How to make an elegant Christmas Advent Calendar



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Title : How to make an elegant Christmas Advent Calendar

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How to make an elegant Christmas Advent Calendar

How to make an elegant Christmas Advent Calendar

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Katherine Graham
Katherine Graham 2 months ago

Where did you find the box die cutter?

YPD Daniels
YPD Daniels 2 months ago

Beautiful. What is the sticker box that you are using in this video?

Kerry Bell
Kerry Bell 2 months ago

So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

Brtty Withrow
Brtty Withrow 2 months ago

Shania 001 thank you. I have 3 granddaughters and I think I’m going to make this for them. Betty

Brtty Withrow
Brtty Withrow 2 months ago

Hello the tree moved so fast I couldn’t count how many boxes on each level. I thought I heard u say the bottom row didn’t count. So u did 7 bottom , then how many per row? Yes it’s a lovely calendar. Betty

Maria Nyce
Maria Nyce 2 months ago

So lovely Nichol!!! I’ grateful you shared this!!!

noname 2 months ago

I know im 2 yrs late but i want to buy that purple x tape thing at 8:17 . Where do i get it?

yx su
yx su 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

杨蕊豪 2 months ago

This is so pretty but so difficult for me lol...

Zsolt Benko
Zsolt Benko 2 months ago

It is a wonderful project. I am making one now. and I used a harder paper (300g) because the boxes need to hold havier stuff.

My issues are:
- using liquid glue - it is very hard to stick the sides - I need to keep preassure on each flop.
- the boxes don't close - they are keep opening up: Do you have any suggestion to keep them closed (while not glue the top on it)?

cecilia romero
cecilia romero 2 months ago

I love this idea

Jean McNulty
Jean McNulty 2 months ago

So beautiful!!!

ENJOY WITH ASLAM 2 months ago


J Dennis
J Dennis 2 months ago

This is stunning! Nichol did an awesome job!

margessw 2 months ago

This is such a great advent calendar !!

Hen Sitter
Hen Sitter 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning.

Karen Gerek
Karen Gerek 2 months ago

Simply AMAZING!!!!

craftqueen417 2 months ago

So Pretty, Nichol!

Elizabeth Tseng
Elizabeth Tseng 2 months ago

How wonderful. I can think of many ways to use this project.  Keep up the great job!

Phoebe 2 months ago

I love it!!!

Helen Flores
Helen Flores 2 months ago


Catharine Pressgrove
Catharine Pressgrove 2 months ago

So gorgeous, elegant and fabulous!!! Tfs. Katie♡

Ver Blu
Ver Blu 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! WOW!!!

Migdalia Rodriguez
Migdalia Rodriguez 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Tina Torres
Tina Torres 2 months ago

Wonderful project. Thanks for sharing.

Stefanie Staniak
Stefanie Staniak 2 months ago

Wow! That was a lot of work but it turned out beautifully. Great tip, making the hinges to create the circle of boxes. Thanks so much for sharing.

Donna Walker
Donna Walker 2 months ago

Wowzer! You outdid yourself, really really beautiful 😀

Sue In't Veld
Sue In't Veld 2 months ago

Beautiful project!

stacey lovespaper
stacey lovespaper 2 months ago

OMG!!  Nichole, this is so gorgeous!!  Please tell Kelly to consider making this into a kit!  I love the wreaths, numbers, bows, snowflakes and the cream and gold!!  So beautiful!!!!

ann du québec
ann du québec 2 months ago

wow. il est magnifique ce calendrier de l avent.

Cards by Maaike
Cards by Maaike 2 months ago

it's so cute. I would advise to use hot glue gun, little bit of wiggle time, but no need to keep the tabs in place until the glue sticks, it's almost instant. I do all my boxes or treat bags with glue gun

Nilje's Creative Outlet

wow. so pretty ! :)

Becca M
Becca M 2 months ago


Kathy Cresswell
Kathy Cresswell 2 months ago

That is beautiful! Congratulations on making such a beautiful ornament!

Pamela Parks
Pamela Parks 2 months ago

I don't know if you can answer this or not, but how many 12x12 papers did you need for each color? Or did you use 6x6 paper, and how much paper in each print. Thank you in advance. Just love this project!

Jean Nkya
Jean Nkya 2 months ago

So beautiful. It looks like a real labor of love though. I'm curious how many hours in total it took?

Maggie Baxter
Maggie Baxter 2 months ago

Oh my goodness Nichol, THIS. IS. STUNNING!! This is a wonderful gift to your family in and of itself and I'm sure they'll treasure it. I think the cream/ivory/gold is a lovely combination for the holidays and you've totally nailed it with this gorgeous Advent Calendar. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week. ~HUGS~

Jane Holmes
Jane Holmes 2 months ago

That is just beautiful!

Ree Donnelly
Ree Donnelly 2 months ago

Gorgeous color combo!!! Lovin' this project!!

blabla bla bla
blabla bla bla 2 months ago

Good Better BEST

cherriesnhoney 2 months ago

love it! what a gorgeous colour combo, well done:)

Patricia 2 months ago


sharon olsen
sharon olsen 2 months ago

This is Beautiful... ! And, as it happens, the exact color scheme I have planned for this year... ( bonus! ) ... : >