Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive


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Information Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

Title : Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

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Frames Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

Description Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

Elegant Home Decor You Should MAKE Instead of BUY || Unbelievably Easy \u0026 Inexpensive

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Domi Massou
Domi Massou 2 months ago


vicky smit
vicky smit 2 months ago

It is beatiful talented lady! Love from SA

Marian GarS
Marian GarS 2 months ago

Me gustó mucho 👍 alguien que sepa por favor cómo se llama lo dorado que le puso al final
Gracias 😊

Monique Mahon
Monique Mahon 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍

Danielle Jackson Shields

Seems like a great idea but the light was so bright I could barely see the work.

joni jacques
joni jacques 2 months ago

I love this! Something I can actually do!!

Abida Khan
Abida Khan 2 months ago

Oh man what a women.

Lydia Odoom
Lydia Odoom 2 months ago

God bless you

Rhonda Sudler
Rhonda Sudler 2 months ago

All your projects are Fabulous!!!!

Cissy Sebugulu
Cissy Sebugulu 2 months ago

Do you swell your items. Because I what to buy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Kathryn Ann
Kathryn Ann 2 months ago

Great hack.

Fadia Mohamed
Fadia Mohamed 2 months ago


NICOLE SAWYER 2 months ago

Absolutely INGENIOUS!!!

Javeria shoaib
Javeria shoaib 2 months ago

Its beautiful. But i want to know that could bathroom moisture will ruin gold leaves?

Luvmetru629 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous🥰🥰🥰

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 2 months ago


colleen swanson
colleen swanson 2 months ago

Great Idea! Looks great!!!

Bon heur
Bon heur 2 months ago

Wow Wow Wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson 2 months ago

This request, is for you I love all your works,,,, I was wondering if u have any idears on a decorative, peace for inside a non working fireplace, inside th arch, bling is good for me I hope u can help x

heavenly Garden
heavenly Garden 2 months ago

That is a great idea, it is also pretty.

Rica Y.C.
Rica Y.C. 2 months ago

Brilliant AND Beautiful!

Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 2 months ago

I really had my doubts in the beginning, but you dazzled me with the simplicity as well as the finished product! Great job :-)

Kenai 2 months ago

Looks amazing!!!!

MK Hooks
MK Hooks 2 months ago

Love this project! 😍 Looks expensive! Thanks for sharing. God bless!

Angelan Wise
Angelan Wise 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

Luzienemessias@gmail.com 91371558


All Things Ayana
All Things Ayana 2 months ago

Love this! Can’t wait to try

Julie Wells
Julie Wells 2 months ago

Awesome 👌🆒️🙌

Linda Rogers
Linda Rogers 2 months ago


Kimberly Stutler
Kimberly Stutler 2 months ago

Gorgeous 💕💕

Barbara Deramus
Barbara Deramus 2 months ago

Very pretty!!

Zainab Shoka
Zainab Shoka 2 months ago


Joi McClammey
Joi McClammey 2 months ago

Stunning 😍

Margaret Starnes
Margaret Starnes 2 months ago

Love it.

gloria DeSousa
gloria DeSousa 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful love it

Melissa Sturgis
Melissa Sturgis 2 months ago

I love it

Tracy Howell
Tracy Howell 2 months ago

thanks a million for sharing. This is another beautiful project I will be trying

Chinell Neal
Chinell Neal 2 months ago

You are gifted !!!! That’s so beautiful!

Tricia 2 months ago

Beautiful x

Alta Talwar
Alta Talwar 2 months ago

Wow a great idea

Anne Oduwole
Anne Oduwole 2 months ago

This is so beautiful. I hope to create this soon too.

sally Elmagrabi
sally Elmagrabi 2 months ago


RITA Schwarz
RITA Schwarz 2 months ago

Wäre schön gewesen in ....DEUTSCH ..zu hören....schade , kein Abo..

Munazah Adnan
Munazah Adnan 2 months ago

You've got creative ideas dude but one thing disturbed me. You are placing your gold leaf right on to the beautiful natural marble texture....and what is uncovered is the plain white area. Why not using gold leaf on that plain white area so the marble texture is all on display??
Thumbnail attracted me so much, I thought you will tell about the dry flower arrangement also....😰😰

cooking 2 months ago


Love Lee
Love Lee 2 months ago

Thank you sister 🌸

Net Oden
Net Oden 2 months ago

Beautiful thanks sis

Mitali Karmarkar
Mitali Karmarkar 2 months ago

Thank you very much 🙏😄

Verda J Bastian
Verda J Bastian 2 months ago


Trena Tucker
Trena Tucker 2 months ago

You can make these and sell them

Neka 2 months ago

Gosh these would look fab in my sisters house. She has a vertical gold radiator and it’d fit perfectly.

Deepa Vinayak
Deepa Vinayak 2 months ago

This is incredibly beautiful ❤️. Can this paper be adhered to sunmica?. Like on sunmica table etc?

Kyle Sutton
Kyle Sutton 2 months ago

That’s really nice. I would put that on my wall. I think I’ll try it for my hallway.

C Grimshaw
C Grimshaw 2 months ago


CAROL PRESA 2 months ago

Goldeneye & great creativity 😍

Lady Kay
Lady Kay 2 months ago

WOW! Super creative and something I can do! 😃

peanutbuttermama 2 months ago

You’ve outdone yourself AGAIN! All the others who’ve commented have expressed it better than I ever could, so I’ll just say the simplicity of this design is genius.

Uneek Kreations
Uneek Kreations 2 months ago

Love love love 👍🏾

Елена Хребтова

Идея хорошая...можно просто краской золотой нанести тиснения...

Ana Carranza
Ana Carranza 2 months ago


MARTHA PHOHNE TV 2 months ago

Amo tus trabajos!!!!

Bill Pruitt
Bill Pruitt 2 months ago

Very nice 👍

Melissa Del Carpii
Melissa Del Carpii 2 months ago


Cindy Strong
Cindy Strong 2 months ago

It is beautiful.

Karen Lambeth
Karen Lambeth 2 months ago

I love all your designs!!!!!

Karen Lambeth
Karen Lambeth 2 months ago

I absolutely love all your designs!!!! You are so creative and artistic!!!! Can’t wait to see more of your videos and ideas!!!!😊❤️❤️❤️

Rochelle Tukes
Rochelle Tukes 2 months ago


Martin Schmidt
Martin Schmidt 2 months ago

In Germany you have many problems with the mirror.

Anita 369
Anita 369 2 months ago

Nice, quick and simple that looks great!👍💜🌈☺

Hyacinth Thompson
Hyacinth Thompson 2 months ago


Dana 2 months ago

The faux marble artwork looks great. Must admit I don’t like the gold flowers though. Too much bling.

Janel Hensley
Janel Hensley 2 months ago

Easy and beautiful

Delicia at Home
Delicia at Home 2 months ago

Love, love, love this!

Gloria Hamlett
Gloria Hamlett 2 months ago

That is so beautiful love it

TIFFANY SMITH 2 months ago

How were you able to make such a large sized piece of art? What size canvas did you use?

Crumpton's All- Sorts of Stuff (from Travel to ?)

Loved it! Am definitely going to try it but different color scheme! Wish me luck...

Jay Tee
Jay Tee 2 months ago

Brilliant!! Without Epoxy🎉👏👏👏
Love it ❤

Yvonne Vixen
Yvonne Vixen 2 months ago


DeAnna Monet TV
DeAnna Monet TV 2 months ago


Gloglo 2 months ago

Me likes, me likes!

Coupon Diva Columbia, SC

I loved it and had to join your YouTube family

ruby lame
ruby lame 2 months ago


Charlene Borders
Charlene Borders 2 months ago


Lynnette Thompson
Lynnette Thompson 2 months ago

This is gorgeous I absolutely love this idea thanks for sharing 😍😍

Tee McCallum
Tee McCallum 2 months ago

Nice! I like this one!!!! I did the shower curtain With this same design and ordered a rug the same!

Hollywood 2 months ago

You’re so creative and your attention to detail makes all the difference in the result of your beautiful work. Thank you for sharing with us. 🤗

Loretta Living
Loretta Living 2 months ago

Beautiful artwork.

Monique Robinson
Monique Robinson 2 months ago

Very very beautiful do more could you do one in like yellow black and white thank you

Gracinia Miller
Gracinia Miller 2 months ago

I have bronze and gold pictures on my wall

Gracinia Miller
Gracinia Miller 2 months ago

Have question my livingroom color.are dark tan, black and cream.

Amazing Asia
Amazing Asia 2 months ago

Do you have a video of how you hang these beautiful canvas after making them?

Deidre Ann Daniel
Deidre Ann Daniel 2 months ago

I love this! I am going to definitely try it.

Denise Marshall
Denise Marshall 2 months ago

Very nice

Glitter Unique
Glitter Unique 2 months ago

I love it....I just might do it

HeavenlyHits2018 & Beyond

You're a Bad Lady 😉
I believe you're
🏡 is beautiful!!!
Thank u for the ideas to do mines also...

Tawanda Daniel
Tawanda Daniel 2 months ago

Those are simple and elegant!!! Thank you for always providing project ideas that are doable... and also that you can find the items to create the craft.. so thank you again for great content!

Lavonne Madison
Lavonne Madison 2 months ago

Love it beautiful

lizbj10 2 months ago

Love this

Asis Rivera
Asis Rivera 2 months ago

Hola, tus tutoriales son muy buenos pero sería maravilloso que tuviesen subtítulos en español 👍💯🇨🇴

Carol Bostic
Carol Bostic 2 months ago

Love it