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Tara Noel
Tara Noel 2 months ago

WOW !! So glad I found you two. I love ❤ everything you are doing .

Teresa Rumage
Teresa Rumage 2 months ago

Just found your channel love it

June Lovvorn
June Lovvorn 2 months ago

Could I use the frames like they were instead of using the glass and skewers? I would love to make this but I don't think I could make the glass work. Thank you so much!!! I love your channel.

Stephanie Hung
Stephanie Hung 2 months ago

You guys make the BEST diy’s!!!

Venita Jelks
Venita Jelks 2 months ago

Nice job, I love DIY Dollar Tree. I would love to see Christmas ideas using candle:*>

Ruth Pennington
Ruth Pennington 2 months ago

i love the frame with the floral/leaf picks! such a beautiful idea!!!

Rachel Campbell-Maher

Great projects! I’m wondering if filling the stocking holder boxes with cement would allow them to hold more weight?

Kika Bp
Kika Bp 2 months ago

I just got here, and I loved all your diys. They are so nice.

Kimberly Dolen
Kimberly Dolen 2 months ago

Very tired of farmhouse style. Would love to see more Scandanavian, minimalist, and Canadiana.

shamaraboonemua 2 months ago

I'm so over "farmhouse". I do appreciate some elements but its overkill. You guys do amazing job keeping it fresh and current. Id love to see dupes for Anthropologie, Arhaus, World Market, & Target home and decor. I would love to see more Scandi, Minimalism, Boho, and Modern designs.

Hope Lowe
Hope Lowe 2 months ago

Stumbled on your videos and I love the simple decor! I will definitely see what else you've done.

Denise 2 months ago

Very nice 👍

Z Stars stars
Z Stars stars 2 months ago

@the crafty couple. How much wd it cost for you to make 2 of these shadow boxes for me.

Z Stars stars
Z Stars stars 2 months ago

@thecradtingcouple. How much wd it cost me to you to make me 2 of these. For me. My hands. Won’t allow me to do this

Ewelina Sz
Ewelina Sz 2 months ago

Daphne Bondu
Daphne Bondu 2 months ago

I would love to see you do a haul video from HomeGoods and Ross! 😆

Tracy Scott
Tracy Scott 2 months ago

You have inspired me and helped lift me during this depression I’m in do thank you! I did the first project: the Christmas trees out of dowels in different sizes. I used hot glue but I reinforced with wood glue, let dry over night. Then instead of glueing onto the base, I drilled holes into each base so I could disassemble for storage later. I used a gloss spray paint and let dry overnight. I wish I knew how to attach photo to show you-I LOVE THEM! You guys are my favorite!!!

Kia Malveaux
Kia Malveaux 2 months ago

Minimalist, glam, industrial!!

Ms.Krueger 2 months ago

I just love color💚. Lots of bright colors. ☃️🎄🎁❄️🌟❤️

Sun's Arts
Sun's Arts 2 months ago

Love all of the projects! Love the way you gave high end look using simple dollar tree items! Awesome! 👏👌🤩

Kim’s WRLD
Kim’s WRLD 2 months ago

Very nice n creative ty fort sharing

TGilbs Pow
TGilbs Pow 2 months ago

I love farmhouse styles and I always stick to Dollar Tree or Dollar General. My fav project this time is the stocking hangers. <3

Cindy Bridges
Cindy Bridges 2 months ago

I’m new to you. I did subscribe. Love your stuff!!!

67DrWatson 2 months ago

I am open to anything but country/farmhouse as I think those channels are over-saturated on this platform. I'm so glad to see that despite your sub numbers rising rapidly you've still kept to the format you've had from the beginning; mellow background music, no overpowering voice-overs and clear and concise instructions on what you're doing with each DIY project. I also love the fact that you're a married couple because especially during a lockdown you're showing couples one of the ways to deal with being together for extended periods during the day. Loved all the pieces you showcased here.

Eli R
Eli R 2 months ago

I love your style !

morgan brathwaite
morgan brathwaite 2 months ago

Anyone else having trouble finding the snowflakes?

Jane Richey
Jane Richey 2 months ago

I loved all of these! I really like the black.

Single Rose
Single Rose 2 months ago

You guys DIY are amazing, love the fact that we can have these decor all he round. 💞💕

Rebeka Winkel
Rebeka Winkel 2 months ago

I love them all but I want to know how you guys made the stamped Christmas tree picture behind the snowflake hooks?

Catie Irwin
Catie Irwin 2 months ago

I like the modern sleek style you feature here but mixed with a little boho/natural elements ☺️

BEST OF DIY ARTZ 2 months ago

Wowww so creative 😍😍

23jranthony 2 months ago

So cute!!

Sherry Lavite
Sherry Lavite 2 months ago

Can you do a West Elm dupe for Christmas?

Angie Garrett
Angie Garrett 2 months ago

I love y'alls channel!!!! Thank you for keeping everything simple yet elegant. All you see is FARM HOUSE EVERYTHING I like simple black white and silverish grey decor.

Ellen Kelley
Ellen Kelley 2 months ago

I LOVE this style and you all do it so well. It is nice to see something different than farmhouse. That box and the vases could be used year round Thanks.

Shannon 2 months ago

You should fill the stocking holders with quick cement to give it the proper weight to hold a stocking, especially if it's stuffed with goodies.

d5trbd 2 months ago

They all look great!!

Cindy Lopez
Cindy Lopez 2 months ago

I really am starting to like the modern industrial look and honestly these are great touches

314Debby 2 months ago

I enjoy all of your projects! THANKS FOR NOT BEING THE FARMHOUSE DIY COUPLE!!!! I don't care much for hauls. I strictly a DIY kinda girl! Yours are always so classic.

Danielle Greaves
Danielle Greaves 2 months ago

I am so glad I found you guys on the hop! Love all the DIYs they are beautiful!!

Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen 2 months ago

This is one of the best videos you have made. I’m glad you are continuing to do different styles.

Lydia Kinnaman
Lydia Kinnaman 2 months ago

Love the modern look of black all beautiful.

Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera 2 months ago

You guys are so creative. Love these!

AJ 2 months ago

Amazon has a 10 pack of the coat hooks for $3. So excited to make these for my family.

Tammy Allemand
Tammy Allemand 2 months ago

I would have added some of the small Pine cones around the pick in the large black vase. That way you won’t see the bag inside.

Kathy Oliver
Kathy Oliver 2 months ago

I’m new and loving your craft. Follower forever!!

Skye DIY
Skye DIY 2 months ago

Love these. Most of the time when people say that their dollar store D.I.Ys looks "High end" They really don't. You guys really delivered on that front. I also love the scandinavian/nordoc vibe of these. That is the vibe I want for Christmas this year!

My Tidy Life
My Tidy Life 2 months ago

Loved the glass box and the triangular trees! So simple but they both look so nice and modern! Took some notes to go buy the supplies and try to recreate them :D

Mekaa Christopher
Mekaa Christopher 2 months ago

I need it. ♥️

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 2 months ago

This is the first video I’ve seen of yours. Such great minimal ideas. Subscribed! 🖤

Laura Garver
Laura Garver 2 months ago

Ok, You are definitely saying “let us know in the comments below” far too often!

Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis 2 months ago

Here here regarding the comments about your sophisticated design! Nearly ALL of the Dollar Tree flips are either farmhouse style (not my taste at all) or “bling-bling glam” (nice in small doses). It’s great to see DT flips that are a more sophisticated, streamlined style.

Zulu Zulu
Zulu Zulu 2 months ago

Amazing as always!! Was it glue stick that bought you together and E 6000 made sure you stayed together?? Love you both!!

Carole Coffman
Carole Coffman 2 months ago

Rustic style for Christmas..

Arcia French
Arcia French 2 months ago

I plan on making the simple trees and stocking holders

Maisie Smith
Maisie Smith 2 months ago


Lourdes Sandoval
Lourdes Sandoval 2 months ago

Love your channel. You are so creative and your crafts always so neat and pretty.

Amanda Przada
Amanda Przada 2 months ago

I’d have to say the black standing trees are my fav in this one 😍

Deborah Mcdowell
Deborah Mcdowell 2 months ago

I’ve seen my friend use washers around the dowels to hold the trunk. She said it stores easier. Less worrie. Lol. Just a thought.

Kenosha Montgomery
Kenosha Montgomery 2 months ago

Although it took some work, the glass frame lantern was cuuuuute! Great job!

Angela Woodard
Angela Woodard 2 months ago

I like the minimalist decor with black and wood...just like you're doing.

Aleyda Martinez
Aleyda Martinez 2 months ago

I want to see bohemian style please!!

Maritza Lopez
Maritza Lopez 2 months ago

I love each one of the projects! I enjoy watching your videos and inspire me to make them! Thanks for sharing all this amazing projects! You guys help me to decorate my house with all this beautiful and stunning projects! I can’t wait to see more videos! Blessings!!

Charlotte Pillow
Charlotte Pillow 2 months ago apologies, no remorse...still love the farmhouse style...

The Primitive Black Hat Society

Hmmm...wash off the glitter...who would have thought. Had no idea it would just wash off.

jessica luna
jessica luna 2 months ago

Can you do something for small porch modern Christmas decor?

clara borges
clara borges 2 months ago

Target and IKEA

can Crew
can Crew 2 months ago

dude these are bomb! you guys are amazing

ms peoples
ms peoples 2 months ago

Minimalist modern boho designs please. Love your channel!

Linda Lentz
Linda Lentz 2 months ago

Love the black and minimalist!

Cindy Fernandez
Cindy Fernandez 2 months ago

Omg! I love your diys. It’s hard to pic just one favorite, so I guess the shadow box snowscape is on the top of my list.❤️💚

Laura Shaffer
Laura Shaffer 2 months ago

I love them all but the picture frames with the star and greenery is my favorite. TFS.

Marzette Bolden
Marzette Bolden 2 months ago

Just checked out your channel for the first time, I was so amazed at how well you guys recreated a high end look by using dollar tree items I will continue to watch and subscribe Be blessed💕🙏

Elizabeth Araujo
Elizabeth Araujo 2 months ago

Hobby lobby, Home Goods, and Target!

Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen 2 months ago

I def love the last modern project!


Very beautiful Christmas DIY'S! Thank You for sharing with us.🕊🎄👍🌟👏🎄🕊

Kayleigh Young
Kayleigh Young 2 months ago

Christmas tree shop haul

Christina Lopez
Christina Lopez 2 months ago

I forget how much dowels can help w/things, great idea

Christina Lopez
Christina Lopez 2 months ago

Wow, amazing, great eye, I love it, thank you so much for sharing, love it, so crisp and clean, yet, simply elegant, love it <3

Sweets andDandy
Sweets andDandy 2 months ago

The trees are great, and so easy! I couldn't figure out what they were made from because the hot glue connections actually look like solder joints on metal.

FERVENTLY CHIC 2 months ago

OMG! Love this! I'm doing a Black and White Christmas Theme this year and I was looking for ideas for the mantle! Thanks guys for the inspiration, the picture frames and the modern trees are SPECTACULAR!

Laura Jacoby
Laura Jacoby 2 months ago

I love the glass snowy tablescape. I’m thinking of not gluing the bottom on and making different bottoms for the seasons. Sand and seashells for summer, grass and flowers for spring, fall leaves and pumpkins for fall!

Viola Manges
Viola Manges 2 months ago

Liked all! They looked so upscale! My favorites were the vases.

Yajaira Morris
Yajaira Morris 2 months ago

Very cute. But easily a 10 min video lol

Elizabeth Johnston
Elizabeth Johnston 2 months ago

This year I'm doing a black and silver color theme

Monica Zuniga
Monica Zuniga 2 months ago

Love it all , but to much black to me ... even though it's looks beautiful .

Marjie Park
Marjie Park 2 months ago

I love how minimal and sophisticated styles are these! Definitely will make one of these stuff!

Gail Rhodes
Gail Rhodes 2 months ago

I would love to see a classy blue white and silver Christmas ideas

Nancy Jensen
Nancy Jensen 2 months ago

Love Love Love your DIY's. They really look high end. Thank you

Nancy Jensen
Nancy Jensen 2 months ago

Restoration Hardware!

Deana Wells
Deana Wells 2 months ago

Antique malls and thrift stores for vintage antique Christmas ornaments and decorations including interior design DIY

LadySilke 2 months ago

These are ALL great!!!!

Stephanie Ranum
Stephanie Ranum 2 months ago

Dollar general!! That's my favorite other than dollar tree. Lol

AngelaMarie66 2 months ago

All so cute!

Sydney Grover
Sydney Grover 2 months ago

Obsessed with your DIYS! 🧡✨

AngelaMarie66 2 months ago

I like your channel, please no farm 🏡 house.

Hani Gupta
Hani Gupta 2 months ago

Just found your channel and love what I've seen so far. Think you can do some Asian/Zen themed DIYs?

Amy Wolf
Amy Wolf 2 months ago

What is their second channel called?

Kelly Dean
Kelly Dean 2 months ago

I love yalls style.THANKS WITH HUGS

Maria Jeyarajah
Maria Jeyarajah 2 months ago

I have two glass panes do u have any diy ideas?

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