Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett


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Information Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

Title : Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

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Frames Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

Description Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2019! | Gabe and Garrett

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Diego Gasca
Diego Gasca 2 months ago

Get them gta5 online because it’s a fun game

MiguelÁngelSánchez.Morales. YouTube.

Feliz Navidad Familia

boombox 2 months ago

One of my gifts I got an echo show 8 nice present if I do say so myself

27kx57k1 2 months ago

What happened to sidewalk cops gabe and garett

Lubia Costa
Lubia Costa 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Alyssa Risner
Alyssa Risner 2 months ago

so are we friends boys?

Alyssa Risner
Alyssa Risner 2 months ago

Gabe, Garret, can i ask you both something. Even though I'm not a youtuber can you guys be my friends? I'm 15 now how old are you guys now cause ive watched since i was 6 years old

Max Roberts
Max Roberts 2 months ago

"You got one last year" lol

Davide Lao
Davide Lao 2 months ago

Quand'è che esce il nuovo video di Christmas morning 2020

Corty 2 months ago

Waiting for 2020 be like ._.

Mac Mills
Mac Mills 2 months ago

I thought the first present they opened was a battery powered car from a couple years ago😂. I still remember watching y’all’s videos about the guy that left trash everywhere and y’all did the finger prints to see who it was.

James Cody
James Cody 2 months ago

Where did y’all go lol

Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺

I got me a HDD 2TB Seagate HDD few days ago $75 my Xbox one S 1TB 3 years old

Salvatore Centrone
Salvatore Centrone 2 months ago

Who else is waiting for 2020 Christmas on Christmas

Nicola Oliver
Nicola Oliver 2 months ago

I. Was. Watching. This. On. Christmas. Day

Jaffe Family
Jaffe Family 2 months ago

I wonder what they get for there birthday...

Froot Gaming
Froot Gaming 2 months ago

I hope we see them again🥺

kunal bhatia
kunal bhatia 2 months ago

Hi where is this year’s Christmas gifts video

Skrubz 2 months ago


Chris Cross The Realist Meowth Kat Applesauce

Who's ready for Christmas day today? 👇

Chris Cross The Realist Meowth Kat Applesauce

Your sons are the new 101darkmonkey they are Youtubers too they remind of them of their younger days 😎

Toryn Hackman
Toryn Hackman 2 months ago

who’s watching on christmas eve 2020!!!

Abhee gaming
Abhee gaming 2 months ago

Waiting for your new video
Christmas 2020 opening!🎁

Jack Maguire
Jack Maguire 2 months ago

It’s Christmas tomorrow

Lexie Rose
Lexie Rose 2 months ago

I really hope they understand how lucky they are. But anyway I hope you had a very good Christmas!

Cameron Mullinax
Cameron Mullinax 2 months ago

I hope y’all are doing the 2020 Christmas this year

GreyOcto 2 months ago

I used to watch these all the time when I was younger to see what other people got for Christmas. I first started watching them in 2014 with the Christmas video and now that I look back they’ve grown up a lot it’s strange.

Starsfn 2 months ago

Why you so happy and squeaky

Naifoin Vlogs
Naifoin Vlogs 2 months ago


TalonFlame _brawlStars.

Idk why I cringe watching Christmas videos

Jenny Esposito
Jenny Esposito 2 months ago

It is christmas eve the year after

claped by ezkil fizxz

Happy holidays goodnight

Miles2D 2 months ago

Yo this stuff straight slaps happy new year!

GucciMan TT
GucciMan TT 2 months ago

who is waiting for tommorow.

Cameron 2 months ago

Whos watching on Christmas eve 2020???

Caption of VR
Caption of VR 2 months ago

All that is so much money I am 🤯

dahliachan~ 2 months ago

Bro it’s Christmas Eve and I’m watching this-

Taliyah Townsend
Taliyah Townsend 2 months ago

I'm watching this in 2021

Brandon Diecast Models

Happy New Year

Lockastar 2 months ago

Do they get anything like I would get or like no only really expensive stuff if I where to get it would be my only present

FAKELOVE 2 months ago

Who else is watching this on dec 24 2020 5:25

Cecil Ventura
Cecil Ventura 2 months ago

Most grateful kids I’ve ever seen I love it you guys are great and wonderful parents

Futu3r_ King yt
Futu3r_ King yt 2 months ago

I’m watching this on Christmas Eve 2020

Pogo stick
Pogo stick 2 months ago

👇🏻Who here one day before Christmas 2020

Jack McCaig Gaming & Guides

Merry Christmas Everyone

Elliot Foster Bach
Elliot Foster Bach 2 months ago

Merry 2020 christmas every one

GlitchedSniper 2 months ago

Can't wait until tommorow

AJ GameBoy
AJ GameBoy 2 months ago

I would say the best Christmas present of 2020 for the boys would be hitting 2 million subs

AJ GameBoy
AJ GameBoy 2 months ago

Hello again from Dec 23 2020

Nathan Hudson
Nathan Hudson 2 months ago

Man the dog is so cute when it reached for the treats who's just so cute

T-D does dumb shit T-d

Almost cristams

carter stephens
carter stephens 2 months ago

am i the only one watching this the night before christmas eve

Dayton P
Dayton P 2 months ago

They have grown so much

Elizabeth Fischione
Elizabeth Fischione 2 months ago

I've been watching you guys when i was 5 years old

Artorius LEASO
Artorius LEASO 2 months ago

Can u guys do 2020 if you can

qubig 0205
qubig 0205 2 months ago

Even if i feel cringe i still watch it before christmas lol

Kelly Bartlett
Kelly Bartlett 2 months ago

In 2 days another video

Cow Co
Cow Co 2 months ago

me binge watching people getting chritsmas gifts dreaming of what will happen in 2 days

SASUKE 24 2 months ago

They have grown so much

Xayon Coleman
Xayon Coleman 2 months ago

who eles is exited for christmas so they watch videos to get hyped

Trankomen67 2 months ago


TRNX_ 2 months ago

I watch this same vid every december

Daniel The Beast
Daniel The Beast 2 months ago

I was about to say ps5 until I realised this was from 11 months ago

mr spider unikisonibeangu

You make Christmas opening presents 2020

Chickenman_134 2 months ago

How gave this kid an actual axe?

RaphaelPlayz_- YT
RaphaelPlayz_- YT 2 months ago

1 more day until I stay up for presents

Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming 2 months ago

Kid with brown hair looks like will off stranger things

Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming 2 months ago

They get a Segway thing which would be my main present, and other stuff like g

Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming 2 months ago

2 more sleeps! Who's excited?

Shrekbotz 2 months ago

Okay but the decor is amazing

Sylic 2 months ago

Hey dad I want a axe

Oliver Hooper
Oliver Hooper 2 months ago

Gonna be so sad when they stop uploading once they find out that Christmas isn’t real

Solardrxpp 2 months ago

2 days until Christmas I’m so excited!!!!!

caitlyn littler
caitlyn littler 2 months ago

Tomorrows christmas eve😍😍😍😍 YAYY

Anthinys 2 months ago

I hope u guys get great items this year for Christmas 2020

Owen Parks
Owen Parks 2 months ago

To many presents i do not that kind of stuff

simp_for_shrek 2 months ago

they just suddenly stopped posting i wonder what happend to them

Braxton Skalon
Braxton Skalon 2 months ago


Soft_Box 2 months ago

You gave him milk and cookies?
My parents say we shouldn't make him cookies and milk because he has diabetes

Soft_Box 2 months ago

My parents were wrapping the presents for like more than a hour
I bet ill get alot

_shadowclaw_ 2 months ago

Bro im still watching these an now im 11💀 good times, good times❤

UsefulnotSoUseful Totourails

Bro by the looks of it they both hate stranger things

Tyrex422 2 months ago

I don’t know about any one else but I’m Christmas morning we open our stockings first to kinda “warm us up” for the actual presents! Like if you do the same as my family!!

Wakering living history Group

Why am I watching this

But it got me in the Christmas spirit in 2020

smol boi
smol boi 2 months ago

Theyre dogs present i worth more than my whole christmas morning 😂

Stick Animation
Stick Animation 2 months ago


A Dog 776
A Dog 776 2 months ago

How old have they gotten...

A Dog 776
A Dog 776 2 months ago

Was led to this video because I didn't want to finish a video on spoiled kids on Christmas

Khaila J. Potts
Khaila J. Potts 2 months ago

I like how there’s intro music to each gift being unwrapped 😂

E 2 months ago

This Christmas even tho I might not have a lot of gifts I still care about my mom she’s done so much for me and my siblings :) Love you mom ❤️

Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 2 months ago

They are like the mini version of Bill and Ted

Gabe Matthews
Gabe Matthews 2 months ago

Can't wait for the 2020 video:)

Cool Girl
Cool Girl 2 months ago

U opened thos presents at dec 27 bruh

Pacenstan Y
Pacenstan Y 2 months ago

Ow you hit me with your present I am calling the police 911

Grant Marterella
Grant Marterella 2 months ago

Come on every gift they have is my biggest gift on Christmas

Chuggy Mcnuggy
Chuggy Mcnuggy 2 months ago


Average Skill Games
Average Skill Games 2 months ago

been a long time since i watched this channel, wow they've grown

LokyourDead 2 months ago

Anyone watches these to see how cool it would be to be rich

Farrenz 2 months ago

I’ve watched every single one of these Christmas Day videos since I was 10, what legends

Spencer Family
Spencer Family 2 months ago

Only 5 days till Xmas so I searched up some Xmas stuff and found u guys! I haven’t seen you in years u guys are so older! I hope in 5 days y’all have the time of ur life! Also keep pushing to 2 million!! If you think they will hit the 2 mil mark, like my comment!