Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)


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Information Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)

Title : Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)

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Description Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)

Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)

Rating Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey Album Review)

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Time To Talk Show
Time To Talk Show 2 months ago

Hi would u be on our review panel
Some time

Shane Powell
Shane Powell 2 months ago

Where is the rest of this series????

qhm 2 months ago

This album has a stronger, more balanced and varied selection of songs than the first one, which is why I listen to this (a whole lot) more than the first one.

When Christmas Comes has a nice glide to it, but Christmas Time Is In The Air Again is the closest we might have to a classic on this album.

Auld Lang Syne is not good. It's a bad end to an otherwise solid album. I was hoping she would cover the slowed down Scottish version.

Also, it's a shame that Born Is The King is basically just an interlude.

JS 2 months ago

Repeat for me: Oh Sants
Skip: none

I do think 'When Christmas Comes' with John Legend is a classic. I like it better than the solo version with just her.

Alistair Trapnell
Alistair Trapnell 2 months ago

Am I the only one who prefers MC2U more than the first album? I still love the first album I just listen to MC2U more. My favourite is When Christmas Comes, but I truly love all of the songs... especially the traditional songs like The First Noel/Born is the King (Interlude), O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus and O Little Town of Bethlehem/Little Drummer Boy, as well as One Child!!! I also really like Charlie Brown Christmas Medley... The medleys on this album are genius and the orchestral arrangements throughout the album really tie it nicely together, I think the unity on this album is actually better than the first! IMO.

My skip would probably be All I Want (Extra Festive) to me it’s just not necessary as the original is so iconic and perfect. But otherwise I really like this album!

Breeze MkHael
Breeze MkHael 2 months ago

repeat: christmas time is in the air again. its just sooo lush and warm.
repeat is hard because there are a handful of songs that i don’t have much of an opinion on. it might be the one with her mom though.

Darius Slomka
Darius Slomka 2 months ago

My REPEAT has to be "Oh Santa". 🎅 Such a cheerful tune. ☺ I know it didn't repeat the (meant-to-be? 🤔) success of "All I Want...", but hey what other song can do it on that level anyway? 😁
My SKIP-award 🏆 goes to "Here Comes Santa Claus" 😶. I just do not feel that track. 😕 Sorry, but "turn around and bye, Santa Claus". 😉
This whole album is pretty good - I agree with u on that. 😎 But... oh yes, there's always "BUT"... 😂 the 1st one is more iconic to me - just pure classic and that's all. 😎
I also agree with u: it's good to listen to both albums together. 👍 One of my Spotify playlists includes all Mariah's xmas songs (remixes, main & live versions 🙂), as by listen to it in the mix brings me more of festive mood that I'd hope for. 😊
Anyway, another good review, man. 👍 Keep 'em goin'.
And Merry Christmas (II u). 🎅🎄🎁

brianna 2 months ago

My favorite Mariah Christmas song
When Christmas Comes
I wish born is the king was a whole song

Ian James
Ian James 2 months ago

CTIITAA is such an underrated song. It deserves more attention than it has received.

J Smith
J Smith 2 months ago

In total agreement on the repeat & skip! Christmas Time Is In the Air Again is mesmerizing! Though I have to say my jaw literally dropped in disbelief when I heard you say "Charlie Brown Christmas" was in the running for the skip! I absolutely adore her cover of that song as well, and her vocal there is so haunting. I was like Edina Monsoon in the hospital being told she was going to given local anesthetic: "Charlie Brown Christmas? Are you MAD?!?!" LOL... ;)

Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 2 months ago

New Years Anthem Ep Remixes are fire for sure

Kristoffer Peñas
Kristoffer Peñas 2 months ago

One Child and Jesus born on this day can be a nice back to back track.
My skip From MCIIY is First Noel because of the last R&B remix at the last part, without it maybe I wont skip that track, and Auld lang syne.

Alex D
Alex D 2 months ago

We nearly have the same ranking of albums except Daydream comes instead of Emancipation for me followed by E=mc2 and Memoirs, can’t wait to know where you rank these along with MIAM and Caution. 🦋

Joshua Tonks
Joshua Tonks 2 months ago

She really upped her vocal game on this album after E=MC2 and Memoirs... I remember listening to the teasers before it dropped and being blown away. I think the originals are really strong on this record, better than the covers/carols. Christmas Time Is In The Air Again is stunning.

Joshua Tonks
Joshua Tonks 2 months ago

Replay: The last chorus of O Come All Ye Faithful
Skip: I'd say Auld Lang Syne, but it's the last song and I usually stop the album before that, so I'm gonna go with Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) / Housetop Celebration (honestly, what a title?!!)

Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 2 months ago

When Christmas Comes and Christmas Time Is In The Air Again are the highlights of this album. They sound like covers, and I think both will become timeless classics. I only skip Aud. It feels so out of place, but I understand why she covered it and included it.

Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.

Your analysis was spot on. I like that this album is different from her first Christmas album (production-wise, vocally, lyrically, and artistically-to mention her collaborations). Although I think the first one was stronger and higher in terms of career changing, I like the vibe and variety of this one more. 8/10.
🔁 One Child
⏭ Auld Lang Syne

Michael F.
Michael F. 2 months ago

repeat - When Christmas Comes
Skip - oh Santa!

I'm only skipping Oh Santa because I really enjoy the 2020 Ariana/Jennifer Hudson version way more.

Pablo Umana
Pablo Umana 2 months ago

Repeat: When Christmas Comes
Skip:The First Noel, AIWFCIY remix, One Child, Santa Claus is coming

I hate to say that there’s a lot of filler songs for me

Renee Shalhoub
Renee Shalhoub 2 months ago

My skip is always Charlie Brown. That’s cheesy to me. I love Oh Santa. I don’t think I can pick a repeat. The rest I can listen to top to bottom.

Ask Theglutenfreechef

Skip: Aud

mrc851207 2 months ago

Have you filmed all the videos in one day ? You are wearing the same outfit each time.

de n (90outside)
de n (90outside) 2 months ago

I listen to mostly only her 2nd Christmas 🎄 album 🤫 don’t tell the other lambs🐑.

de n (90outside)
de n (90outside) 2 months ago

It’s crazy that she has 2 Christmas album that are considered Christmas standards

Ayub Gems
Ayub Gems 2 months ago

Replay: Christmas Time Is In The Air Again
Skip: Auld Lang Syne

Greystone 2 months ago

Replay - When Christmas Comes
Skip - Auld Lang Syne

I really agree with you on Auld Lang Syne. It's so cheesy and I don't have it on my playlist. I'll play it on New Years Eve a few times, but that's it!

Mark Anthony Rico
Mark Anthony Rico 2 months ago

You're so Honest,true and positive!!! I love how you react and rate Maraiah albums and songs... plsss Sir give me a shout out !!! I love u so much

Chris P
Chris P 2 months ago

I love MCIIY it feels like the late night version of MC somehow. MC is like Christmas morning and MCIIY is late night brandy and christmas lunch left overs (which are amazing!!!!)

Aaron Jay
Aaron Jay 2 months ago

Replay - When Christmas Comes. Skip - The First Noel