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Christina McAuley
Christina McAuley 2 months ago

No your not on your own I listen to the king all the time no one would ever be as good as him xx

Crabby Abby
Crabby Abby 2 months ago

This is a F*** up song. 'Mommy' can be so easily be replaced? "We'll find a brand new mommy." I don't think so🤔

davit arobelidze
davit arobelidze 2 months ago

such sadness in Lisa Maria's voice.very deep emotion and vey beautiful two voices!

Marion Long
Marion Long 2 months ago


Marion Long
Marion Long 2 months ago

Love this xx

Viv Mestdagh
Viv Mestdagh 2 months ago

Goose bumps

Jessie Paradis
Jessie Paradis 2 months ago

I did not get the Virus but I am in my house,to frightened to be around people who refuse to wear ab mason or get then Vaccine.

denden2287 2 months ago

Elvis is alive Preacher Bob Joyce look up all the similarities the mob at first fake death wax dummy young photo not him at his age. He signed his own death certificate. Was photographed on his funeral day in a guest house. Left the country with an alias name John Bureos to avade the world and public lived in another country maybe an island. Returned later on in life had plastic surgery to become Preacher Bob Joyce his wife and Daughter Lisa Marie know everything. He has been seen at Graceland many times his auptosy is closed and has never been reviled for until years come. To explain what really happened. There were helicopters over his estate picking him up the day after his death. His name is spelled wrong on purpose at Graceland Aaron. Pricelia and Lisa Marie messed up interviews and said they had talked to him yesterday or a day ago. He was under cover at the time to get people from the mob busted and turn people in. So he faked his death so they wouldn’t come after him and he fled the country at the time.John Bureos alais name. His life insurance policy has never been touched or cashed or used because he is nit dead . There was an ac unit in his casket to keep the wax dummy cool that’s why it was so heavy it took 12 men to carry it and his photo of him in it was way too young. The ac unit was to keep him cool and he still melted some even though the world thought he was really dead. It was all a hoax he didn’t want to be Elvis any longer and wanted the world to believe he was dead so the mob would not come after him and kill him.

grujo signal
grujo signal 2 months ago

Greetings from Serbia. We loves Elvis and we love you all of you good peoples with soul.

Lillian Chapman
Lillian Chapman 2 months ago

I love Elvis Presley songs just as much ❤️❤️ today as yesterday and Lisa Marie has a beautiful ❤️❤️ voice just like her daddy


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sherry favors
sherry favors 2 months ago


Manuela Roahl
Manuela Roahl 2 months ago

Das ist wunder schön

Eileen Lynch
Eileen Lynch 2 months ago

If only we could do this ....

mel lautaoja
mel lautaoja 2 months ago


Lily de Zwart
Lily de Zwart 2 months ago

Sinds he became the King.And now I'm 83 years old. Love Elvis

D Meels
D Meels 2 months ago

I was there in the mid- south colosseum All the way from the Netherlands. Best ever!

Nora Martin
Nora Martin 2 months ago

When Lisa Marie Presley made that song Elvis Presley was at the studio with her recording this song together but they used his video from past concerts an they put it together as if they where there

Susan Butler
Susan Butler 2 months ago

I crys to this song!

Carol W
Carol W 2 months ago

I can't stop crying while this song plays. It hurts my heart to hear their pain

Nena Rivera
Nena Rivera 2 months ago

I am.

Tracey Sellers
Tracey Sellers 2 months ago

Yes. They sing great 👍 together ❤.

Tracey Sellers
Tracey Sellers 2 months ago

I love 💘 this song. They look great together. I never had that relationship with my dad. Hes still living. We talk. With Elvis I don't see him as a dad figure. He's very nice looking. Even though I'm 51.

John OBrien
John OBrien 2 months ago

DAMN! OMG! Lisa can sing her ass off! This is the first I ever heard her sing. She sounds like a cross between Wynonna and Trisha Yearwood.

Ray Matos
Ray Matos 2 months ago

not today im here to

Anne McNamara
Anne McNamara 2 months ago

Still listening to the King in 2021.So Awesome what His Beautiful Daughter has done to keep him Alive. God Bless You Lisa Marie. I am so Very Sorry to have heard of the death of Your Son. He is in Good, Kind and Loving Hands.😪😪🙏🏽🕊🌟💫🌈🌠🌟

Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke 2 months ago

If only ? He could have given her pointers

Rickey Hubbard
Rickey Hubbard 2 months ago

Am I the only dude still listening to this beautiful music in 2021

Bobby Hall
Bobby Hall 2 months ago

This girl can't sing! The worst cher in person ayer! & Cher can't sing a lick! My advice too cher & Lisa! Get singing lessons! It's probably too late for cher (100 yrs old) to learn anything! I'm. Elvis biggest fan he's the greatest of all in the music world,a beautiful man, & crisma more than anyone! This man had to much! (I'm joules)

Pat Portelli
Pat Portelli 2 months ago

From Victoria, Australia..🌹🙏🌹🌈🇦🇺

Melvyn Van Leeuwen
Melvyn Van Leeuwen 2 months ago


Deb Jewett
Deb Jewett 2 months ago

I can never get enough of Elvis. Love Lisa Marie

Michael Shafer
Michael Shafer 2 months ago

I have been to Graceland several times wen I step into grounds I feel him its electric make sense

linda flores
linda flores 2 months ago

Why girls we loves our Mums but we loves our Daddy's more My dad past away when I was 6 years old now I'm in my 60's I still sad and sometimes I cry, now I'm on my 60's, I feel like I'm closer to see him again.and instead to be afraid to die I'm happy to I'm going to see him sooner

mel lautaoja
mel lautaoja 2 months ago


New Gmail
New Gmail 2 months ago

She is excellent

Zorimawi International

Here listening from India, Mizoram with my Mom....

Teena LaRoue
Teena LaRoue 2 months ago

I love listening to this and I always have. It’s beautiful to see father and daughter singing together

Elspie Mitchell
Elspie Mitchell 2 months ago

Beautiful duet

lina petrilli
lina petrilli 2 months ago

Where can I get these duets, sobeautiful

Brian Ballenger
Brian Ballenger 2 months ago

Love Elvis and Lisa Marie

Brian Ballenger
Brian Ballenger 2 months ago

Love Elvis and Lisa Marie

Мила Петрова


Charlene Brown
Charlene Brown 2 months ago

love it

Pia Meret
Pia Meret 2 months ago

Her voice is unique 🥺

Earline Holloway
Earline Holloway 2 months ago

Elvis was my favorite man in my life from the time I was 3 years old

Maria 2 months ago

Piękny głos córki dlaczego nie śpiewa

Daniel Chartrand
Daniel Chartrand 2 months ago

Sing ELVIS Sing

Reverend Deborah Ann Avery

Love this song, beautiful. ❤❤💗💗xx

GP grand.parent Cooper

👣💔👣Romans 1:23
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to 🔥corruptible man, 🔥 and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

🔥 Deuteronomy 21:23..anyone hanging on a tree is cursed of God. Don’t defile the land the Lord your God has given you. 🔥 Galatians 3:13  (KJV)💫 13 Christ...being made a curse for us..💥

🌈☔ 36 "I am not an earthly king ....John 18 (TLB)

Kimberly R La Crone
Kimberly R La Crone 2 months ago

She is good singer like her dad

EL M 2 months ago

What a burden to be the daughter of Elvis ....

Diane Hosler
Diane Hosler 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Lisa Fairies
Lisa Fairies 2 months ago

horrible voice 😫 Lisa 2021 she got horrible old and ugly it’s really sad children don’t really make him happy 
she should have enjoyed 🤪 she made unhappy children her youth 😔
She would have understood life better but now it’s to late his life is really sad children do not make a woman happy happiness is talent and recognition one thing you don't have

Hill of Beans
Hill of Beans 2 months ago

Wow, Lisa sounds like a man singing. Wasn't looking at the video, just listening. When I looked I was shocked it was her singing.

Bruce Brinkley
Bruce Brinkley 2 months ago

Lisa is absolutely Gorgeous

Bruce Brinkley
Bruce Brinkley 2 months ago

I damn sure am

Sabrina Lucia Cantoni

Here I am! Unforgettable Elvis 😍

kenny bryant
kenny bryant 2 months ago

Lisa Marie is very talented singer we love you darlin..

kenny bryant
kenny bryant 2 months ago

Most beautiful women I ever seen, love you Lisa Marie ❤

An Auer
An Auer 2 months ago

Not a famous voice at all perhaps if Elvis would have had a son he would sing like dad and dance...Does Lisa dance because we know she dies not sing.

Lisa Galoppa
Lisa Galoppa 2 months ago

I love this song.

Mona Mcmanus
Mona Mcmanus 2 months ago

My daddy died threw the cronoa but he fought it but deid there a deamtiona and allseimears miss him so much

Allyson songs West
Allyson songs West 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful ...I have no other words 💙❤

Patty Henderson
Patty Henderson 2 months ago

Your not Alone 👍For Sure this is What U Call Music 🌟✨🌷
RIP Elvis Presley❤😇🙏

Marcel Joris
Marcel Joris 2 months ago

Super chanson repris par Lisa Marie Presley

Nancy Summitt
Nancy Summitt 2 months ago

Very beautiful song! He would be so proud of Lisa ! I’m sure he’s smiling down on her. He had a gorgeous voice .

Angela Teichmann
Angela Teichmann 2 months ago

I love these films

Jeanene English
Jeanene English 2 months ago

Well, it's official, Lisa Marie Presley, has her Father's gift of song!!! Wow!!! I cried so hard, and smiled so big, watching and listening to her sing with her daddy. What an AWESOME HONOR it must have been for her and him, to finally Honor her daddy's music, with a touch of daddies little girl still inside of her soul. God Bless you Lisa Marie Presley, for being such a wonderful daughter, and at least you were able to HONOR your Father, and sing such a MAGNIFICENT duet with him, I'm very sure he was standing there watching his babygirl sing so BEAUTIFULLY!!! This is the very first time I have ever heard this song. Your a very lucky young lady, who must miss her Daddy so greatly. I even missed my daddy & your's when this song touched my very soul. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING THIS WITH US!!! ♊❤💋🎼🎶🎵🎻🎸🎹

Noelma Da Silva Torres

Alguém ouvindo essa canção maravilhosa em março de 2021?

Lisa ❤️
Lisa ❤️ 2 months ago

😭😭😭 Wow....

Steve Heuser
Steve Heuser 2 months ago

Well I still listen always have

Peter Jeffery
Peter Jeffery 2 months ago

a female version of elvis..shame she did,'t put herself out more,,very talented

Madjid Meghari
Madjid Meghari 2 months ago

I don tu whant à cry

Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson 2 months ago


Lorene Tipton
Lorene Tipton 2 months ago

Lisa, sweetie how I love your singing in this song, the heart full of love for Your wonderful talented Daddy. Who was the best singer and performer that has every been or will be. You may never read this comment but we just want to say take care,we love you.

hailey martinez
hailey martinez 2 months ago


Vicci Leopard Crecelius

03-20-2021 ❤❤ I go "back in time" w Elvis & Lisa Marie. What a Duo if God would have allowed this to happen. I luv this song so much ❤❤

Usi 2 months ago


MARTHA JOYNER 2 months ago

I never tire of this. It's 03/2021

Kimberly R La Crone
Kimberly R La Crone 2 months ago

It brings a lot of memories

Joseph Good
Joseph Good 2 months ago

I'm listing love this man God bless every one

Lori Greco
Lori Greco 2 months ago

Lisa Marie has that Magic proven here it's okay Lisa Marie even when it's not okay really I know

Vicci Leopard Crecelius

I Luv this version....brings tears to my eyes...Elvis & Lisa Marie ❤

Juli Barbetta
Juli Barbetta 2 months ago

A tecnologia é maravilhosa...Simplesmente emocionada..

Noelma Da Silva Torres

Que lindo! O rei e a princesa cantando juntos!

Marcella Alfaro
Marcella Alfaro 2 months ago

I’m watching bc during this COVID19 3/16/21. They sing beautiful. I wish Lisa Marie would sing more songs like this .

Jacqueline Appleby
Jacqueline Appleby 2 months ago

For my grandkids .. who cant see his kids during lockdown

Мила Петрова

Браво! Браво! Браво! До слез...О, Элвис! Благодарю, что был в моей жизни)

Brenda Johnston
Brenda Johnston 2 months ago

Wow so beautiful father and daughter 😍 ❤ 💕

kae maynor
kae maynor 2 months ago

Im singing in back around

Louis Pauwels
Louis Pauwels 2 months ago

MANIFIQUE qu'elle Année j'ai des fruison

Crisanto Cerezo
Crisanto Cerezo 2 months ago

Yes, I'm one of youI love the duet of elvis n daughter.

Jerry Cefaratti
Jerry Cefaratti 2 months ago


keith barwell
keith barwell 2 months ago

my kids sang this to me when i split with there mum top tune :)

Shirley Cryans
Shirley Cryans 2 months ago

I am already crying at 6:30am listening to this....

Christina Ward
Christina Ward 2 months ago

still listening xx

MediaFilter 2 months ago

"Together we'll find a brand new mommy" - said no mourning little kid who has lost their mother, ever.

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