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Information Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

Title : Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

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Frames Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

Description Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

Craft Fair Recap 2019 | Best \u0026 Worst Sellers

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carol hodson
carol hodson 2 months ago

I loved everything you made. And your mums folders a very talented lady.

Your Book of Memories

Wonderful Video!!!!

Jo Anne Brisset
Jo Anne Brisset 2 months ago


Jo Anne Brisset
Jo Anne Brisset 2 months ago


odt_shadow ใƒ„
odt_shadow ใƒ„ 2 months ago

Hello Dear Amber, it is so much pleasure, to see all yours proyects you are such a giver simple is beautiful keep on shining!๐Ÿ““๐Ÿ“”๐Ÿ’ก

Heid Bumbee
Heid Bumbee 2 months ago

Lots of good ideas but your booth presentation needs work

Sharon Leeson
Sharon Leeson 2 months ago

How do I find "links at the bottom"?

Elliot Elliott
Elliot Elliott 2 months ago

๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’“ Thanks for sharing! Wishing you an AMAZING 2020! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’š

DeborahAdams Creative Life

Great video. Thanks for sharing. I love your projects and the painted binders are simply beautiful.

carol hodson
carol hodson 2 months ago

I love the art binders.

cheerios 602
cheerios 602 2 months ago

I live in Phoenix az and i can never find a craft fair to sell some of my stuff so if any one could tell me where so i can go

Shamrock Girl
Shamrock Girl 2 months ago


Loretta Whitt
Loretta Whitt 2 months ago

What is a common place bl

Terri Romano
Terri Romano 2 months ago

Who knew Dollar Tree had a website? Glad I watched this today!

Lupe Guzman
Lupe Guzman 2 months ago

I have always wanted to do a craft fair, Iโ€™m hoping this year 2020!

Allthingspriti 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this video. It is so inspiring and motivating. I appreciate your kindness!

Cathi thomas
Cathi thomas 2 months ago

you are inspiring to me .... thanks for sharing

Barbara Burgdorff
Barbara Burgdorff 2 months ago

You share so much with us and that gives us a head start on what we can make, where we can get the supplies and the biggie--prices! I can't thank you enough for all of your sharing. Would you share one more piece of information? Where do you purchase the cellophane bags you use when you prepare your items to sell? They are a big part of your presentation and they always fit so well. Thank you.

Janis Dolan
Janis Dolan 2 months ago

Your things are lovely.

Laneta Morris
Laneta Morris 2 months ago

Everything looks great. I couldn't find your video for the Large Notepad Wallets ??? Sorry if I missed it somewhere.

Eileen Alholinna
Eileen Alholinna 2 months ago

I am so glad u charged 25$ for your Santa Junk Journals! I would definitely pay that much for one!

Milan Goranovic
Milan Goranovic 2 months ago

This is just superb, I've been looking for "fairs and festivals ny" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Tanacob Qonaniel Booster - (search on google ) ?

It is an awesome one off guide for finding fairs and festivals without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

Dr. Amy Anna
Dr. Amy Anna 2 months ago

Iโ€™m so glad you did great. I want to make a few of your craft fair hits. Donโ€™t worry about me making a bunch and selling them! I have ADD and if I get 2 or 3 made of the same thing, Iโ€™m lucky! No joking! I canโ€™t do it. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Do you mind if I make some book marks and a couple things you showed? I will only do it with your permission only.
Please let me know?

Sparkle by Monica
Sparkle by Monica 2 months ago

You have such a great family that crafts together and has a ton of fun at these fairs, not to mention making before hand. You inspired me last year at my first-ever craft fairs back in TX. I just moved to KY this year and haven't been able to finish unpacking, much less think about craft fairs, but I think it would be tons of fun now that I'm closer to my TN family that might want to come and take part. Loved all your items! You all are very talented! Sparkle on!

james warner
james warner 2 months ago

I'm interested in doing a art fair do you have any advice for me?

Susan Plouff
Susan Plouff 2 months ago

I made gift cards, hand made cards containing a pair of earrings I also made. HUGE sellers!

Terri's Angels
Terri's Angels 2 months ago

Love them all. Happy new year

Donna Mallory
Donna Mallory 2 months ago

Maybe call them "Private Place" books. The word common has an air of meaning not important, in my opinion. Your books are beautifully constructed, colorful, and interesting and they should have disappeared off the tables, sorry they didn't. You do inspire me.

randomspontanium 2 months ago

Those tea gift bags are a very neat idea!

Sherry White
Sherry White 2 months ago

Very nice products. I was wondering about your common place books. You mentioned that most of the products that were selling were a christmas theme. So can you take the commonplace books and make some that are for entering your favorite memories from Christmas. They could put in favorite Christmas date and place, favorite gift, xmas games they played, names of relatives who they got to spend time with and finally new members of their families. Really anything that left an awesome memory for them. Just a suggestion!

AY Evans
AY Evans 2 months ago

The commonplace books/journals didn't sell well because people don't write anymore, at least not among the younger set. Holiday themed ones may sell better. As a merchandiser, I know that stationery doesn't sell well anymore. People are either texting, Instagramming, or Facebooking.

Cann Pdx
Cann Pdx 2 months ago

Hi Amber, I just discovered your channel, and quickly went and watched other's of yours. Your ideas and presentations are great. You have really inspired me to start crafting, thank you for a great channel.

lisa richards
lisa richards 2 months ago

really like your coco pouchs..all your stuff is great

lisa richards
lisa richards 2 months ago

Amber I love your work..I am a tea person and if you sold them all year with different designs and bright crazy patterns on some of the other stuff you could sell it all. this is a complement. can we see inside the tea bag please

KathyN 2 months ago

Hi Amber. I commented recently on last years craft fair recap (I think) and gave you some display suggestions. Boy oh boy...what a difference a year makes! I see lots of changes that look amazing. Great work. And again tanks for all your hard work and sharingโค๏ธ

Jeannie S
Jeannie S 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing these ideas...we crafters who try to make money at craft fairs are so thankful for people who share...

Tina Woodworth
Tina Woodworth 2 months ago

Do not use the word common-place! It comes off as "I'm selling you cheap crap that was an afterthought for $7". The journals are boring and look like not a lot of thought went I to them. Many people attend craft fairs and determine if they can make it themselves for less. Making a journal that looks like toy slapped apistcard on it for a cover doesn't show much Imagination. Make them with more texture and difficulty so people don't believe they can make it. Much of what is sold as "favors" at a craft fair sell because they are taken home and back engineered. Your stuff is beautiful but too simple. Sell art forms, not "tutorials to be stolen". The last but of marketing advice is the selling of small items because people really don't have a lot of money. They just want a momento. Use right words and titles. Example: Candy jar= jars of sweet love.

Nan Rehbein
Nan Rehbein 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on what is a bestseller or not. It's so hard when you sign up to do craft fairs to know what is going to sell or not! I have done many craft fairs and have had some of the heartbreaks as you did. You put so much time and love into your projects, and hope that others will realize that. Thanks again for sharing! Also, your mothers binders are absolutely beautiful!!! Happy Holidays to you!

RD S 2 months ago


Carla Jilek
Carla Jilek 2 months ago

I made your tea pouches for a Christmas church tea and your cocoa pouches for a neighborhood ladies luncheon. Everyone was amazed and was thrilled to get one! Thanks

jeannie ferdinande
jeannie ferdinande 2 months ago

The non Christmas themed items could have a Christmas gift decoration like a ribbon and tag or a band of holiday card stock this would help I am sure...they can then be used all year are fair in your pricing...I am new subbie and I enjoyed your channel, hugsโ˜ƒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•โ„๏ธ

Anastasia Paggett
Anastasia Paggett 2 months ago

The common book Iโ€™m not sure what in them some time you need to address them to young teen special the one what you have left overnight you and your sister are still very talented like you said you will never give up that your new word for 2020 NEVER GIVE UP just for you

Kathleen Nece
Kathleen Nece 2 months ago

Such a nice video with so many great items. Just found your channel. I knit and crochet gifts but have never tried crafting these types of items . But these are so nice, I just have to try it. Hoping I will be able to conquer my fears and go for it. You and your sister and mother are all so talented. Thank you for sharing.

Saintly2 2 months ago

For your Dear Santa Packs, did you end up pricing them for only $6 ea??

In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen 2 months ago

Your booth looks amazing!

lilbrowngirl withlocs

I aspire to be as creative as you and your sister!

Sue K
Sue K 2 months ago

Your items are so nice. I was wondering if I can get the name of the craft fairs you participated in? I would love to make the rounds for next year. Also do you sell on etsy or your own site? Thanks!

Joanne Hudes.
Joanne Hudes. 2 months ago

Just saw this on utube. I subscribed and will be looking at all your previous videos. Thank you for these I am sure I will be making some of your items for my craft fairs. Have a blessed Christmas.

Amy Sheppeck
Amy Sheppeck 2 months ago

I think your prices are too low. You need to get more $ for your talent and time.

Vee Rodriguez
Vee Rodriguez 2 months ago

Is there a video for the santa bags?

Hummingbird Traveler Studio

Wow! These are all so beautiful.

Jean Piana
Jean Piana 2 months ago

At the craft fairs in Wyoming, FOOD always sells. Iย think ย your tea and honey favors and the cocoa pouches would sell anywhere. One note: People are cutting back on sugar. Most people want to buy SOMETHING but don't want to spend a fortune.

Sondra M.
Sondra M. 2 months ago

I'm new here. Do you sell your items online? (Etsy, website?)

Lee Renee
Lee Renee 2 months ago

Your display looks awesome!

Stacey Haleysmit
Stacey Haleysmit 2 months ago

Sooooo much work. Adorbable thank you for sharing.

norma johnson
norma johnson 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Ellen Hofer
Ellen Hofer 2 months ago

You did great!

I decided to try my hand at a craft fair this year. First off in CA, if we sell any food, even Swiss Miss Packs or Hershey Nuggets you need a one tine permit for &75. Or a multiple show permit that is $350 and a professional kitchen!! Even just for pre-wrapped foods.
If I try next year, it will be hand made items, but no food, even though I privately sold over 50 Hershey Nuggets packs.

I hope rules and regulations in other states aren't as harsh as CA. Very discouraging

Linda Benny
Linda Benny 2 months ago

I'm sure you could have charged more for the $2 items, that really seems very low for all your hard work...(*,*)...

Stampinwithaloha Joyce B

So nice of you to share your tutorials and how well each piece sold. It takes a lot of time & effort to make everything for a craft fair (why I donโ€™t do them!) and itโ€™s heartbreaking when people who attend craft fairs do t understand that handmade is worth the price.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Renda Owens
Renda Owens 2 months ago

Iโ€™m glad you were still happy with how things went at the fair. Good luck next year. Merry Christmas!

Ragdoll Libby
Ragdoll Libby 2 months ago

Thank you for your wonderful tutorials and sharing how it all turned out at the fair.

Radical About Jesus Ministries

It's interesting that the items that did not sell well for you were mainly journals. I had also thought that the journals I carry would sell really well at the craft fairs this year. But, to my surprise, they hardly sold at all. So maybe it's just one of those years -- or maybe people are a little journal'ed out with so many of them out there. But like you I enjoy making the journals, so I'll probably continue and hope the market changes soon.

Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine 2 months ago

I do think people love something that is a good gift for the teachers and other people in your life that you need to give something to.....but a good price and beautiful packaging for something people NEED, is a WIN WIN WIN. The Golden Books are just so unique.

Dl Carter
Dl Carter 2 months ago

This video was absolutely awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. It's so interesting to hear what works for others. I was also impressed by the variety of items that you have. When do you start work on your items for the holiday season?

Libby Z.G.
Libby Z.G. 2 months ago

Amber, you create fantastic craft products Iโ€™m blown away ๐Ÿฅฐ

Connie Guzman
Connie Guzman 2 months ago

I love the Dear Santa Packets. How much did you sell those for?

Connie Guzman
Connie Guzman 2 months ago

I wish you'd given the price of what you sold everything for. I know you did give a few prices.

Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 2 months ago

Awesome share. SO glad you did well. Would love to know where your craft fair is held. Would love to go. tfs

Bella Anne
Bella Anne 2 months ago

Do you have craft fairs any other time of year other than Christmas?

Rene Tucker
Rene Tucker 2 months ago

Your display of everything just looks so inviting. You inspire me to try this.

Pom88pom 2 months ago

Congrats on your success! Always cute ideas๐Ÿ™‚

Patchwork Chicken Studio Art and Home

What is your website for your products?

Heather Stone
Heather Stone 2 months ago

I would say you guys did a fantastic job!!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work, time and love you put into sharing all your craft ideas with us. I have made a few of your projects just my girls and so they can pass them out to their class and they have all been a huge hit!! Do you do other craft fairs throughout the year as well? I am hoping to be part of one this year.

Sarah Vega-Rogers
Sarah Vega-Rogers 2 months ago

I wish instead of still pictures, you had a quick video showcasing each item. I would've like to have seen the inside of those junk journals and some of the other items you had.

JA S 2 months ago

I have to stop by to thank you. I just got home from the only craft fair I'm doing this year, and I wanted to let you know that I made your lip balm favors and tea and honey favors. The tea sold out, and I think I have two lip balms left, and I had dozens of each! I kind of added them at the last minute, because I wanted to add to what I usually sell, and have some lower priced items that people could grab for stocking stuffers and teacher gifts, etc. They moved kind of slowly at first, but after one woman bought 12 of the tea favors, things really picked up, and they all just thought that both of them were the cutest things ever!!! So thank you ever so much for sharing. And may all of your generosity come back to you tenfold!

Quilt Gal
Quilt Gal 2 months ago

I have considered more than once doing a craft fair. When you divide up your time spent, purchased supplies and fees-- do you really make any money?

Rose Elley
Rose Elley 2 months ago

Instead of Wanderlust journals, make them for Christmas shopping and recipe lists, things to do. Christmas memory journals.

donsuz Kirchner
donsuz Kirchner 2 months ago

It would be Very helpful if you shared how you had these prices. Successes & Failures

Whole Lata Family
Whole Lata Family 2 months ago

What State are you in? I'm wondering about pricing where you live vs where i live in Michigan.

Peggy Packer
Peggy Packer 2 months ago

Can't wait to see what else you have coming up!! Love all of your ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Pam Burke
Pam Burke 2 months ago

Such beautiful items! My fav was the Golden Book journals. They are delightful!

MyCrafty Sides
MyCrafty Sides 2 months ago

So glad you did so well on the junk journals, the mini albums, Dear Santa packs and your mom's art binders. Thanks for always sharing with us everything you make and how it sells. Blessings

Lisa Mendoza
Lisa Mendoza 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. I live in the Caribbean and I took some of your ideas for a small craft fair I was doing. People loved the hot chocolate packs (I put marshmellows and a candy cane with it) but the best of all were the lollipop favors. I actually made them to give as a freebie with each purchase and people put in orders for large amounts! So now I have a bunch of work when I thought I was done! Good work though. Thanks again!

Rose Ann Deighan
Rose Ann Deighan 2 months ago

Congratulations on a very successful craft fair!

Cindy Haselip
Cindy Haselip 2 months ago

Great job. Everything looks ๐Ÿ‘ .

Eileen Nielsen
Eileen Nielsen 2 months ago

Amber, have you heard about the COPPA law regarding crafting tutorials?

Leigh Sutherland
Leigh Sutherland 2 months ago

You actually though people would want clothespin magnets? Your fails are not surprising. You have to think about the world and what is popular. That will prevent you from having so many obvious duds.

Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis 2 months ago

Hi Amber, my sister and I did a craft show in the early part if November. I made some chunky note pads and journals for it. Chunky note pads were a hit, the journals sold ok, and none of the Christmas themed ones sold! I did the note pads 3$ each or 2 for 5$ and the journals for 5$

Ilene Mack
Ilene Mack 2 months ago

I am surprised about the backpacks. They are so cute! Golden book journals, I love. I purchased a kit over a yr ago and afraid to mess it up, lol. Ty for inspiring. ๐Ÿ’›

Susan Siegel
Susan Siegel 2 months ago

Thank you, great info!

Steph V
Steph V 2 months ago

great job! very inspiring๐Ÿ˜„

Eadie Davis Lewis
Eadie Davis Lewis 2 months ago

I really love the art binder your mom especially to me as she had sold out of the one she showed...the cactus one...I love it!!! So very pretty!

Krista E Bayless
Krista E Bayless 2 months ago

How did the little candy jars do?

Corinne Montgomery
Corinne Montgomery 2 months ago

Amber I have enjoyed following your craft fair series. I did my first craft show a couple of weeks ago. I made some of your items that you showed with a little twist so they werent exact. Its funny no matter how cheap it was, wasnt a good the lollipop favors. Strange. Im in another show thos weekend, excited to see what happens there.

kraftymomma1979 2 months ago

I think some of your slow sellers will sell well in spring.

Wendy Cacho
Wendy Cacho 2 months ago

Amber you inspire me so much! I did my 2nd fair this year and had the courage due in large part to you and your channel! Thankkkk you from the bottom of my heart!

Sun -n- Moon Arts
Sun -n- Moon Arts 2 months ago

Yes , blessings

Claire Gagne
Claire Gagne 2 months ago

So glad you did well Amber! I really appreciate this video of how you did. Gives us an idea of what to expect although I know it would also depend on the area we are in. Looking forward for your makes for 2020. TYFS

Suzy Emery
Suzy Emery 2 months ago

Your little golden book journals were my favorite thing! My friend and I will be making them soon, for a craft fair for next year. I was curious about your candy jars? I, also, have several of them finished. And hot cocoa and tea favors, as well. Your display was absolutely perfect! Just a suggestion...You should consider doing a spring craft fair to sell your non-Holiday items. Thanks for sharing all of your results! Hugs ๐Ÿ’• Suzy

DivaZ Russell
DivaZ Russell 2 months ago

Awesome Amber! I love your craft fair Series and I am so happy you did so well! Tfs!