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oompa loompa
oompa loompa 2 months ago

this happened a couple or so hours from me 😟

Drift.e 2 months ago

That picture was way scarier then the whole video😂

Vlue Heres
Vlue Heres 2 months ago


56 Cadd
56 Cadd 2 months ago

That thumbnail looks massacured.

Sleepyboxgirl UwU2
Sleepyboxgirl UwU2 2 months ago


Dexter 2 months ago

POV: You're reading this

lorac c.
lorac c. 2 months ago

Horrible santa.

Raphael Ceravolo
Raphael Ceravolo 2 months ago

Who’s here Christmas 2020 🎄

That one weird robloxian

Why did you make the thumbnail weird

Sammy G
Sammy G 2 months ago

Been to the graveyard where the family’s buried its so sad :(

UnKnown4mat 2 months ago

poor family....RIP

uh.emm.a aa
uh.emm.a aa 2 months ago

it’s the editing for me

Nate Kistler
Nate Kistler 2 months ago

COVID-19 is gonna kill us all

no thing
no thing 2 months ago


conner the og
conner the og 2 months ago

oh to live in north carolina

Dank Smoke
Dank Smoke 2 months ago

I wonder if this family is related to pazuzu algarad

nathanjd12901 2 months ago

Fucking terrible :(

A R 2 months ago

I wonder if there's relation between John "Pazuzu" Lawson and this family. Both in NC.

TheHoused MansionMind

Coincidentally...Pazuzu Algarads real John Lawson!!!!!

4208jason 2 months ago

Its Christmas time. This is a sweet story ill tell my 2 young daughters tonight.

Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 2 months ago

Wasnt Pazuzu aka John Lawson from North Carolina ?

Shaun VanSlyke
Shaun VanSlyke 2 months ago

Pazuzu algarad's great grandparent's? Lol

Beth Howard
Beth Howard 2 months ago

Who else is here because of Pazuzu Algarad? His real last name was Lawson and resided in North Carolina. I wonder if whatever effected Charlie some how made it’s way to Pazuzu.

Tony Fair
Tony Fair 2 months ago

The name of the town is GermanTON, not GermanTOWN and the house was torn down 80+years ago. It is not a tourist destination. Their grave site is nearby, however in a small public cemetery.

Austin Michael
Austin Michael 2 months ago

How come in N.C. their is always those people who kill so many.

sixmagjax 2 months ago

The satanic murderer pazuzu algarads real name was John Lawson

rayysnhelll 2 months ago

Does this Lawson family have connection to Pazuzu john lawson who killed and burned his backyard who lived in Winston Salem

João Toldi
João Toldi 2 months ago

Whats the name of the song that plays along the video?

LJ McDonald
LJ McDonald 2 months ago

I heard Marie told a friend she was pregnant

Sam bax
Sam bax 2 months ago

them poor children,

Lxl Dxvid
Lxl Dxvid 2 months ago

Why would you murder a 4 month old baby

Brenda R
Brenda R 2 months ago

Read a story about this that said the Christmas photo shows no indication of Marie being pregnant. I beg to differ. I think her tummy is filling out that velvet dress at about a 4 month look.

BIG CHUNGUS CLIPS 2 months ago

Wanna hear a brutal and ugly joke uhhhh

Donald trump

Mitchell. 2 months ago

I literally live like 20 minutes away from where this happened at but I'm only 15 so this happened way before I was born

Cepha 2 months ago

why does the person in the portrait have no pupils. creepy

Mom's Spaghetti
Mom's Spaghetti 2 months ago

"And the anus twisted crime"

Luis H
Luis H 2 months ago

😊thanks for the story

2ndMounier 2 months ago

A bullshit version of the Lawson Family Murders.

Jared Lawson
Jared Lawson 2 months ago

Just found out that i'm related to these people. Always wondered why my grandfather didn't celebrate Christmas

Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez 2 months ago

so sick..

spencer studios
spencer studios 2 months ago

I wonder if this will be a movie at some point

JGT Productions
JGT Productions 2 months ago


Matt Humphrey
Matt Humphrey 2 months ago


Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 2 months ago

To many demoted videos

BlueBallsExotics 2 months ago

holly fuck that was crazy

Shi Cruisin'
Shi Cruisin' 2 months ago

"Started a relationship" with his 7 yr old daughter. And later with other girl children in his family..... relationship?! how about, raped!! Had he been my husband, he would have "mysteriously gone off to a foreign land forever," right after I'd discovered him raping my baby! And the undergrowth in a certain spot in the nearby forest would have suddenly turned rather lush and prolific......

Madi Moo
Madi Moo 2 months ago

I was watching Sam and cat and then his was recommended...

James B
James B 2 months ago


Deonte Harris
Deonte Harris 2 months ago

im watching this before bed i see a clown in the picture of the bideo i forgot what its called i might piss in the bed

Kezia 2 months ago

Who's watching this in 2016?

Tristan Ward
Tristan Ward 2 months ago


Joseph Su'a
Joseph Su'a 2 months ago

This would be one hell of a movie.

craigory 2 months ago

Someone type the description of this, I'm too much of a pussy to watch.

Gypsy Joker
Gypsy Joker 2 months ago

So the thumbnail has nothing to do with the actual video?

onions guy
onions guy 2 months ago

This is crazy

logan Ferraro
logan Ferraro 2 months ago

you are my favorite youtber

luke rogers
luke rogers 2 months ago

more like Charlie Unlawfulson

Agent Venom
Agent Venom 2 months ago

3:52 ghost

Blu UFO 2 months ago

is this p.t ?

Konstantinos Akrivos
Konstantinos Akrivos 2 months ago

Have anyone else noticed that the two men in the left side of the picture are dead? But they are held up with the help of a machine

D 2 months ago

I've always gotten depressed over Christmas deaths.

HecticTrey 2 months ago

Lol this video was hilarious :) I want to do it

Ferenc Kementzey
Ferenc Kementzey 2 months ago

Merry chrismas lol

God 2 months ago

oh heck no man

Nathaniel Collins
Nathaniel Collins 2 months ago

sup yo% glad to see%it overflow parsimonious $ 11

Tasha Cox
Tasha Cox 2 months ago

There is an old song about Charlie Lawson

Just Dust In The Wind

That thumbnail is creepy af

Lawson Hofer
Lawson Hofer 2 months ago

Holy shit

Robin Anna'Niaz
Robin Anna'Niaz 2 months ago

I haven't been to this channel for a long time it seems. I like this new formats.

Haley Lawson
Haley Lawson 2 months ago

I got scared when I saw the title.....

Average Joe
Average Joe 2 months ago

Reminds me of Silent Hills PT

Michael Lawson
Michael Lawson 2 months ago

My dads last name is Lawson thank god I changed it.

KinG Rouge
KinG Rouge 2 months ago

What the hell m8

Vogo 2 months ago


Most Notorious
Most Notorious 2 months ago

Good information! I did an interview on my "Most Notorious" podcast (on Itunes) with Trudy Smith, who wrote "White Christmas Bloody Christmas", the definitive book on the subject (she did actual interviews with friends of the children before they passed away). Give a listen and check it out!

Eirik B Martinsen
Eirik B Martinsen 2 months ago


Dragonballdude 2 months ago

2015 wasn't anywhere near as bloody

gray 2 months ago

I love this story!!! I want to go to the house one day. 🌝

The Anime Master
The Anime Master 2 months ago

I feel like crying 😟

Shane Weisend
Shane Weisend 2 months ago

the fuck is the in the picture

Heskey The Man Lego
Heskey The Man Lego 2 months ago

Now I can't sleep

Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 2 months ago

Here in NC... .-.

Small Town Girl Big City Heart

Wanna child unlike the rest? Incest-

Yes, I have a very rotten sense of humor!

Juan molina
Juan molina 2 months ago

And still ended better than the twilight story

Maxi 2 months ago


AveryE 06
AveryE 06 2 months ago


charlie 2 months ago

you gotta eat the fanny Lawson like groceries

THICC 2 months ago

How is the Lawson family a museum

Fluxsute 2 months ago


John Cedillo
John Cedillo 2 months ago

I am 15 and that was pretty scary

MrFredstt 2 months ago

So, he had all those kids just to kill all of them? The fuck

yazaley productions
yazaley productions 2 months ago

omg he shot the BABY 😨😠😭

Piper Summers
Piper Summers 2 months ago

Fanny Lawson

Muddle N
Muddle N 2 months ago

I took santas wife hostage and sent him an ear ever hour just to make sure i ain't playin thats how every year he gives me 100,000$ next gen consoles and everthing i want thats how mrs.santa clause lost her hearing and died thankfully i took an elf hostage this year :D

Natasha Merline
Natasha Merline 2 months ago

Lawson?? The Lawsons from Royal Pain? xD

Juan López
Juan López 2 months ago

cae nieve dentro de la casa?!

Raj Reddy
Raj Reddy 2 months ago

what a maniac

Barba Rossa
Barba Rossa 2 months ago