Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio



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Information Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

Title : Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

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Frames Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

Description Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

Bruce Springsteen - Save The Last Dance For Me (Live Albany 2014) HD Pro recorded audio

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Johnkult 2 months ago

Check out my channel for more great and rare videos :)

Ana Richter
Ana Richter 2 months ago

Predobra...VPPPB ❤

Ms. Malone
Ms. Malone 2 months ago


Hanlie Gropp
Hanlie Gropp 2 months ago

Amazing. Jyst love it. 👌🎶🇿🇦

Armando Antunes
Armando Antunes 2 months ago

Fantástico! Só um homem de uma enorme sensibilidade poderia ter esta postura e este encanto!

Maria Christina
Maria Christina 2 months ago

Woooww ❤❤❤❤❤

Adrian M.
Adrian M. 2 months ago

👍👌🙏💖 Belle chanson . The Boss est un chanteur / compositeur phénoménal par excellence, une puissance vocale. La légende. J'adore Bruce et son légendaire groupe E-street. R.I.P Big Man Clarence Clemons, vous manquez.🙏✝️

Darren Buttery
Darren Buttery 2 months ago

Pure class ...what a performer!

RiCo Goldwing
RiCo Goldwing 2 months ago

Kon ik dit nog eens met mijn moeder doen. Ze was dol op dit nummer. Helaas is ze er niet meer.

Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia 2 months ago

que música...

Frieder Schindler
Frieder Schindler 2 months ago


Mustangsally 2 months ago


Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


Barbara Singleton
Barbara Singleton 2 months ago

This is mine & my husbands song from when we were 17. Still love it me goosebumps..

John Richard Pinto
John Richard Pinto 2 months ago

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Lynda Logie
Lynda Logie 2 months ago

What a Mench The Boss is. Loved him for years.

Helga W
Helga W 2 months ago

The Boss, so nice, lucky Lady 😎💗

Mary McGivney
Mary McGivney 2 months ago

Iove dances to any music 😃❤😁

Mary McGivney
Mary McGivney 2 months ago

Iove this song save last dances for me 😃❤😁

Roland de pous
Roland de pous 2 months ago

MERCI 2021

Soila Bernal
Soila Bernal 2 months ago

Naughty boy! I love him!!

David Pritchard
David Pritchard 2 months ago

The world's a better place because Bruce Springsteen is here.

Dircelia Dos reis
Dircelia Dos reis 2 months ago

Ti amo Bruce

Morena Kasprzak
Morena Kasprzak 2 months ago

Soooooo. 👍 schön

Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

Di miradas
Si mira la palabra adecuada es genthlmN lv dehing muy bien y como tal invitscabla sra la cual flucinz bfimNgo con btux gire que se lo i ba a decir uuynvmpnbtx de llover bueno no mg kit peyo ti no ttmjow

AR Doughman
AR Doughman 2 months ago

i watch this video so many times and absolutely fantastic...great song of the past..

petelo uatini
petelo uatini 2 months ago

Mes respects monsieur Springsteen.

Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson 2 months ago

My God, he is a class act!

Amarjot Bedi
Amarjot Bedi 2 months ago

the greatest..

Grazia Pavone
Grazia Pavone 2 months ago

Meraviglioso questa manifestazione di
Affetto ♥️

Rodica Greta
Rodica Greta 2 months ago

Bravo Bruce !❤❤🎸🎸

Grant Bowen
Grant Bowen 2 months ago

Great new tempo and feel. Bruce is amazing ! I Love the "natural wanting" in this song. The vocal part is perfectly in tune with "Feel". A great example of self expression. He is really feeling the words.Great performance, Great production. My Students are all good at nailing the notes with feel, but that wanting feel is the magic. They actually love learning this song and if you want to learn this song & need it transformed into a key that better suits your voice, I can help you with that as well. Thanks for posting this Video.

Rosi Ribis
Rosi Ribis 2 months ago

Habe ihn live auf der Idalp gesehen. Schade, traue mich nicht mehr nach Ischgl, sämtliche Covid-Mutationen haben dort ihren Ursprung gefunden. Wurde nicht nur bei Medienberichten im Zwergenstaat kolportiert. Ich habe g a n z schreckliche .....

Kim Selby
Kim Selby 2 months ago

Marry me bruce

christina x
christina x 2 months ago


Maria Helena
Maria Helena 2 months ago

I love this!

Maria Chagas
Maria Chagas 2 months ago

CANTOR Lindo música linda Parabéns 💙💙🇧🇷❤️❤️💋

Ahmed faiz
Ahmed faiz 2 months ago

aku minat ko mu nate🙏

Armando Antunes
Armando Antunes 2 months ago

O boss no seu melhor!

Tom Gamella
Tom Gamella 2 months ago

What a feel good video!

Antonio gerardo Giampaolo

Delicious! And what a warm pretty lady

Nelma Novais
Nelma Novais 2 months ago


Ashec BTB
Ashec BTB 2 months ago

This is the best version of this song that I have seen. Love the bosses voice. Love the saxaphone :) :)

Nina - Rania Papavasileiou - Riga

Very emotional !!! His voice oh my God!! Amazing performance!!

Kay Antes
Kay Antes 2 months ago

Muss man einfach nur gut finden!

Massimo Miscione
Massimo Miscione 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for him to come and dance with me ... and it's been 40 years!!!

Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia 2 months ago

Bruce Springsteen o melhor do mundo! love you !

Franz 2 months ago

Reminds me of my mom great vid

Julius Esra
Julius Esra 2 months ago


TRAUDL SALLER 2 months ago

Super, wunderschön ♥️♥️♥️

lisa breazeale
lisa breazeale 2 months ago


piti peng
piti peng 2 months ago

🦋Der schönste Moment...Dance for my❤❤❤❤❤

Cinzia Quadri
Cinzia Quadri 2 months ago

Ho vissuto in California e, tramite il mio compagno che abitava 6 mesi lì e 6 mesi in Alaska ho conosciuto Bruce . In Alaska qualche volta andavamo in riva al fiume, guardando i salmoni che lo risalivano per andare a depositare le uova , con il mitico registratore a cassetta e absolutly con la cassetta che conteneva il bel brano di Bruce THE RIVER ".

christine hancock
christine hancock 2 months ago


Thushan Perera
Thushan Perera 2 months ago

So so beautiful..unexpressable in words what it store in my heart that I want to say about this his mom..
Can listen to this song many many times and especially the act of kindness with the arms..
Love and blessings from the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean - Srilanka..

Thushan Perera
Thushan Perera 2 months ago

So so beautiful..

Pinky Magpayo
Pinky Magpayo 2 months ago

I love the song, the singer and this wonderful dance act. Mabuhay👄

Hannelore Bergmann
Hannelore Bergmann 2 months ago

The Boss, ein Mann mit Herz ❣

Lorraine Plourde
Lorraine Plourde 2 months ago

ha le bonheur quil lui as donner le reve de sa vie,ha monsieure bruce,pas etonant que le monde l,aime tant,serge a cloutier

Marcia Oakridge Aldridge

You're the best


Linda música

Huw King-Jones
Huw King-Jones 2 months ago

Doc Pomus Mort Shuman

H. E. S.
H. E. S. 2 months ago

I didn't care much for the rendition but him choosing that lovely lady to dance with was a top notch move on his part. Well done, boss! 👏👏👏

beryl thienhaus
beryl thienhaus 2 months ago

Thank you I enjoyed... suppose lady did too😁😁

Eleanor Lean
Eleanor Lean 2 months ago

Tut tut nice version but leave it alone , belongs to the Drifters ...... !!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.

Burkhard Eggert
Burkhard Eggert 2 months ago


stratusboubou 2 months ago

so generous guy !

KT Omil
KT Omil 2 months ago

A true gentleman, a Legend !!

lou blind
lou blind 2 months ago

Tears in my eyes.

Karen Hultgren
Karen Hultgren 2 months ago

What a beautiful moment! Lucky lady! So special! Brought tears to my eyes. Love Bruce ❤️.

Edimir edimir123
Edimir edimir123 2 months ago

Aprendam vermes,como ser humilde,esse cara

Pharney Nadales Nadales

Am an avid fan here....i love you bruce.....perfect voice really

Danuta Kanarska
Danuta Kanarska 2 months ago


Regiani Marin Carvalho

Que lindo..

Noddy Sleep
Noddy Sleep 2 months ago


Katica Fratric
Katica Fratric 2 months ago


Manuel Pahović
Manuel Pahović 2 months ago



Lindy Palmer
Lindy Palmer 2 months ago

So so dam beautiful love ya mate

Ricardo Cedaro
Ricardo Cedaro 2 months ago

Boss, you are a gentleman. That beautiful lady will never forget that dance gor the rest or her life.

Navapon 599
Navapon 599 2 months ago

My fave! Love them.

Gudrun Freimuth
Gudrun Freimuth 2 months ago

Oh wie schön

Gudrun Freimuth
Gudrun Freimuth 2 months ago

Das geht unter die Haut

Davidina Bremner
Davidina Bremner 2 months ago

Beautiful. I've just come across this video.

Albert Jacquemin
Albert Jacquemin 2 months ago

Hommage a Mort Shuman

Maria Coimbra
Maria Coimbra 2 months ago

Gostaria de estar no lugar desta senhora.. Ele grande.. ARTISTA..voz magnifiQ

Digger Gardi
Digger Gardi 2 months ago

The boss has a very special way with his fans.

Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


Fania Rahse
Fania Rahse 2 months ago


Berit Samulsson
Berit Samulsson 2 months ago


Vurdumduymazlığa İsyan


Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


Britt3663 2 months ago

He is the best ! Thank you Bruce and welcome to Sweden

E-R J 2 months ago

❤ nothing more to say...

Davidina Bremner
Davidina Bremner 2 months ago

Magic. What a hero of af a man.

Emiliano Alves
Emiliano Alves 2 months ago

Isso foi muito lindo

Pat20116 2 months ago

He is a good son, he invited his mom for a dance

Bruce Brinkley
Bruce Brinkley 2 months ago

I've listened to Bruce Springsteen all my adult life very good Singer

Pálné Handa
Pálné Handa 2 months ago

Imádom az összes dalát.

ThefightingCelt 2 months ago

One of the greatest songs ever written . The story behind the song is fascinating .

Friedel Breitenbach
Friedel Breitenbach 2 months ago

Bruce Springsteen singt diesen alten Song auch mit einer tollen Stimmung
und mit Gefühl.
Friedel Breitenbach