Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor


Dazzling Designs By Denise

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Information Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

Title : Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

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Frames Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

Description Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

Dollar Tree DIY || Beautiful Metallic Gold/Silver Home Decor

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Patrick Gingras
Patrick Gingras 2 months ago


Felicita Dominguez
Felicita Dominguez 2 months ago

More beautiful every time...,beautiful his work ,congratulations 👏👏👏

Ragdoll25 2 months ago

I have a big circular tray and random candle holders I have some ideas of what to do w them besides throwing them out the window in 🥴👋frustration lol thank you beautiful lady !!!

Hnida Nina
Hnida Nina 2 months ago

Bravo 😍😍😍😍😍

tajinder dhiraj
tajinder dhiraj 2 months ago

Wow amazing these frames with mirror i got same mirror 5 if them i will make it
Thanx alot

Michelle Beaton-Victorine

Love your ideas.Your DIYS are always breath taking.

Margaret Pettis
Margaret Pettis 2 months ago

These decor are beautiful‼💋

cinzia suzel sabao
cinzia suzel sabao 2 months ago

Love it

Wanda Brooks
Wanda Brooks 2 months ago

I’m speechless. Your are amazing. You make it look so easy to do. I’m totally impressed. Just simply gorgeous!!!!!

QueenFeli 2 months ago

Time to really put that metallic paint I got to use 😍

Maria Pena
Maria Pena 2 months ago

I love your channel I found it yesterday. I like everything you do. Oh my God you are so creative.

simone gomes
simone gomes 2 months ago

I love your job. thanks for sharing. xoxo.

VANESSA BROCK 2 months ago

Denise you are so talented.
You are so talente!!! !Your talent came from the LORD!!!! He gave it to you to share and prosper.
Have you thought about selling your wonder items. Or giving classes to others at a fee. I would pay to learn how to make beautiful t things for my home.

Jeanneth Barros
Jeanneth Barros 2 months ago

Me encanta sus vídeos. Gracias

Shannavegana McInnis-Hurd

Really enjoying your videos lovely. Cheers from Canada❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️

csawgle 2 months ago

so elegant

Paula G
Paula G 2 months ago

You're just chuck full of great ideas! Fabulous!!!

C O 2 months ago

Hi! What did you use to remove the E6000 glue? Also, are all E6000 made the same? Do you recommend a specific glue and do you recommend it over guerilla glue?

Kim Styles
Kim Styles 2 months ago

Okay you're brilliant, just brilliant. Spectacularly gorgeous you clever clever girl

queenmika116 2 months ago

Love these!!!

geegee thompson
geegee thompson 2 months ago

my favorite was the lamp beautiful

Lady Ewo
Lady Ewo 2 months ago

I love that lazy susan!!

ragdollmommy2 2 months ago

Wow! Those are awesome! You are creative!

Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores 2 months ago

Love it

Deena Karimi
Deena Karimi 2 months ago

Very nice beautiful 😍😍😍

Dorothy Woodard
Dorothy Woodard 2 months ago

Simple, easy to do.

Gloria Bances Zapata
Gloria Bances Zapata 2 months ago

quisiera qué las sugerencias sean en español es excelente el video

DIOS HABLA 2 months ago

Omg! Speech les!👁👁👏👏👏so clean work beautiful i love it!!!thank you for sharing beautiful lady!blessings🙏🙋‍♀️👏👏💐🌻🌼

Rosina Russo
Rosina Russo 2 months ago

Espetacular Dios te bendigas tus manos🙏🤗

Susana Mtz
Susana Mtz 2 months ago

Wow hermoso

Carmen Rojas
Carmen Rojas 2 months ago

That’s awesome question where did you find that lazy Susan please

jojoagogo912 2 months ago

May I ask, was the napkin ring used as an extender for the lamp shade? Perfect project 😃

Iris Stone
Iris Stone 2 months ago

Beautiful beautiful you are amazing

Gloria Campuzano
Gloria Campuzano 2 months ago


Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 2 months ago

Beautiful wow !!!!tfs👍👍👍👍

Teresa Knight
Teresa Knight 2 months ago

You are amazing

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 2 months ago

Enjoy 😉 your DIY calendar holder ideas 💡

Joan Jones
Joan Jones 2 months ago

Wow! thank you!

R. Mitchell
R. Mitchell 2 months ago

Wow so creative!!! Thank you for sharing your talents on a buck! ❤

gloria DeSousa
gloria DeSousa 2 months ago

Beautiful, I haven't seen any of these candle holders here in Canada as usual thanks for sharing and God bless

carlos lopez
carlos lopez 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing,, God bless you ALWAYS my friend. Beautiful work of art.

April McPhearson
April McPhearson 2 months ago


Evelyn Walker
Evelyn Walker 2 months ago

Just gorgeous

Giovanna Donaldson
Giovanna Donaldson 2 months ago

Everything is so gorgeous 👍🇵🇦

Myriam Carcas
Myriam Carcas 2 months ago

That lamp is amazing!😱😍

Cheryl Fonseca
Cheryl Fonseca 2 months ago

These are great 👍 I love them all!! 💕💕

Romila Lal
Romila Lal 2 months ago

Very beautiful

Dianne 2 months ago

I luv these ideas you made with the candle holders. You always make classy looking things that aren't gawdy. I wish I could find these candle holders at my area DT's. Great job, luv seeing what you create.😊👍❤️

Shideh Khoshnood
Shideh Khoshnood 2 months ago

Hit there, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately, and I have to hand it to you, you are really good! Your DIYs are actually chic, easy and beautiful!

Sandra Faison
Sandra Faison 2 months ago

I loved all three projects. They are easy and beautiful, plus your voice is clear and not too wordy. Great job! thanks

Yolanda Wilson
Yolanda Wilson 2 months ago

Love them

Kay L
Kay L 2 months ago

The dollar tree in my town has none of that stuff! They must ship all the good stuff to your town 😉 You are very creative, beautiful pieces!!!

lilia gateau & deco
lilia gateau & deco 2 months ago

I love it

Галина Челебиева

Super!!!Очень красиво!!!

Brenda Hutcherson
Brenda Hutcherson 2 months ago


fernanda pita
fernanda pita 2 months ago


Pola Blues
Pola Blues 2 months ago

You are amazing!

srbumblediva 2 months ago

Wish they still had those available

Ta'Wanda Taylor
Ta'Wanda Taylor 2 months ago

All three pieces are GORGEOUS

Myada fouad channel
Myada fouad channel 2 months ago

Support me and subscribe on my CHANNEL

Гульнар Хасенова

У вас очень хороший вкус всегда с удовольствием смотрю ваши видео

Jace Giancola
Jace Giancola 2 months ago

You have no idea how much talent you have, I absolutely love watching and also creating stuff using your channel as a guide. Thank you so much and I wish you the best luck. By the way I am you’re number one fan.


Bonjour, j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites, mais dommage que ce ne soit pas sous titré en français ou espagnole ,😉🇫🇷🇪🇸

Sara Ayala
Sara Ayala 2 months ago

So pretty I love it thank you

Susana Baeza
Susana Baeza 2 months ago


karen renken
karen renken 2 months ago

i love all your stuff i just wanted to share that E6000 now comes odorless i cant handle the smell of the regular E6000

SHANNY BOO 2 months ago


Martha Ramos
Martha Ramos 2 months ago

Plis haga mariposas para poner en las paredes of the house . Gracias por sus vídeos son muy bonitas todas las cosas que hace. Saludos. Me gusta mucho su canal de Youtube.

lisa de rossi
lisa de rossi 2 months ago

Where I can find the candleholder? Thanks🇮🇹

Irene Brown
Irene Brown 2 months ago

I love this you’re so talented wow!!!

Cassandra Smith
Cassandra Smith 2 months ago

Wow, I’m impressed with your creativity and talent. Fabulous DIY!

Dawn Hill
Dawn Hill 2 months ago

You are so creative!

Vickie Moseley
Vickie Moseley 2 months ago

The projects turned out beautifully!!! You are very creative!❤️

Ana M. Rios
Ana M. Rios 2 months ago

Love it

Flor Encarnacion
Flor Encarnacion 2 months ago

Waooo muy fino


Todo hermoso!!!!!

Ms. Marvelous
Ms. Marvelous 2 months ago

Wow These are beautiful !!!Thanks for sharing, my daughter will love these glam looks 💖

Nilmara Danielle
Nilmara Danielle 2 months ago


Loubna Ztn
Loubna Ztn 2 months ago

عمل رائع جداً أتمنى لكي التوفيق

Renata Manhães
Renata Manhães 2 months ago

Sou do Brasil. Seus trabalhos são lindos. Parabéns

Lisa Akinlabi
Lisa Akinlabi 2 months ago

Amazingly creative and I like how you did it so neatly and well.

Poogie55 2 months ago

So stunning

Debbie's Dilemmas
Debbie's Dilemmas 2 months ago

So beautiful! Sometimes too much embellishments take away from the beauty.😊❤️
P.S. just noted the date but it came up on my suggestions. I subscribed.

Muhsine Kaya
Muhsine Kaya 2 months ago


Nesrine STH
Nesrine STH 2 months ago

Omg what are you wonder woman 😭😭💖💖

Dorine Raquel Fernanadez Miller

Me encantó tu trabajo

Roxie Roxie
Roxie Roxie 2 months ago


Pauline Miles
Pauline Miles 2 months ago

you are very creative i enjoy watching you work

Anastasia Celestine
Anastasia Celestine 2 months ago


veronica baker
veronica baker 2 months ago

You are a one amazing designer. Love your stuff.

Grateful always
Grateful always 2 months ago

You aren't anyone to play with🤔

Lela Swen
Lela Swen 2 months ago

Your talent is from God
You're so blessed 🙏🙏

Leola Simpson
Leola Simpson 2 months ago

I like all three projects

Maria Espinoza
Maria Espinoza 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍.

Wanda Soler
Wanda Soler 2 months ago

Love all of them, beautiful ❤️❤️

Lydia 2 months ago

U are a genius! Omg! Good job. Subscribed! ❤️ from Singapore

Maria Crafts 4u
Maria Crafts 4u 2 months ago

These are amazing . Love them x

Catherine Cookson
Catherine Cookson 2 months ago

Ma'am I am going to do my best to recreate project number 2 for my camper. You are a genius. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

Emily Rivera
Emily Rivera 2 months ago

Loved loved the first one very much

Maria Chacon
Maria Chacon 2 months ago