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Christmas Decorations | Christmas Garland

Christmas Decorations | Christmas Garland

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Coral De la Guardia
Coral De la Guardia 2 months ago


Susan Wong
Susan Wong 2 months ago

What a beautiful job on that Garland ❣breathtaking 😍 & I love your earrings I'm always wearing big exotic earrings so I noticed how beautiful they look on you .Merry Christmas 🎄thanks for sharing your creativity 🌹😊

Nancy Billones
Nancy Billones 2 months ago

Amazing!!! Love your videos. Thanks for sharing ideas. Merry Christmas 🎄❄️

Peggy Rannick
Peggy Rannick 2 months ago

Gorgeous ❤️

frances vargas
frances vargas 2 months ago

You should make them to sell. Beautiful 🌹🌹Merry Christmas 🙏🏽🌹

Geraldine Beckton
Geraldine Beckton 2 months ago

Beautiful Merry Christmas

Omeroy Wee-Ellis
Omeroy Wee-Ellis 2 months ago

This is so beautiful you make it so easy wish I could do that . Can I have this one. 🤗

John Glenn
John Glenn 2 months ago

I, love your garland. Where did you find your grapevine reef?

Josie Hernandez
Josie Hernandez 2 months ago

I had to watch it three times lol

Josie Hernandez
Josie Hernandez 2 months ago

Yes please ! I would be a happy little 50 Yr old girl

Josie Hernandez
Josie Hernandez 2 months ago

You are epic thank your Mom !

Mario Mejia Hernandez

So Biutiful.

Lisa Gwynn
Lisa Gwynn 2 months ago

Beautiful Garland it would fit perfectly over the top or my Bay window I will have to try and make One

Lisa Gwynn
Lisa Gwynn 2 months ago

Beautiful Garland nation point

Becky Smith
Becky Smith 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this great tutorial!!! Very good and creative!!!

Shannon A
Shannon A 2 months ago

How pretty! All the texture...and I love that you save the ribbon❤

Jessy William
Jessy William 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing, just beautiful, Compliments of the season from Malaysia

Lisa Weigand
Lisa Weigand 2 months ago

I LOVE pretty Christmas garlands! Thank you so much for showing us how to make them extra special! Feel free to send me any extras any time!

Bertha Thiessen
Bertha Thiessen 2 months ago

Que lindo!!!!

944gemma 2 months ago

So beautiful.

Andy West
Andy West 2 months ago


Carmen Cardwell
Carmen Cardwell 2 months ago

Very helpful, thank you!!❤

Maria Hrysikos
Maria Hrysikos 2 months ago

You are the best!!! I love to watch all your videos... I am just love it❤️❤️❤️

Sandy SELBY 2 months ago

I love it! Beautiful. I can't believe this from 2014.

Pat Godwin
Pat Godwin 2 months ago

This is an old video, but you can still send me some garland as I see you have many storage buildings full of Christmas decorations and the prettiest I’ve seen is the year you put the peacock on your staircase railing. Looking forward to seeing your special grand baby make an entrance into this your life. A new subscriber I have enjoyed going back and watching your old videos. Pat in NC

Nell Laudico
Nell Laudico 2 months ago

You do it so well. Very practical tips and I learned so much from your lesson on garland making. I will do mine more beautifully with your new ideas! The intertwining of another garland, the double ribbon, the focal center point of the garland for balance. I love the new mix of mint, silver and gold! More power! ❤️ from Manila

frances vargas
frances vargas 2 months ago

Beautiful Garland 🌹

girlie martinez
girlie martinez 2 months ago

Best turtorial I ever seen.. learned a lot. Big thanks!💕


U r a star😍😍its beautiful😁😁thanks 4sharing😘😘

Janie Warre
Janie Warre 2 months ago

What a great tutorial. I’m new to your channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Maria Constanza
Maria Constanza 2 months ago

Nice ones 😍

Russell Davis
Russell Davis 2 months ago

Send me that.Love it.

Angela Sevier
Angela Sevier 2 months ago

Loved it

Sheila Gaines
Sheila Gaines 2 months ago

Beautiful. Mama knows best, wish I could have that garland sense you're not gonna use it. Lol. Love what you do. Thanks for sharing and think of me next time you need to get rid of some things

Deanna Emmons
Deanna Emmons 2 months ago

Awesome ..thank you for some ideas..Mine will be for my fireplace..this is lovely..

Hilda Cataquet
Hilda Cataquet 2 months ago

So good ldeals loved

Loretta Perry
Loretta Perry 2 months ago

It’s very beautiful thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Jamie Danjoint
Jamie Danjoint 2 months ago

Did you just lay the lights on there?

Quinteroz Team Hope
Quinteroz Team Hope 2 months ago

I love watching you do all this stuff even if i don't have the means to do it. Fills my heart to watch Christmas decor stuff. Thank you

Brenda Price
Brenda Price 2 months ago

I use clear zip ties

katerina vidaki
katerina vidaki 2 months ago

"its what you do, with what you got" this is the anwer to all of us that we are watching for videos all those years, if you look carefully you are changing possition to your accesories! Excellent way to decorate.... not only buy and spend money.... recycling your own stuff!

Marie A.
Marie A. 2 months ago


Kim Reynolds
Kim Reynolds 2 months ago

I own a Personalized Gift Shop with 2 of my children. We create unique items everyday. Sometimes I've got to sit and construct a number of items for an order. Not to worry! I pop on your videos to lift my mind from the monotony and into your beautiful creative World. Your videos have given me so many useful tips to use our shop The BrickHouse on Broadway Personalized Gift Shop in downtown Lebanon Ohio.
Thank you!

Robin Wallace
Robin Wallace 2 months ago


Rosalie Duffy
Rosalie Duffy 2 months ago

I'm thinking that this year I may buy some flocked garland and add garland of lamb's ear for some gray.

Jessel D1223
Jessel D1223 2 months ago

oh my, i just love you! you are such an inspiration to watch, bubbly, beautiful, classy!!!!

Monica Y Garcia
Monica Y Garcia 2 months ago

Your work is exquisitè!!!!

Matias Mitrollari
Matias Mitrollari 2 months ago

This was amazing Rebecca! I've learned everything from you and thank you for teaching us all! <3 <3 <3

LoveTheSon 2 months ago

OMG - Beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial...Lovely

Tejuana Johnson
Tejuana Johnson 2 months ago

Rebecca, you have the heart of a teacher. Thank you!

thiocyanat007 2 months ago

making a bow is truely something I learned from you!

Kristi Cook
Kristi Cook 2 months ago

The year you taught us how to make a bow made a big impact on my gifts. kristic43

romyrosalie 2 months ago

Thanks for this great DIY! I love your DIYs!!!! Christmas 2020 Iam going to get a garland follow this video to make it beautiful just like this 🎄🎄😍

DCB14u2do 2 months ago

Timeless and tasteful, and beautiful! ❤️

Sandra Widboom
Sandra Widboom 2 months ago

Spectacular, love your style. Question, how do you store your garlands?

Aidee Contreras
Aidee Contreras 2 months ago

Love this tutorial !! Thank you 😘

Shirley Simpson
Shirley Simpson 2 months ago

Please send me that

Nena Bonilla
Nena Bonilla 2 months ago


Kristin Shaw
Kristin Shaw 2 months ago

You may send me that garland, lol... Love it and you so much.

Yelena Kripakov
Yelena Kripakov 2 months ago

"Send Me That Garland!!!"....☺Please!!!
Your ideas are fantastic and I love everything you do! So inspiring! I have learned so, so much about Christmas decorations from watching your videos. I love that your videos are funny and informative! Thank you for sharing.

Araceli Rosales
Araceli Rosales 2 months ago

Absoloutly helpful..i have everything your using..but i had no to even begin has been hassle...and its scary to mess thing up..didnt want it to look funky..but now im feeling pretty confident thanks Becky!!❤❤❤may you receive many blessing..sharing is caring..thanks for sharing!😗🖒🥂

BridgetteJeanette Reality

Pls send me that :D 5yrslater :-D

Dianne Adkins
Dianne Adkins 2 months ago

Please send me that Garland. Love it

Sandy Ingellis
Sandy Ingellis 2 months ago

Thank you. You’re the best. Please send me that garland😎. Even if you don’t I’ll still watch.

Karen Adams
Karen Adams 2 months ago

Thank you so much. It’s beautiful!

san dy
san dy 2 months ago

this never gets old

Marsha Forsberg
Marsha Forsberg 2 months ago

Awesome as usual!👏🏼💕🌹

Paula Miller's
Paula Miller's 2 months ago

Hi Rebecca, loving your beautifully decorated garland. Thanks for sharing your expertise. (You can be sure to send me that one.) I would proudly display it on my dinning room table. Have a bless day!!!

Chef Ellen Bryant
Chef Ellen Bryant 2 months ago

YOU ARE ALWAYS SO CHIC~ thank you for sharing!

Diane Dunlap
Diane Dunlap 2 months ago

I’m so happy to find this video still on YouTube ~ thank you! 🎥

Jaycee 2 months ago

Always beautiful !💕💕💕

Angela Ingram
Angela Ingram 2 months ago

I love everything you design. I live in Canada and wish I lived closer to you, so I wouldn't miss anything you teach.

Janice DiPietro
Janice DiPietro 2 months ago

Loved the garland tutorial! That will look amazing on my front door!!! Thanks.

Anne Kelly
Anne Kelly 2 months ago

I would say the best demonstration I have seen yet o decorating garland! I will definately use this on my daughters new home.

XxHannah GamerXx
XxHannah GamerXx 2 months ago

Your work is superb......

Anna Vazquez
Anna Vazquez 2 months ago

I used to decorate homes for Christmas now I do just one for a client. But I love the idea to do the garland decorations first instead of doing it after I hang it on staircase and mantle. Thanks 😊

m00n7aquarius 2 months ago

Do you do Halloween? You need to do Halloween! I'd love to see your ideas.

Janice Wenzel
Janice Wenzel 2 months ago

I believe in Santa and love your tutorial..please send me the garland for Xmas

LA2047 2 months ago

The 'tude expression when you said "it's too airy" just slayed me. LOL Thanks for the video!

KBB 2 months ago

Amazing !!! Wonderful personality and talent !!

Gena Snyder
Gena Snyder 2 months ago

Love the garland. You make something so beautiful and elegant look easy to do.
I want you to come to my house! Thank you for sharing your joy and passion for decorating.

Alberto Ramirez
Alberto Ramirez 2 months ago

q hermosa parece natural como quisiera una girnalda así pero creo q aquí no venden ese tipo de materiales aquí en mexico

Sandy un Smith g
Sandy un Smith g 2 months ago

Amazing! Thank you!

Edwin del Rosario
Edwin del Rosario 2 months ago

Very elegant

Helida Navarro
Helida Navarro 2 months ago

You mother raced you well! You are so smart inspiring classy thank you Rebeca ! I see you’re beautiful decorating ideas this has made my home more beautiful! Happy holidays 🌺❤️😍🍾🍷

Maureen Randazzo
Maureen Randazzo 2 months ago

Please pick me to receive your lovely give away! 💝

Jane Jones
Jane Jones 2 months ago

Are those icicle lights??? If so, great idea.

Aida Cisneros
Aida Cisneros 2 months ago

😱😱😱 so beautiful! !

Stacey Miles
Stacey Miles 2 months ago

This is Truly beautiful

Sanne 2 months ago


Paula Chavez
Paula Chavez 2 months ago

Wow! Amazing. Im excited to have seen your video so I can create my own garlands. Just purchased my first home and I will have my family over for dinner. Im so excited. Thank you.

curious mom
curious mom 2 months ago

Rebecca you are totally my girl crush! I'm a cleaning lady...i can't tell you how much your tips have helped me add luxury to the services i provide to my clients, who have expensive & beautiful things! While cleaning i simply style the room just a little using your tips...the book case tips especially! Bathrooms placing fresh towels with style truly make them feel pampered. My tips have increased as well as referrals thank you for helping me class it up!!!

Dianne Adkins
Dianne Adkins 2 months ago

Please send me that garland

Debbie Casaus
Debbie Casaus 2 months ago

OMG!!  That came out gorgeous!  I can hardly wait to make one this year!  I love your videos!

Gloria Bradley
Gloria Bradley 2 months ago

Please sent me that xxx

Marsha Forsberg
Marsha Forsberg 2 months ago

Your ingenuity makes BEAUTIFUL easier for all of us! I LOVE everything you fo!👏🏼💕❣️

Puti 2 months ago

I miss watching your videos, I been sick for longtime in and out a lot in the hospital... so I got to catch u... I thank u for the inspiration...

Alice Barros
Alice Barros 2 months ago


Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

I love 💗 your garland..Please send it to me.L.OL.

Deborah Adkins
Deborah Adkins 2 months ago

Awe mrs. Robeson, I would love to put that over my door, and yes I believe in Christmas and I’m 69 years young🎄