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Otte Deneb
Otte Deneb 2 months ago

Coming late to this video, but I am happy to see I'm not the only one who wants to plan for Christmas as a separate part.

Love, Lottie.
Love, Lottie. 2 months ago

I LOVE how organised you are, so happy I found your channel :)

Jo Hughes
Jo Hughes 2 months ago

Wow - just watched your videos for organising for Christmas.. I'm feeling inspired..
I loved the card tracker - much more organised than my scraps of paper littering my desk!
Was just wondering, what font you used on the tracker sheets? I'm wanting to print some customised sheets for my needs but can't figure out what font you used!

Becca Garvin
Becca Garvin 2 months ago

Love your inserts!  I bought the Candy Cane ones.  Would love to see a couple more inserts: decoration list for current haves and Christmas present making page.

Anna Brim
Anna Brim 2 months ago

Fabulous, will you share it? Would love to see how you organise too x

Shabaddiction Stevens

Thanks so much for this idea! I purchased the gingerbread men and I have already started organizing!! THIS will be a first! Aimee :0)

Kristin 1
Kristin 1 2 months ago

Great set up! Thanks for another chance to win!!

Sandra Dunbar
Sandra Dunbar 2 months ago

omg that is such a hard decision they are all wonderful. I really like the Lady bug inserts and would love to win

Arin Weitzman
Arin Weitzman 2 months ago

I've loved your series and would love to win your competition.

Anna Brim
Anna Brim 2 months ago

Your welcome! I want to see you nice and organised now lol!