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Martha Stewart's Tabletop Holiday Decor - Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's Tabletop Holiday Decor - Martha Stewart

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Jill Pritchard
Jill Pritchard 2 months ago

Hi Martha, these are so cute but where can we get the Apothecary Jars? That is what helps in a big way to display your line of Decor. I think you have another hit on your hands, Congratulations and Thanks, JilliBean

Samsam Bel42
Samsam Bel42 2 months ago

I love you since you were little and I watch you as a very wonderful woman💓💓💓

Merziye Bayramova
Merziye Bayramova 2 months ago

Türkçe olsaydı ne güzel olurdu

Chantel TV
Chantel TV 2 months ago

Her merchandise is still for sale! Everywhere.

Barchetta 2 months ago

I've lost respect for her because she partnered with that TRAITOR snoop dog!!! he's an insult to dogs.

Jake Alden
Jake Alden 2 months ago

where to buy the jars?

Ellie MM
Ellie MM 2 months ago

So, I'm guessing the lights are timed...or do I have to take out the scenery every time I want it on or off?

Lisa Pan
Lisa Pan 2 months ago


Viorik Serban
Viorik Serban 2 months ago

💙💛❤️🇷🇴 🙌

The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow 2 months ago

Very pretty but k dont want to be digging down into the salt or dale snow everytime to turn them on or off....

Filip Korek
Filip Korek 2 months ago

Rae Gibson
Rae Gibson 2 months ago

Nice perfect for Christmas

Liz Smith
Liz Smith 2 months ago

Wouldn't salt be bad for the electronis?

Pig Sty
Pig Sty 2 months ago

I realize this video is rather old. But I'm curious, where did you get the apothecary jars (used in this video)? TIA

Amy Patton
Amy Patton 2 months ago

Does the salt affect the cords or batteries? It would be better to have a timer on the lights so you dont have to go into the salt each time you cut on or off the
Snow scene. Very pretty !

mimi rich
mimi rich 2 months ago

There are much better ones on you tube

Tim Smith
Tim Smith 2 months ago

Great if you have money

Zoya Mazur
Zoya Mazur 2 months ago

Очень мило

Bree Themagnifique
Bree Themagnifique 2 months ago

Iscritta 👍

Luddenis wishes
Luddenis wishes 2 months ago

Love anything Martha Stewart

G- Bgcg
G- Bgcg 2 months ago

Remove the salt, add aquarium pebbles and the little church, add water and fish and voila!!! An aquarium for Beta fish for “Christmas”.

Leta Robinson
Leta Robinson 2 months ago

I bet scented bath salt and decorative bath item would be nice gift.

armonia gault
armonia gault 2 months ago

Would the salt react with the battery?

shelia rouch
shelia rouch 2 months ago

So each time you have to turn it on you have to dig down with your hand and in salt as well..but very pretty

Alma Fernandez
Alma Fernandez 2 months ago

To bare and digging to to turned on is definitely a turned off.

Somaya El Gammal سمية الجمال

Has Martha's voice changed ?

Elena Just My Thoughts

I love this idea, for CHRISTmas....Thank you.

Jackie Baros
Jackie Baros 2 months ago

Why can't you put affordable display, the broke can do. ..our table always bare...some of the people who follow you don't have that kind of money. ..

Beatriz Julia Villavicencio Banda

I love it..! From Lima-Perú... 😘🙏

Blanca Flor López
Blanca Flor López 2 months ago

Martha muy lindo
No hablo inglés quisiera saber cómo se llama ese polvo blanco que utilizaste

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

I actually made these years ago when I watched Martha on CBS.

Italian CIA
Italian CIA 2 months ago

All that at the dollar store and a lot cheaper

fiona Huffman
fiona Huffman 2 months ago

Question where do i get the jars?

Connie Towler
Connie Towler 2 months ago

Very pretty...

Brooke Bogan
Brooke Bogan 2 months ago

i so dislike led lights , wheres the warmth from real lights? Martha help find a manufacture that can recreate the true glow of real lights

Stephen Guppy
Stephen Guppy 2 months ago

I was expecting her to bake a cake with a file in it...........

maria13corvette 2 months ago

I would use ivory soap, or any other kind of soap it will make room smell fresh

karla Nicolau
karla Nicolau 2 months ago

Hello Martha. I'm from Brazil. kiss,kiss.😗

Dzovag Urnechlian
Dzovag Urnechlian 2 months ago

Very simple

اشياء مفيدة

Love you you are my best❤

just me
just me 2 months ago

Lovely déco

Sawsan Ibraheen
Sawsan Ibraheen 2 months ago

Ilike evry thing yuo do it

Rosa Brand
Rosa Brand 2 months ago

This is an excellent idea!!! I will have to try this with artificial snow. Looks like I have to make a trip to Home Depot. I love your decorations!!!

Blanca Mercado
Blanca Mercado 2 months ago

They are not a holiday decorate, they are a Christmas decorate

rawrberrys 2 months ago

Only thing saltier than her decor is the comment section...

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 2 months ago

I did this before with hurricane vases since at the time I couldn’t find apothecary jars certainly none this size. It is beautiful and yes the salt does glow. Also fake snow while pretty be mindful by itself it doesn’t exactly provide a solid or stable foundation for heavier figurines. And the trees will fall over. You can however find some silica sand or white sand and mix it with the fake snow to get the same affect but worried about the batteries.

Dee Ann
Dee Ann 2 months ago

Martha, please make mini lights with a timer. That way you don’t have to keep disturbing your creation to turn them on each night!

Me Justme
Me Justme 2 months ago

Omg. Zane Redfern did this. AtHomeWithZane. LOVE THIS LOOK 💖💖👍👍

Lorie P.
Lorie P. 2 months ago

I am wondering if you could use the lights on the outside (somehow ), and perhaps put Peppermint Essential Oils on the Salt .? It would be like a Diffuser and disperse a lovely scent within the Room . I do not celebrate Christmas , but have make many Winter Scenes within Large Jars and I do love Martha's Ideas.

Grace Madejski
Grace Madejski 2 months ago

Lights with a remote would make it easier, no diving in salt. Sorry about the other post.

Grace Madejski
Grace Madejski 2 months ago

Light with a remote World mąkę it easier, no dining in salt.

Kathleen Carter Steeves

Class act lady Martha

Etza Fonseca
Etza Fonseca 2 months ago

Por favor podría traducir en español?

Hidden Flower
Hidden Flower 2 months ago

Woah ....I see people weren't feeling this idea. WAH WAH WAH.....FAIL! 😖

Victoria Demico
Victoria Demico 2 months ago

I did this, but used fake snow and a small amber colored fake candle-placed inside the house. Also, used small branches of real cedar trees, and the effect was much more beautiful, imo.

Laura Pierce
Laura Pierce 2 months ago


JoJo Hamilton
JoJo Hamilton 2 months ago

Salt will absorb moisture and may make that jar damp,salt and batteries do not mix! Artificial snow or tinsel would be more appropriate and realistic. Also the jars need more festive items added.

Doris Eguiluz
Doris Eguiluz 2 months ago


The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow 2 months ago

Sorry Martha...who wants to dig down in salt every night to turn the lights on and off?? I don't got time for such I can't even see the lights...I do like those large jars though..
Sorry Martha I find,this 1 a fail...its pretty but kinda dumb..

Greta p
Greta p 2 months ago

Maybe we can use sugar instead of salt. ??

Laurie Diehl
Laurie Diehl 2 months ago

God bless you, how nice.

Gabriela 111
Gabriela 111 2 months ago

If you don;t use artificial know, at least use Epson salt. It's sparkly. I expected better from Martha. Use a remote or simply hide the switch box outside behind the jar.

Janet Brown
Janet Brown 2 months ago

Silly having the battery pack covered in salt!

Alice appunti
Alice appunti 2 months ago

God!!! Is this the best idea the "great" Martha Stewart could come up with??? Besides...salt (as food in general) is precious: food must never go wasted!!!

Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 2 months ago

U.R.Awesome Bless u for sharing.

Franco Avila
Franco Avila 2 months ago

Didnt she go to jail?

Cheryl Tiseo
Cheryl Tiseo 2 months ago

I use the battery operated lights with a remote and instead of wrapping the lights on the outside of the glass I put the lights and remote inside the glass to protect them, just flip the glass upside down. You can use scotch tape and make a X across the opening of the glass to hold your lights and battery pack when you are flipping it upside down.

Laurie 2 months ago

To have to "dig" down through the snow each evening to turn it on is just dumb and impractical. And since when does a snow covered yard light up from underneath it's snow anyway. She's so wierd.

Alisha Beauchamp
Alisha Beauchamp 2 months ago


Jesse B.
Jesse B. 2 months ago

There are fairy lights that can be operated by a remote. Digging into the salt to turn them on or off is a pain. Also, artificial snow allows more light to show. Salt is too dense for this.

Paradise Eternal
Paradise Eternal 2 months ago

Apothecary jars.

Mona Mora
Mona Mora 2 months ago

hello martha ,I have your envelope making but I don't have no instruction? do you have a video on how to? pls help

Mona Mora
Mona Mora 2 months ago

hello martha ,I have your envelope making but I don't have no instruction? do you have a video on how to? pls help

Mona Mora
Mona Mora 2 months ago

hello martha ,I have your envelope making but I don't have no instruction? do you have a video on how to? pls help

Aarti Singh
Aarti Singh 2 months ago

I really likes ur vid

A Whittles
A Whittles 2 months ago

Won't the salt corrode the battery 😖

Estela Alvarez
Estela Alvarez 2 months ago


edmyr vespucci
edmyr vespucci 2 months ago

love this idea and will create my own version for my youtube channel. :)

Lydia it is dy very good Acevedo

bellos para preparar me encanto🙌

Joy Clarke
Joy Clarke 2 months ago

Another lovely idea from you Martha!

Debby McCormack
Debby McCormack 2 months ago

Beautiful, but stupid. Who the hell wants to put their hand in salt every time they want to turn their decorations on and off? Plus, it would disturb the scene so you would have to reset it every time. Sorry Martha, love your work, but this is a fail in my book. Leave the lights out of it.

Irma562 Mart
Irma562 Mart 2 months ago

Wast of salt😏

Mary Gamino
Mary Gamino 2 months ago

Such a neat idea & it sure turned out nice ! Thanks for showing us how to

Fari Sheik
Fari Sheik 2 months ago

Martha I like you all things your ideas I'm relley impeares about.

Whymsical Dreamer
Whymsical Dreamer 2 months ago

Gosh, I can NEVER find apothecary jars that size!!!! Especially not in the UK, its the pits trying to find anything like that here. :O(

Michael Shields777
Michael Shields777 2 months ago

"This would look perfect on top of the tree! Oh, Martha! Oh, Christmas!" Lol!

Paula Ebo
Paula Ebo 2 months ago

Does the salt corrode the batteries? 

Andy Delu
Andy Delu 2 months ago

Simple and Beautiful!

strandnixe1 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. HUgs Beate

lindakastner47 2 months ago

Very nice idea with the snow scene in the apothecary glass. Love it*

Marta Menezes
Marta Menezes 2 months ago

Adorable !
Xx from Brazil

Sophie Kayy
Sophie Kayy 2 months ago

LOVED THIS! Can't wait to try it! :)

sjohn 2 months ago

Such a great tip. I never really liked/like fake snow, but salt (genius)? Wonderful and so reasonably priced.

Sbutterfly 2 months ago

beautiful ^^

Francis Calderon
Francis Calderon 2 months ago

Very simple and pretty !

kittenpawsbb 2 months ago

I'm so glad Martha is on YouTube, and still being creative as ever.