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Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller 2 months ago

For maths only:
19:50 and 28:20

Shankar Mony
Shankar Mony 2 months ago

What is the joke 'who do we appreciate' ?that Johnny says at the start of the first number round?

Mats Persson
Mats Persson 2 months ago

Jon is presenting covid 19.

Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 2 months ago

I see David O’Doherty I just skip it

Shari Yianitsas
Shari Yianitsas 2 months ago


Casper Olesen
Casper Olesen 2 months ago

Why is that David guy in so many Episodes. Hes horribly unfunny.

Janaha Crawford
Janaha Crawford 2 months ago

Could watch entire episode of Tears of an Elf.

Jane Petroff
Jane Petroff 2 months ago

The Great British Bake Off: an Xmas Lice

Leigh Fawkes
Leigh Fawkes 2 months ago

5 + 4 + 8 = 17
17 * 25 = 425
4+2 = 6
425 + 6 = 431.

Boom. 2 months ago

Screw the Horne Section David is the best musician on Countdown 2 months ago

Suzie putting on the antlers from David was absolutely peach

Chris m
Chris m 2 months ago

I seem to remember 666 coming up on another episode and the answer was nearly the same - get to 700 and subtract everything else. Am I imagining that? Did I just watch this one too many times?

Rafael White
Rafael White 2 months ago

I miss Joe Wilkinsson

Spacewarp Photography

What an ugly way of making 666. 100 + 7 + 4 = 111 x 6 = 666.

Alex 2 months ago


Francius Moise
Francius Moise 2 months ago

Jimmy got annoyed at Susie for that first 9 lmaoooo

Save Toadie
Save Toadie 2 months ago

I love watching John trying to promote vegetarianism. I also love watching Sean violently rejecting it. I love it all

Zett76 2 months ago

Pretty assholy from Jimmy, firstly denying Suzie's "I give it to Jon", without any humor, then "bending" the rules like hell for the other team.

Aaron Tokay
Aaron Tokay 2 months ago

Am I stupid or why didn’t Katherine Ryan get points in the first round?

Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 2 months ago

A moat of what?

CoolAsFreya 2 months ago

Sean plays a pretty good match against Jon but then Jonny Vegas steals the credit for the win with the conundrum

Krystal Tulsiram
Krystal Tulsiram 2 months ago

4+8+5= 17 * 25 = 425 +4 + 2 = 431

Lenny Humes
Lenny Humes 2 months ago

It's amazing to see the friendship of Johnny Vegas and Sean Locke and how they show support to each other by laughing heartily without any ego at each other's joke 🎉🎉

firstname lastname
firstname lastname 2 months ago

wow, 1975 I had the smaller version of that bike, the Tomahawk. Flashback from the past. Cool.

Green Nights
Green Nights 2 months ago

never let anyone sing, who cannot sing in the first place.

chinareds54 2 months ago

I got ZEALOTS so fast thanks to Starcraft :p

Roger Auger
Roger Auger 2 months ago

I'm bingeing the crap out of this show.

The Murray Six
The Murray Six 2 months ago

this game is really more fun with booze

LightOn Stillwaters
LightOn Stillwaters 2 months ago

When Rachel picks an "O", Johnny should act like he didn't hear her as she says "Oh", so she will repeat it (2 or 3 times), for our auditory imaginings 😏...

Daniel Moses
Daniel Moses 2 months ago


Andrew Bloom
Andrew Bloom 2 months ago

I got:
Flotsam (very proud of that one) (7)
25+2 =27*4=108*4= 432 (7)
Gropes (6)
Wasteland in 8 seconds (13)
Final 33

Andrew Bloom
Andrew Bloom 2 months ago

4:35 I'm not sure why it's considered a "weird" crush either. He's wealthy, funny, intelligent, and reasonably handsome. I could see why people had a crush on him.

Edit: ok well being veggie isn't too attractive lol, although I'm sure the lentil roast tastes better than turkey, which is *revolting*. Christmas ham forever!

Nolan 2 months ago

Johnny Vegas breaks my heart in this episode

Nervicii 2 months ago

that one time I was easily able to get the number, nobody got it xD

frie jemi
frie jemi 2 months ago


Daniel Simmich
Daniel Simmich 2 months ago

Jon makes a lot of sense as a celebrity crush though smh

Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

The countdown conundrum this episode: Sean is a stickler for the rules...unless it's his team cheating.

Plain Zero
Plain Zero 2 months ago

21:40 Even easier. Add 4+8+5 = 17 x 25 = 425. 4+2 = 6 + 425 = 431.

Gary Plummer
Gary Plummer 2 months ago

I love this shit! :-)

MeonProductions 2 months ago

I think 666 came up at least 3 or 4 times in the history of cats does countdown which is really weird.

Nubby Muffin
Nubby Muffin 2 months ago

Only watching this now coz.... why not. The show's funny. Anyway, I regret watching this with a clay mask on coz Sean Lock made me laugh and now the mask is all cracked.

Mia Ferrari
Mia Ferrari 2 months ago

I've no idea how Katherine Ryan keeps her accent. I watch 3 episodes of this in a row and end up sounding like 5 o'clock tea and free Healthcare.

Corwin 2 months ago

white people even gotta clap along to every damn song

DuneRaccoon 2 months ago

Why the fuck is David O'Doherty invited onto these things.

Cush 2 months ago

David O'Doherty kills every panel show he is on.

asterix811 2 months ago

In Britain pigs in blankets are wrapped in bacon? In America it’s hot dogs or sausages wrapped in dough or pastry.

Carol Mello
Carol Mello 2 months ago

I want that big yellow duck.

Carol Mello
Carol Mello 2 months ago

Johnny Vegas is funny. I have never seen him before.

Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell 2 months ago

they were already in order, you just needed to put in the signs. 25x(4+8+5)+4+2=431

Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles 2 months ago

Damn this episode 4 years old

Klaus Schmidt
Klaus Schmidt 2 months ago

21:11 John:"I got a nine"
Actually has 432, which if added up equals 9...
And I thought all the time it's a TV persona he's putting on, but that joke's just too deep for that. omg.

Don Paekjr
Don Paekjr 2 months ago


chris eagle
chris eagle 2 months ago

God, could you bum the audio up?! Seriously can't hear a single video you post

Neutron Pixie
Neutron Pixie 2 months ago

37:47 -The first thing I came up with was "I heard ass"

Widdekuu91 2 months ago

I feel uncomfortable with how uncomfortable that blonde guy looks.
I mean, maybe it's just me, but he looks as if he'd rather not have this "humiliating" job.
If I saw a girl with the same facial expression in a bikini, I'd assume she was there against her will. He somehow gives off the same vibe, while the other guy is constantly smiling.

MaJestiC 2 months ago

"Feel my sack..... Please"

AJ Ward
AJ Ward 2 months ago

"Merry Christmas, Satan."

Jimmy Carr

Derva Kommt von hinten

wow, i actually got more than them for a change. 28:00 poorest (7)

jonathan aguirre
jonathan aguirre 2 months ago

Love this program hate the fact im American & don’t understand quite a bit of jokes 😂😂

MissNurki 2 months ago

That choir is amazing, it's August and I got that Christmas feeling :D What's the name of the choir, anyone know?

r... maybe
r... maybe 2 months ago

oof the quality on this is chef's kiss

Robin Karashima
Robin Karashima 2 months ago

Sean is so hot every episode, I like his hair

Chase Keeney
Chase Keeney 2 months ago

The audience is annoying

Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost 2 months ago

First numbers round, I got it inside 30 seconds, and with an easier equation than Rachel:
4 + 5 = 9
9 x 25 = 425
425 + 4 + 2 = 431

Son Of Aries
Son Of Aries 2 months ago

Those were amazing tv show ideas

Cheryl Cold
Cheryl Cold 2 months ago

Real choppers had gears like an auto box. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

They Arehere
They Arehere 2 months ago

This is good shit, Maynard.

HurrayTsk 2 months ago

I love the Christmas episodes. Everyone cares a little less about the rules and more about having and making a good time

Kedabro 2 months ago

4:50 ... Calling himself a "wasteland" here is why he won the final question at 45:15

beachie670 2 months ago

I know I would've personally joked like I was about to feel Fabio's sack. I was such an obvious moment to have played upon. That other one is mighty fine, too.

beachie670 2 months ago

Johnny Vegas pulling that magical miracle rabbit out the hat...God bless us,👍🎅🌠

Lynn Giesbrecht
Lynn Giesbrecht 2 months ago

And I thot I was so different with my purple Santa hat with the leopard print brim, but Johnny takes the cake with his black Santa suit. I’ve never seen one before & I’ll have to look it up later if I could even buy one.

Andrew Salchenberger
Andrew Salchenberger 2 months ago

Can somebody explain the first Christmas choir in 1582 joke?

AJC1983 2 months ago

Susie’s never down with the Vorderman jokes 🤣

James Slick II
James Slick II 2 months ago

Have I mentioned that David O'Doherty really pisses me off?
This game irritated me more than any other. The "party machine" is annoying enough, add on the stupid elf hat and then he enables cheating. Grrrrrr.

IRON60 BITCH 2 months ago

Below average weekend what’s up with you

kyle 2 months ago

45:47 Laughing so hard at "ALONEST" up on the board. I think Rachel was really having fun with this one.

RyAn22HK 2 months ago

they fucked up every song

Jan Kempenaar
Jan Kempenaar 2 months ago

That beat of the christmas song is really good

poika22 2 months ago

Johnny himself used the word wasteland at 4:58 😁 That's why I got it at the end.

gfav64 2 months ago

Somebody please tell me who the blond prize presenter is with Fabio....

Margaret O'Brien
Margaret O'Brien 2 months ago

we just ignoring the blatant cheating now? lmao xD

Cun Con
Cun Con 2 months ago

100 + 7 = 107 x 6 = 642 + 25 - 1 = 666

Martin Kadlec
Martin Kadlec 2 months ago

27:02 I had Goopers. It is in urban dictionary so good enough for me.

DoctorCal 2 months ago

"Let's get Elton for a guest appearance, and some unfunny twat with a Casio for dictionary corner!"

evlredsun 2 months ago

suzy and Jimmy look half cut

ipudisciple 2 months ago

Umm ... Of cow-tipping, camel-toeing and moose-knuckling, the odd one out is not camel-toeing!

James Balda
James Balda 2 months ago

13:19 proof Jimmy can laugh without doing his HA HAA HAA HAAAAaaaaa

Saft Suse
Saft Suse 2 months ago

Why do some people like a cappella?

Is it some kind of plot to make decent people miserable?

Birdie 2 months ago

It's always jarring to me when I hear the F word on TV shows. Does anyone know if they bleep them out when they're on television in the UK?

RIXRADvidz 2 months ago

spoogeret...FTM squirter

Tina Walton
Tina Walton 2 months ago

Wrapping presents and watching Xmas Eve 2018. Thanks for this!

Captain Chimichanga
Captain Chimichanga 2 months ago

Rachel is adorable

Judge OvyoursoulvO
Judge OvyoursoulvO 2 months ago

8+5+4 x 25 + 4+2

Kiristo 2 months ago

Got 666 a different way: 25-(7x2) = 11 + 100, 111 x 6.

James Wardley
James Wardley 2 months ago

431 could have been done 8+5+4=17 25×17=425 425+4+2=431

Super Moosie
Super Moosie 2 months ago

Sees David - clicks next video. 😒

gurthngwaw 2 months ago

My Christmas list is just to "jingle her bells"

Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue

Of course Sean can add up to 666.

Marius Riley
Marius Riley 2 months ago

Poor Carol. LOL

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