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Stella Solomon
Stella Solomon 2 months ago

So yummyyyyy. Ur method, presentation, utensils , each n every thing is superb, u always make different n lovely recipes. Keep it up , very well don

alishba farooq
alishba farooq 2 months ago

yummy and tastymouth watering

mohsan raza
mohsan raza 2 months ago

your cooking is awesome n presentation is also

Food Delight by Faiza

Nice 🤤🤤💞

EasyCook 2 months ago

So lovely and delicious
Nice way of presenting

Food fantasy by saima


Qurat's Kitchen
Qurat's Kitchen 2 months ago

Good effort

Sharing Is Caring.
Sharing Is Caring. 2 months ago

Wow... chiken roast recipe...v easy and healthy ..we enjoyed 😋

Unserfamilienwissen 2 months ago

Ein sehr tolles Rezept und ein schönes Video. Zuckersüße Grüße und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr wünschen #Unserfamilienwissen 🥰👍🏻

Rida Ali
Rida Ali 2 months ago


Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza 2 months ago

Really mouth watering....

Tabinda Shabbir
Tabinda Shabbir 2 months ago

Its amazing...

Abrish Ch
Abrish Ch 2 months ago

Its so delicious....

kleine Schule
kleine Schule 2 months ago

Sehr lecker😋

Sharing Is Caring.
Sharing Is Caring. 2 months ago

JazakAllah sister,v nice Sharing..... MashaAllah, stay connected 💖👍

Outdoor Kitchen - Mati`s Kochkanal

This is really mouthwatering an delicious :-) Thanks for upload dear Reema :-)

zunaira Ahmed
zunaira Ahmed 2 months ago

Wowo looks so yummy.. 😍😍😍

HUZAIFA MASOOD 2 months ago

So yumyyyyy and nice

S_J Artist
S_J Artist 2 months ago

Delicious 😋😋

GAMERS GURU 2 months ago

I am cravinggggg for this Chicken Roasttt

deathface sahab
deathface sahab 2 months ago

This recipe of Chicken Roast is soooo soooo delicioussss

Wishes n Dishes
Wishes n Dishes 2 months ago

A very delicious recipe for Christmas eve.

Ifra Eram
Ifra Eram 2 months ago

Very impressed your cooking your decoration all over .🤩🤩

Wania Eram
Wania Eram 2 months ago

Delicious very impressed to see this .

Sara Iman
Sara Iman 2 months ago

Waooo looks so tempting.

Zaira Abeer
Zaira Abeer 2 months ago

Waooo so delicious and presentation r too good.

Laiba Eram
Laiba Eram 2 months ago

Looks so delicious 😋😋😋😋

Fatma Zohra Eram
Fatma Zohra Eram 2 months ago

Looks so delicious

Akira Ansari
Akira Ansari 2 months ago

MashaAllah very nice

Rahil Ansari
Rahil Ansari 2 months ago

Very nice

Yummy For Tummy With Nikhat

Very tasty

Cimal Arif
Cimal Arif 2 months ago

Superb recipe

Fahad Sameer
Fahad Sameer 2 months ago

Mouth watering

Saniya Rahat
Saniya Rahat 2 months ago

Looks so tempting

Zarlish Khan
Zarlish Khan 2 months ago


Palvish Baber
Palvish Baber 2 months ago


Gohar SHIEKH 2 months ago

bht good

Babar Jutt
Babar Jutt 2 months ago


Elvina butt
Elvina butt 2 months ago


Ideal Kelvin
Ideal Kelvin 2 months ago

waiting for recipe

Nazmeen Najjeebullah
Nazmeen Najjeebullah 2 months ago

Great way of presentation...Good work..keep it up 😍

Asias Küche
Asias Küche 2 months ago

Sehr lecker 👍👍👍💅

zohra’s Kitchen
zohra’s Kitchen 2 months ago

Looks so yummy 🤤👌👌👏🏻

Sana Amna
Sana Amna 2 months ago

Looks sooo tempting

Zain Shahzad
Zain Shahzad 2 months ago


HN GAMING CHANNEL 2 months ago


Hammad Noor
Hammad Noor 2 months ago


Zeest Umair
Zeest Umair 2 months ago


Muhammad Alam
Muhammad Alam 2 months ago

look so delicious

Md Alam kz
Md Alam kz 2 months ago

Delicious recipe

HAMMAD NOOR 2 months ago


Gabi ́s Kochbuch - euromeal

🥰❤⭐⭐⭐👌👌👌🌲❤🙋‍♀️ Merry Christmas to you

Mezgan Rooshad
Mezgan Rooshad 2 months ago


Rabia Zafar
Rabia Zafar 2 months ago

Keep sharing

Yumna Zaidi
Yumna Zaidi 2 months ago

Amazing recipe

Foodatives 2 months ago

So yummy
Keep up the good work and delicious recipes 😍🛎✅👍
Wishing you more success😊👍🛎🤝 stay connected

Queen Hambia
Queen Hambia 2 months ago


Kayes Mia
Kayes Mia 2 months ago

Mash Allah acha laga dekhkar bohot easy or yummy recipe hai ❤️❤️❤️

Black World
Black World 2 months ago

Mazedar khana ❤️❤️❤️

Kalu Dhola
Kalu Dhola 2 months ago

Looks yummy and colorful ❤️😋

Zubia 12
Zubia 12 2 months ago


Salbia Sidrat
Salbia Sidrat 2 months ago

God bless you 😊😊

Atiqa Rehman
Atiqa Rehman 2 months ago

love this recipe

Amna javaid
Amna javaid 2 months ago

So yummyyyyy. Ur method, presentation,

shah khan
shah khan 2 months ago

i will try ur rcp

Ayesha khan
Ayesha khan 2 months ago

look so delicious 😋

Prince Habib
Prince Habib 2 months ago

nice sharing

Doremon Japan
Doremon Japan 2 months ago

looks great

Princess lilly
Princess lilly 2 months ago

Happy Christmas

All in One Channel
All in One Channel 2 months ago


Sharoon Rafaqat
Sharoon Rafaqat 2 months ago

Ma sha ALLAH amazing

Amna Khan
Amna Khan 2 months ago


husna obaid
husna obaid 2 months ago


Tasneem Najeeb
Tasneem Najeeb 2 months ago

YOU are best chef in the world...
God bless you 😊😊

Girls Corner
Girls Corner 2 months ago

presentation is awesome.., love this recipe

Meri Zubaan Urdu
Meri Zubaan Urdu 2 months ago

Its really easy and simple wow

Pakistan Job Alert
Pakistan Job Alert 2 months ago

its too great and delicious one..

Celebrities Biodata
Celebrities Biodata 2 months ago

I am really amazed its so simple wow...

Meena Ghulamrasool
Meena Ghulamrasool 2 months ago

Woww soo yummyyy

Home Remedies
Home Remedies 2 months ago

its looking so yummyy ... delicious one

Solomon stella
Solomon stella 2 months ago

Beautiful santa plates

Desi Kuriyan
Desi Kuriyan 2 months ago

Yummy soooooo delicious

onti SkylaTris
onti SkylaTris 2 months ago

Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Solomon stella
Solomon stella 2 months ago

Amazing recipi dear

Chocolaty Girl
Chocolaty Girl 2 months ago

Soooooo yummy recipe

Shahzaib Shahzaib
Shahzaib Shahzaib 2 months ago

Very nice

Nishat Queen
Nishat Queen 2 months ago

Mash allah zabar dast.

Sun shine
Sun shine 2 months ago

Amazing recipi , thanks 4 sharing, I will try it on Christmas day⛄🎄🎉

Zuhair King
Zuhair King 2 months ago

Wow Awesome recipe.

Candy Crush
Candy Crush 2 months ago

Zbrdst mashaallah nice recipe

Iqra Rajput
Iqra Rajput 2 months ago


Peni Park
Peni Park 2 months ago

so lovely. Its so delicious. thanks for sharing.

Zayan Mohammed
Zayan Mohammed 2 months ago

Wow Delicious recipe.

Anaya Mukherji
Anaya Mukherji 2 months ago

Delicious recipe ♥️

Shahzaib Shahzaib
Shahzaib Shahzaib 2 months ago

Zbrdast Very nice

Afshan Rehman
Afshan Rehman 2 months ago

Looking delicious

Artify Me
Artify Me 2 months ago

wow thanks for sharing this Christmas special.

Desi food Foods
Desi food Foods 2 months ago

Soooopppper yummy

Anjali Mehta
Anjali Mehta 2 months ago

Wow nice recipe.. looking so delicious 😍

Mani Iz.
Mani Iz. 2 months ago

thanks for sharing

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