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Looper 2 months ago

Best of luck to Shalita Grant in whatever she does next!

davh10 2 months ago

she was horrible

Kat Haislip
Kat Haislip 2 months ago

i love you cry when you left.

Debra L. Fluker
Debra L. Fluker 2 months ago

I read some space that she got married to her partner. I thought maybe she and her wife would be launching a more satisfying career.Sort of the same I guess. Best of luck girlfriend !

Nanu Love
Nanu Love 2 months ago

Wow i dont like the kind of shows but there was an ncis marathon on & i happen to see it and boy i am really impressed with her acting. Sadly i see she is no longer on the show. She is a NATURAL I LOOOVE HER. HER EXPRESSIONS ARE UNBELIEVABLE! SHE IS TOO GOOD! I see she was outstanding of the cast

Ashanti P
Ashanti P 2 months ago

She looks like sanaa lathan

Carma Strawder
Carma Strawder 2 months ago

When Shalita left the show that was bad enough, but when LaSalle got killed that did it for me. I quit watching it. Those 2 made a great team and I was hoping that their relationship would go further. NCIS went down hill when those 2 left the show.

Snookie Dozier
Snookie Dozier 2 months ago

U r missed

Era Morgan
Era Morgan 2 months ago

I loved her and La Salle. They were great on the show. I like the new characters, but it just ain't the same. Still a good show.

Nancy Boyle
Nancy Boyle 2 months ago

I so loved her on that show...I am hoping that she is a permanent addition to the New NCIS spinoff...she is a great talent

TIMOTHY WRENN 2 months ago

NCIS New Orleans last season!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

rick hayden
rick hayden 2 months ago

gosh, i left the show before she did.

Cynthia Gonzales
Cynthia Gonzales 2 months ago

I miss them all!! The new guy not so much!! He has the same attitude in most of his characters he plays so I don't care to watch a Me Me person

Travis Beard
Travis Beard 2 months ago

She was a useless character

Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk 2 months ago

Soooooo glad she is gone. She needed to move on, literally.

Rob G
Rob G 2 months ago

HATED her character

Theresa Purdy
Theresa Purdy 2 months ago

I have missed her hopefully she can show up some where again

brent rogers
brent rogers 2 months ago

I worked on the show as background so I know what I heard.

Johnny Keene
Johnny Keene 2 months ago


Johnny Keene
Johnny Keene 2 months ago


Johnny Keene
Johnny Keene 2 months ago


Angela Worsham
Angela Worsham 2 months ago


dwa dennis
dwa dennis 2 months ago

had and still have a big crush this beautiful woman...

Krystal 2 months ago

I was glad she was on the show. I was upset they didnt do her hair styling any better

Gunny Marine
Gunny Marine 2 months ago

The only reason I liked the Show. When she left I left

joseph shanklin
joseph shanklin 2 months ago

shes gorgeous.

Mark Cadge
Mark Cadge 2 months ago

Loved her on the show do miss her

Barb Long
Barb Long 2 months ago

Was glad she left

Adventures with the crazy vet

Bitching about her hair yet she has straight hair in her new appearances also.

David White
David White 2 months ago

She married a female? Smh. What a waste of beauty.

MT's Corner with Myesha-Tiara

Whenever I see black actresses with bad wigs or braids in their hair, especially if it isn't made by black people, I automatically think they didn't have a hairstyles on set for black hair cough, cough True Blood.

Jason Carter
Jason Carter 2 months ago

This show sucks
Horrible writing and directing
Just... horrible

parrish778 2 months ago

Missed her on the show. She is so gorgeous. It's not the same to me with out her and Lucas Black.

Francis Turner
Francis Turner 2 months ago

She's right! Her hair was horrible on NCIS NEW ORLEANS!

Francis Turner
Francis Turner 2 months ago


Kevin Stephenson
Kevin Stephenson 2 months ago

Hated to see her leave. She's a tremendous talent. Fans of NCIS New Orleans wish her well.

Clay Newton
Clay Newton 2 months ago

I guess I'm in the minority. I didn't really like her character. And wasn't really all that upset at her leaving.

OutKickTheSports 2 months ago

LOL bitch didn't like working long hours. Typical lazy BW

Fred Cowan
Fred Cowan 2 months ago


Trisha Frost
Trisha Frost 2 months ago

I absolutely Love Her!! She is a fanastic
Actor, Fantastic!! I miss Her and I miss Lasalle alot, too. You two were the Best together.
Just Sayin'.
PS You are Beautiful.πŸ’žπŸ™‚

Bastard Hapa
Bastard Hapa 2 months ago

Hold up tho, NCIS is the only show where here was consistently curly (which I love btw). The other shows she always had it straightened.

Jada Esprit
Jada Esprit 2 months ago

I always hated the weaves they gave her on the show, they looked bad.

Chi Chu
Chi Chu 2 months ago

She only a supporting actress and she wanted more money but she didn’t get it.That the basic truth and the only reason any actors wanted to leaving a hit show within a good standing in the tv show series.

MELVIN Pender 2 months ago

We really miss you on the string you're a great actress we love your smartness we love your we just love everything about you we really miss you want to see you soon main thing of it is stay safe and will always love you

marsha baum
marsha baum 2 months ago

Miss you best of luck

Rhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrj

the show like many started to get political in it's own way with the "type" of characters they were introducing

Chocolate Evans
Chocolate Evans 2 months ago

GOOD! I'm glad she's gone! I stopped watching after the first episode she was on.

Rosa Sanchez
Rosa Sanchez 2 months ago

I also miss Percy and Lasalle, they worked well with their characters adding humor and warmth as well as seriousness but I wish both actors well and success in what they choose to do, when I need a little touch of Country Mouse and City Mouse I just watch season 1, 2,3 or 4

Des'Ree Nortje
Des'Ree Nortje 2 months ago

Not gonna lie, I used to hate what they did with her hair, natural hair is beautiful and I was always hoping they would embrace her natural hair pattern, it seems that they did closer to the end of her stint on NCIS, but to her that must have been little too late.
She's so beautiful and I loved her character.

Jacqueline Hunter
Jacqueline Hunter 2 months ago

She was so good on that show miss her character on NCIS
New Orleans

Chase Campbell
Chase Campbell 2 months ago

This used to be my favorite show. They messed with the chemistry so many times I quit watching.

Moe Thomas
Moe Thomas 2 months ago

Its amazing that I told my old man that she wasn't going to last cause of her hair

Matt Shirazi
Matt Shirazi 2 months ago

No excuse with the money they are paid whining about their stupid hair, stress, and long work hours. I worked offshore 12 to 18 hour days for 7 days often for 4 month straight with a week or two between each interval. My job was both physically and mentally demanding requiring me to be on a 280ft vessel with over 30 men and nothing but water all around me. Yes, I made a ton of money but not actor money I hate weak snowflakes. Oh, should I talk about when I was a company scout for the 82nd airborne division? Boy that was hell for pennies.

Adrienne Friederich
Adrienne Friederich 2 months ago

I miss her and Lucas!

Kimberly Vinson
Kimberly Vinson 2 months ago

I liked her, but, I didn't like the other girl.

Freddie C
Freddie C 2 months ago

This new season Lucas Black is also leaving with his character dying.( July 2020)

Jed 2 months ago

I wasn't a fan of her character to be honest

Marci Robins
Marci Robins 2 months ago

The show runner on this show was a jerk.

Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen 2 months ago

Didn't she get married just after she left show?

dawn alli
dawn alli 2 months ago

I always said to myself what the hell is wrong with her hair!!!!!!!! She never looked right, well put together. Sorry girlfriend. That is racist and should be out outlawed. I will never watch one of that producers showed again!

George Tinker
George Tinker 2 months ago

When hire someone for who she is. But,not what she is...

Kathleen Killam
Kathleen Killam 2 months ago

This is a shame. She fit perfectly on the show and did a great job. My god producers and. Writers who gives a dam what her natural hair looks like when you have a great actress! So glad she’s doing well with other projects. Hope to see her on other shows.

Goitseone Chutu
Goitseone Chutu 2 months ago

She had 0 chemistry with LaSalle. It Felt very forced. Her friendship with Tammy was great though and had actually chemistry. I miss her on the show and it sucks that they just left her in the background when Tammy came in. I started watching from season 3 so I always felt she was useless because Tammy is the sniper, profiler, lawyer, and she can fight. Had to go back a season to see if they really ever worked on her character or she was just a plus 1 that shows up every second episode. I love Tammy, she is my favorite character for sure, but I hate when other characters are just left in the shadow. They spent more time building on Pride and his past issues than anything else...

Mikel Washington
Mikel Washington 2 months ago

Well you tried ....keep trying

Chrissy 212e
Chrissy 212e 2 months ago

I'm sure they work really long hours maybe moved for the show as well but from theatre to TV that must be very different.

vxy357 2 months ago

The final episode of Shalita driving that SUV were her most sexist.

Calvin 2 months ago

Narrator is gonna need some more emotion.

Wondara Wherry
Wondara Wherry 2 months ago

Not surprised Black actresses have been talking about problems with their hair and makeup in the TV and film industry

eyeforaneye87 2 months ago

I’m still waiting for the part in the video where they say why she left

Sophia x
Sophia x 2 months ago

Idk why people don’t watch the og ncis

carlDJS 2 months ago

I watch the show very casually on FOX over here in the UK and had absolutely no idea she even left the show in 2018! That's a shame, but hope for the best for her career!

a Washington
a Washington 2 months ago

Wait, there was a season 2?? πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ€£

Ruben Whitter
Ruben Whitter 2 months ago

Love the new voice but the quality seems a bit off. Buzzy or just my phone?

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 2 months ago

They have went thru some actors and actresses

Heaven Lynn
Heaven Lynn 2 months ago

I loved her on NCISO and country mouse

Kemmle Charles
Kemmle Charles 2 months ago

I Knew It! Every time I watch that show, I look at her hair and think they're doing her dirty. Turns out, they were.

Mario Live Gaming NL
Mario Live Gaming NL 2 months ago

There is a time to come and a time of going. πŸ‘πŸ‘ NCIS ( all series) are the best on TV now a day. 🎬πŸŽ₯

Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy 2 months ago

The narrator has to put more emotions in these videos, he puts you to sleep talking.

DeafTourette 2 months ago

I understand her issue with the hair thing. Black hair has to be treated differently than other people's hair. The composition is VERY different.

DRE 04
DRE 04 2 months ago

She looks like Tonya from Everybody Hates Chris

Derrick Robbins
Derrick Robbins 2 months ago

Grant was the reason I started watching the show

Beth Clark
Beth Clark 2 months ago

Unfortunately, I stopped watching once Shalita Grant left the show. I was hoping that her character was going to have a love interest with Lucas Black aka LaSalle. I hoping it was going to something like Tony & Ziva, but it wasn't.

Aragorn7884 2 months ago


Paivi Project
Paivi Project 2 months ago

I was shocked and very sadden that she decided to leave the show.

Space Pirate Jacen
Space Pirate Jacen 2 months ago

Thanks a whole bunch! πŸ‘πŸ»

Caleb Owens
Caleb Owens 2 months ago

Hi looper I’m a big fan and I subscribe

Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 2 months ago

Thought law & order SVU was better.. loved Olivia! Good shows.

Gina Zanca
Gina Zanca 2 months ago

2 comment coming from new Orleans

It's Kruski
It's Kruski 2 months ago

I loved her and I'm sad LaSalle is dead I wish she came back when LaSalle died