How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!



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Information How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

Title : How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

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Frames How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

Description How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

How To Make Lit Tree : DIY : Perfect Holiday Decor!

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Purple Dreamer
Purple Dreamer 2 months ago

Ohhh wow
Thank you so much for sharing this video
I especially loved seeing your gorgeous cat wandering in ☺️
Mine would try running of with the lights 😁

Nightwing 2 months ago

Do you still have it??

Nightwing 2 months ago

You’re amazing

Beth Marie
Beth Marie 2 months ago

Really awesome!!!⭐️

E C 2 months ago

you can wrap the branches with ribbon so it don't stick.

katerinalee 2 months ago

OMG!!! This is totally awesome. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!😍

ಮಾಯೆ ಹಿಂದಿನ ಮರ್ಮ

Using mobile screen diy light tree

jethro69tull 2 months ago

Inspiring Ideas fir Christmas. Thank you.

Sneh Somani
Sneh Somani 2 months ago

Which wires u ve used in this video??

Esmeralda Gonzalez
Esmeralda Gonzalez 2 months ago


Sarah Clayton
Sarah Clayton 2 months ago

Can you tell me exactly what I would need for this? I'm going to get the supplies on Amazon.

Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes 2 months ago

Beautiful teehts

Ferguson Tamrot
Ferguson Tamrot 2 months ago

There is something for everyone on Woodglut website.

NefFy 2 months ago

That turned out so good I’m gonna have to subscribe to see what else you need! I just found one down by the dumpster that somebody else made but I was thinking I needed to like do something to it and the flowers are a really good idea at first I thought you meant the lighted flowers that you can buy on Amazon but that would work also I like yours better though

The Palm Bakery
The Palm Bakery 2 months ago

Awesome video my friend, thanks for sharing!

Ikbal Shaikh
Ikbal Shaikh 2 months ago


Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie 2 months ago

Great job! I watched it 3x in a row just because it was so beautiful 😍🥰

Roger Willmert
Roger Willmert 2 months ago

What gauge of wire did you use?

ellene dekantella
ellene dekantella 2 months ago

You save me so much money! These things are very expensive

C. C.
C. C. 2 months ago

Thanks a lot mom, please, what is the name or brand of the ligts?

Sami Doodles
Sami Doodles 2 months ago

This tree is lit

Patrick Hicks
Patrick Hicks 2 months ago

Can you please tell us where you got your lights? I've never seen any like that.

Chelsea Vu
Chelsea Vu 2 months ago

Can you link where you bought the fairy lights please?

Victoria 2 months ago

I love this idea! I saw one of those flower trees in a shop some years ago and I've always wanted to make one of my own. Thank you for making this tutorial! :)

sxceve25 2 months ago


Rochana Agrawal
Rochana Agrawal 2 months ago

can you share the link of wire and tape for purchase ?

Manita Verma
Manita Verma 2 months ago

Very very good

Linda Priebe
Linda Priebe 2 months ago

I’ve been wanting one of these for my vanity table. Thank you for sharing! <3

Mayank Mishra
Mayank Mishra 2 months ago


Native Paranormal Seekers Tonya Whitefawn

I love this video! I’ve been wanting to make one.
How should we make a 5ft or 6ft tree?
I’ve seen some labeled LED Birch or LED Cherry Blossom Christmas tree on eBay using pvc pipe.
The bigger tree would make a great video!

kimmy 2 months ago

I know this is an older post but I just now seen it. Please can you tell me what gauge the floral wire is?

piyush singh
piyush singh 2 months ago

i love you so much you looks so pretty

Mariposa de Saul
Mariposa de Saul 2 months ago

Bellísimo.... Me Suscribo a tu canal 😍😍👍

Sergey Panchenko
Sergey Panchenko 2 months ago

Very nice !

WROKGODDESS 2 months ago

So adorable... ❤️

Harry Gill
Harry Gill 2 months ago

Very nice

Sedulous 2 months ago


Ariana McVeigh
Ariana McVeigh 2 months ago

Full marks, Rachel! Great project, quick, clear method and most of all a pleasant voice (and no wasted words)! You're a natural 'tv presenter' of art and DIY projects. Thanks and well done!

Laura Swan
Laura Swan 2 months ago

I love it

lucky 1 Me
lucky 1 Me 2 months ago

do you just cover the other lights that don't reach to the tip. coz the light distance s are equally separated

Philip Wright
Philip Wright 2 months ago

I'm making my own!

Cynthia Seecharan
Cynthia Seecharan 2 months ago


Sunny shrma
Sunny shrma 2 months ago


Vodushi 2 months ago

do you sell them?

sutanu ghosh
sutanu ghosh 2 months ago


Nikkie Jones
Nikkie Jones 2 months ago

Wow I love this cute tree!

Jaybee Pepper
Jaybee Pepper 2 months ago

The flowers are such a great idea!!!

John Berry
John Berry 2 months ago

This is a great tutorial thank you.... :)

Rick Dillenbeck
Rick Dillenbeck 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing, it will help me create my own version soon.

Yara de Koning
Yara de Koning 2 months ago

I used to have a cherry blossom light like this in my room when I was younger! Such a pretty way to decorate.. Thank you for another beautiful diy. I think I'll remake it and give it to my mom for Christmas as a replacement for the old one that's long been broken!

A E 2 months ago

i thought the same .. this trees are so expensive in the store. i really try to make me one of these. thank you for this inspiring video ☺👍👏

Rebecca Springer
Rebecca Springer 2 months ago

I need to know what lipstick you're wearing! (Awesome DIY btw)

Christine Vargas
Christine Vargas 2 months ago

I always look forward to your videos. <3

Garnet 2 months ago

AHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. YES. I dunno if you watch Threadbanger but Corinne has a large light up branch tree like this with purple flower lights. I've wanted a tree like that for years and didn't know where to find one. ....this DIY IS PREFECT! When you put the flowers on I just about dropped my tablet. omg omg I need to make one so bad! 💖💖💖 THANKS FOR SHARING! 💖 💖 💖

Heather Willis
Heather Willis 2 months ago

i think i would have put it in the pot like a real potted plant. and covered the battery pack with some of that fake moss. so it would have looked like a real tree! :D


My oldest son has been wanting a light tree!!! :D


I definitely need to try this! It turned out so pretty. 😊

Yeliany S G
Yeliany S G 2 months ago

I love it!!

Hiba Sharafuddin
Hiba Sharafuddin 2 months ago


RINA 2 months ago

wow this diy is pretty... lit

ba dum tssst

Noelia`s ART
Noelia`s ART 2 months ago


GummyTumor 2 months ago

It came out great! I think I'll have to make a couple for Halloween next year. And you are so right, I've seen similar trees and they are so overpriced.

Alyssa S
Alyssa S 2 months ago

I love it.

Nelly Canji
Nelly Canji 2 months ago

this is totally cute! I can't wait to try it myself :3