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The Life of Charles Dickens (BBC)

The Life of Charles Dickens (BBC)

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asunagullo 2 months ago

You should have mentioned his awfull, evil behaving with his wife. Not only he cheated her, but he stopped her for seeing their children once they divorced, he forbif his daughters to invite their mother to their weddings and when theur 4th child died he didn't tell her. It is the most hypocrisy to found a shelter for homeless women while you leave your own wife, mother of your 10 children living in poverty and loneliness. Moreover he tried to declare his wife insane and institutionalise her. All because we wanted a flirt with an actress who could be his daughter.

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ssake1 2 months ago

Charles Dickens didn't write "A Christmas Carol." He obtained the original manuscript from one of the co-authors, Mathew Franklin Whittier, younger brother of poet John Greenleaf Whittier, in Boston in 1842. The other co-author had been Mathew's wife, Abby Poyen Whittier, who was first cousin to Mesmerist Charles Poyen. It was Abby, a mystic, who wrote the scenes and dialogues with the ghosts and other metaphysical elements. This was not originally a "ghost story" at all. Mathew would have been introduced to Dickens in Boston by his personal friend, Oliver Wendell Holmes, who helped arrange the welcome dinner for Dickens. Dickens re-worked the manuscript inside of six weeks, to stave off impending debt. The account of Dickens' walking the streets of London composing "A Christmas Carol" cannot be trusted, inasmuch as John Forster, who gives this account, also tried to help Dickens put his wife Catherine into an insane asylum (which he would have had to lie in order to do). Dickens had already plagiarized the slavery chapter for "American Notes" from Theodore Weld's "Slavery As It Is." You can see some of my evidence in this blog entry:
Also note the URL at the bottom of the page, which goes to a more recent entry with additional evidence.

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Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 2 months ago

here it had some errors but I fixed some...
Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on the 7th of February 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles was the second child of eight siblings in all, six of whom survived to adulthood. John, a naval clerk always spent beyond his means. One day he pointed out a house to Charles, remarking that he could live in such a house if he worked hard. The family moved to London in 1822. At 12, as the family finances worsened, Charles had to start work in a blacking factory, labeling bottles for eleven hours a day. John Dickens was eventually sent to a debtor’s prison, Charles visited him there every Sunday. His youth left him with an ambitious drive, in 1827 he began work as a solicitor’s clerk. From the surroundings of his unremarkable office, he began to collect names and characteristics of the people he saw. Charles began a journalistic career in 1831. Writing became his passion, working for the paper by day and on his own work by night. He was beginning to taste success. His first piece of fiction was published in 1835. That same year Charles met Catherine Hogarth, they fell in love and were married. The next few years of fervent activity resulted in much writing and many children. As his writing became more popular and his fame more wide-spread, rumors began to abound of his drunkenness and admission to an asylum. Stories were easy to concoct about the writer who kept a pet raven and whose writing dealt in the extremes of the sentimental and the grotesque. In 1842, Charles and Catherine set sail for America. On landing in Boston, they were mobbed by crowds. Dicken's interests lay in visiting the unusual, which inspired his writing. He took his whole family on his next big trip, to Italy in the summer of 1844. Upon his return, Dickens began to look for new diversions. He helped to start and edit a radical newspaper, founded a refuge for homeless women, and performed his works at public readings. Aged 44 Charles bought Gad’s Hill, the house his father had pointed out to him all those years before. It symbolized a pinnacle of achievement. Whilst Dickens was organizing a theatrical project, ‘Frozen Deep’, he met and was spellbound by a young actress, Ellen Ternan. There is much speculation about this relationship that caused the end of his marriage to Catherine. One fateful night in 1865, whilst Charles and Ellen were returning from Paris, their train crashed outside Staplehurst. Dickens administered brandy and water to the injured and dying, only at the last minute did he remember to retrieve the final part of ‘Our Mutual Friend’ from the wrecked carriage. The incident left Charles very shaken, for a while he maintained his busy itinerary, then his health began to fail. At home on Wednesday 9th June 1870, at the age of 58, Charles suffered a stroke and died. He’s buried in Westminster Abbey.

ach playz
ach playz 2 months ago

it is a good story. if you guys also think so like my comment. and the video

charlie D'Rosario
charlie D'Rosario 2 months ago

The animation in this is appalling and very disrespectful too the real people behind this story.

Epitaph 2 months ago

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Xavi González
Xavi González 2 months ago

Por si alguien lo quiere, aquí está todo el texto traducido al español. Si alguien lo quiere copiar, haced captura y ponedlo en google traductor

Charles John Huffam Dickens nació el 7 de febrero de 1812 de John y Elizabeth Dickens. Charles fue el segundo hijo de ocho hermanos en total, seis de los cuales sobrevivieron hasta la edad adulta. John, un empleado naval siempre gastó más allá de sus posibilidades. Un día le señaló una casa a Charles y le comentó que podía vivir en una casa así si trabajaba duro. La familia se mudó a Londres en 1822. A los 12 años, cuando las finanzas familiares empeoraron, Charles tuvo que comenzar a trabajar en una fábrica de blacking, etiquetando botellas durante once horas al día. John Dickens finalmente fue enviado a la prisión de deudores, Charles lo visitaba allí todos los domingos. Su juventud lo dejó con un impulso ambicioso, en 1827 comenzó a trabajar como secretario de abogado. Desde los alrededores de su anodina oficina, comenzó a recopilar nombres y características de las personas que veía. Charles comenzó su carrera periodística en 1831. Escribir se convirtió en su pasión, trabajando para el periódico de día y en su propio trabajo de noche. Empezaba a saborear el éxito. Su primera obra de ficción se publicó en 1835. Ese mismo año Charles conoció a Catherine Hogarth, se enamoraron y se casaron. Los siguientes años de ferviente actividad dieron como resultado mucha escritura y muchos niños. A medida que su escritura se hizo más popular y su fama se extendió más, comenzaron a abundar los rumores sobre su embriaguez y su admisión en un asilo. Era fácil inventar historias sobre el escritor que tenía un cuervo como mascota y cuya escritura trataba sobre los extremos de lo sentimental y lo grotesco. En 1842, Charles y Catherine zarparon hacia América. Al aterrizar en Boston, fueron asaltados por multitudes. Los intereses de Dickens residían en visitar lo inusual, que inspiró su escritura. Se llevó a toda su familia en su próximo gran viaje, a Italia en el verano de 1844. A su regreso, Dickens comenzó a buscar nuevas diversiones. Ayudó a iniciar y editar un periódico radical, fundó un refugio para mujeres sin hogar y representó sus obras en lecturas públicas. Charles, de 44 años, compró Gad's Hill, la casa que su padre le había señalado todos esos años antes. Simbolizaba un pináculo de logros. Mientras Dickens organizaba un proyecto teatral, 'Frozen Deep', conoció y quedó fascinado por una joven actriz, Ellen Ternan. Se especula mucho sobre esta relación que provocó el fin de su matrimonio con Catherine. Una fatídica noche de 1865, mientras Charles y Ellen regresaban de París, su tren se estrelló frente a Staplehurst. Dickens administró brandy y agua a los heridos y moribundos, solo en el último minuto se acordó de recuperar la parte final de 'Nuestro amigo mutuo' del carruaje destrozado. El incidente dejó a Charles muy conmocionado, por un tiempo mantuvo su ajetreado itinerario, luego su salud comenzó a fallar. En casa, el miércoles 9 de junio de 1870, a la edad de 58 años, Charles sufrió un derrame cerebral y murió. Está enterrado en la Abadía de Westminster.

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