DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments


Megan Acuna

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Information DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

Title : DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

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Frames DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

Description DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

DIY Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

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Jordan Barbeau
Jordan Barbeau 2 months ago

Do you need to like scrape out the little filmy sac at the bottom of the egg?

Sharon Bernard
Sharon Bernard 2 months ago

Have some that are 25 years old that were made by a neighbour. She used a religious ornament (angel) in the inside and blue velvet on the outside with gold braid. She glued some crystal dangles to the bottom and glued a gold holder to the top. They still look like new. Always thought they were amazing. These are cute too.

Madd Happy
Madd Happy 2 months ago

Dump out all the EGG-ces

Ded Kat
Ded Kat 2 months ago

We had these on my childhood tree in the 60s. My mother made them with tiny little reindeer in the snow and Christmas village scenes. I think hers were made with wax or paraffin. This looks much easier to re-create

Robert Pole
Robert Pole 2 months ago

My brother has one from 1983 that my great-grandmother made

Cara Jane
Cara Jane 2 months ago

This is sooo creative!! I've never seen anyone do this! Super cute, Megan! ;)

Kyrstie Burrows
Kyrstie Burrows 2 months ago

So cute!! I will totally have to make these with the girls that I babysit!!! ๐Ÿ’œ

Elaine Bye
Elaine Bye 2 months ago

So much easier than I thought they'd be! I think I've got to try it.๐Ÿ˜Š

Kathy Cooper
Kathy Cooper 2 months ago

Great video. The ornaments are so cute.