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ELP -- Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)

ELP -- Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)

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Mach1Airspace 2 months ago

During live versions Keith would also sing the chorus (ooh what a Lucky Man...) but here for the studio version it sounds like Greg is both singing and playing guitar solo using multi tracks.

Jim Hughes
Jim Hughes 2 months ago

That's not a solo

Nikolaos Mosxakis
Nikolaos Mosxakis 2 months ago

very good...............................

wanda jeffrey
wanda jeffrey 2 months ago

Such an amazing musical genius. His voice and songwriting are a unique gem for us all.

MargaretAnn Stewart
MargaretAnn Stewart 2 months ago

Ok where is the song with the moog in it that video says will play after? Hmmmmm not this one

Debralynn620 2 months ago

I read that this was his first song he wrote as a boy of a tender age of 12!! ❤️❤️❤️

dayna vogt
dayna vogt 2 months ago

just amazing - he was born with the gift - then worked his butt off all his life to deliver and perfect it. RIP beautiful Greg

Sonja F.
Sonja F. 2 months ago

Geht auch 2021 noch unter die Haut ❤ 🎶 🎸
RIP Mr. Greg Lake

Jill Kay
Jill Kay 2 months ago

Listening to Greg sing brings me back to the best era of my life! 70’s!
He was perfection!

Nenad Nenadic
Nenad Nenadic 2 months ago

Pesma moje mladosti...jedan od najlepsih muskih vokala

Jaime Benavides
Jaime Benavides 2 months ago


Marilyn Tape
Marilyn Tape 2 months ago


Roberta Colarette
Roberta Colarette 2 months ago

His voice was so great. The first time I heard Lucky Man I was hooked. Still am. ❤️

Cynthia Swift
Cynthia Swift 2 months ago

How fortunate for us that Greg Lake walked amongst us in our lifetime. I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard this song, and have loved it, and ELP ever since. Thank you Greg Lake for sharing your talent with us mere mortals. May you RIP Always.

Spike Mcgettigan
Spike Mcgettigan 2 months ago

Greg really new how to use his voice and his music to accentuate his beautiful lyrics. Love it.

Jana Reed
Jana Reed 2 months ago

he sang Lucky Man at California Jam

Jana Reed
Jana Reed 2 months ago

me too!

Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace 2 months ago

I had a crush on him so bad! Greg's beautiful manly voice. Along with Keith and Carl, they were so powerful, precise, and perfection.

Eli Foust
Eli Foust 2 months ago

Soundtrack of my ARMY DAYS.

Penn Central 1073
Penn Central 1073 2 months ago

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

Wild Violet
Wild Violet 2 months ago

I love his voice and his guitar playing.❤️

teedlebomb1 2 months ago

Wonderful. Thanks!

kurt krause
kurt krause 2 months ago

Thanks karnevil92112!!!

Lady Hecate
Lady Hecate 2 months ago

I love his voice and the songs he wrote. But when I listen to Lucky Man, I do get sad because I miss him. It is still hard to believe he is gone from us. Yes he lives through his music, but that music still reminds me of the man. I miss you Greg Lake as do many others.

Mario Bozzetta
Mario Bozzetta 2 months ago

Immenso !!

Graham Seaman
Graham Seaman 2 months ago

Excellent to hear this... his vocal, as well as his guitar playing, is so precise. The best .... and my favourite song for all time....

Lady Hecate
Lady Hecate 2 months ago

Greg...R.I.P. You are so very much missed. I listen to your songs everyday. I cannot go a day without hearing your voice. Such a talented and, from what I heard, a very kind person.

Glenn Hall
Glenn Hall 2 months ago

Best version I've heard. Amazing. Greg was great. No question.

Amber Glow
Amber Glow 2 months ago


Lucy - Texas Gal
Lucy - Texas Gal 2 months ago

And when Greg was created, she looked down and said "Perfect! There shall not be another like him." Greg brought so much joy with his voice, musicianship and presence (😍) but he was taken from us way too soon. He may not be with us mortals, but may he and his music not be forgotten. I for one blast The Gods, The Shame, King Crimson, ELP and his solo music that even my neighbors can hear, but I never received one complaint. Rest In Peace beautiful Greg.

Teri Werda Monahan
Teri Werda Monahan 2 months ago


Thereza Dantas
Thereza Dantas 2 months ago

I love you Greg sweetheart !! God bless your lovely soul. From Brazil 🇧🇷♥️

Phee Shankar
Phee Shankar 2 months ago

!!!!✌🤘👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧✌🤘👍!!!! R.I.P.- G.L. !!!!👍🤘✌🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧✌🤘👍!!!!

Karn Evil
Karn Evil 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this version! Peace.

Charles Rast
Charles Rast 2 months ago


Deborah Davis
Deborah Davis 2 months ago

love his voice, his and journey steve perry both are awesome.

Jeff Porcaro Groove
Jeff Porcaro Groove 2 months ago

Greg Lake has to be the most underrated singer...simple song? listen to the covers of this song...nobody comes close to the feel of Lake...Youtube does two things, it lets us know talent is overrated and underrated...Lake proves the later.

Jim Atkins
Jim Atkins 2 months ago


King Chromosome
King Chromosome 2 months ago

Okay, now this is epic

viciouslady 2 months ago

His voice was so rich and melodic sheer perfection

Ferg Music
Ferg Music 2 months ago

He probably played Bass as well on this!

Herb1 2 months ago

Einer der grössten "alten" Meister

ELPFAN Jahrling
ELPFAN Jahrling 2 months ago

Stunning ...
Glad I Had the privilege to See them Many Times ..
And Not to Mention My First Concert Row 3 In KCMO ...

THE SWORD 2 months ago

All I can say about Greg Lake is, "What a frickin' PRO!"
He nails it everytime.

Venice Spectacle Magazine

Wow. I’m just now, hearing this beauty. Such a clear and lovely recoding. Greg Lake is genius.

asaibene 2 months ago


Stevie Hirsch
Stevie Hirsch 2 months ago

Not really solo....but none the less amazing :)

Carl T
Carl T 2 months ago

Did you know that Greg wrote this song when he was only 12 years old

Carl T
Carl T 2 months ago

Such a timeless classic! Thanks for posting

marc picard
marc picard 2 months ago

Could listen to Lucky Man and In the Beginning all day long... Love his style.. RIP Greg Lake...............

Sound Chaser
Sound Chaser 2 months ago

Written by Greg Lake when he was 12 years old

Lori Rothenbush
Lori Rothenbush 2 months ago

Love the song and of course Greg's vocals. Thanks Steven Wilson!!

William Tauriello
William Tauriello 2 months ago

I am grateful to have seen ELP live and in quad. Musical mastery at its finest. RIP Keith and Greg.
Your gifts to us will last forever. Thank you.

Lori Rothenbush
Lori Rothenbush 2 months ago

Oh how lucky we are to hear Greg's voice. One of a kind. Thank you Greg Lake!!

Michael H Fogg
Michael H Fogg 2 months ago

My first concert. 12 years old at the California Jam, wandering around with an All Access backstage pass. (Long Story). Greg and Ritchie Blackmore were very kind to me.


WOW! Fantastic mix of a great track! Less is more.

vduncan54 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful...a golden voice now silent..RIP Greg Lake

brad starkey
brad starkey 2 months ago

Its said he was only 12 years old when he wrote this.
The very first Concert I had ever seen 1974 or so Portland Rose Garden ELP it changed my life.
I sat house center of the floor between the first Quad set up of huge stacks of Marshal Amps 50 ' high a explosion of wonderful unforgettable Music that has lasted a life time, no Concert Compared until.
I saw Pink Floyd and then then Led Zeppelin in 76 I thought all Rock and Roll Shows had fire shooting out of the Guitars a Piano man rising from the stage spinning in the air with fire works or playing three key boards at once one with his foot and beating the crap out of one like the Who for affect that was Awesome it blew my mind now looking back at more Concerts than I can remember from Elvis to the Greatful Dead to Willie and Waylon getting on the bus with Willie back stage with Waylon or having a BBQ for BB King partying with these guys What a Strange trip its been Jerry Jeff Walker got arrested for driving North Bound on South Bound I 5 from a jig were he Sang Mr. Bojangles when it came out. Then Elvin Bishope the Beet Farmers Doc played slide Guitar like no other with a full long neck beer that slowly foamed at the crescendo of the song like a music Orgazam what a visual affect parted with Cheap Trick then Jimmy Buffet and I was a nobody from Salem Oregon a young kid with a bunch of great friends that Music changed his life enjoy and let it fill the air just watch out for the dark side and stay clear from the drugs they will eat your very soul so shine on my shinning little Star from a old guy who danced with the devil and got out alive barely with some skin of my teeth be careful some kinds of music can eat you alive

Asep Sudrajat
Asep Sudrajat 2 months ago

sangat bagus

ViA Clemens
ViA Clemens 2 months ago

A lucky Man He Was!

Perry Anderson
Perry Anderson 2 months ago

3 words awesome awesome awesome!

superjtrdr 2 months ago

A timeless musical masterpiece

David Lee
David Lee 2 months ago

They had just done an album and was short. They had a few minutes more on making the album complete. He wrote this song in 5 minutes. Awesome!

stephen becker -atlanta

Launched ELP. literly..written by greg. lake, to super stardom. filled arenas by millions. this was genius, no group had electronic MOOG music like Keith emerson did. Listen. at end. all 3 guys were indepent later... sucessful. hard to do.expensive ideas with 64 piece orchestra, on road, when ELP was powerhouse,

Robert Miller
Robert Miller 2 months ago

I dont know if there is something wrong with me but im crying listening to this mans voice who well never hear live again thank God for recordings. No one nowadays well hardly no one can ckme close they are all phony just look prettu and people think your great thatscwhy im crying

AGKyran 2 months ago

Best version of Lucky Man I've ever heard !

A GREAT DISGRACE 2 months ago

Here is a video playing this song, I hope you enjoy it >)


Molly Lepup
Molly Lepup 2 months ago

RIP Mr Lake, You gave the finest music to the world.

Paul Frehley
Paul Frehley 2 months ago

Spectacular Musician, Vocalist & Good Fella . R.I.H.

Dimas Dimas
Dimas Dimas 2 months ago

He had white horses
And ladies by the score
All dressed in satin
And waiting by the door

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

White lace and feathers
They made up his bed
A gold covered mattress
On which he was led

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

He went to fight wars
For his country and his king
Of his honor and his glory
The people would sing

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

A bullet had found him
His blood ran as he cried
No money could save him
So he laid down and he died

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

jean-michel Pelet
jean-michel Pelet 2 months ago

marvelous singer he was ! such a lucky man he was with such skills!

Mtn Noel
Mtn Noel 2 months ago

i love these stories...

James Smith
James Smith 2 months ago

Nice to hear what happened in the studio. Keith converted it from a ballad to a rock song at the end and I don't know if that was the first time I ever heard a synth (probably was), but with the ending added on the song in the beginning of the 70s was a AMAZING thing.

Asdrubale Porretto
Asdrubale Porretto 2 months ago

RIP my friend

Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins 2 months ago

Possibly I am going to make myself unpopular, but I am going to risk it anyway. Point no. 1 – I love Greg Lake his voice and his songs. He wrote and sung some unbelievably beautiful acoustic songs.
Take a Pebble, Oh Lucky Man, Still You turn me On, From The Beginning, Trilogy – for example.

Point no. 2. I also like some of Keith Emerson’s output. The piano playing on ‘Take a Pebble’ and ‘Trilogy’ being the prime examples.

However my personal point of view is that some of Greg Lake’s beautiful songs have in fact been ruined by Keith’s histrionic electronic keyboard additions towards the end of these songs. I suppose it is just a matter of taste. But it is not to my taste.

Migel Garcia
Migel Garcia 2 months ago

They don't make them like this anymore!!!!!

davekingmusic1994 2 months ago

A great song. I play this when I play gigs. I played it with all my heart and soul when Kieth and Greg passed, it wasn't easy.

Goopin Dog
Goopin Dog 2 months ago

Could someone post the live version off the Manticore box set, its one of my favorite takes. Thanks

Fargoguy54 2 months ago


Mark Holden
Mark Holden 2 months ago

To only be human

Daniel Parent
Daniel Parent 2 months ago

Une perte terrible ce gars étais un génie

seeburgm100a 2 months ago

Watch the Grammy awards of today and realize what crap there is for music and talent today. There will never be an era like we had in the late 60's and 70's. Super group after super group. Progressive rock.. more talent than the world will ever see again.

Now we have Kanye West? Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber... I can't even name anyone else.. it has degraded beyond comprehension.

I am one of the fortunate ones that had the pleasure of seeing ELP twice. Greg Lake has always been one of my favorite vocalists, Carl Palmer and Keith Emerson musicians par excel-lance.

c dawg
c dawg 2 months ago

Say hi to Tamara if you see her...

Illya Nation
Illya Nation 2 months ago

Mr. Greg, you are a lucky Man now, R.I.P. sir!

Robert Jaspers
Robert Jaspers 2 months ago

Greg, I will never forget you....

Thomas Popovich
Thomas Popovich 2 months ago

He can't be replaced. I have been listening to elp sence i was 9. God bless !!!

Stephen Quinn
Stephen Quinn 2 months ago

What a lucky generation we were, to be born just in time. Greg's book just came in the mail the other day. His voice (as on here) is all over it. He never lost his sense of humility no matter how high his star rose.

Marc Pellerin
Marc Pellerin 2 months ago

They didn't call him "The Voice" for nothing.

agt bruinsman
agt bruinsman 2 months ago

Thank You Mr Steven Wilson for this version. Perfection

Séamusin 2 months ago

I think this song would work extremely well in an episode of 'Game of Thrones'. Perhaps we could start an online petition. It would go well with subject matter and be a fitting tribute to ELP.

UF RPU 2 months ago

grande Lake por siempre.viviras mientras haya gente que disfrute de la buena musica.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen 2 months ago

this always teared me up! i was lucky to see them play a few times! Love from Rhode island 💖👼🙏✌

301concerts 2 months ago

awesome!! thank you for posting. killer

David Maholchic
David Maholchic 2 months ago

Beautifully recorded & rendered

alessandro56 moog
alessandro56 moog 2 months ago

so sad in my heart :-(

James Alfaro
James Alfaro 2 months ago

Maestro, you are not gone, just ahead of all of us.

Martine Nathalie Rioux


John Thomas
John Thomas 2 months ago

I am still in shock that this great musician is gone. I love his talent and I miss his presents on this planet.

Manuel Blesa
Manuel Blesa 2 months ago

Thank you for that. Greg Lake was one of the best. RIP.

tim Liberty
tim Liberty 2 months ago

thanks for posting. RIP Greg