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Michael Principo
Michael Principo 2 months ago

I wanted to say to all the US Military Men and Military woman Thank you for your service Michael Principe

андрей симонов

хомяк бредид

Percius Westbrooks
Percius Westbrooks 2 months ago

You thank us But no military discount

1x1x1x1 minish
1x1x1x1 minish 2 months ago

:) i saw it last christmas btw GO ILLINOIS wait a sec wut about sams club

JK1337 2 months ago

I was waiting for a punchline that never came...I mean I'm not from America so I'm probably not used to this level of cheesey crap but JESUS CHRIST! I mean seriously?! I hope when this was put on tv there the immediate reaction of the entire country was "SERIOUSLY?!"

Drew Reese
Drew Reese 2 months ago

Such a great ad! Thank you Walmart for helping us remember those who are away from their families for our safety.

krose826 2 months ago

My uncles in this commercial he's at 0:29

j. aleese
j. aleese 2 months ago

*sigh* people just gotta bash all over a sweet Christmas commercial...

ShogunStudios 2 months ago

Walmart supports our troops, yet they refuse military IDs??? Yeah.... Fuck you, Walmart. Fuck you....

Dohamann 2 months ago

Wtf has this to do with Walmart??? Are they supporting wars or anything? In this ad you could replace Walmart with any other kind of company. If they have shown in which ways they support soldiers in those regions or wars in general, it would have made much more sense.

Burak Aras
Burak Aras 2 months ago

go home yankeeessss

benka013 2 months ago

climate change is a serious problem :)

Jessika Schutte
Jessika Schutte 2 months ago

how can u not like this ? <3

Soap 2 months ago

fuck walmart

bunnytooful 2 months ago

@rpg1688 Ha Ha Ha That's Great!! It's the thought that counts right?? <3 Thank you for your service : } <3

evilyig 2 months ago

A village of people was just bombed and this is their ashes.

MrPelhambay 2 months ago

@uwlwsrpm - i was just about to say that XD generation kill!

uwlwsrpm 2 months ago


Ben Kissinger
Ben Kissinger 2 months ago

"Hey guys - it's radioactive dust!"

Palminator 2 months ago

69 people are communist fucks

Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 2 months ago

Walmart is the greatest advocate of, and for CAPITALISM in the World; and whereas no man has any innate rights but such as he secures for himself by industry, Walmart gives millions of associates the opportunity to secure for themselves opportunity, and introduces emerging economies to globalism as never before. It is in my mind the company which best exemplifies the virtues of America. As an associate, I am proud to be part of a company which is not afraid to stand up for the flag of America.

Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 2 months ago

Walmart doesn't offer many discounts, because it is a discount store. The prices are supposed to be as low as possible for the benefit of all customers, military ones included. In our stores, we try to encourage patriotism by offering a large selection of flags and related patriotic merchandise leading up to patriotic holidays, as well as year-round. The commercial wasn't made to remind people that Walmart is there. It was made to tell people what Walmart stands for.

AKTR 2 months ago

Walmart doesnt need commercials anymore since they're too damn big. and to make a commercial like this is just antagonizing when they dont even make military discounts. id rather look in a bulk-size store and see prices at More Bang For Your Buck

Daniel Sconzo
Daniel Sconzo 2 months ago

nuclear winter?

Fox 2 months ago

0:12 Captain America! The funny thing is, he also portrayed as a Marine in Generation Kill!

diswatcher 2 months ago

Sooooo, errrr, why should we shop at walmart????? Because some kid wished for snow?!

uwlwsrpm 2 months ago

I wanna know, have you ever seeeeeen the snow, coming down on a sunny day?

rockerdrake 2 months ago

fuck this shit

Fabrizio Luongo
Fabrizio Luongo 2 months ago

This video its just sad. Sad not just because of the troops who are away from their families, but for the open declaration that he US needs war to keep the living standards of their citizens. Bad move Wal-Mart to marry yourself with shameful ideals.

Dénes Türei
Dénes Türei 2 months ago

Soldiers are victims, their families are victims, the citizens of attacked countries are victims. The politicians, the companies, and the whole ruling class are the violators and the oppressors. This ad video is simply shameless and insolent.

stylac 2 months ago

Thank you America for supporting our US soldiers and for buying our goods made in China. Sincerely, Walmart.

Vixen Kitten
Vixen Kitten 2 months ago

@ICPARMY :) That does happen, it even snows when the sun is shining, atleast where I live ;)

Alastair Langwell
Alastair Langwell 2 months ago

@jndtexas "unAmerican" - what does that even mean? I'm Irish - living in Ireland, born and raised here... So does the fact that I'm "unAmerican" (i.e. not a US citizen) make me a bad person?

Justin Jones
Justin Jones 2 months ago

i like how the sky was completely clear and it was snowing haha

peterson553 2 months ago

@jndtexas the noble lie continuously uses patriotism and love of god and family to get the people to fund and support wars that make the world's elite wealthy beyond belief.

taurnguard 2 months ago

This message was brought to you to help cloud the true accusations that Walmart underpays its employees and gives them lousy benefits... and to make the CEOs look like they have active hearts.

xintus1765 2 months ago

@rpg1688 LOL...

Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 2 months ago

@rpg1688 - LMAO, that's hilarious! Good one!

Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara 2 months ago

yeah but they still dont give military discount

Raven 212
Raven 212 2 months ago

AKs suck and so does colt's weaponry. Rock on MAGPUL, Bushmaster firearms, STAG Arms, Alexander Arms, and other weapon industries. Happy Thanksgiving to our NATO forces in combat. And also to a Merry Christmas later on. God bless you all!

rpg1688 2 months ago

Im a US Marine and You know how pissed i would be? "Dammit timmy i didnt bring my cold weather gear!!!" =)

Alyssa Adler
Alyssa Adler 2 months ago

This is stupid .

Fox 2 months ago

And after that moment, the Marines went back to shoveling snow off the driveway and sleep very cold that night.

Ryan Yuschock
Ryan Yuschock 2 months ago

@doughpro LOL!

Ryan Yuschock
Ryan Yuschock 2 months ago

@pillsome195 I think they made it to show support, and to make people think that Walmart cares, and now all the family's of the troops will shop at Walmart. And people who didn't like them before, will now shop at Walmart. And of course they are trying to sell products, that's how company's stay in business. Walmart recently found out sad commercials sell lots of product, and that catchy saying "We save people money so they can live better." Sam Walton created a monster, without knowing it.

Robert 2 months ago

Snow? Fuck, our M16 is gonna jam wile those dam afghanis still gonna have their ak47 that never jams... humph

Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 2 months ago

The United States employs 1.4 million citizens in active military service. Wal-Mart also employs 1.4 million citizens in the United States. I think that Wal-Mart is making the world a better place, and I think all of the grumpy people who hate the company should knock it off. Unlike many companies, Wal-Mart actually sells things at a fair price, and doesn't try to win customers with high-pressure and gimmicky sales tactics.

kbrailsf 2 months ago

the snow is distracting them from the hajis sneaking up on em and slitting their throats and shooting them in the back of the head

Mel 2 months ago

@andshespeakslove That's exactly what i've been thinking..

Jay Dee
Jay Dee 2 months ago

Dear Santa, My wish is not for my Dad to come home, but for it to snow in the middle of the fucking desert turning sand into mud and making my dad's living conditions worse. Thanks Santa.

Raguleader 2 months ago

@Ihatemyusernamemore *especially You're welcome. ;-)

Mixolydian -
Mixolydian - 2 months ago

FUCK WALMART, and FUCK PATRIOTISM, espeacially americans doing it

funboy7979 2 months ago

Sleazy exploitation of the trained thugs who force the world to accept America's worthless paper money.

doughpro 2 months ago

@heoko you have now graduated to complete idiot. Where do you get that I am a afraid of my own shadow, and a racist, from my comment?

Vincent Litchard
Vincent Litchard 2 months ago

Oh no, fuck the troops, kill every troop. Nutjobs like you are why the military even exists. Afraid of your own shadow, also a racist too.

doughpro 2 months ago

@heoko You are a nutjob. Just wait until the Chinese come knocking on your door....

doughpro 2 months ago

@Kra7as Obviously the message went over your "uneducated stupid" head. Go back to your "oh so real" video games, you pathetic, America-hating, loser.

Vincent Litchard
Vincent Litchard 2 months ago

Yes, I twas watching mien animes, and this pollution was on every commercial on ONE PEICE. My animes says everyone in the military is human garbage, I happen to agree, so MEIN ANIMES IS THE LEADER. Onward, Monkey D luffy, destroy the guvment. make ur dad the president of erth

Sarah Tenney
Sarah Tenney 2 months ago

You have nothing better to do with your time? Really now...

Vincent Litchard
Vincent Litchard 2 months ago

MARINES ARE SOLDIERS fuck the troops.

tchmelik01 2 months ago

first of all, the guys in this video are marines, not solders. secondly, with as much as we put up with over in afganistan and iraq, you should be happy that this ad is broad casted in english still. so thank a marine, salior, solder and air force every day for the service we provide. we appreciate it. OOH-RAH!!!

AndroidPolitician 2 months ago


Tragaloth 2 months ago

Walmart just gave me an idea on how to sneak past a platoon of US soilders if I ever need to, GET A GIANT SNOW MACHINE AND DISTRACT THEM WITH THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS

Tragaloth 2 months ago

What would his response be to the snow?

NJsBiggestAssHole 2 months ago

stupid george w bush

Nina Schlosberg
Nina Schlosberg 2 months ago

this commercial warms your heart

jndtexas 2 months ago

Thre are men and women who are standing between us and an unending series of 9/11s. To not appreciate a commercial that says "thanks" to them is unAmerican.

OoRecycleoO 2 months ago

@R3LOADABLE546 YEAH!! The Captain America guy ay?? XDDD

aGWARfan 2 months ago

Have fun with the carnie crowd buying crap at wally world.

Koolaiddewz 2 months ago

lol thats the ACTOR from Malcolm in the middle

aGWARfan 2 months ago

funny how so many here are falling for the this corporate kool-aid

aGWARfan 2 months ago

just a lame corny commercial to make a corporation look good. Those who say they were touched need their head examined.

SpectreGray 2 months ago

0:16 Hey look, it's Captain America

JONATHAN FURY 2 months ago

Very touching commercial to any of you who do not like it dont post any of these stupid ass comments putting down our troops and their families

slengel0001 2 months ago

Whoever does not like this is a deuche!! plain and simple. Those are our soldiers stupid!

TheRealTomSelleck 2 months ago

By shooting the snow up with an Ak-47 of course XD

TheRealTomSelleck 2 months ago

I said the same thing!

Hifive25 2 months ago


Sarah @ TM2TS
Sarah @ TM2TS 2 months ago

I don't give two shits about Walmart but this commercial made me tear up, because it is super sweet, IMO.

SaginawGS 2 months ago

well signing kumbaya sure as shit isnt gonna do anything

SaginawGS 2 months ago

You fucking socialist are stupid W/o the big dog business men there would be no jobs, and every little business man wats to be a big businessman You dumb fucks would starve

Pichest Buasrí
Pichest Buasrí 2 months ago

doesnt it already snow there?probably thinking of Afghanistan but still a sweet video

Terona 2 months ago

I love this commercial! I think a lot of the people who are commenting are losing sight of the point. That a child made an unselfish christmas wish to send snow to his father. Yes Walmart hopes to get more sales, that is the point of a commercial, but if people want to shop at Walmart they will shop at Walmart. People don't base their holiday shopping location on the store with the cutest commercials. Just enjoy a really sweet, well-made commercial and stop arguing enough is enough.

aenyxx 2 months ago

Really heartwarming :)

Thoren 2 months ago

fuck everyone who works for this corrupt government you scumbag pigs die

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 months ago

So we're parasites for not supporting a needless violent war half way across the world? In order to be a real man do I have to have the desire to engage in violent operations in a country that never affected my country before we attacked them without provocation? If so, I'm ok with being a parasite. You go along and continue to contribute to the needless violence, you are the hatemonger.

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 months ago

You're wrong by being there in the first place. How exactly has our military in Iraq done any good or protected our freedom here? Middle eastern affairs are not our business and never will be.

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 months ago

Not a liberal, a libertarian. This war has never had anything to do with America's freedom.

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 months ago

How is being anti-war hatemongering? Pro-war is pro-violence, you're the hatemonger.

johnAshpool 2 months ago

Five stars.

dvdragon 2 months ago

Walmart has an army? I bet they can kill more insurgents for an extra low price. How they gonna run an army when they are always out of ammo at the gun section? /s Seriously this is some I would expect from Paul Verhoven (Robocop) movie. I am still waiting for OCP to hire XE aka Blackwater to clear out Detroit and establish some Burbclaves (Snowcrash reference).

Mike Williamson
Mike Williamson 2 months ago

Well, then come to Iraq yourself and show us what we're doing wrong. We'd love to have your expertise. Interestingly, I was deployed last year, and didn't get invited to any rapes or burnings of innocent civilians. Snow would have been nice. It never got below 80, at 0300ish in September, right before I came home.

Christopher R. DiNote

that's called reality, that's the way it's been for every society since we learned to walk upright :)

Mike Williamson
Mike Williamson 2 months ago

Omarrodrigez: Please take the liberal hate to DU.

BLKPANTHER82 2 months ago

Second, I'm not an expert on advertising but I don't see the correlation between wishing for snow rather than a Wal-Mart product and cultivating good Holiday profits. Third, if we were dumb SOBs, how would be staffing companies like Boeing or GE that produce the best military technology on the planet? Merry Christmas. I'll wish for you not to be so bitter.

BLKPANTHER82 2 months ago

Well I'll tell you what, Expat. It doesn't really matter what Wal-Mart cares about when I, as a fighting soldier in Afghanistan that just got internet at my outpost last week, sees it and smiles because, regardless of the politics(and I guarantee I'm privy to more information in that realm than you) it reminds me that someone cares about me.

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 months ago

NO ONE in Iraq is making my life any better, if anything they're making Iraqi's lives worse. No one has fought for freedom in America since WWII.

Andrew Nichols
Andrew Nichols 2 months ago

What a cool commercial!

Zimmerh90 2 months ago

CPT America