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Doctor Who 2020 Special FIRST LOOK

Doctor Who 2020 Special FIRST LOOK

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TheDragon'sUnicorn 2 months ago

#crispyforshowrunner (now more than ever 😫)

Avebury Eddie
Avebury Eddie 2 months ago

I havnt watched Dr Who since it went all Political Correctness.
Love a strong main female character but the sex change idea was crap PC !

John O'Brien
John O'Brien 2 months ago

Capt Jack needs to be the new Doctor. Jodi needs to go!

Microcosom 2 months ago

I'd like to think the episode will be more Ruth, Jack, Yaz, Ryan, Graham centric with them fighting off the Daleks with Jodie's Doctor stuck in Judoon jail until the end of the episode or (and this will be the cliffhanger) will she be incarcerated forever with Ruth continuing as the Doctor?

Kristina M.
Kristina M. 2 months ago

I still don’t see her as the Doctor.

bruce wayne
bruce wayne 2 months ago

best to leave her in prison.

Glenn Loughran
Glenn Loughran 2 months ago

How can anyone watch this rotting corpse of a once great show??

PShawtx 2 months ago

Sounds like it will not be a good episode. We will have to wait and see.

Mordyth 2 months ago

Can we now regen The Doctor into ginger already?

kyyah2 2 months ago

who cares - the 13th doc is a failure - complete and utter rubbish actor

Christian Unger
Christian Unger 2 months ago

I gave up on Doctor Who. If they ever come to their senses and say 13 was a madwoman sent by an enemy of the Doctor at the time of his regeneration, abducting and imprisoning the real Doctor somewhere. The madwoman thinking she’s the Doctor the way an asylum inmate thinks he’s Napoleon, with her real purpose being to discredit the Doctor’s reputation. So long Doctor, too bad they decided to sh!t all over your legacy.

Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields 2 months ago

The "fam" could not possibly defeat a Dalek.

Gary Finn
Gary Finn 2 months ago

Dr who has lost it's way it's a load of shite now 60s dr who by far the best to much pc and snowflake characters and shit daleks and Bradley Walsh what a wanker

Vokena 2 months ago

That synopsis doesn't feel like Doctor Who anymore and I'm glad i only saw two episodes from the 12th season...

AGamingChannel 2 months ago

Chibnall says he didn't want to bring old doctor who monsters and then uses the daleks twice in a row for the holiday specials

Marcella dias Miau
Marcella dias Miau 2 months ago

Love video

Marcella dias Miau
Marcella dias Miau 2 months ago

Hiii l brazil

Fray Street
Fray Street 2 months ago

Seeing as Graham and Ryan are departing, I really hope Captain Jack Harkness becomes a full time companion for series 13.

kaizoisevil 2 months ago

Look at the thumbnail. Clearly the Silence are back.

VeracityLH 2 months ago

"I got up at 4 am for 2 jpegs." Yep, that's why I don't get excited about these things anymore. I'd rather get the sleep. Cheers.

Diamond Axe
Diamond Axe 2 months ago

It'll probably suck

Human Just
Human Just 2 months ago

So... The entirety of the universe, every enemy the Doctor ever fought, came together and built the perfect prison for the Doctor. Which the Doctor escaped like 3 minutes later, and used the said prison to save the universe.
Then, the Doctor got tricked into being imprisoned into the confession dial. By none others than the his own people, whom he saved from the war that HE won basically singlehandedly — by the timelords. The inescapable prison, locked in a time loop, guarded by a silent executioner... which the Doctor escaped. Took him a while, but he did. And then he owned HIS planet.
So.... the judoon prison now... eh? Which apparently is even better than the one timelords have built, or THE ENTIRETY OF THE UNIVERSE, which the judoon were only a small part of. Suuuure, i believe that it can hold THE Doctor for as long, as the picture suggests. Suuuuure. Yes. Definitely. Of course.

THE Doctor hasn't been on the air since Capaldi. All of us got tricked into watching somebody's fanfic

God help us >_<

Mikel Eikon
Mikel Eikon 2 months ago

The question is, can Doctor Who be more of a disappointment than it has been the last two seasons?

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Filozica Live
Filozica Live 2 months ago

I am still so sad that my favorite show in the world is ruined by a guy, who is so selfish.. And does not give a damn about fans. And we got a female lead that cannot act. So it's hard to accept the doctor being a woman. Because it's the first time... And then they ruined it.

Doctor who is unfortunately dead now, and I don't think they can fix it. The lore got screwed. And it makes me so sad.

ThisChannelHasNoName 2 months ago

Please no more of this awful parody of Dr Who

Alan Beaumont
Alan Beaumont 2 months ago

Nothing under the current regime is of any interest, because the plotting scripting and acting is so poor. Will only start watching again when the current crew is history. (Fan since episode 1 and to end of Capaldi era)

Peyton mac
Peyton mac 2 months ago

It would be nice to see the daleks as a legitimate threat again, rather than jokes who can be scared off by a biscuit.

V J 2 months ago

Does the writers only remember one historic villian? OK the Master too, but really! I'd take Colin Baker's child eating granny's, who scared #### out of me, rather than falling to sleep. Dalek stories should be special not only bought out for the holidays, like the oldest relatives.

Steve Stone
Steve Stone 2 months ago

So how far will the rating drop once it starts? Already tanked. This needs to end and get back to when it was good with Tennant and smith

Random It
Random It 2 months ago

Why do I feel like they're going to bring davros back but he's not going to be davros as we used to know him. Because he has regeneration energy I think he can regenerate. Meaning will have a completely different actor play davros.

Hannah Ryan
Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

surely John barrowman wouldn’t have gone and lived in Wales for the period he did if it was just for that one scene? maybe jack saves yaz from the dalek but can’t save graham and ryan, just picking up the female life signal (maybe thinking she’s the doctor since he got them mixed up last time). I feel like graham for a lot of people was the best thing about the series so to kill him off would carry a lot of weight the series has been lacking, might bring them full circle and mention grace again

NonPlayerCactus 2 months ago

Let's be real, this special is going to be the crowning disappointment of this entire year.

TheCop SWATGamer
TheCop SWATGamer 2 months ago

I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ who doctor who

Roy 3019
Roy 3019 2 months ago

Doctor Who can you do 😜👌
Something 😛😛😛

Jose Loco Cantina Ramirez

Chibs is so far up his own backside at this point. It would be different if he understand how to use a visual medium to show us a a story, versus using the medium to tell us what we're doing wrong. It's like "No Kidding"... pretty sure we're all aware of the issues at hand there Chibby. Gone is the typical story telling style that so many of us associated with Doctor Who.

thinkgeektheory 2 months ago

I agree ...JUST GIVE ME A DAMN TRAILER DOCTOR WHO!...we have more info in fan released stuff then the BBC

JohnThomas Brumley
JohnThomas Brumley 2 months ago

So wait uhm is that Foster woman the new Doctor with Tenant as the companion a thing?

Dan Warner
Dan Warner 2 months ago

Anyone thinking chiball is trying duplicate the old doctor who by making daleks a holiday special sort of thing

Wolf WarMaster
Wolf WarMaster 2 months ago

I assumed that the daleks would break the doctor out the judoon prison to force her to do their bidding

SavetheBlofish Thankyou

i really like jodie's doctor its a really nice change

Brian Daleske
Brian Daleske 2 months ago


Now I like the picture glimpse of (The Doctor) that was allowed to be shown, and I really like the storyline setup for the upcoming episode of Season Twelve of (DOCTOR WHO) show series.

Now I wonder what type of new form of DALEKS is going to make an appearance in the first episode of the Twelfth Season of (DOCTOR WHO) & I wonder how in the universe might (The Doctor) discover a way to get free, and to add I wonder if (Captain Jack) might make an appearance in the episode?

If (CAPTAIN Jack) might make an appearance in either episode#1, or in episode#2 of Season Twelve of (DOCTOR WHO) show series; Than I wonder where might the new TORCHWOOD Base might be at, I also wonder how many people does he have part of his new team, and I wonder how much resources does he have now?

Now the reason why I am wondering about all this, and it’s because if (CAPTAIN Jack) decides to try to look for (The Doctor) for some reason; Than I imagine he would need allot of help to do it, and I imagine once he finds out that (The Doctor) is gone, and then I imagine that Jack would pull all of his resources together in order to try to find out what had happened to (The Doctor) & to add try to figure out some way to retrieve (The Doctor) from wherever she might be at.

John Sdg
John Sdg 2 months ago

There's going to be nothing special about that even if it is at Christmas. Most people in the UK have switched off anyway.

Phil Turner
Phil Turner 2 months ago

The Doctor is dead the BBC killed him 2 seasons ago. Though he had been ill for some time

David Baker
David Baker 2 months ago

For me Dr Who ended with the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, I was either embarrassed or appalled by every episode since then. It would have been far better that the Master was the timeless child raher than the Doctor. Chris Chibnal has destroyed the show's canon and Jo Martin was a much better versin of the Doctor than Jodie Whittaker will ever be.

Gethin Jones
Gethin Jones 2 months ago

I don't care honestly. This new era has been so bad and disappointing this poor announcement doesn't surprise me. The Doctor in her cell with hundreds of marks showing a long time in space jail is ok nothing exciting really. The "fam" around the table I mean what an epic picture. Seriously those are the pictures they choose for this? A small trailer 10 second would have been better than this. As of now Christmas time is 10 weeks away so we need something. At least an interesting, confusing, cryptic picture where the fans could talk about and discuss what it means would have been better if no trailer was ready. I'm not holding my breath that this will be good, my expectation is low with my interest. I'll watch it but I'm close to being done with Doctor Who and that's a shame because I'm a huge fan and they are killing it quickly.

kkrispy2009 P
kkrispy2009 P 2 months ago

Love Dr who and captain jack

The Fabulous Eagle
The Fabulous Eagle 2 months ago

Breaking news! Everything after Matt Smith's regeneration is the doctor dreaming. There is still hope left!

Daniel May
Daniel May 2 months ago

Doctor who is dead to me untill Jodie and ChinBalls are gone

A G 2 months ago

I’ve really missed Dr Who this year!!! 😫😫😫😫😫

Welch_inc 2 months ago

The Christmas/ New Year’s Eve trailer traditionally comes out on children in need day as part of the fundraising broadcast

HughDoesStuff 2 months ago

I mean, she's been there for at least a year

MultiShriek 2 months ago

Daleks again. Some things never change. Wheeling out that special guest again for the millionth time.

Connor James
Connor James 2 months ago

You look a lot like general zod from man of steel 😂. Great vid mate

D S B 2 months ago

Q: ''How can you fight a Dalek, without the Doctor?''
A: ''... Better.''

Daniel Billingsley
Daniel Billingsley 2 months ago

How can you fight a Dalek, without the Doctor?

Well theres a long history of Daleks getting defeated without the Doctor having any involvement... So Id say they can do it without a doubt.

Im a fan of Doctor Who (classic and new), but since Rose left the Daleks have been handled very poorly and theres been easy ways to defeat them. The climax of Series 4 was disappointing, those 'deadlier' colourful daleks Moffat introduced went nowhere, and the Dalek stories with Capaldi/Whitaker are forgettable at best.

Just compare the Daleks now to classic Who, and you wonder why they cant come up with better ideas to do them justice. They are the most deadliest and feared beings in the Universe. They almost defeated the Time Lords. But no, lets think of cheap ways to defeat them or make them seem like a joke...

IshDaMak 2 months ago

John Hurt’s war doctor said it best in reference to how much more Chibnal I want


Timothy Lyons
Timothy Lyons 2 months ago

Dr who cares these days.

Robin Hislop
Robin Hislop 2 months ago

Is Chris trying to actively sabotage any enthusiasm, excitement in advance?!

Jennifer Hood
Jennifer Hood 2 months ago

Dude, if you zoom in on the picture of the fam, there’s a post-it note in front of Yaz that says “MDZ”. Remember from the last new year special with the Dalek there was a through-away line about a company or something called MDZ who were buying up alien artefacts on the black market.
That was where the Dalek got its gun from, an MDZ storage facility.
The picture shows the fam have been investigating while the Doctor is gone! 😂
Honestly I didn’t see it at first either! 😂

Mike Toth
Mike Toth 2 months ago

First time I've gotten gulted into liking and subbing 4 am for basically nothing

Brandon Screen Creations

Here's the trailer you wanted for the special, it's on New Years Day!

Thomas Cox
Thomas Cox 2 months ago

Could you imagine if the silence came back that would be insane

NotPeterParker 2 months ago

It's gonna be bad I guess so not much of a surprise...

Samuel Whittaker
Samuel Whittaker 2 months ago

I feel we’ll get a trailer probably in late November

So that any hype isn’t left lingering too long to fizzle out again

Nathan Hepple
Nathan Hepple 2 months ago

Bring back David Tennant & Matt Smith in Doctor Who anniversary

Love Lissa
Love Lissa 2 months ago

The only way to fight a Dalek without the Doctor could be with the Master.

Love Lissa
Love Lissa 2 months ago

They should do another ’The Doctor Dances’ dance scene with Jodie and Barrowman.

Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy 2 months ago

So the big question is where exactly is the TARDIS? Was it left behind on that planet or transported to the Judoon prison with the Doctor?

John Drinks
John Drinks 2 months ago

4am in the morning you say?

darth greth
darth greth 2 months ago

So what your saying is. That very much like the past 2 seasons , you wasted your time. Time for a new hobby bud.

K.james Carters
K.james Carters 2 months ago

It doesn’t even get headlines now. I do feel sorry for Jodie and hope she heads straight over to big finish office when regenerated to get some stories she deserves. It’s just not fun anymore and hasn’t been for years...

Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson 2 months ago

I won't be watching Revolution of the Daleks and Series 13. I am taking break from Doctor Who.

VortexJae 2 months ago

"How do you fight the Daleks without the Doctor?"
I mean if that isn't a good segway into reintroducing Jack and Torchwood then I don't know what is...
I can definitely see it being a possibility as it lines up nicely; Jack has now met the new TARDIS team and as they are the people closest to the Doctor he may have Torchwood track them down so he can have them warn the Doctor of the approaching Dalek threat. When he gets to them the Doctor isn't there so he takes them in under his and Torchwood's care during the episode to fight the Daleks. During this the Team learn all sorts of stuff and learn about Jack and Torchwood.
Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this, I've had this 'theory' brewing in my head for a few months now.

CyberHunter1963 2 months ago

Dw has been posting pictures of the doctor with a bio everyday counting down from 13

Lee Hutchings
Lee Hutchings 2 months ago

My thoughts on this and Doctor Who in general.....YAWN. Who cares? Answer: No one. (But good video. nice work.)

Gary Hewitt
Gary Hewitt 2 months ago

This should be being trailed by now to build up an audience.

Fiona's Constellation

Since I've been distracted by the TLV stuff lately, I feel I've been able to at least somewhat subdue the annoyance, but yeah, I was still a bit bummed. Ngl, I appreciate how secretive the Chibnall era has been, but really, after 7 months that's ALL they have for us? Two promo stills. Not to mention surprisingly mundane ones. I'm super looking forward to Revolution of the Daleks, don't get me wrong, but they also aren't actively giving me or anyone else much of an incentive to be excited for it. I was honestly more excited by the TLV panel, because they at least had something for us to see. A sneak peek and a trailer for "Daleks!".

CarnTheBlues 2 months ago

Honestly I don't mind them not leaking any extra information, it'll make it a nice surprise if we get to see Jack in the episode. I want to go in knowing as little as possible :)

Ben Edapal
Ben Edapal 2 months ago

Doctor who has been dead to me since the season 12 finale... Until they retcon that shit I'm out

Mahfuzur Chowdhury
Mahfuzur Chowdhury 2 months ago

I feel in the last 15 minutes the Doctor arrives back on Earth, in her costume, hopefully with Jack, and faces off the Daleks.

Similar to the "did you miss me?" In Tennant's first episode.

Greg Nulik
Greg Nulik 2 months ago

They already covered the daleks last year in ''Resolution''. They covered a (Possible) evolution for the daleks with the ''tenth'' doctor. Enough! Give the daleks a sea devils version already so we can move on!

Sophie Churchyard
Sophie Churchyard 2 months ago

Hope your well, just discovered your channel, amazing video 🔥

Sophie Churchyard
Sophie Churchyard 2 months ago

Ryan and Graham leaving 😯😢

Sophie Churchyard
Sophie Churchyard 2 months ago


Autumn Matthews
Autumn Matthews 2 months ago

I think Chris Noth is back for it and I like him

Nicholas Healy
Nicholas Healy 2 months ago

The BBC have not put much effort in promoting this festive special - I wonder why?

Mary Swan
Mary Swan 2 months ago

Personally I am very excited for the A plot and the B plot seems eh I guess not great but I know that it’s gonna have a WHOLE lot o viewers sooo fingers crossed and I simply can’t wait for Ryan to leave (if he does) but I hope graham doesn’t get killed off bc idk o like him I guess

Robert Jacob
Robert Jacob 2 months ago

If she's been there for some time I hope he character has developed and she's not some idiot who constantly asks..... Who are you!? What do you want!?

Unofficial Who
Unofficial Who 2 months ago

Crispy why are your doctor who boxsets back there out of order :P

eden 2 months ago

0:43 aussie whovian tings 😭✌️

Declan D
Declan D 2 months ago

Captain Jack HAS to be the one to break The Doctor out of the prison! (I hope...)

Grayscale Plaid
Grayscale Plaid 2 months ago

The synopsis is good (it sounds a bit like if you compressed Turn Left and Midnight into one episode, except they converge at the end) but the fact that it's a Dalek story (which I get that they have to do one of per year of production per their deal with Terry Nation's estate) makes it feel lazy. The Capaldi era- hell Moffat's entire tenure as showrunner- were awful for the the Daleks' image. If they wind up killing Graham and Ryan, I won't be happy but... it will feel like the Daleks are threatening again, and the show has stakes once more.

Obviously if they get magically resurrected immediately, that last doesn't apply.

ProbablyZoe 2 months ago

Probably trailer on 23 November well hopefully

AlphaflyINXS 2 months ago


First of all, don´t get me wrong, i like Yaz but if they are really going to kill Graham and Ryan and keep Yaz i will be deeply disappointed!
I mean with Graham and Ryan we have background stories and at least i think they are the most interesting companions!
With Yaz...
Is there a background story?
Not really and i don´t see anything in Yaz´s future "reveal"!
What would there be to reveal?
Sorry, not such a big fan of her!

The Synopsis sounds great and would make a great thread starter!
A trailer for the Christmas Special would probably come at the beginning of December again! That is what the BBC does nowadays!
Daleks coming back! Yeah!
Wait, a new Dalek Version? Wow!
Can´t wait!

Hywel Jones
Hywel Jones 2 months ago

Image 1: So she's been in there a looong time, but the Judooon still let her get a new hair style?

Image 2: I guess either searching for the Doctor or planning how to beat the Daleks, maybe both? All I know is that if a microwave can kill a Dalek, they'll have no job defeating an army of them either some sticky notes.

Lukas Sattaur-May
Lukas Sattaur-May 2 months ago

2018 resolution not 19

YUNGDOM 2 months ago

My hopes are:
Teaser or clip for children in need
Trailer #1 nov 23rd
Trailer #2 early December

Also we didn’t get a trailer for Resolution until 9th December and the special was 1st January

Chris Caygill
Chris Caygill 2 months ago

I'm gonna take the lack of information as a good sign. Normally when Chibzy keeps things from us, there's a big reveal looming. But I hear you. Great video btw.

Daniel Jnr
Daniel Jnr 2 months ago

Crispy 😍😍😍