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Title : 12 Games of Christmas - Family Games

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12 Games of Christmas - Family Games

12 Games of Christmas - Family Games

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Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 2 months ago

This video is the link I send new gamers to. Great work guys.

Santiago Pedrazzoli
Santiago Pedrazzoli 2 months ago

I Aldo love Celsetia!

wictro 2 months ago

Thanks for all your videos!

Ryan O'Sullivan
Ryan O'Sullivan 2 months ago

This is a great list!

Sebastian Ambros
Sebastian Ambros 2 months ago

Please do 2-player games for couples christmas evenings :)

Marea Negra
Marea Negra 2 months ago


Na dja
Na dja 2 months ago

So sad, that dinosaurteaparty wasn´t for sale at Essen :(

Adam Holt
Adam Holt 2 months ago

I'm surprised that King of Tokyo didn't pop up on this list. It's definitely a family friendly game.

Stephane Bisson
Stephane Bisson 2 months ago

Celsetia is super fun. Bad video typo but totally agree w the pick. Played w a 5yr old and a grandma and both enjoyed it

Tony Simpkins (TDawg)

good list

roop298 2 months ago

Not heard of any of these. Are these 2018 games? Where are the game staples?

Chris Musix
Chris Musix 2 months ago

"I like dice." ~Tom Vasel, November 2018

Andrés Aguilar
Andrés Aguilar 2 months ago

I was hoping more for christmas themed games. Thks anyway ;)

David Feldman
David Feldman 2 months ago

Great list. Curious of the definition of family weight here. I was a little surprised that neither My Little Scythe or Stuffed Fables showed up here given how much Tom loved them in his review. Might just be that there are a ton of good games out there, or maybe they would be considered for a different list.

James Crowder
James Crowder 2 months ago

Great group of games! Just an FYI, the banner for Celestia was misspelled.

wetwillyccma 2 months ago

Sorry Boys, Azul Stained glass is not out yet.

Scott Elam
Scott Elam 2 months ago

SUPERB LIST! I always send games to my extended family for Christmas and I'll be sending some of these for sure. Great job guys!

Rachael Barrett
Rachael Barrett 2 months ago

An “Ice” school.