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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

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Sfye nirok
Sfye nirok 2 months ago

Me too

THIBAUT 2 months ago

tibo love u

THIBAUT 2 months ago

vous allez bien

MISTER SAM 2 months ago

Salut les mei

TaLes Of The DoXie
TaLes Of The DoXie 2 months ago

I love you Ellen.Isn’t she so refreshing? She’s clean and good and amazingly funny.😆

Teach 2 months ago

Benoît tes nul

RanoRop 2 months ago

Im i the only one watching on 2019 new years?

J Wise Tv
J Wise Tv 2 months ago

Never be one of these people who never carry out there new years resolution. My new years resolution was to start my YouTube after Christmas I decided to not waste a single day.

Melon Monkey
Melon Monkey 2 months ago

Ellen unfunny show for leasbians

Andrew Courtney
Andrew Courtney 2 months ago

With the one who said, "My new year's resolution is to quit men." Mine was very similar "My new years resolution is to start men"

La Leche
La Leche 2 months ago

Really good video! I did the same on my Channel! :)

Michael Damsa
Michael Damsa 2 months ago

For those of you who have some difficulty, sticking to wwhat you want for yourselves, listen to my tune 'I Am, I Can, I Will' for a little bit of self assurance. Remember this too, if you aren't doing too well at the moment, you've got the rest of the year to sort it out. Check it out.

Jane sherlock
Jane sherlock 2 months ago

Ellen did:)

Concelhaut 2 months ago

Men are irresistible. you can't quit men ^^

mattyBfans chyeah
mattyBfans chyeah 2 months ago

Make andy read 50 shades of grey

Estanir 2 months ago

My resolution: To stop watching too many Ellen's vdos so that I can get my work done and go to bed at a proper time (not gonna happen..)

Kevin M Abraham
Kevin M Abraham 2 months ago

New Year's Resolution for the people who work on Ellen's Youtube Channel/video: Include the ELLEN'S DANCE! FOR GOODNESS SAKE I WANT TO SEE ELLEN DANCE!! Thumbs UP!!

SmileyManu 2 months ago

why can´t we see her dance? i can only watch on youtube :(

Mie Bertelsen
Mie Bertelsen 2 months ago

Lose 5 kilos (I wiegh 45 kilos)

Mina Gerges
Mina Gerges 2 months ago

"My New Year's Resolution last year was to stop procrastinating, but I still haven't got around to do it" LOL

slmsiffy 2 months ago

I hate how they never show ellen dance.

Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee 2 months ago

My New Years resaloution is to learn harder and never give up on my study!

LizzyTwilight64 2 months ago

My new years resolution is to finish my last. And that one was to finish the one I had the year before that...

StarJewel 2 months ago

Patty: "My resolution is to quit men." Ellen: *makes an invisible check mark* LMBO

iluvzebras1999 2 months ago


equestrianz3822 2 months ago

um why bother to bleep out the i

Lary B
Lary B 2 months ago

I want to see the fuck*ng dance!! -_-

Vaka Margretardottir
Vaka Margretardottir 2 months ago

shit 12:30 pm on a school night!

Tee Kay
Tee Kay 2 months ago

I Wanna See The Dance!!

lovedesignxoxo 2 months ago

i love ellen lmao

Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg 2 months ago

I was talking about what she generally does. I am guessing you saw one of her dance act videos. Yeah, I know she is a good dancer.

Qayla Yusri
Qayla Yusri 2 months ago

Ellen, you make me laugh SO HARD

eile24downtown 2 months ago

"My resolution is to quit men." xD Yeah!!!!!! L.O.V.E. xXVx

AwesomeVidz 2 months ago

Some Ellen videos have blocked comments. Dont know why though.

MsVideoenligne 2 months ago

Quite man lol

Eric Roa
Eric Roa 2 months ago

Oh trying to help the deaf people i see.Interesting...

kjw 2 months ago

Thank you Danny, that's not his name.

pv 2 months ago

Ellen we wanna see your dance!

Kênh của Bốp
Kênh của Bốp 2 months ago

is she pretending to inject him? I can't see that part :))

Theo Vogiatzoglou
Theo Vogiatzoglou 2 months ago

Why i cant see the related videos section in all of ellen videos? :(

Theo Vogiatzoglou
Theo Vogiatzoglou 2 months ago

Why i cant see the related videos i

paragpokhrel 2 months ago

i can see u r really itching to write this comment. but sadly comment is disabled on that vids..

Serene Tan
Serene Tan 2 months ago

Bad decision to watch Ellen while doing face mask!

Summer Hillier
Summer Hillier 2 months ago

OMG! I leggit just watched that!

Deanna Stith
Deanna Stith 2 months ago

@IraBronnson it's called gingham.....

Becky Almonte
Becky Almonte 2 months ago

*check* lol

Megan Tallman
Megan Tallman 2 months ago

Ellen is Hilarious! haha

IraBronnson 2 months ago

Why is Ellen wearing her tablecloth?

Star-Crossed Lovers
Star-Crossed Lovers 2 months ago

Haha! Isn't that Ellen describing herself at New Year's party?! Why it's so detail?!

Nazgul Ramses
Nazgul Ramses 2 months ago

Yea but it doesn't let you leave a comment on that video... do you know why it does that?

Nate McNabb
Nate McNabb 2 months ago

And Ellens laugh just tops it off!! xD

Nate McNabb
Nate McNabb 2 months ago

Not sure why comments are disabled on Andy gets a flu shot but holy shiz that was funny :LLLL Andy - "Is this gonna be dirty? this isnt dirty is it?" "Is this for real?" "Okay somebodys gonna come and scare me, HA HA" "In the shirt?" "If it's a real needle, don't scare me" "I know it's gonna explode" "Special Effect" "Okay, haha" "Okay, It's not a real needle. O.O Oh!!!" "OMG" Me - "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL"

Fatima Maqsood
Fatima Maqsood 2 months ago

I decided that I can't be bothered to keep them so no more xD

Esami Rz
Esami Rz 2 months ago

Ellen : thank you Danny... Tony laughing as usual. :D! and us we were like this .____. didn´t get it until she said it wasn´t his real name xD!

Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 2 months ago

That's not what your mother said.

Don Corleone
Don Corleone 2 months ago

Give me some sleep ffs! It's the third day in a row I'll be late!

jen leb
jen leb 2 months ago

I always choose easy new years resolution so I don't forget them: 1- keep my workout routine that I started since last july! 2- study more so I can have great mark for this last trimester 3- be thankful more often for what I have in life! Happy new year everyone

free back
free back 2 months ago

1.get fit 2. work more 3. study more to go to Germany

Alexa tarabay
Alexa tarabay 2 months ago


makatara3 2 months ago

Why are the comments disabled on so many videos?

GaEun Kim
GaEun Kim 2 months ago

you live 6 more seconds of life whenever you laugh... go into the world of ellen and there u will stay forever... and i mean it

Zack Leen
Zack Leen 2 months ago

26,245 view

rockygirl 2 months ago

My resolution is to go to the zoo with Ellen. I was gonna say lunch but I don't want to eat in front of the best person in the world. :/

Maira Afridi
Maira Afridi 2 months ago

oh shut up...

likeyouornot 2 months ago

My resolution is to quit men OMG LOL

Niniischill 2 months ago

Lol "thank you danny."

Shauna Grant
Shauna Grant 2 months ago

It was great! I love when Ellen puts Andy on the spotlight, always entertaining! Lol.

Nicholas Tay
Nicholas Tay 2 months ago

Ellen said : * Thank you Danny * That's not his real name. ( Hilarious )

franklingirl23 2 months ago

I'm currently watching Ellen videos on YouTube on my laptop during the advertisement of watching The Ellen Show on TV in Australia...

infusemuzik 2 months ago

Ellen could solve my procrastination issues by not posting videos on youtube.....

tinyperson037 2 months ago

To be honestly broke 3 resolutions in a matter of 2 days....I'm not good at this stuff :/

juliajulia43 2 months ago

and wasteful.. that's a lot of paper

Franzi Pond
Franzi Pond 2 months ago

don't cut out the dancing part!!

Zoxy 2 months ago

I love how she has papers given to her, while she could have an iPad... Her simplicity is so beautiful.

aboody zurkly
aboody zurkly 2 months ago

I LMFAO'ed the moment she said "thank you dani" lol if you're you'd laugh the second she said that.

Spazamazz 2 months ago


Ameluuu 2 months ago

My new years resolution is lose weight and im still on it! Lost five pounds so far!

TiAmo4life 2 months ago

My Resolution from two years ago was to meet Michael Jackson... whoops.

Roxana 2 months ago

I love you Ellen

Sabrizz9610 2 months ago


Hannah Dyson
Hannah Dyson 2 months ago

I ♥ you Ellen ♡♡ ♥♥ Xoxox

Peacelove0404 2 months ago

"That's not his name"

Hannah Jay
Hannah Jay 2 months ago

best way to do new year resolution is not say "start" or "stop" like "start exercising" and "stop smoking, rather work your way up there, not completely start or stop. Like e.g "smoke less and less"

xhellosleepyheadx 2 months ago

my new years resolution is to take the opportunities life gives me, and to be kind, like ellen persistently and wisely tells and shows us how to do, happy new year!!

LegendaryZappyBoy007 2 months ago

what is the link for her facebook page?

Noura A
Noura A 2 months ago

are you new here

witch, please
witch, please 2 months ago

Lmao, "my resolution is to quit men." xD

Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg 2 months ago

There are plenty that show her dancing. Well, she doesn't actually put up a dance performance, as in it's not choreographed or anything. Music starts playing and she just grooves and goes among the audience and comes back. Pretty much like in a club.

Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams 2 months ago

New Year's Resolutions: 1. Gain more weight. 2. Drink more. 3. Stay in debt...forever. 4. Fail all my classes. 5. Spend as little time as possible with family and friends. ...reverse psychology

sandra 2 months ago

i love ellen, but i don't like when she directs some of her speeches to Americans like they were the only people watching the show. i know that some of them are typical american issues, but come on WE'RE HERE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. talk to us too Ellen :)

Dudeger K1ant
Dudeger K1ant 2 months ago

Ellen invite JB to talk about weed

Almir Beslija
Almir Beslija 2 months ago


Vino sitas
Vino sitas 2 months ago

Has this not been uploaded already?

Abdul B Stegmann
Abdul B Stegmann 2 months ago

New years resolution, good show

jennypg88 2 months ago

haha 2:09. Check! Ellen you are amazing!

Alice177c 2 months ago

Hi Ellen! Do you know Lucy? If not, please watch 'Lucy: coming out.' You really changed her life.

tikahmalek 2 months ago

Funny my New Years resolution was to stop procrastinating and study more, now I'm watching Ellen videos on Youtube.

TheIdo1992 2 months ago

"My resolution is to quit men" *Ellen gives herself a tick* "Some are easier than others" HAHAHAHAHHA OMG I LOVE YOU ELLEN!

AwesomeVidz 2 months ago

Andy getting a flu shot was HILARIOUS xD

Ryleigh McDonald
Ryleigh McDonald 2 months ago

Some of the comments are disabled because there's too many hateful ones.