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Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules

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Information Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules

Title :  Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules
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Frames Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules

Description Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules

Comments Government is facing pressure over Christmas coronavirus rules

Sandra Foxley
3 days later DEC 19th - more lies and statistics and tier4 - what a surprise - the scripting continues - con by name and con by nature. Vote them out in May 2021 - but then that election will probably not happen 'because of the ongoing crisis (of their making)'. By the way - an item was ordered and delivered this week from China in 8 days so whats with items out of stock and pictures of lorry queues and containers at the docks?
Comment from : Sandra Foxley

Brenda robinson
We need onther lock down its getting out of hand again ..specially now christmas around the corner then we have new year .. do something now .. dont wait ...
Comment from : Brenda robinson

Muddy Digger
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson thinks Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is great.
Comment from : Muddy Digger

Aaron Riley
Snore wake me up when this bs is over. Its a clown show
Comment from : Aaron Riley

Look at all the philosiphers lol
Comment from : DawnWatch

Sinead Dixon
To be honest people will do whatever they want regardless what they say
Comment from : Sinead Dixon

Im partying like mad with friends and family come Christmas and New year like normal watch none of us die ☺


Comment from : Luxor

Who the hell does he think he is, why do people think they need "permission" from that moron
Comment from : 1nlakesh

fish and banana
What would Jesus do ?
Comment from : fish and banana

Stephanie Calderon
This is a joke these restrictions are causing far more harm than good.we whr told a vaccine would let us get back to normal but now they have a vaccine it's a different story.now they are saying even with the vaccine restrictions will still be needed for most of 2021.they can't just keep people locked up for years the science seems to change to suit whatever Draconian restrictions and laws they want to pass.if the virus truly spreads as fast as they say then most of the country will have had it at some point.never before has a virus with less than 1% mortality rate ever needed these kind of restrictions.smh
Comment from : Stephanie Calderon

Newkey Aaron
1:19 my entire life style was transformed because of, f u n d a i l y p a y . c o m
Comment from : Newkey Aaron

Tyrants Unmasked UK
Keep that free dole money rolling into my bank keep the tiers up! 🤑🤑
Comment from : Tyrants Unmasked UK

Little Traveller
They way the dude says ‘spiralling’ like bodies are dropping left right and centre.
Comment from : Little Traveller

hairless biker
He's not in charge 🤔
Comment from : hairless biker

Sir Help trying to be political. I bet not one labour voter will break the rules.
Comment from : Chips1889

Dave Cook
The only people trying to change captain pigs ears mind is the fake MSM
Comment from : Dave Cook

JohnyumiandCarmen Williams
The sooner this country is finished, the better. Society and community are broken and the people divided. Make way for China!
Comment from : JohnyumiandCarmen Williams

Steve Crook
Enjoy Christmas and ignore this dickhead government
Comment from : Steve Crook

Andrew Lambert
It doesn't matter what our government says or does. People will not listen. It's xmas. We've not stayed home in lock down or the tier system. So why would we stay home at xmas... people just need to be sensible. Wear masks in doors.. sanitise. No hugging, kissing.
Comment from : Andrew Lambert

Starmer - indoors, no mask windows closed. Who's interviewing him? Do they have a camera crew, sound man, etc?
Houses of parliament : indoors, more than 6 no masks, no windows, doors closed.
MPs dead: none.
MP's ill: none. (Sick.maybe, but not ill)
MP's who are "infected" or"cases" : none
MP's following the rules: when it suits.

Comment from : boomiron

Science isn't political what is wrong with the world
Comment from : iIZCoNFuZeLD

Jonney Ridden
What kind of reporting is this? "on one hand he breaks a promise, on the other deaths and infection rates" how fucked is this country if we dont hold our leaders to have basic morals of right or wrong
Comment from : Jonney Ridden

James L
We need a revolution to get this criminal cabal out now ! And Labour are as complicit in this disgusting plandemic.
Look at the death rates across the UK - they are LOWER than last year !!! There is no pandemic !!!!
Wake up people !

Comment from : James L

Arthur Fleck
Just look at what we have become in the space of 10 months. The Government are supposed to serve us, not the other way around. The female reporter at the start of this video - "will we still get Christmas Prime Minister?" - seriously?
Comment from : Arthur Fleck

Lockdowns are the luxury of the rich
Comment from : valleysofneptune

hammerwell 08
Good luck to all those sheeple who are going to listen to these dictators. I will be having a normal Christmas and I will invite who I want and won't be told by a fat useless mess like Boris other . If there was truly a killer virus then we'd all be dead by now . Fact is the government is the virus and military arrests are the vaccine......
Comment from : hammerwell 08

Cotter 123
No deaths , no cases since April, no vaccine needed, economy up and running.. Why don’t we talk about China..?
Comment from : Cotter 123

ash kavash
Comment from : ash kavash

Glen Stevenson
It will be the government fault if it goes tits up
Comment from : Glen Stevenson

Glen Stevenson
Pathetic reporter will still get Christmas priminister .no cancel it
Comment from : Glen Stevenson

shodan dragon
U watch if he cancels Christmas he wont cancel any other religious celebration
Comment from : shodan dragon

Summer Rose
If Boris shuts down Xmas Labour would complain, if Boris relaxes the rules over Christmas Labour would complain. It’s a no win situation so just use your common sense for goodness sake !
Comment from : Summer Rose

Andrew Richards
Spiralling exaggerations! youtu.be/luiF9GLwz58
Comment from : Andrew Richards

Vicki Stacey
Stop the fear mongering over a cold.
Comment from : Vicki Stacey

I cant feel sorry for a puppet with no balls
Comment from : peregrinegrace

Alan Mason
Sir Socialist! Hah ha ha
Comment from : Alan Mason

Unexpected Amy
Unbelievable insanity.
Comment from : Unexpected Amy

Titch Grant
It's unlawful interception of the human race we are the light in the dark
Comment from : Titch Grant

Pete Zagate
Stick the government, vaccine and the MSM where the sun doesn't shine.
Comment from : Pete Zagate

Daniel Watt
Why aren't Antifa out there protesting this facism?
Comment from : Daniel Watt

Graham Fearon
We need every single pm out I guarantee every single one of them will be with their own familys
Comment from : Graham Fearon

Aye sure it is
Comment from : Mouse

Eliš D
99.7% of scientists agree with the people,

Who are funding them.

Comment from : Eliš D

Joanna Benson
where are their masks?
Comment from : Joanna Benson

ZOO Scott
a spades a spade 🆘 lol dave ... B J is a B J 💥
Comment from : ZOO Scott

Paul Munro
Sky News. The filth of Britain.
Comment from : Paul Munro

How can a Tier 3 lockdown be justified when the Government and NHS are using a flawed, unreliable, ineffective testing method. This is most likely being done intentionally - this is a crime against humanity - as Tier 3 Lockdowns cause death

A few recent articles on subject of the unreliability of PCR Testing Method are being totally ignored by the Mainstream Media (findings of various recent cases and studies have been completely ignored by the lying, manipulative, deceptive MSM - total media blackout in Western world on subject of Lisbon Court of Appeals ruling and other important stories).

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful”
Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world

Location of Original Document by Lisbon Court of Appeal

Actual Web Page with Outcome: (in Portuguese)

Coca Cola Tests COVID-19 Positive In Austrian Parliament
GreatGameIndia (12/12/2020)

10 Years Ago WHO Faked A Pandemic

Finland Says WHO’s Coronavirus Protocol Doesn’t Work

EXPOSED: How Peter Daszak Of EcoHealth Alliance Orchestrated The Natural Origin Of Covid-19 Myth (19/11/20)

Findings of one of most comprehensive Studies on PCR Tests
In their ruling [in Lisbon Court of Appeals case] judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.

Link to Findings of JAAFAR et Al Study

Comment from : Max2020

The latest SAGE meeting minutes confirm that scientific consensus proves that chimney linings harbour the Covid-19 virus, the North Pole has been upgraded to a Tier Three area (although Santa has negotiated a financial package for his furloughed elves) and reindeer are no longer allowed to congregate in groups of eight. Nick Hancock has also confirmed that due to the overwhelment of the NHS and the consequent shortage of hospital beds all new births will take place in the newly built Nightingale Stables facilities. Sir Patrick Valance says there is no conflict of interest between Government policy and his £600,000 shareholding in the frankincense industry. Other news; The ongoing search for three wise men in Westminster is currently proving more difficult than Professor Ferguson's original computer model suggested. Emperor Billelzebub Gates is progressing nicely with his original plan of killing all first born sons (and daughters too - just to be on the safe side).
Comment from : Russputin

Hedz T
They should Cancel Cristmas ... its not worth it or 2021 will be the same!!
Comment from : Hedz T

Barbara E. May
Just let us have a bit of fun Boris ,on what probably will be our " normal" last Christmas.
Comment from : Barbara E. May

labour have done nothing !!!!!captain hindsight
Comment from : outlaw

Andrew Armitt
Media driven once again, scare everyone senseless. Time to scrap Beeb licence fees, with there labour driven agenda. Shadow positions should just be called what they are, loser's.
Comment from : Andrew Armitt

Subscribe to my channel.
Comment from : CHIBE YT

Phil Davey
If the Government had shut down Christmas, the MSM and opposition party would be criticising them for the economic and mental health damage. It is truly a no-win situation.
Comment from : Phil Davey

Adam West
Boris has shown himself as no better than Hitler with this lockdown. Soon he’ll introduce powers to strip all your assets for stepping out of your door just to hug your gran at Christmas...
Comment from : Adam West

Ren 1
Rising infection rates, or rising testing rates ? False positives from a test that doesn’t even test for Cov19 !!!
Comment from : Ren 1

Mark Fisher
It makes Total sense to lock 70million people down for Xmas, given that the death rate is under 1% of the people who are infected. “TOTAL SENSE” 🙄
Comment from : Mark Fisher

yvette aHarrison
Their statistics are bullshit.!
The virus is a paper tiger.?
It's not about safety, it's about control.!
We've given the government control over our every move, we need to take it back because they'll never relinquish it.!

Comment from : yvette aHarrison

Daniel Thurtell
They will leave it down to the people and then blame the people to justify further lockdowns
Comment from : Daniel Thurtell

We will never being to see the easing of restriction and life return to normal until the media end it morbid obsessional fetish with lockdowns and restriction and actually become journalists again and begin to question the data and scrutinise the government reason for the policies.
Comment from : rayeasom

No Justice For Me
Justice from God❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : No Justice For Me

No Justice For Me
Doomed forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : No Justice For Me

Lola De La Colina
Comment from : Lola De La Colina

Yul 420
When did governments care about the public health never.
Comment from : Yul 420

Carl Mills
I’ve been careful since March,with distancing and washing hands and I have still contracted Covid on 13/12.theres no way households should mix with infections rising
Comment from : Carl Mills

Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather, he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank just outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.
Comment from : MrDefusee

Daniel Lehmann
It’s funny how they’re agonising over this decision as if people are actually going to follow their rules 😂
Comment from : Daniel Lehmann

John Lo
So corrupt what we all going through, government really having a blastful time whilst the working class is suffering badly
Comment from : John Lo

Debbie Smith
I don’t like the new norm that is being created. No helping others, no hugs, no compassion for others when they are struggling. It’s a cold world we will be living in.
Comment from : Debbie Smith

Terry Jackson
Listen to the fake effort the reporter puts in at the begining of thus video, what a fugin loser.
Comment from : Terry Jackson

Well the virus (if it exists) can sit back and relax ...the politicians and the media are doing all the damage for it. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for their own risk assessment ? We have a casedemic based on a deeply flawed PCR testing method with an experimental vaccine that has been barely tested for a virus that hasnt even been isolated yet ...Im not even going to talk about a virus that can be asymptomatic and has a 99.9% survival rate . THIS IS A PANDEMIC OF IRRATIONAL FEAR STIRRED UP FOR SOME POLITICAL AGENDA . Buisinesses and individuals should just disregard any rules they try to impose on us , they havnt the resources to police them , Was it Spock who said the fear of the many should outweigh the freedom of the few .
Comment from : hoomantoo

Joseph Stealin
Not pressure from the public, the pressure is coming from the media. And we all know the media don’t practice what they preach don’t we Sky!
Comment from : Joseph Stealin

Son of God
They will blame us again for spike in cases over Xmas and use this to lock us down again lockdown 3.0 on its way. Have a great Xmas everyone...
Comment from : Son of God

Emma Alexander-Reynolds
Cases of the common cold
Comment from : Emma Alexander-Reynolds

Shame on Sky news for this rubbish unbalanced reporting. Fear mongering garbage.
Comment from : gnorweb

Aaron G
Imagine arresting people for just standing next to each other....smh. it's not like we have bigger problems in London like gangs, knife crime, gun crime, terrorism, homicides, drugs etc.

Nah, F that, let's arrest people for existing side by side in the same area.

Comment from : Aaron G

Pressure by who exactly? 🤨
Comment from : SHOTBYODYSSEY

Celebrate Christmas next year this situation is fight with Corona virus
Comment from : NPLimbu

Andrew Rothwell
We will toughen up next election labour and tory will be toast
Comment from : Andrew Rothwell

I am Batman
No one cares cause they do it anyway
Comment from : I am Batman

Coronavirus planned in America In North Carolina!
Comes in Italy, Brazil, France, India, UK etc,
But blame it on China.
Because they told to who.

Comment from : iiTrooper

Luke Moore
Who’s applying that pressure exactly? And are protests not applying pressure also?
Comment from : Luke Moore

stuart mcmahon
The rules wont change now, its too close to Xmas, Boris wouldnt dare.........
Comment from : stuart mcmahon

Charles Bloomer
Bless em'. They still think we need their permission to celebrate Christmas.
Comment from : Charles Bloomer

David Day walker
Just for one Christmas lockdown the nation .
Comment from : David Day walker

What does Santa think?
Comment from : elyrexo

Time for Wakey Wakey
christmas is corrupt anyway. its a plastic week of surrendering to the feel good hormone to buying stuff. stop buying people stuff just bcoz its christmas.
Comment from : Time for Wakey Wakey

Un Named
If he did make a u-turn it’s not like people will listen
Comment from : Un Named

Viper Gas
no more interferance. enough is enough. we are freemen of the land, freedom which does not belong to any government.

it is not theirs to take away

Comment from : Viper Gas

John Morris
According to Government statistics, hospital admissions were lower this year than last year. What they say never stacks up even with their own figures.
Comment from : John Morris

Alkaline Healing Advocate
Thats NOT Boris
Comment from : Alkaline Healing Advocate

DJ Normalnorman
Ha ha good luck enforcing it
Comment from : DJ Normalnorman

Gregg Tierney
media soon to be known as the Ministry of Truth
Comment from : Gregg Tierney

Natural Born Chiller
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth an Corona virus, then maybe this past year will make sense.
Comment from : Natural Born Chiller

Ali Bhaloo
Please for God's sake .. Take it serious.
Comment from : Ali Bhaloo

Ali Bhaloo
England I lost my Father in the U.K with covid 19.
Man This Damn Thing is a silent killer .
Please Don't listen to the hypes .
It is real and it s a ticking time boom .
The Hospital s are in shambles .not knowing what to do ..

Comment from : Ali Bhaloo

John Smith
So people shouldn't see and hug their loved ones if they don't need to, But the government officials somehow need to get their pay rises...
Comment from : John Smith

Abu Azrael Official
Happy Christmas
Comment from : Abu Azrael Official

Boxing Comparisons
Lol its just cases going up not deaths. This is all a joke. Yeah have a virtual christmas because more ppl have got tested positive with mild symptoms
Comment from : Boxing Comparisons

It's simple...
Look at the statistics and listen to the public that have more than jam between their ears.

Comment from : 140pro

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