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Information Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

Title : Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

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Frames Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

Description Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

Powerpuff Girls Live Action Trailer (2021) (JGI #39) | Just Giggle It

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Chilly Cereal
Chilly Cereal 2 months ago

Here after Chloe Bennets Blossom pic showing her new look. What makes it better I posted a comment on a video. About how Tom Brady was made. Said he was the lost brother of the Powerpuff Girls. Check the replies to see.

Ema Oppo
Ema Oppo 2 months ago


Izzy Puma
Izzy Puma 2 months ago

2:20 she went Super Saiyan 😂

Luv Bluey&Bingo Heeler

It’s said 2021, but this was post in 2014...

CaseYT :3
CaseYT :3 2 months ago

Lol this should be the trailer for the reboot lollllll

Gamer Cali
Gamer Cali 2 months ago

It says this was posted 6 years ago and it says 2021..

Poty Games
Poty Games 2 months ago

2021 but this vide was posted on 2014,

Yu Hailey
Yu Hailey 2 months ago

There’s 2021 here on the title, it’s either been changed, or it’s been guessed.

Génesis Marjhory Quispe Cadima

Citi m evil muchos did

Génesis Marjhory Quispe Cadima

Happy bhirday sido yuo

CattyRatty Athena
CattyRatty Athena 2 months ago

This is nasty

shahana warsi
shahana warsi 2 months ago

The powerpuff girls 🎤🙅

M 2 months ago

Oh my fucking god this is hilarious Bubbles looks like she got addicted to drugs

Nutsarecool 2 months ago

its 2021 fam

Sam Pep
Sam Pep 2 months ago


xiniestro el Antiguo Gioh

Que puto asco

Pog Reviews
Pog Reviews 2 months ago

This looks so cool I can't wait to binge watch this. I'm so hyped and woke rn

Kevin Yoka
Kevin Yoka 2 months ago

The ppg are f bspd

BUKOLA ATINSOLA 2 months ago

I remember watcging this when I was so young 😂😂😂😂😂😂

David Akrapović
David Akrapović 2 months ago

Fun fact: it's 2021 now lol

Ti'ana 2 months ago

2021 anybody?

Jawan Bates
Jawan Bates 2 months ago

Something miss in the title? 🤔
3 letters.
But I can't put my finger on it?


Varda Singh
Varda Singh 2 months ago

Powerpuff girls are 5 years old

They looks like 18 years old in this film

Varda Singh
Varda Singh 2 months ago

If the Creator is working in this film then this film matters .

Your Mom Is A Hoe
Your Mom Is A Hoe 2 months ago


Prabhjot K
Prabhjot K 2 months ago

Lol i watched it 3 years ago and i didn't get it at all
Its interesting to see it now and getting all the scenes

DARRIEN SO FUNNY 2 months ago

It’s 2020

Albert Skoften
Albert Skoften 2 months ago

What are those worms on the ends of their hands?

Jorge Medina
Jorge Medina 2 months ago

Poor Buttercup

Nadira Aprilya
Nadira Aprilya 2 months ago

Aku suka ☺️☺️☺️

Desirrea Caldwell
Desirrea Caldwell 2 months ago

its like 90 day feoinca

Student-BSH Reem Ahmed Rashed Almajed Alzaabi KG2B

Hi I will be home in the long night I just got home

Sean Bay
Sean Bay 2 months ago

Fabcast of Powerpuff Girls

Taylor Swift as Bubbles
Tiffany Alvord as Blossom
Selena Stopmez as Buttercup.

Sean Bay
Sean Bay 2 months ago

He accidentally used Chemical X.

EpicGamerCaden 2 months ago

This is a reality now

ivy 2 months ago

Did he just predict an entire show ?! oml

Just a guy with A weird pfp

spice and sugar bruh

Sofia Hannie Rosetta ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


The WMS Illumination Project

I REALLY what the powerpuff girls too be kids

Logan Tyree
Logan Tyree 2 months ago

Holy mackerel! This crazy!!!
That is some reboot!!
That could be a whole nother sitcom right there!!!!!

King Gumball
King Gumball 2 months ago

I showed this to my mom nearly lost her mind no cap

sopi Gaming
sopi Gaming 2 months ago

i just came back because i've already watched this 6years ago

Ore and ire Ayegoro
Ore and ire Ayegoro 2 months ago

So his name is “ Professor Utonion

Rafa Bros Pictures
Rafa Bros Pictures 2 months ago


Juan Arroyo Mendoza
Juan Arroyo Mendoza 2 months ago

What if they were real and maybe they could help us with all the protesters and else

Itz Nai_Chan シ
Itz Nai_Chan シ 2 months ago

This actually looks outstanding and should be the actual live action, but the only thing I'd really change is the professor being in love with Blossom because it's just so random, creepy, it never actually happened in the original and it will mess up the storyline and take away from it. Otherwise, this trailer looks phenomenal!! You guys did SO good on it!!! It really looks entertaining!!! ^^

AMMAR udin
AMMAR udin 2 months ago

Where princess morebuck and blizz?

Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett 2 months ago

The live action powerpuff girls is looking good.

Ian Cain
Ian Cain 2 months ago

Buttercup sound like a dude just like the new series spot on

misbah ailia
misbah ailia 2 months ago

Omg, I hope this isn't really the trailer. This is literally a pantamine. The cartoon's fight scene's were more badass than this. "Him" made me laugh.

The 90's cartoon Powerpuff girls, make's this version look PG 🤦‍♀️.

As for the 2016 reboot, the title should be changed to "the wannabe tough girls". 👌😾

Olivia Dabest10
Olivia Dabest10 2 months ago

Me: Sees bag


Also me: wait is that flower?

Joker El Erizo 576
Joker El Erizo 576 2 months ago


Skydive 2 months ago

aight, 2020 is officially the worst year ever.

Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett 2 months ago

CW’s powerpuff girls leaked footage

Elia C.
Elia C. 2 months ago


isidora avila
isidora avila 2 months ago

Jjajajajajjajajaja waht jajajja waht risa😂😂😂

StingtGraysonUwU Todo

Mt fav power puff girl is buttercup

Madhu Bala
Madhu Bala 2 months ago

I think those pants are too damn tight for lobster!

Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 2 months ago

sees 2020

now that is a real time traveler

amie Darboe
amie Darboe 2 months ago

buttercup is all ways saying bich

blue diamond crystal gems


Art_name 2 months ago

I love how he put the holy bible in that 😂

Adrionna Hankins
Adrionna Hankins 2 months ago

Who is here September of 2020?


Worst trailer ever

Kelli Herreras
Kelli Herreras 2 months ago


Edgar Gonzales
Edgar Gonzales 2 months ago

Parece o início de um filme porno

ELLY OLY 2 months ago

Pior que vai ter mesmo um live action das meninas super poderosas

xavier villaluz
xavier villaluz 2 months ago

this has truly aged like fine wine

난다 난다니얀다


Nick The T-rex
Nick The T-rex 2 months ago

This depicted the live action Powerpuff Girls coming on CW.

Vibration 2 months ago

2:20 Hahahahah

Vibration 2 months ago


Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez 2 months ago

2:41 remained me of scene sasuke chidori vs naruto rasengan

loszhor 2 months ago


[]TvOOvM[] 2 months ago

It's too late. God has already left the chat.

Toi GaminGurl
Toi GaminGurl 2 months ago

Ok Joshua. I got stuck watching Power Puff Girls while my son was a kid and while Him was a villain I didn't mind and could sorta laugh at, the puff girls were almost too sweet, like, put less sugar, maybe more natural fruit to sweeten them lol.

BUT...since I believe in you and your partners so much, I took the chance and watched the trailer. So, I have been once again given confirmation that I was lucky to hook up to your fan group. It was mature, more than just little kids, Him...well I'm sure you understand, but for others, he is played very close to what I remember. Also, I caught the bible go in and I don't care what others affiliations are, I'm Christian and I loved it. 😇 I will be posting this wherever I'm able and I may, MAY, watch the next video on them.

(Yeah I'm going to of course. Nice job. Think I could contact CW and make a fan complaint to them? Lol sure they'll take my call.)

Connor Pettus
Connor Pettus 2 months ago

You predicted the future!

Drink Some
Drink Some 2 months ago

This wasn't recommended you seached for this.

Sharon Robinson
Sharon Robinson 2 months ago

A wonderful idea I can't wait to tune in the powerpuff girls live action on cw ya hoo uh yea time to kick some butts hi yah

Maddie Playz
Maddie Playz 2 months ago

This video just predicted the future

Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 2 months ago

Buttercup is jealous, I love buttercup, she was actually my favorite of the 3, always has

Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 2 months ago

Buttercup 2020: lobster bitch

Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 2 months ago

1:20 bruh... him is “pitching a tent” down there...

Blankita Azul Vidal Arce :3

Iba a leer los comentarios hasta que me acordé que no se inglés V:

ᔕ ᗩ ᗰ
ᔕ ᗩ ᗰ 2 months ago

The CW is actually turning the powerpuff girls into a live action show. The girl will be in their TWENTIES in the show. Ya’ll really predicted the future. I-

Adrian Pacheco
Adrian Pacheco 2 months ago

Parece trailer de pelicula nopor xD

oliver star
oliver star 2 months ago

I think cw watched this

Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez 2 months ago

Quien mas esta aquí luego del notitoon de anoche????

DreddDizzah 2 months ago

Clairvoyance 100


This is going to fail this is going to not work plz do a better reboot it will work better

GG Gaming
GG Gaming 2 months ago

Wow could they see the future. It’s 2020 now and the CW just announced that there doing a live action tv series on the powerpuff girls 😯

angie ogalde
angie ogalde 2 months ago

Quesesto xD ki asco

Kaijean Kai Alexander


Trenell Cameron
Trenell Cameron 2 months ago

Anyone here about the CW reboot

Star Giant Productions

The funny thing is, there really IS gonna be a live action Powerpuff Girls now.

Cyclone 300
Cyclone 300 2 months ago

I had never cringed this hard 😂😂😂

Lemuel, The Aided One

Who else came here from Alteori?

Lemuel, The Aided One

Looks like CW's doing it!

Christian 2 months ago

Who is here after CW announced a live action power puff girl series