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Villain Pub - 12 Days of Christmas

Villain Pub - 12 Days of Christmas

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LinkedToLaugh 2 months ago

as a massive pop culture fan, this is the best gift i couldve asked for

Ilija Arsic
Ilija Arsic 2 months ago

Am I only one that thinks this song is better than original

shaurya vishal singh
shaurya vishal singh 2 months ago

Two Sith Lords could exist at any given time: a master ,and an apprentice this is the rule of 2.

이건희 2 months ago

Who is the red one-eyed robot?
(I used a translator)

Amuchilani Mokalake
Amuchilani Mokalake 2 months ago

2020 and I'm still here

Reich 2007
Reich 2007 2 months ago

The new joker is join in the joker team
C’mon phonix

Just Queen, not High Queen

It's funny how only two years later, the "all five jokers" joke is already outdated.

S P 2 months ago


MrJohnisthename 2 months ago

All total there are 364 things given on the 12 days of Christmas

Knox Bros
Knox Bros 2 months ago


Ed SR 2 months ago

It’s six jokers now

not simple
not simple 2 months ago

NiCe !

LavaGon 2 months ago

All Loki Scenes In the Video
1-First Loki Scene 2:11
2-Second Loki Scene 2:33
3-Third Loki Scene 2:56
4-Fourth Loki Scene 3:20
5-Final Scene (Loki is At Left Bottom) 3:34

xXPraetoRomeXx 2 months ago

I sang this yesterday 😃👍

Silverstream 2 months ago

I’m watching Th is on Christmas three years later

DaGarley 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020 🌲

Lane Hacker
Lane Hacker 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

KuranguKuppan தமிழ்

Hally xmas

AlexaM208 2 months ago

I come here every year near Christmas to listen to this 🤍

a7 de la cruz
a7 de la cruz 2 months ago

Merry Christmas PS I'm batman

Moon 2 months ago

I like how the sith lords keep changing

Bandit Airsoft
Bandit Airsoft 2 months ago

I love 2017 and I miss it

craig taylor
craig taylor 2 months ago

Harry was like “Ok, I’m outta here!”

justinisasquare 2 months ago

I love revisiting this every year.

Pegasi Love
Pegasi Love 2 months ago

3 years after I first saw this, it still funny and I still play it every year. Actually several times because I have to share it with others.

Onyehuchi Ebube
Onyehuchi Ebube 2 months ago

The Christmas song we needed but don't deserve

Suns Geek
Suns Geek 2 months ago

This is like a nerds favorite verison of 12 days of Christmas

Suns Geek
Suns Geek 2 months ago

Happy Holidays everyone!

Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez 2 months ago

Who’s here on Christmas Eve/ day

Charlie Craft
Charlie Craft 2 months ago


Mister Pants
Mister Pants 2 months ago

This is the best 12 days of Christmas cover ever

SG Salmon
SG Salmon 2 months ago

When u realise the infinity stones get brighter and brighter the further into the song

SeaWarriorSlime 2 months ago

Yay it’s that time of year time to listen to the villains Christmas song

Yoltzin Lopez
Yoltzin Lopez 2 months ago

I'm trying to sing this

Eric Moore
Eric Moore 2 months ago

Is this really 3 years old? Wow

Oliwer Mattsson
Oliwer Mattsson 2 months ago

How can sauron move hes stuck

Hope Borba
Hope Borba 2 months ago

It's that time of the year

Carlos Palma
Carlos Palma 2 months ago

Did u make a goosebumps Hishe

Gokublack 2 months ago

That time of year again

Martin Playz
Martin Playz 2 months ago

I like how thanos is upside down

A Random Person
A Random Person 2 months ago

When I saw this video on my recommended, I seriously thought HISHE had uploaded a new Christmas video. I really need to start looking at the release dates of these things.

Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez 2 months ago

I come every year right before Christmas 🎄

Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose 2 months ago

Everyone's talking about the Two Sith Lords well I'm here laughing at the way Thanos' chair is all over the show.

Somebody insane
Somebody insane 2 months ago

shouldn't the second day 2 Sith lords be darth plagues

Giannis Kiritsis
Giannis Kiritsis 2 months ago

The anthem of 2020

ShunnedLeaf 8018
ShunnedLeaf 8018 2 months ago

I sad there was no disfigured Anakin.

Michele rujano
Michele rujano 2 months ago

3:28 Harry's like I'm out😂

Michele rujano
Michele rujano 2 months ago

1:35 Harry's like really

Michele rujano
Michele rujano 2 months ago

Harry Potter like
Do I have to be in you villain Christmas song.
And at the end he's like
Nope I'm Out 😂

HPF Goodwin
HPF Goodwin 2 months ago

It slapy and anebill and chucky

Phantom Gamer
Phantom Gamer 2 months ago

Pretty much sums up 2020

Edwin Castro
Edwin Castro 2 months ago

Except Anakin

Edwin Castro
Edwin Castro 2 months ago

Palp keeps dumping his apprentices

Ruby Holt
Ruby Holt 2 months ago

Jar jar bisg

Planet G
Planet G 2 months ago

Best Christmas song ever

CodaDude 2 months ago

these 4 minutes felt like 4 hours.

Vuk Pralica
Vuk Pralica 2 months ago

I like how laught of joker every time is different and how in "two sith lords" every third time sith change aprentice like in star warsXD

Birb 2 months ago

Sauron! Get out of my personal space, #2 personal space

THOMAS MCCANN 2 months ago

I commented this at 9.99 million subs

Dino_ Droop
Dino_ Droop 2 months ago

Lol 2020 christmas anyone. I watch this video every year. "ALL FIVE JOKERZZZZZ"

Michael Raad
Michael Raad 2 months ago

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Charlie Barton Bullimore

This you should do 12 days of super cafe

Lightbulb Productions

Omg I just noticed that Harry Potter is standing next to Voldemort when he says “ 7 horcruxes”! He looks so confused at why voldy is singing

TrashDragon 2 months ago

Imagine for 3rd day it was Davy Jones saying 3 Dutchman’s masts

Idk Idk
Idk Idk 2 months ago

To many REFERENCES!!!!! (as a good thing)

Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 2 months ago

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Sammymeows 2 months ago

12 days till

J.T. Barghest
J.T. Barghest 2 months ago

This year would be the perfect time for a hero version.

tt10156 2 months ago

Can you do another Christmas music video for this year?

Luiz Claudio Santos
Luiz Claudio Santos 2 months ago

“All five jokers” do it again and better 100000000000000000000 years later finally let’s just make movie but wait Says HISHE I can make an exception then this came out.

The Green Bee
The Green Bee 2 months ago

I see Chucky - who are the other two creepy dolls? Annabelle and???

CodeNameCheeto 2 months ago

Has this become a classic Christmas song for anyone else?

Panos Pappas
Panos Pappas 2 months ago

Plus one like if you are watching it near Christmas or in Christmas

Mya Tamsma
Mya Tamsma 2 months ago

Did anyone else see Harry Potter

Julia Mcphee
Julia Mcphee 2 months ago


gothemprincess 2 months ago

i love this way too much i don't think my mum and dad are going Christmas carolling with this one LOL

Nimela Aiden
Nimela Aiden 2 months ago

The cooing baker conspicuously concentrate because ghost yearly trust off a immense leek. wacky, brief cathedral

Jordan Tibbs Official

Anyone else watch this like every December?

KeSara My
KeSara My 2 months ago

Loky! :)

fawful the great gamer

The fact megatron was singing made me laugh

D.R. Iris
D.R. Iris 2 months ago

ANYONE ELSE NOTICE...?! "Two Sith Lord's" had Palpatine with his DIFFERENT apprentices and why he eventually ditched them for a new apprentice XD XD XD XD

Noob Gamer 2000
Noob Gamer 2000 2 months ago

Really well made awesome

Nicholas Maddocks
Nicholas Maddocks 2 months ago

2020 and I'm still loving this

JustPlainJosh 2 months ago

Well, I'm back for this year's annual viewing of the Villains' cover...
One of the best in my opinion

İşsizlikler Diyarı

There is just one month for 2021, anyone there?

Owen Scott
Owen Scott 2 months ago

Do jingle bells bad giy style

Leo The Lion
Leo The Lion 2 months ago

On the 9th day of Christmas my hatred did recall ...9 months of hellish quarantine

Kian Cawtheray
Kian Cawtheray 2 months ago

Who is here in 2020

Mr Lemon
Mr Lemon 2 months ago

0:48 if your wondering why a dog is there it from up the movie

Kolton Ledbetter
Kolton Ledbetter 2 months ago

On the tenth day of Christmas my hatred did recall

Kolton Ledbetter
Kolton Ledbetter 2 months ago


R T 2 months ago

Lmao Harry when voldy said 7 horcruxes 😂

Luca Awad
Luca Awad 2 months ago

Who here knows who the monkey doll is? :)

Robyn Miller
Robyn Miller 2 months ago


Mr Grievous
Mr Grievous 2 months ago

Pretty much the only colour you can see is grey

Mazen Lopez Khoury
Mazen Lopez Khoury 2 months ago

Family: It's Christmas time!
Me: *Starts singing the Villan pub song*.
Family: *Blinks*.

ArixPrime 2 months ago

I just think i got a new favourite Xmas song :)

Kian Cawtheray
Kian Cawtheray 2 months ago

Here we go again marry Christmas 🎄

Khalid Fawzan
Khalid Fawzan 2 months ago


sajid kaleem
sajid kaleem 2 months ago

Creepy doll who is the first doll