Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit


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Information Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

Title : Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

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Frames Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

Description Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

Top 10 Tips for How to Write A*/8 \u0026 9 English Literature Essay 2018 // GCSE \u0026 A level English Lit

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Katie O Reilly
Katie O Reilly 2 months ago

Brilliant !!!

Sal g
Sal g 2 months ago

This is my bible now

David Cummings
David Cummings 2 months ago

is gcse scary

You_Goon 2 months ago

why can't the teachers just take 15 minutes out of my lessons to explain this instead of throwing essay questions at us and expecting us to just know

Ben Hart
Ben Hart 2 months ago

In relevance to PEE, my primary school in yr6 started saying to use PEAL; which is Point, Evidence, Analyse, Link (back to the question)

sana mir
sana mir 2 months ago

This really really really helped 💕

RunicShark 4283
RunicShark 4283 2 months ago

Welp year 13 in 2021 anyone? Exams? What exams? Life ? What life? Stress? Oh yeah I know that guy

Tylor James
Tylor James 2 months ago

what is the word limit for A level literature ????

Beck Brown
Beck Brown 2 months ago

Thank you for the useful tips!💘💘💘💘 I hope I would be able to use them once, when I have more time to dedicate to my homework.👩🏻‍💻💯 As now I am using writing help websites, such as❤️❤️ Luckily, they have affordable prices, so it doesn't cost me a fortune to get an essay, when I am in hurry.👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻

emily forkert
emily forkert 2 months ago

Even though its 2021 this was really helpful, so thank you!!

safa 2 months ago

I’m in year 9, but I honestly needed this just to get started and ready for my upcoming tests

94vandeep 2 months ago

I got kicked from school mid yr 11 and here i am now rn

A 2 months ago

Ive got my exam tomorrow

Wish me luck! :(

A J 2 months ago

Who's here in 2020 mocks?

Whyll 2 months ago

step one: waffle

S.M.U.vlogz X
S.M.U.vlogz X 2 months ago

In my school we do PETER paragraphs
Readers response

john murphy
john murphy 2 months ago

i've got an english lit exam tomorrow so thanks for this
it was really helpful

Iva Shehu
Iva Shehu 2 months ago

A few days until the November exams! Anyone else preparing? Also, this is an an insane video Jade! Just gained yourself a new sub =D

Mushnoon Mustofa
Mushnoon Mustofa 2 months ago

If she was an English teacher I have no doubt that everyone of her students will pass their English exams

Oliver Jarvis
Oliver Jarvis 2 months ago

Annoying voice

Zaid Adlan
Zaid Adlan 2 months ago

what is the ideal length of an essay?

Bunnyy.c0re 2 months ago

I’m not even doing my real mocks atm, they’re in January and I’m BEYOND stressed, so thank you for this

sara last
sara last 2 months ago

When u do edexcel 🥺

sara last
sara last 2 months ago

Yr 13s where u atttt

Lilly Lomax
Lilly Lomax 2 months ago

We use peeswirl
Subject terminology
Readers analysis
Layers of meaning:)

Rowan Naidoo
Rowan Naidoo 2 months ago

This Helped SO MUCH👍🏽

Maria Sahakyan
Maria Sahakyan 2 months ago

Im so stressed

sara is here
sara is here 2 months ago

you are in Berlin now!!! haha you are literally my favourite youtuber and I just feel super proud of you <3

KitKatGaming345 Original

Me here few days before school starts, realising I haven’t written my English essay yet 🙀🙀

Georgia Economidou
Georgia Economidou 2 months ago

Thanks you helped me so much 💜🥺😌

Isabella Aslam
Isabella Aslam 2 months ago

honestly this video is so helpful I'm defo trying this for GCSEs next year

Wiktoria Politowicz
Wiktoria Politowicz 2 months ago

I learned more from you in 15 minutes than I learned from my teachers over few years....

Diana Eastwood
Diana Eastwood 2 months ago

I like their individual approach, 💘You can ask about specific errors to be done to make papers sound more like it is yours. I asked that, and writer did everything. My prof suspected anything.🤩🤩

whatsapp status
whatsapp status 2 months ago

I am from sri lanka
This is a best video

Ace Lucia
Ace Lucia 2 months ago

Very happy you kept referring to Othello A level work because that's exactly what brought me here

Pushpa De Silva
Pushpa De Silva 2 months ago

Bless you! I'm super excited to use all these tips, thank you for explaining everything so succinctly!

Monty Austin
Monty Austin 2 months ago

I need this. I try so hard in my English lessons but I'm never able to achieve above a 6 (B). Kinda annoying for someone predicted an 8/9 (A*).

Bella 44744
Bella 44744 2 months ago

Any other stressed year 10s watching this during lockdown?

Midechelle Avril
Midechelle Avril 2 months ago

would you mind if I emailed you an essay to proofread and give suggestions for

Selly RANGEL-ALMEIDA 2 months ago




bender noele
bender noele 2 months ago

I am an engineering student, but for some reason I have chosen to visit a literature course. I though that would be easy, but appeared to be a real disaster for me. We had to write a new paper for each lesson, and I am not the fan of writing. Luckily, I have my favorite writer on, who completes all work in literature for me. She is the best!

slick jumped over the lazy dog

Don't use words like sad happy like nice

slick jumped over the lazy dog

Don't foget punchuation because they take 20 marks of your work and you might not pass

slick jumped over the lazy dog

A sonnet has 14 lines

slick jumped over the lazy dog

highlighting is useful but mind maps in an exam who can do that with enough time because you barley habe time

slick jumped over the lazy dog

Mathes as well you never feel propered

Itsmyfarmgoat Sharon
Itsmyfarmgoat Sharon 2 months ago

This was so helpful . Thank you!

Rosie Mitchell
Rosie Mitchell 2 months ago

Thank you this really helped!

Inder Chahal
Inder Chahal 2 months ago

AQA are dickheads

Lola-Rose Marriott
Lola-Rose Marriott 2 months ago

This was so helpful !

lil ggs
lil ggs 2 months ago

She’s 🤩 yk

isabella nash
isabella nash 2 months ago

Thankyou so much for this omg

wiola kalisz
wiola kalisz 2 months ago

ummm THANK YOU FOR THIS video , i feeel confident enought to finess these mocks

Swiftie xo
Swiftie xo 2 months ago

You are so helpful like I’ve learnt more from this than I’ve ever learnt at school

Olivia //
Olivia // 2 months ago

omg this was so useful! I am in year 11 and it is the night before my English lit exam and my teacher is useless, so thank you Jade as I learnt more in this than I ever have done before 😂👍

Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 2 months ago

You are extremely pretty

Jacob K
Jacob K 2 months ago

Our school started teaching GCSEs from year 8 but my year old got taught all of this when we started year 10 😭 I’m Year 11 know and idk I need to consume all these facts in order to pass

Jacob K
Jacob K 2 months ago

She’s spitting straight facts more facts than most of these teachers 😂 🙏🏽

Seema Al Mutlak
Seema Al Mutlak 2 months ago

sorry jade,I skipped through your vid its too long but could anyone suumaroze what she said ?

Jess Ggyt
Jess Ggyt 2 months ago

Dear jade thank you so much for giving me tips on how to get a grade 9 I took your tips into consideration by the way I got a grade 8 one mark away from getting a 9 thank you :) and love your vids you're an inspiration

pickle potato chip
pickle potato chip 2 months ago

My problem is that I can spot language techniques and stuff, but I can’t explain their effect

Eman Sayoud
Eman Sayoud 2 months ago

Truly helpful, thank you

pradeep nilantha
pradeep nilantha 2 months ago

nice video tysm

The Void :3
The Void :3 2 months ago

English Lit 2020 and I'm terrified. My target's a 6 but I'm aiming a lot higher... maybe an 8- at a push. Obviously 9 is the "dream grade" lmao.

No Sir
No Sir 2 months ago

May god bless you

V K 2 months ago

Please do more GCSE videos xxxx

Maria Tan
Maria Tan 2 months ago

This genuinely got me a 9 in English Lit - THANK YOU

Ella 2 months ago

Ugh my school makes us do OCR 😩

A Shish Kebab
A Shish Kebab 2 months ago

Wait is the voice a bit off sync with the video

rawan 2 months ago

Jade you're a legend I've really been sleeping on this video since year 10 :')
And I'm in year 12 now HA

Tyrell Obeng
Tyrell Obeng 2 months ago

I’ve got my mock tomorrow
Ur all lucky we do this in year 10 and English language next year so if you feel unlucky think about me. 😩😩😩

—-—- 2 months ago

My English teacher showed this to our class and we all say thanks

candyflosscamryn •

My exam is literally in an hour and half THANK YOU for this

BmgB _7
BmgB _7 2 months ago

come be my English teacher please

alice last
alice last 2 months ago

for your points, use the conceptualised approach:
throughout (Romeo and Juliet masculinity is presented as a divisive issue..)
perhaps (this is emphasised in the character of Tybalt because...)
however (this is not always demonstrated by male characters in the play, as Romeo describes his own behaviour as 'effeminate' as a result of his relationship with Juliet)
my English teacher taught me this and it's meant ive always got high english lit grades :))

Lord kazekhalid the 5th

Thanks helped a lot :D

okie dokie
okie dokie 2 months ago

I got my trial exams tomorrow and I'm just tryna get it right lol

dinrah 2 months ago

My teacher taught us this in year 8 as PETAL

I try to use it his year but we are learning

Joseph CHEUNG 2 months ago

trash video

julie what
julie what 2 months ago

i have my poetry & prose exam in 5 hours so here i am

Oratile Mafanga
Oratile Mafanga 2 months ago


TheElfsHeadStore 2 months ago

This is so bloody helpful

a__ r.04x
a__ r.04x 2 months ago

Thank you x

A P 2 months ago

Thank you, it was very helpful!

i thought u were american


Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume 2 months ago

I remember using so many synonyms for "striking" "vivid" "memorable" and rewording the questions into my essay so many times it was like...THESE BITCHES BETTER KNOW I'M RELEVANT TO THE QUESTION

Iramk.56 2 months ago

I have mock exam tomorrow for inspector calls

Will Sudbury
Will Sudbury 2 months ago

I hate PEE, PEA, PEAR, and PEARL. They are too formulaic

Kim Lynthia
Kim Lynthia 2 months ago

This is the most helpful video on YouTube

Semolina 2 months ago

So happy I’ve found you at the start of year11 not a week before exams

putjeno putjeno
putjeno putjeno 2 months ago


Rhian Bradley
Rhian Bradley 2 months ago

Wonderful to see a young person teaching, and doing it so beautifully.

mr anonymous
mr anonymous 2 months ago

English is a bunch off waff ngl

Sneha Deshmukh
Sneha Deshmukh 2 months ago

I'm currently majoring in Lit, I've literally just began, and even though the structure of exams is different in India, I make it a point to go through at least one of your videos daily because they're so inspiring and they keep me going! You're doing a great job!

beautiful mind
beautiful mind 2 months ago

you look somehow sad but even though sadness makes you really beautiful

Abu Abid
Abu Abid 2 months ago

I am guessing she wants to be a doctor 👩‍⚕️

Kaylin Port
Kaylin Port 2 months ago

This is the most helpful thing I've ever seen

Arni Snik
Arni Snik 2 months ago

you know she isn't lying when she says "perhaps" over and over

Pandora Tonks
Pandora Tonks 2 months ago

Good luck to my fellow A Level English Lit students tomorrow! What texts have you lot studied? I'm doing Handmaid's Tale, Streetcar and Sheers.

KiNgZ x HyDrO
KiNgZ x HyDrO 2 months ago

Never have to do this again LOL