2 months ago

My favorite treat from 🇵🇷

Lourdes Jimenez
Lourdes Jimenez 2 months ago

First time seeing this video. I appreciate since i love mantecaditos but never learned to make them. The sprinkles in PR are known as grajeas! Comes in several sizes. These tasted like the ones id buy from a bakery and as i remember as a child! Love them! Is it possible to incorporate so finely chopped almonds in the recipe? I believe i did have it once like that.

Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart 2 months ago

It's delicious

SUGAR Q. 2 months ago

hi my friend did them but she put 1 egg they were fine whats difrence of no egg and egg can you tell me please thanks godbless... great job..

nailwitch87 2 months ago

This was a great recipe! I substituted shortening for salted butter and it didn’t add salt. Awesome recipe thanks for sharing

Michelle MLH44
Michelle MLH44 2 months ago

They turned out perfect delicious! Followed your video step by made it so easy...thank you!!

Michelle MLH44
Michelle MLH44 2 months ago

Thank you for this great video! My son and I are making these tonight for his Spanish class. I'm hoping it's going to be ok to double the recipe?!?!

grissell olmeda
grissell olmeda 2 months ago

Thank you!

Liz Soto
Liz Soto 2 months ago

Hola Dios te bendiga mucho! Quiero saber puedo haser la masa y guardarla en la nevera y bake it a few days later.

Daniel Alvarado
Daniel Alvarado 2 months ago

Please make a video for the Vanilla extract.

Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart 2 months ago

Mi favorita

SUGAR Q. 2 months ago

I made them with a chocolate kiss in center and with strawberry jam and mango jam in center omg my whole fam n friends loved it thanks for recipe I put my own twist in the center came out great...too...

SUGAR Q. 2 months ago

ajajaj I know I never met a puertorican that don't like quava or pork lol that was funny though the word imposter good one thanks for yummy recipe godbless you and your fam I always learn and like your cooking

Sandra Otero
Sandra Otero 2 months ago

Son recetas diferentes aunque parecidas.

Sandra Otero
Sandra Otero 2 months ago

Mantecados y polvorones no son los mismo el polvorones el polvo-ron y el mantecados es duro y amarillo y contiene huevo.

Princess Peachy
Princess Peachy 2 months ago

Yummy! Thanks for sharing ☺ 💜

D Plaza
D Plaza 2 months ago

As always you did it!

02Nawal 2 months ago

Manteca means lard honey. I'm going to have to buy one of those mixing machines to make these cookies

Janet Osorio
Janet Osorio 2 months ago

Yes make the video for the vanilla

Marie Rodriguez
Marie Rodriguez 2 months ago

25 dislikes are jealous of her

Lucy Hernandez
Lucy Hernandez 2 months ago

instead of lard can you use something else's

MrNas921 2 months ago

They look amazing, I absolutely love these cookies

Reselling NY
Reselling NY 2 months ago

Absolutely love this channel. Please continue to share with us! Even other Hispanic customs are welcomed. You do not look like a grandma however my grandma is from PR and this just makes my day! Love this! Thanks from NY!

Vince Pagán
Vince Pagán 2 months ago

did u end up making a video for the vanilla? you're awesome!

Pukiie J.
Pukiie J. 2 months ago

Donde puedo conseguir la receta para hacer la Vanilla.

srey khmer
srey khmer 2 months ago

Omg can I use guava paste instead of the jelly cube?


He does not like guayava!

Madeline Davila
Madeline Davila 2 months ago

es azucar regular

Evamarie Masini
Evamarie Masini 2 months ago

Just made these. Very good! Sprinkled some "confederate sugar", when done!

Mita Rivera
Mita Rivera 2 months ago

eso yo lo conozco como polvorones. los matecaditos son amarillos en forma de galletas. Me encantó la receta! Así que tienes una nueva suscriptora..

Felisha Mena
Felisha Mena 2 months ago

I'm interested! I thinking knowing how to make homemade vanilla would be interesting

Migdalia Madera
Migdalia Madera 2 months ago

this is my new favorite cookie ,thank you so very much for taking me back to my pass be blessed.

LaNena 2 months ago

These were delicious! I did use less almond 1/2 tsp and still the taste was strong! They did not crack like yours after the thumb print.. but they were yummy!

Simply JDA
Simply JDA 2 months ago

i love following your recepies thank you

Mirla Hernandez
Mirla Hernandez 2 months ago

Gracias por la receta. Soy Puertorriqueña resido en el Bronx, NY. Me encanta sú canal. FELICIDADES !!

Ivelisse Pagan
Ivelisse Pagan 2 months ago

Hola... can I use presto flour for this ?

r harris
r harris 2 months ago

I have never heard of a Puerto Rican who didn't like guava--is your husband an imposter? :)

Maria Velez
Maria Velez 2 months ago

yes I would like to learn how to make the vanilla

Luz Mendez
Luz Mendez 2 months ago

que te digo me quedaron exquisitos

Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 2 months ago

those are polvorones no mantecaditos but thanks always wanted wanted to know how to make them

Lory Martin
Lory Martin 2 months ago

Hi Sweets how do you make your vanilla? Thanks for the video.

Ruth diaz
Ruth diaz 2 months ago

I love your videos. They are very easy to follow. Your videos have helped me touch base with our Puerto Rican heritage. Thank you. Keep those videos coming. My family loves the recipes.

Maria Q
Maria Q 2 months ago

Everything that Sweet and Beyond showed it was delicious and I got hungry. Keep up the good work.

Jasmin Gonzalez
Jasmin Gonzalez 2 months ago

how long do they store for i want to make them for christmas ?

Carmen Monroig
Carmen Monroig 2 months ago

¡Muchas gracias te la debo me encantan los polvorones y no encontraba como comenzar hacerlos por falta de una actualizacion receta buena rápida y completa gracias muchas felicidades desde PuertoRico bendiciones del cielo el Dios todo poderoso te obsequie con su amor eterno! Amén

yanuba Orellana
yanuba Orellana 2 months ago

just made it and it looked just like the video. your instructions are so easy to follow. hopefully it will come out great

bernadette pynn
bernadette pynn 2 months ago

Would love to see the video of how to make vanilla.

Ungida 2 months ago

enviame la receta de la vainilla [email protected]

Paola Ramirez
Paola Ramirez 2 months ago

me gusta tu gustaria saver como se ase la vainilla.thank you.

solyanela 2 months ago

Hello Sweet's I made the cookies and they were just as I remember them as a child in Puerto Rico they were great
so keep on cooking. Thanks for the recipe.

Yary Davila
Yary Davila 2 months ago

OMG! Going to try and make these tonight my son loves mantecaditos and we live in an area that doesn't have any panaderias. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

isabelle1178 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your recipe, I tried to make this kind of cookie that I watched in some body else's video but for some reason it came out a hard cookie, i follow yours and came great i loved it it melts in my mouth! I'm subscribing to your channel😀

Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago

Wepa Boricua!!! Un millon de gracias por el video. Excelente version de polvorones.

Saby Soto
Saby Soto 2 months ago

Are theses cookies similar to Italian butter cookies? Can I place them in a cookie cutter and make different shapes? Can this recipe doub l e as a pie crust? Thank You besos xo

Jennyfer Fernandez
Jennyfer Fernandez 2 months ago

yo trate de hacerlas y crei que todo iva bien asta que I had to push them with my thumb they did not brake are they gona come out the same way??

Alicia Perez
Alicia Perez 2 months ago

Thank you! Thats what I thought, just wanted to make sure they were the same cookies I had when I was little. Cant wait to make them! Hugs!

Alicia Perez
Alicia Perez 2 months ago

Aida when I was little I renember these cookies with sprinkles and they were like an orange color. Are these the same or are these a different cookie?

Yiyi Diaz
Yiyi Diaz 2 months ago

OK....I am in pain. Because I looove these cookies. By watching you eating them my mouth is all water. Thanks for such a simple and fantastic receipt. Running to the market for some vanilla and almond. Every time I visit my hometown in Puerto Rico....I run to our local bakery for some of these. Now...allow me to PR they are kinda like a deeper yellow color. What do we do for that..some frosting colorants? Thanks for sharing !!!!! :-).

Terese Pirela
Terese Pirela 2 months ago

Please share you recipe for homemade vanilla!!  Thank you!!!!

clarity023 2 months ago

Sprinkles es grajeas in Spanish

clarity023 2 months ago

Puedo hacerlos con aceite de coco?

Marianela_1976 2 months ago

Eso es los mismo k polvorones gracias por compartir

Yaderin Rios
Yaderin Rios 2 months ago

Can you please make a video of how to make your homemade vanilla extract. Thanks!!

Tamara Nair
Tamara Nair 2 months ago

I did these cookies one time, now I am doing these cookies like every two days! Oh my God so simple to do. the dough is so easy to handle, not sticky at all. so fast in the oven. so simple thank you

Adan Medina
Adan Medina 2 months ago

Felicitaciones cuanto gusto y alegria me da a ve tantos plantos tipicos. Dios bendiga todas las mas de estos videos..

A&J Dynasty
A&J Dynasty 2 months ago

I love ur videos please continue to make awesome videos

Chef Isaac Santiago
Chef Isaac Santiago 2 months ago

Que Ricos Mantecaditos! yo los ago todos el tiempo... :)

Chef Isaac Santiago
Chef Isaac Santiago 2 months ago

yo quiero hacer mi propia vainilla, :) sube la reseta o video Gracias

Jannette Keola
Jannette Keola 2 months ago

Finally I found you, I saw this video at a friend's house and I could not subscribe to your channel.when I get home the first thing I did was to get you in YouTube. I made this recipe and I were delicious. and I will continue following your videos and making your recipes, because I love them.thanks for sharing your art with us.

TheLuigi con HD
TheLuigi con HD 2 months ago

Tan ricas con guayaba! !!!

Efrain Galan
Efrain Galan 2 months ago

Hope all is well ,... I wanted to ask on what rack do you place the cookies in the oven... the top, middle, or bottom rack? Your videos are great! :)

Gladys Perez
Gladys Perez 2 months ago

Que ricos..yo los hacia mucho cuando aprendi en el salon de economia domestica,,que me dio un fiebre de hornear.....escoji ver el video por si acaso se me habia olvidado algun detalle.pero veo que no.,Gracias de todos modos .a mi esposo tampoco le gusta la guava pero a mi que nosotras las mujeres somos mas dulces que ellos,por algo Dios dijo en su Palabra que somos el vaso mas debil..digo en algunas cosas porque por algo no puso al hombre a dar a luz.y ya traimos nuestro propio dulce en el paquete y nos endulzamos mas cuando horneamos nuestros Postres..Boricuas al fin. Dios la continue Bendiciendo and stay sweet.

jessica rivera
jessica rivera 2 months ago

please share how you make vanilla.

Tavga Hawrame
Tavga Hawrame 2 months ago


Nan Zingrone
Nan Zingrone 2 months ago

Do you have a polverone recipe?

Janette Rodriguez
Janette Rodriguez 2 months ago

I don't have guava can I place any other type of jam like maybe pineapple in the center, or regular jelly jam or even raspberry ; going to try to bake these in a few . thank you by the way

TheAcosta05 2 months ago

hi ida loved these mantecadito cookies. I would like to know if u have made or know the recipie for  el bizcocho Boricua mojadito. please let me know.

Kassandra Rosa
Kassandra Rosa 2 months ago

Hi Aida i would like to know or if you can post a video of the homemade vanilla extract thanks hope to hear soon.

Veronicas Gonzo
Veronicas Gonzo 2 months ago

you are amazing! thank you sooooo much for sharing all your  Puertorican recipes, My husband Loves everything!!  God Bless YOU!

dumbacapellapotatoes 2 months ago

I have a weakness for these, every time i see them somewhere i HAVE to buy them. Now I can make them at home. Thank you! 

Carmen Rosario
Carmen Rosario 2 months ago


ROSA Velez
ROSA Velez 2 months ago

Love your recipes..🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👍👍

Belinda 2 months ago

Sorry w/ the spelling

Belinda 2 months ago

Aida, a, just to say you both make a great team. Have to give your husband credit, for he is doing a great job with the video. Thanks for all the education, love the Flovent of your food. Thanks again. :)

littlemari83 2 months ago

im gonna make these today

TheAcosta05 2 months ago

did this recipie  it is amazing love it thanks.

Miriam Ayala
Miriam Ayala 2 months ago

Hi Aida, i have the fondest memories making these with my mom as a kid, but she used cinnamon for the middle and it was my job to press down & add the cinnamon!! I have subscribed to your channel great recipes!!

Vilma Vega
Vilma Vega 2 months ago

Hi Aida! I'm writing to you in desperation here. I've tried to make these mantecaditos twice already and both times they just flattened on me. They look like regular flat cookies with sprinkles on it. The second time I made them smaller thinking, that perhaps, they were too dense. But the only difference was that they cooked faster that's all. They were baked @350 for 12 minutes and I used 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1 stick of butter (room temp), 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 a cup of Crisco (room temp), and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (I don't like the almond extract though).  I used wax paper on the cookie sheet just like you did and put some sprinkles on them.. Dear since yours look the way they're supposed to look, could you help me figure out what in the world am I doing wrong here?? I would love for my mantecaditos to look like mantecaditos and not like regular flat cookies. I made them once so many years ago for home ec. I remember they came out ok, because I got and A for it, but can't remember that recipe, the one I used sounded familiar to me.  I'm glad my teacher wasn't in my kitchen, I would have gotten a big fat F!! Please help sweetie!!

osvaldo feliciano
osvaldo feliciano 2 months ago

me encanto la receta creo q esta pefecta y bien explicada pero tengo una pregunta si no tengo la makina puedo aserlo a mano o q puedo usar?

Samaris 2 months ago

Yo soy de Puerto Rico, tu tambien?

Samaris 2 months ago

Muy Bueno! :)

menudo forlife
menudo forlife 2 months ago

I definitely subscribed muchas gracias!!!!!!!! :)