The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees


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The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

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trixie lulamoon
trixie lulamoon 2 months ago

oh fuck my cat drinks that try water i thought it was cute:((

ICAT Yet 2 months ago

I’ve been watching your content for years...

Finally going to be able to adopt a cat this summer!

jennacat13 2 months ago

... depending on how Big boned your cat is....🤣😂

Joshua Atherton
Joshua Atherton 2 months ago

I made myself a cat Christmas tree. And my cats loved it. It was a big spiral with a scratching-post trunk stretching all the way up to the rafters (My cats are tree dwellers so they didn't mind) and it was next to a window. I couldn't even take it off them! Now my cats are exited for Christmas as much as the human family.

ValerieBlood 2 months ago

Hi Mr. Galaxy. I have a very important question I'd like to ask you so I'll know for next Christmas.
I just moved out and put up my first Christmas tree this year which was fake. My cats didnt climb it or anything, they just liked to sit under it and harmlessly play with the plastic balls. There was no issue other than I caught one of my cats constantly chewing on the fake branches and injesting some of the plastic 'pine' that fake christmas trees have.
The fake pines also were absolutely spread everywhere throughout my house. I caught my cat trying to injest it multiple times and I was worried so I end up taking my tree down early this early. I thought I should get a real tree next year so that I dont have to worry about him eating the plastic pine. But now I seen your video and you suggest a fake tree. What should I do ????

Pepperam 2 months ago

We've had a fake Christmas tree for many years! Peppy still eats the needles and throws up. They dye his stomach acid green. Fun.

Britney Alyssa
Britney Alyssa 2 months ago

My cats knocked my tree over about 4 times then they finally left it alone...kinda

Liza 2 months ago

The cons to a fresh Christmas tree is also ticks that can hide in the tree. I do not know how in America, but in Ukraine it is quite possible to bring a tick into the house along with a Christmas tree.

sgt fluffy
sgt fluffy 2 months ago

I know I keep leaving comments and I'm sorry but nobody mentioned the fact that poinsettias should not be around cats either because they're poisonous

sgt fluffy
sgt fluffy 2 months ago

Correction most cats don't like citrus but for some reason my cat Lou loved citrus he would steal lemons and limes off of my plate or my drink and eat them well not eat them but lick them. that cat never ate a chip in his life until I got the tostitos hint of lime chips and then he would lick all the lime flavor off of them and leave the chip

sgt fluffy
sgt fluffy 2 months ago

Ever since my first cat and first Christmas tree collided it was fake trees from then on out and I love it I got a fake Christmas tree that had nice soft fake pine needles that of course a cat shouldn't eat anyway but if one of them does eat one it's not a trip to the hospital, there's no toxic water and I just know what ornaments to put up I don't put something that can break that can cut the cats or as of 3 months ago could cut our new son

cattus lavandula
cattus lavandula 2 months ago

Every cat I've had assaulted the tree except the two former strays I brought indoors. They weren't the slightest bit interested in the tree or anything on it. On the other paw, every one of them delighted in pillaging the manger set and snow village. They carried off Jesus, the livestock, overturned houses and sprawled over the snowbanks and streets of the village. Every year it was like a cheapo 1950s science fiction film come to live.

LEXICON DEVIL 2 months ago

The key advise here is "know thy cat". I've had a real tree for years with my siamese, he climbs it no problem. I have no idea how he navigates through it all but he loves it, we get great memories out of it and he's perfectly fine.

XxBlueEyedxX 2 months ago

I don't get why everyone in the US seems to hate fake trees. Our first tree was older than me (yeah we had to replace it this year because our cat messed with it a little bit to much the last two years), our new tree looks very realistic and I don't feel bad for killing a tree just to put it in my living room for a couple of days. We tried to make the tree as cat safe as possible, like securing it to the ground and just using plastic ornaments. Our cat seems to not care very much (totally different with the other tree) he steals one or two ornaments from the lower brenches and plays with them. Thats fine for me.

Lium 2 months ago

To avoid the cat vs Christmas tree battle I got a 1ft tall stuffed felt Christmas tree that stands when placed in a mug and can also double as a kicker for my cat. To keep her from destroying the presents and eliminate any ribbons, tape, paper/debris my family reuses tins from the local antique shop each year.

Common Sense Cat
Common Sense Cat 2 months ago

A request for Jackson's fans: if you leave a comment, it helps him with the YouTube algorithm that gives him a higher placement in the stream.
Let's face the truth. We love the Jackson Galaxy channel, and so do our fur children! 😸😸😻😻

Ana Brito
Ana Brito 2 months ago

I'm so thankful my cat didn't touch my tree at all !good cat

Amethyst Orchard
Amethyst Orchard 2 months ago

Isn't the real tree tradition also an ecological problem of wood wastage? Pine is not native to my region so we all use fake trees, even the small ones. Eh, it was more than 10 years ago since mom place and decorate christmas tree.

Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 2 months ago

The awful willow concomitantly entertain because low monthly test from a rural ray. pale, frequent turkish

Vera Lenora
Vera Lenora 2 months ago

Two young boys have made over $250,000 (!) during the pandemic. They invented a tiny clamp for hanging ornaments, replacing the old hooks.
[Sigh] Why can't I ....? Oh, you all know the feeling.

MohaRoma 2 months ago

Jackson: You're watching me so... you probably have a cat.
Me not having a cat: ......

sarah perrenot
sarah perrenot 2 months ago

We have a fake tree my cat ate last year. she ended up in the vet. so this year we Saran wrapped the tree. It seemed to work. It also has the added bonus of making it undesirable to climb. It looked kinda silly but it didn’t result in a huge vet bill for the new year

Henry Samiro
Henry Samiro 2 months ago

To the point. BRAVO

Radhaun 2 months ago

A super cat-friendly way to get a real tree? Buy a potted fir, plant it in your yard where it can be seen from a cat accessible window. Decorate with popcorn and birdseed ornaments. All the fun of a tree, no inside mess, attracts birds for cat tv and making popcorn garland and birdseed ornaments is a lovely way to spend an afternoon~

NewGoldStandard 2 months ago

I just got with a cat tree!

Sharon Gibbs
Sharon Gibbs 2 months ago

Hi==OMG--both cats and dogs have a mission to drink out of the tree stand. Our family had plenty of food and water stations in a big home with lots of love and attention. BUT--we learned that the tree should always be stabilized...I watched my sweet old cat take a flying jump into the Tree, crashing it over.

Laurie Swanson
Laurie Swanson 2 months ago

We use plastic balls no glass

Crazy Empath
Crazy Empath 2 months ago

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a cat an watches your videos? Yes? Ok.

Sss Uuu
Sss Uuu 2 months ago

In Russia we have Christmas decoration, named "rainy" - it's very long, shiny strips look like rain (somehow) and pets like to eat those. So practically all pet owners never ever decorate christmas trees with those things.

Ana Midori
Ana Midori 2 months ago

Thanks. In Japan I think no one has a natural Xmas tree, all are fake and now more and more you can't difference between a natural or fake tree, flower, etc

Betsy Martinez
Betsy Martinez 2 months ago

Lemon works. I’ve tried it

贺容 2 months ago

Me with a fake christmas tree and no cat: what a useful video

Jill Seufert
Jill Seufert 2 months ago

I've been extremely lucky, 6 cats, not one cares about the tree.

Lasse Manninen
Lasse Manninen 2 months ago

Our Mr Minty climd to our real tree. So enter fake tree. Problem solved. Hes royal highnes did not care about a tree, but the box become hes x-mas castle.

Sleepy Sagittari
Sleepy Sagittari 2 months ago


Zz k a r m a zZ
Zz k a r m a zZ 2 months ago

Fake trees are bad for the environment

ExplodingFireGaming 2 months ago

Why am I watching this video I don't have a cat and I don't celebrate Christmas.

Suzie Ayers
Suzie Ayers 2 months ago

We get real trees because one of our cats is obsessed with eating plastic. So, we want to avoid that. Plus, our cats never jump into the tree.

Suzie Ayers
Suzie Ayers 2 months ago

Solution: Give the Cats' THEIR OWN cat-ified Christmas Tree for them to enjoy

Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 2 months ago

The glossy softdrink provisionally knock because joseph expectably approve qua a sordid care. vengeful, fascinated wire

Charlie Wow
Charlie Wow 2 months ago

I always suggest that people get their cat their own little 3-foot fake tree, and do the no-yes with that. no to the main big tree, yes to your very own tree to totally destroy if you want to, complete with cat toys as ornaments if you want

MarinaOC 714
MarinaOC 714 2 months ago

My cat Shadow just loves to hide under the tree, but he doesn’t do anything else. Plus we have a fake tree so there is no need for water :)
Thanks for the video Jackson!

Spitfire Last
Spitfire Last 2 months ago

NO, YOU'RE THE ONE DOING IT WRONG! Fucking hit them really hard on the head the first moment they begin removing the ornaments. After that they'd just stare at the damn tree.

Fucking pussy. You one of those people that doesn't whipped, smack, slap their kids aren't ya?

MorningStar Kematch
MorningStar Kematch 2 months ago

I treat my little girl the same way I treat my little buy everything with those two in mind. I don't use Swiffers because they both eat things off of the floor. I use fake trees because of all Jackson said and my building prohibits them due to fire hazards. I buy only plastic, silicone, fabric ornaments because they will both wreck the crap out of everything. I even stopped buying lights until those tiny LED lights came out and I just put the battery box at the top. If I really don't want to wreck some of my older ornaments that were gifts, I make cat toys as ornaments and lay them on the ground about 3 feet from the tree, both of my girl's entertain one another. And I will definitely make new kids ornaments every year for the same purpose. I tend to go the less stress route and use the easy way that usually ends in fun and some cute pictures.

stormygirl84 2 months ago

We've always kept a fake tree. And thankfully our girls have never been interested in climbing the tree. They love sleeping underneath it, though. I think they like the warmth from the lights! We also keep the soft, plushy ornaments down around the bottom 1/4 of the tree, in case they feel tempted. I learned that trick from my mom! They've never done more than sniff them, though.

Cassidy Manuto
Cassidy Manuto 2 months ago

I’ve actually always preferred the fake tree over the real one. No dropping needles, plus it’s what I grew up with.

vonny3339 2 months ago

I used to have a cat that was obsessed with the satin ball ornaments. My mom went and bought a bag of small red satin balls for her and hung them on the lowest branches. Every so often we would see my cat trot through the house with one of her prizes. She left everything else alone. It worked great.

darkevilfairy 2 months ago

I’ve done the citrus idea and it’s trained my cats to not even climb it anymore. They may lay under it but that’s all

Suzanne Rider
Suzanne Rider 2 months ago

I had a tortie cat who climbed up the tree one Xmas. She loved to climb!

TFEB 2 months ago

I like my cats more than I like Christmas.

Albania Sandekic
Albania Sandekic 2 months ago

I am throwing away my tree, this is plenty to raise white flag!!

Len Andersson
Len Andersson 2 months ago

We use a fake christmas tree nowadays, but we used to have real ones when I was little. Our cat drank the tree water every year but.. it didn't look like she got any problems from that?.. Is she an alien??

Emi Faust
Emi Faust 2 months ago

My cats love my fake tree and pull it down and destroy it (they bend and pull branches off) and I'm too lazy to keep fixing it up, I actually hate having it up but my mum guilts me into it. She doesn't have two large toms to watch, only two small female cats that don't cause much damage when they climb their tree. 😒 I've had mine up for two weeks and I'm getting close to seriously considering taking it down. I live alone and I don't plan on having anyone over for christmas so who is it really for? My cats love it (playing in it and hiding under it) so it's just an additional toy at this point.

tyler hildt
tyler hildt 2 months ago

We have a fake tree that is okay for our cats to be on/in. It's about 3.5 to 4 ft tall. So the cat's don't really attempt to climb it because their regular perches are higher and sturdier. Of the seven cats we are taking care of, only one of them tried to climb it (a single time). We decorate it with shatterproof ornaments, cat pom pom strings, and unplug it when no humans are around to supervise.

It was only like 20 bucks from Michaels and has been great. The cat's are really not destructive with it (unlike my full-sized tree). We just put a handful of cat beds near it so they can hang out there.

DJayPinkie 2 months ago

I've had a fake tree ever since I moved out on my own, it is also more environmentally friendly because you can use it over and over. My cat also has no desire to climb it, but its still secured to the wall just incase lol. We have a giant cat tree in the same room which he loves, use plastic ornaments that are secured tightly. And my cat LOVES tissue paper and the biggest issue I had was him wanting to curl up in a gift bag, so I filled a box with tissue paper and put it beside the tree, he loves it. Always compromise with your cat it's worth it <3

Maria Chacon
Maria Chacon 2 months ago

We are very lucky. Our Nele, a beautiful 4yr old Maine Coon, is not attracted to our tree. She helped decorating it but has more fun playing with my kids and us than with the ornaments. First time in four years that we do not have to defend our natural tree from our little tiger 🤣 happy holidays from Germany, dear Jackson

Cleopatra Demers
Cleopatra Demers 2 months ago

I have four cats. Two climb the tree (fake tree) and have destroyed some lower branches. We also had to replace all the ornaments to plastic because they knock them down and play with them. I have also twisted the hooked wires onto the ornaments permanently so there's no chance of accidentally swallowing them. When we turn on the lights we are usually there so we can step in immediately if we see one chewing on the lights wire or the actual light. So far, no disasters. Tree is kinda sad but that's okay, it still looks pretty to us.

JessieBanana 2 months ago

I've gone my entire life with cats and Christmas trees audit's been relatively uneventful. Just a lot of staring and the occasional batting at ornaments and me having to put them back on the tree.

Cat Green
Cat Green 2 months ago

Many of the fake trees are made with dangerpus chemicals that can be toxic. I suggest searching Etsy or craft bazaars for alternative trees, such as ones crafted out of wood.

Atilla Kutlu
Atilla Kutlu 2 months ago

Did Christmas existed before America, in Europe? I think not.
Santa Claus is actually Ayaz Ata from the Turks.
Turkic tribes still live with reindeers and slees. They putted presents underneath trees.
Strange isnt.

Where does it come from oeeee

Catherine Royce
Catherine Royce 2 months ago

We switched to a fake tree when I was a kid because the pets wouldn’t leave the real ones alone. Our cats have always been indoor cats only which helps with their urge to climb the tree. We allow our cats to sleep under or around the tree, but not play with the ornaments. We give them a toy to help redirect their attention from the ornaments. Another trick that helps is keeping the softer/lighter weight ornaments on the bottom of the tree. That way if a cat accidentally knocks an ornament down while crawling underneath the tree it won’t break and if the cat does get a hold of it it’s less likely to cause any damage to the cat.

Donna Interrante
Donna Interrante 2 months ago

Instead of one big tree I decorate with several small trees in "cat proof" locations . Christmas pillows ,blankets and wreaths make the house look festive. I am happy with this and my two cats are kept safe.

Rhonda Knox
Rhonda Knox 2 months ago

For those of you that have or will buy artificial trees, there is a pine, fir, or evergreen scented spray to buy. You can just spay the tree with. 🐈‍⬛🎄🐈

Jessica Pace
Jessica Pace 2 months ago

I watched this video about 3 days too late.

irrelevant viewer
irrelevant viewer 2 months ago

Me: is an absolute idiot and eats pine needles from my christmas tree

Also me: googles if pine needles are toxic to humans after the fact

Meggsie 2 months ago

My cat loves to sleep under the tree. I just have to keep her out of the water and make sure that she can only reach metal bells that don't break if she knocks if off.

Phillip Ferrell
Phillip Ferrell 2 months ago

I love my cats more than anything. Including Christmas decorations.

Leslie Mihalik
Leslie Mihalik 2 months ago

UGH this is the second year we have had Grayson..he's now 17 months and his 2nd Christmas and has discovered our tree now UGH

Mari S
Mari S 2 months ago

haha yea. the cat is like this is not what a tree is for 🙄

jewells68 2 months ago

Now that she is older, my cat doesn't try to climb the artificial tree, but she likes to chew/eat the fake "needles", which are not pointy like real needles, but still aren't something she should be eating. She has a thing for plastic, always has, she will lick bags or the plastic that comes around a pkg of paper towels or TP. I guess this year I'll be hanging some citrus scented "ornaments" along the lower branches of the tree. Hopefully that will help.

Erica Sheppard
Erica Sheppard 2 months ago

I thought I had this one “in the bag” after 40 years of having cats, until last year. I use a very real looking fake tree, that is pre-lit with zero extension cords, shatterproof ornaments, etcetera. (I do a peacock tree, so there are a few fancy peacocks up top that could break—but I love my cat so much more!). I thought there were no issues last year, until I found that he “marked” my gorgeous turquoise glittery tree skirt!!! Live and learn😹😻
Great tips as always, thank you so much!! Don’t know what we’d do without you

robynsmatt 2 months ago

I have a very simple artificial tree (a 2d tree shape constructed out of dowels) and my cats even try to climb that haha.

Judi Moore
Judi Moore 2 months ago

I'm going to hang my tree upside down from the ceiling, it's artificial, but I don't trust my kitten 😅 she's already chasing the nuts from the nut dish....

Chase Friedrich
Chase Friedrich 2 months ago

I've had real trees for christmas for years with my cat and she has never touched it once. We got an artificial one this year and she loves to rub against it and bite it. who knows?

Beverly Russo
Beverly Russo 2 months ago

Hi Jackson, you forgot to mention the dangers to cats of tinsel on the tree - I never use any. I always put wooden or plastic ornaments on the bottom third of the tree so my cats can also enjoy the tree. Do not put electric lights on the bottom of the tree so kitties won’t be able to chew the wires. To keep them from drinking tree water put a cone of shame around the tree trunk. All my kitties have loved spending hours looking at the tree and I have avoided destruction and vet ER trips. Why shouldn’t our pets enjoy the tree, too.

Audrey Winkle
Audrey Winkle 2 months ago

I just bought our cat a cat cave that looms just like a christmas tree even has little toy lights on it. And we have a fake tree he tried to climb it tgat is why i got him his own tree.

chellsea cooper
chellsea cooper 2 months ago

We do a fake tree with shatterproof bulbs then add “cat ornaments” to the bottom layer and toys for them under. They have their ornaments then they leave everything else alone

Almira 2 months ago

Learned it the hard way 🙈 all ornaments are plastic now and they don’t climb it anymore they are all above 10 so they sleep more then before but one of them loves to lay in the skirt of the tree 😂

Erin 2 months ago

we have fake tree and my cat sleeps underneath of it and we secure the tree .

Observing System
Observing System 2 months ago

Good video, good info, thanks a lot! I don't dare to put a tree out with my 4 cats, they're kind of wild sometimes (3 siblings of 6 years old and their mother) and I'm pretty sure they'd climb it. I do have some ornaments, unbreakable ones that bounce back haha. My mother watches you on tv all the time, she doesn't have cats anymore but loves your show and gets a lot of joy out of watching. My sister's cat is such a good boy, he loves to lie in his catbed under the tree and doesn't kill ornaments and doesn't climb the tree at all. I guess he just likes it for camouflage. Happy holidays in advance from Holland. :-)

Smalls the Timelord
Smalls the Timelord 2 months ago

My cat just vibes under the tree. He just chills and doesn't really do anthing.

Pebble Shy
Pebble Shy 2 months ago

Fake trees have improved visually over time. Seen some pretty good looking ones in recent years and considering it as an option.

KO Ungson
KO Ungson 2 months ago

A year ago I watched this video and got a fake Christmas tree. My male cat peed on it. I couldn’t find the smell for a couple of days and had to throw the tree away.

Magical Cat
Magical Cat 2 months ago

I actually don't have a cat. And neither am I planning to put up a christmas tree. But still I am watching this video...

Lilia's Mix
Lilia's Mix 2 months ago

When my family's cat was younger, he would always climb the Xmas tree, and even knocked it over a few times. So we got a fake tree, replaced the glass ornaments with plastic and used little stuffed animals as ornaments. The citrus slices worked as a deterrent, but you have to replace them every day because when they would dry up, they no longer worked; seems like they lose their scent. Either way, he lost interest in the Christmas tree around 5 years old.

Kristinapedia 2 months ago

I just wrapped the skirt or a blanket around the base so they couldn't get to the water. I tied the tree to the wall with fishing line. I did not have glass ornaments. I had a kitten in the house for what seemed like every year for many years. Only once did a tree get knocked over. There's a LOT of responsibility in owning a cat. More than having a child.

ninjasylph 2 months ago

We got a fake pencil tree for our Christmas because theres nowhere they cab climb and be supported. We're also going to try citris around the skirt as well. We only use plastic ornaments and no tinsel because my cats tried to eat my shiny garland once and I learned my lesson.

Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber 2 months ago

Oof this stresses me out. We’re finally about to start the process of looking for a second cat. If we find one by Christmas we’re probably going to have a fun time keeping it away from the tree. We didn’t have too many problems with our current and late cat and Christmas trees. They pawed at it but never tried to climb or eat it. Maybe a broken ornament or two was the worst of it. Our dog though... she tore up one of our favorite ornaments as a puppy and loved the tree. Luckily neither pet cares much anymore. The cat stays upstairs and the dog just sniffs it and tries to steal the soft ornaments while we hang them.

Melanie Szelong
Melanie Szelong 2 months ago

Jackson Galaxy: just wanted to say we took your advice. on the first day of putting up the tree, our cat climbed it and knocked it over. The next day we bought a cat tree, put lots of new toys on it, and used some catnip to encourage him . We also sprayed our tree with a cat deterrent, and put orange peel around the bottom. The one or two times he showed interest in the tree we told him no and then moved him to the cat tree and gave him a treat.

Laura Ribeiro
Laura Ribeiro 2 months ago

My cat doesn't care about the tree anymore :)

Sam Lindsey
Sam Lindsey 2 months ago

I like putting cat toys and toddler safe cloth ornaments on the lowest branches to the cats just stay on the ground and play with the toys I put there for them instead of trying to get everything else. I even use the shiney ones down low (the little krinkle balls that are shiney are favorites) and they sit on the branches fairly well.

Laura Trotter
Laura Trotter 2 months ago

Thank you for the tip, of the lemon slices hanging around the lower half of the tree. You are such a cool cat. Keep those tips coming. We have had cats for over 70 years, but we have still learned things from you every week.

Elle 2 months ago

Yeah, my cat climbed my fake Christmas tree anyway. 😅 But then again, she climbs everything. I adopted her when she was 5 weeks old after she had been rescued from a tree.

Mark Tegeder
Mark Tegeder 2 months ago

Good info, sir!

AntiPokito 2 months ago

okay, dont know if thats the correct way to deal with it but well, here is what i do:

In my family for some strange reason we dont rip the paper from the presents, we try to open them without the ripping, so i thought, well then wy even use paper if its not going to get riped? long story short, we use textiles and laces insted of paper and ribons, thats even less trash and we do not have to buy new stuff for packaging as often. Overall a nice switch. when I was a child there was this tradition of reciving your present in an jute bag, so thats a nice alternative too.

I have embraced that a cat that sees a tree, is going to clime it, so i made the tree save for her.
the tree is realy stable fixed on the flor. I always put a nice blanket on the flor so she cant reach the water for the roots.

the decorations, well in my family its tradition to put oranges up the tree, so for me thats decoration since my early childhood.
There was also some decoration made of gingerbread, i adapted this to cat treats, when someone comes to visit they give the tree treat to my cat.
Bells are almost obligatory for me, so i can hear when shes in the tree.
the lights are the biggest problem to adabt. i never had real candels on my tree, but the wires of the electric ones are to dangerous for my cat. So i found some wireless candles online, I'm going to purchase those soon. Cant give any feedback about that yet. what i have been doing until now was the following. I used some old jars of plastic and put in some fairylights. then a lid and some pretty well made knots to fixate them on the brenches.

soooo i adabt the tree for the case my cat wants to go inside the tree, i can rest assured that shes safe. And if the orange inibits her from going inside then i can be happy too. it is nice to enjoy the holidays with our cat insted of stressing about keeping them save 24/7
(im not a native english speaker, for any mistakes im sorry)

John Le Sueur
John Le Sueur 2 months ago

As always Sir, you are a star! Little Silke the cat and I shall have a delightful treeless Christmas...well a little one! Not much bigger than her!

Lil Debil
Lil Debil 2 months ago

My cat doesn't climb it, but he does like pulling off the candy canes and playing with them, then leaving them lay all over the room.

Megan H
Megan H 2 months ago

We have one cat who leaves the tree alone and would rather sleep the day away.
The other goes all Indiana Jones on the tree and knocks it down in 5 seconds flat.
I believe I have some work to do. 🤔

Rachel Genest
Rachel Genest 2 months ago

My 2 previous cats could have cared less about the tree and my plants. The current one eats the plants and climbs the fake Christmas tree. I've tried all recommendations of citrus, cayenne pepper, aluminum foil. Nothing worked. Last year I sprayed the tree with strong scented Lysol. He didn't like it and didn't mess with it.....plan to try again this year.

Roberto Mezquia Jr
Roberto Mezquia Jr 2 months ago

I sorta feel like Jackson doesn't like Christmas 🎄 and gears this video to the worst case scenarios... I have 4 cats and NONE of them care about the tree at all... This is my 3rd year with cars and putting up trees... Maybe I just got lucky? 🤷‍♂️