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Drake - Hotline Bling

Drake - Hotline Bling

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Niceguyeddy 78
Niceguyeddy 78 2 months ago

Jakes the kind of person that washes his hands then drinks some water

Honey Mill
Honey Mill 2 months ago

I'm late but drake same guy right?

Sheluvs Keedo
Sheluvs Keedo 2 months ago

Drake is the type of person to play basketball but doesn’t shoot at all

P B 2 months ago

With thanks to Sade for "Why can't we live together" musical vibes, James Turrell for the colours and Drake for bringing them together.

M. Yogesh Ranjan
M. Yogesh Ranjan 2 months ago

Drake is type of guy who Open the glass door to see what's outside

ريان المري
ريان المري 2 months ago

الاغنيهى الي عليها ميمز

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Drake the kind of guy to say he broke his arm in a track meet

DJ la cucaracha
DJ la cucaracha 2 months ago

Cool Drake

Danielle & Nicky
Danielle & Nicky 2 months ago

I miss when Drake ruled the world with his hit songs. Oh yeah, he was just doing that last year, and the year before that, and also the year before that, then before that, and before that

Μαρία Καραχάλιου

Drake is the type of guy that helps his ex loves to find a new one

_ Fornum
_ Fornum 2 months ago

Drake is the type of guy that is glad to see this comment section is still active almost 6 years later

Ghost 2 months ago

Muy buena 🤘🙂

KayKay Hood
KayKay Hood 2 months ago

Where the heck did he get 1.7B veiws.?

Eboni H
Eboni H 2 months ago

Drake On Mod Tis Blood Sacrifice Future Next And Blood Sacrifice ASAP Rocky To ☠💀😱🤔😶🤐🤫🧐

5-Star Parrot
5-Star Parrot 2 months ago

🎵you used to tell me put my crocs on🎵

🎵but I told want to go🎵

James A Sellers
James A Sellers 2 months ago

Drake doesn't smoke weed
Weed smokes Drake.

Hanzo 125
Hanzo 125 2 months ago

Buenarda la canción xd

Ian Codio
Ian Codio 2 months ago

2021 anybody

HB 2 months ago

Drake is the type of guy who calls a call center to listen to the melody playing when waiting for an assistant and hangs up when an assistant picks up the phone.

FishyMishyYT 2 months ago

Drake is that guy who dosent like 2020, he likes 2021

KÉLL MOREIRA 2 months ago


Your_regular_simp 2 months ago

Where did these "Drake the type of guy" memes come from??? 😭😭😭💀💀💀

Amélia Rangel
Amélia Rangel 2 months ago

Just enjoy the song

1% 2 months ago

drake is the type of guy to tell a dentist to brush their teeth

DoctorORBiT 2 months ago

Didn't Trump used to be in this dancing?
Or was that a meme?

LaShayla Pyfrom
LaShayla Pyfrom 2 months ago

Love this song best one of his best

The Gaming Boss Sharpy


Sandra Robinson
Sandra Robinson 2 months ago

Hotline go Drake

Aly 56
Aly 56 2 months ago

01:20 and that's the famous part

jIMMY Xxx.
jIMMY Xxx. 2 months ago

Drake is the guy who is drake.

Vincenzo Cicchino
Vincenzo Cicchino 2 months ago

This video was meant for pure memes

Latrisia Hashmi
Latrisia Hashmi 2 months ago

Drake is The type of Guy.......

جزائري و أفتخر

يا عرب وينكم💔🇩🇿
اللي عربي يظغط لايك 😘
تحية لكل عربي 😍😍😘

Ranbuntciousbeam GAMING

Drake has more subscribers than weekend 🤫

Venceslas QUEMENER
Venceslas QUEMENER 2 months ago

wola t pas ouf

Абылай Жұмаш

Айлық түскенін қайдан білейн

Grey hound
Grey hound 2 months ago

yo this is the best part i just love the dance

Grey hound
Grey hound 2 months ago

I scroll down and see 99 % of comments saying:
drake is the type of......

G248 2 months ago

Drake is the kinda person who asks for nudes so he can edit clothes on.

Amênallah Khallouli
Amênallah Khallouli 2 months ago

Who came here to see a the meme template Can like this comment

it'sya girlriahhh
it'sya girlriahhh 2 months ago

' the dancing always gets me LMFAOOOOOOO

Nathan Da boss
Nathan Da boss 2 months ago

Half of these, "Drake is the type of guy to..." comments don't even seem like Drake but its still hilarious 😂😭.

X Gaming
X Gaming 2 months ago

THAT MEME WAS IN mileseonde

subba lakshmi
subba lakshmi 2 months ago

stop the frickin drake the kind of guy comments they aren't logical meme material

sweet chocolate
sweet chocolate 2 months ago

Drake is the type of guy to sleep on your butt when twerking on the floor

I'm sorry🚪🚶🏾‍♀️

Abdou Karkuora
Abdou Karkuora 2 months ago


Neden Abone Olmuyor Kimse ? 829 B görüntüleme

1:18 , 1:21 thank me later

Mithul B
Mithul B 2 months ago

Drake the type of guy to scratch out his mistakes instead of erasing while using a pencil

Histamine_Bean 2 months ago

ik dis a GIANT meme
but this beat gets me

Kent Mathew Atienza
Kent Mathew Atienza 2 months ago

Im floating btw

PAVAN FF 2 months ago

If u r in 2020
Pls support me

Gio Sciacca
Gio Sciacca 2 months ago


İsmet Kerimov
İsmet Kerimov 2 months ago


AdiLadi GT
AdiLadi GT 2 months ago

2020 : 1:20

BenCodes 2 months ago

2015 wow, was expecting like 2018

tripjet999 2 months ago

More piss-poor auto tune garbage. Yecch!

Moshe Saka
Moshe Saka 2 months ago

1:21 a meme is born...

Yefferson Alberto
Yefferson Alberto 2 months ago

Después de tantos años y sigue siendo mi favorita❤

mamiz beats
mamiz beats 2 months ago

2021 :)

Lord Shags
Lord Shags 2 months ago

People coming to this video to actually listen to the song 1:20
People coming to this video for the meme 1:18

Deepali sidhdhapura
Deepali sidhdhapura 2 months ago

Drake what's ur dance fam?

Billal Khan
Billal Khan 2 months ago

You youst to call me on my cellphone late night when you need my love ever since I left the city you got a repetition for yourself now everybody knows now I feel left out i no want no hotline bling that can only mean onething inno want know holiness being that can only mean one thing

Bintang Dicaprio
Bintang Dicaprio 2 months ago

who come back after banjo kazooie?

Clomo Devastates
Clomo Devastates 2 months ago

Drake is the type of guy who would like to break the " is the type of guy " chain.

imxXaf 2 months ago


Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma 2 months ago

I dont really see what all the fuss was about

Eugenio D'Antonio
Eugenio D'Antonio 2 months ago

Drake is the type of guy that puts water in fake flowers on the table

Liza Morados
Liza Morados 2 months ago

can i say fvck, ow i already did

Ivory Brion
Ivory Brion 2 months ago

The dislikes are from the people who dont laugh at meme

Renz A
Renz A 2 months ago

Drake the type of guy to sell his car for petrol

Renz A
Renz A 2 months ago

Drake the type of guy to put the dishes in the washing machine

IndigoLive05 2 months ago

2021 gang where ya at

Zombix XD
Zombix XD 2 months ago

Gente hispana aqui

Christopher Lopez
Christopher Lopez 2 months ago

Who here in 2021? Throwback

Ali 2 months ago

Drake the type of dude to flash a light on his shadow to see it more clearly

Dr. Seema Yadav
Dr. Seema Yadav 2 months ago

only meme matirial

Teezy TV
Teezy TV 2 months ago

Who still here?

Noobis 2 months ago

drake the type of guy to leave the city n feel some type of way

Ahmed Areeb
Ahmed Areeb 2 months ago

I was today years old when I got to know that the famous Drake meme originated from this video.

Joaquin Ortega
Joaquin Ortega 2 months ago

This Drake guy is pretty good at making music

Lux López
Lux López 2 months ago

I remember when this came out when I was in 5th grade, everyone was going crazy for this song, making jokes about the lyrics, trying to memorize the lyrics, now all of that is just a memory, I swear 2015 had the best songs, now I'm in 10th grade.

Squidward 2 months ago

I swear I heard Abella Danger in the beginning

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Valentín Cariddi
Valentín Cariddi 2 months ago


Bleu Jae
Bleu Jae 2 months ago

watching Drake and still laughing my ass of. this man cannot dance to save his life XD

1 da Arquitetura
1 da Arquitetura 2 months ago

Replay 2021🌪️🔥

Mourning Possum
Mourning Possum 2 months ago

Omg I remember I was watching this one morning before school and my mom was yellin at me to not watch stupid shit. Ngl this song a banger tho

Colorwith me
Colorwith me 2 months ago

Who else thinks this is like lovely by billie eilish.

꧁u l uwu :v 2꧂
꧁u l uwu :v 2꧂ 2 months ago

Is this 1billion views?

Flix Emerson
Flix Emerson 2 months ago

drake is the type of person to read a book but starting from the last page

BulkiMartin360 2 months ago


Роберт Абрамян


Echum sao charlie
Echum sao charlie 2 months ago


Emma Kubovčíková
Emma Kubovčíková 2 months ago

Hi there
I need a name Instagram of the girl in 1:57

Luis Andres Garcia Arevalo


Endiya Dacosta
Endiya Dacosta 2 months ago

This song still go crazy🥲✨♥️

jonas pereira
jonas pereira 2 months ago

Esse clipe em si é cheio de meme kkkk

Josh 2 months ago

How’s this already 5 years old man

Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 2 months ago

dale duro drake hotline bling UPC vamo ñeñooooooooo

Erica Santos
Erica Santos 2 months ago

Está aqui o comentário em português que você estava esperando ksksksk.