Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)



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Information Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

Title : Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

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Frames Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

Description Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

Nancy Wilson - That's What I Want For Christmas (Capitol Records 1963)

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Dwight Houston
Dwight Houston 2 months ago

I will always remember the lessons I learned from performing in the Nancy Wilson orchestra. As an eighteen year old freshman, I got the opportunity play in her band. That experience gave me a chance to see a side and level of being a professional musician that only a few in the industry experience.

Mary D
Mary D 2 months ago

Love this song

Mr. Muzic
Mr. Muzic 2 months ago

I love you, Nancy!!!

KoolKat Klawed
KoolKat Klawed 2 months ago

This IS the Best Christmas Song Ever!!!!!

Darwin Stith
Darwin Stith 2 months ago

That's What I Want for Christmas, The Christmas Waltz and What are you Doing New Year's Eve ....for your classic Nancy Wilson holiday songbook.

Georgianna Dengler
Georgianna Dengler 2 months ago

Great song

Regina Robinson
Regina Robinson 2 months ago

HUMBUG for the 20 downs. What is wrong with you?

Michael Ragusa
Michael Ragusa 2 months ago

That's all I wanted for Christmas: to be loved. 😭

Barbara Swift
Barbara Swift 2 months ago

This is one of those songs I rarely hear on the radio. I'm so glad I ran across it on youtube. Now its on my playlist!

Madeleine Mariani
Madeleine Mariani 2 months ago


glamslamr 2 months ago

One of my favorite Christmas songs! Rest in peace Nancy Wilson ❤

Ursa Major
Ursa Major 2 months ago

Cookin soul brought me here.

Linda Giovanna Zambanini

Always loved her voice and phrasing. Glad to see she released a Christmas album. Rest in Peace, Nancy. You were one of the greats!

Rosemary 2 months ago

Christmas 2018!!! ❤❤❤

Brenda Orvis Shay
Brenda Orvis Shay 2 months ago

Rest In Peace. Another sweet voice gone. Sad. Condolences to her Family, God Bless

Arizona Dave Ellis
Arizona Dave Ellis 2 months ago

I grew up with this classic Christmas song. She had a beautiful voice, very talented and attractive. My sister Laura loved this song the most from one of our Christmas albums when we grew up together. It was a good Christmas album. I still play it every year since I was 3. Now I'm 49 and I still play it. It also had Nat King Cole, Fred Waring, and others. She will greatly be missed as well as Laura. Thanks for the memories, Nancy. God bless you and rest in peace.

Cecil Shaw
Cecil Shaw 2 months ago

This song given , to us by the goddess of eloquence, should be a Christmas Classic. This one and "The Very Thought Of You, are pure magic. She has gone, but her soul is with us , seen through that golden instrument.

Tonya Roth James
Tonya Roth James 2 months ago

I always loved this song!

Denise Kelly
Denise Kelly 2 months ago

So glad I had the pleasure of seeing her perform live.
Definition of style, grace, and classy - Nancy Wilson!
Rest in Peace.

Helena James
Helena James 2 months ago

Such beautiful memories.

Deborah Patterson
Deborah Patterson 2 months ago

Timeless and classy. This was my Christmas classic.

Dawn Sarver
Dawn Sarver 2 months ago

Sorry to say I never knew who this beautiful voice belonged to until a few years ago. Rest peacefully dear lady!

snowstorm1956 2 months ago

Nancy Wilson is that "Christmas"..everyday of the year! What God has bless, we have been blessed..."12/14/2018"

Sidney Bean
Sidney Bean 2 months ago

Nancy Wilson lives at home in my CD library. God bless.

Solid Roc Entertainment SRE

Rest well Nancy, one of my best christmas songs

Cherry Barrios
Cherry Barrios 2 months ago

My mama used to play this song and sing this song when I was a child.. RIP Nancy.

S A 2 months ago

RIP Ms Wilson. You are a legend and will be missed.

gabrieal parran
gabrieal parran 2 months ago

My Lord this is so elegant song. Merry Christmas to all

david miller
david miller 2 months ago

god bless, sister!  peace, all!

Cindy Christian
Cindy Christian 2 months ago

What a wonderful, classy lady and a truly great singer. RIH Miss Nancy Wison!

Samuel Calderon
Samuel Calderon 2 months ago


llehcin 2 months ago

Sleep in heavenly peace, Miss Nancy.

Lavette Wagner
Lavette Wagner 2 months ago

I love this song by her! RWG

VEEMUSIC 2 months ago

Rest in peace queen. Talents unmatched

Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones 2 months ago

One of my ALL TIME favorite holiday tunes!!! RIP Nancy. :(

MusicLover P
MusicLover P 2 months ago

R.I.P Nancy Wilson

VLAD MARS 2 months ago


Mitch Larmore
Mitch Larmore 2 months ago


Brad Epperly
Brad Epperly 2 months ago

Rip sweet Nancy 😞

J. Marshall
J. Marshall 2 months ago

RIP MRS NANCY WILSON - (February 20, 1937 – December 13, 2018)

Thomas P Dullum, Jr
Thomas P Dullum, Jr 2 months ago

One of my favorite Christmas songs. RIP

Adriann Serra
Adriann Serra 2 months ago

I live for this song at Christmas , best ever <3

WENDY 2 months ago

Good Lord!! Gorgeous voice!! ❤

Reina Quisha
Reina Quisha 2 months ago

My forever favorite Christmas song❣🎄🎄🎄

Geri Emata
Geri Emata 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song of all time :-)

Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia 2 months ago

this is the best Christmas song!!!! its sad more people dont know...... i love you Suavecita n to my Ninie .... we shall meet again..... just LOVE me

Barbara McCrackin
Barbara McCrackin 2 months ago

I love 💘 this song. At first O couldn't remember the name.

Todd L
Todd L 2 months ago

Her voice is like ambrosia. The song is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Wilson Kevin
Wilson Kevin 2 months ago

I want to see Miss Nancy Wilson perform again. That's what I want for Christmas

Leon Gardner
Leon Gardner 2 months ago

wow...first time hearing this n she is great as usual. no one does like lady NANCY...a TREASURE, one of the last GREAT...there's no comparison to her elegance today...thank GOD we still have many have gone ms. D. Reese, we still have Fancy Ms.Wilson. it will be NICE if we can celebrate our LIVING TREASURE, while they can see it. I love the lady madly...THANKS FOR THE POSTING

Tammy Toon
Tammy Toon 2 months ago

Nancy Wilson you Are A true Classy icon! Sanggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! oh what a beautiful voice!

RainOnATinRoof 2 months ago

SheDaisy brought me here.

JSkills! 2 months ago

Good Lord, Nancy sings with such grace, it's ridiculous.One of my absolute christmas favourite songs. Might not be a Christmas standard, but it gets it's fair share of spin in my house long before and after the holiday buzz.

mrob75 2 months ago

This was played over and over again on A.M. radio back in '63....Never understood why it never caught on as Christmas pop standard...It's really one of the best!

Richard Knapp
Richard Knapp 2 months ago

style and with good tunes....

Ann Thomas
Ann Thomas 2 months ago

F I N D !

steve lindsey
steve lindsey 2 months ago


Sem Mazzocchi
Sem Mazzocchi 2 months ago

Very beautiful!

sugarmaze 2 months ago

ι¢σиι¢ ¢няιѕтмαѕ, ѕυ¢н fσи∂ мємσяιєѕ!!

My Lovely Treasures
My Lovely Treasures 2 months ago

What a lovely lady with such a lovely voice!

Kenya Nkhrumah
Kenya Nkhrumah 2 months ago

The essence of Elegance. My Lady.

griefonenyc 2 months ago

This song is the reason for many a September birthday.

pignanelli 2 months ago

Under-rated! :D

ChristmasTimeTV 2 months ago

@LittleBoogaloo Thank you kindly, big oversight on my behalf... Merry Christmas!

LittleBoogaloo 2 months ago

Yes. A song titled "That's What I Want For Christmas" was indeed a winning ditty in a Shirley Temple movie. However, this particular version was written by Earl Lawrence and sung best by Nancy Wilson. Both songs are delightful. Thanks for reminding me of the Shirley Temple movie one. Also a classic. Happy Holidays!