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Destiny H
Destiny H 2 months ago

I’m not being rood but get on with the video

Prasanna Indunil
Prasanna Indunil 2 months ago


Jasmine Fletcher
Jasmine Fletcher 2 months ago


Lucas He
Lucas He 2 months ago

It’s not cute.

anil singh
anil singh 2 months ago

Beautiful Drawing

samera nathem
samera nathem 2 months ago

الذيديو جميل جدآ و ممتعة🤩😘😍🥰🤗

Royale Dominique
Royale Dominique 2 months ago

Hi, I want to say that was very cool your drawing was very good.

Munchkin 022
Munchkin 022 2 months ago

I love it

Zionna TV
Zionna TV 2 months ago


Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 2 months ago


Elein Mohamed Hassan
Elein Mohamed Hassan 2 months ago


DRAWING STEP 2 months ago


Leana Tsurkanu
Leana Tsurkanu 2 months ago

i HATE this

Mathew Kalapurackal
Mathew Kalapurackal 2 months ago

Hi I love this one

Srinivas Rao Srinivas Rao

So easy to draw

Sajida Khatoon
Sajida Khatoon 2 months ago


fun with muskan
fun with muskan 2 months ago


SIRIN JAMAL 2 months ago


Elva Nieto
Elva Nieto 2 months ago

Good drawing love your video

rakhi singh
rakhi singh 2 months ago


Shazeila Niyamat
Shazeila Niyamat 2 months ago

You’re dumb

Mel 2 months ago


Amanah Khan
Amanah Khan 2 months ago

Awesome drawing but... can u some time draw a huge cake?

Ryad Abu bahaa
Ryad Abu bahaa 2 months ago


Allison Lobos
Allison Lobos 2 months ago


Hayley Hatfield
Hayley Hatfield 2 months ago


Moreniita López
Moreniita López 2 months ago


butzeby 2 months ago

Good drawing, weird music

Mahmud Raji
Mahmud Raji 2 months ago


Liakat Khan
Liakat Khan 2 months ago


Green Caprisun
Green Caprisun 2 months ago

it's just I was trying to check out some drawings to help me but all I see just this watermelon on a stick looking thing but no offense for that guy who drawled it. And the only reason why I watched it is because he was a boy and a lot of girls reply to this I just checked the comments so oops.

Green Caprisun
Green Caprisun 2 months ago

Bruh I can draw better then him. I can a forest in like 30s.
Sooooo not to be mean but like you no it takes almost 4mins to draw a watermelon on a stick for him. No offense though.

Bahar Fayazi
Bahar Fayazi 2 months ago


2 months ago


Tez Mindro
Tez Mindro 2 months ago

I know how to do draw and it makes me easy

It’s EmmaleighBrooke

i like it i deaw it allso

Daisy Medina
Daisy Medina 2 months ago


os Devkiller
os Devkiller 2 months ago

hi you all ok

Jade Berry
Jade Berry 2 months ago

🤑I love you 1234567890 your the best

Kids drawing club
Kids drawing club 2 months ago

Ziyad Malak
Ziyad Malak 2 months ago

مشترك جديد أعجبني أتمنى أن تشتركو في قناتي

Janessa Jackson
Janessa Jackson 2 months ago

not trying to be rude but why keep draw and over lapsing the drawing? its stupid we all have other things to do then to be watching you over lapse the watermelon for 2 mins. Besides that keep up the good work!!

Joyson Herbert
Joyson Herbert 2 months ago

Draw a cupcake easy for me I am 7 year old girl

Joyson Herbert
Joyson Herbert 2 months ago

Draw a cupcake easy

shiq5690 shiq5690
shiq5690 shiq5690 2 months ago

I like it😘

Tania Roper
Tania Roper 2 months ago


RHIANNON FOWLER 2 months ago

I liked the vid and i drew what u just drew

Asha Meena
Asha Meena 2 months ago

It ,s very easy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Roma Sharma
Roma Sharma 2 months ago

I like the cute watermelon 🥰

Food Corner
Food Corner 2 months ago

Nice drawing

Sylvia Goalen
Sylvia Goalen 2 months ago

Me too

Drawing الرسم
Drawing الرسم 2 months ago

The drawing is beautiful
This is a new channel for drawing and I hope that you will support me jointly
thank you

Drawing الرسم
Drawing الرسم 2 months ago

Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez 2 months ago

Hi I love this is so fun

Vincent Pham
Vincent Pham 2 months ago

I hate your videos by sale copy poopy head

creative toon
creative toon 2 months ago


Jayden the Owl !
Jayden the Owl ! 2 months ago


Scarlett Xia
Scarlett Xia 2 months ago


Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez 2 months ago

I did it on a chalkboard.🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩

Upasana Sontakke
Upasana Sontakke 2 months ago

So cool?.......

XPB AnimeXD 2 months ago

Good but I also reccomend you Guuh drawings

Quez gaming Tv
Quez gaming Tv 2 months ago

nice drawing

Iftikhar Ahmad
Iftikhar Ahmad 2 months ago


Arpita Singhal
Arpita Singhal 2 months ago

Joyal Singhal

Ah Mimah
Ah Mimah 2 months ago

The hardest thing ever to draw is a watermelon

Ummi Daddy Dot Com
Ummi Daddy Dot Com 2 months ago


bala subramaniam
bala subramaniam 2 months ago


HOMER Simpson
HOMER Simpson 2 months ago

Well done that is the best

Deborah Dennis
Deborah Dennis 2 months ago

Just kidding this is perfect

Deborah Dennis
Deborah Dennis 2 months ago

The stick on the drawing is a little cricket 😂😂

Moe Ms
Moe Ms 2 months ago

ماشي 💐 👍 😱 😱 😱 😱 ٩

mohamed zaidan
mohamed zaidan 2 months ago


Katie Boyd
Katie Boyd 2 months ago

These are so fun

Mikaelameg23 Mimay
Mikaelameg23 Mimay 2 months ago

I love drawing

Natalie Ng
Natalie Ng 2 months ago

I’m drawing better and even better!!!

syeda maryam
syeda maryam 2 months ago

nice drawings

Shriya patil
Shriya patil 2 months ago


Shriya patil
Shriya patil 2 months ago

Very nice drawing

gopa kumar
gopa kumar 2 months ago

Good morning

Anne Cutter
Anne Cutter 2 months ago

That is so so so so so so so cute and beautiful and so sos so so so good 😊😀😘❤️👍🤟🏻🌻🦄🌸🙏🌈🌼🌼👯‍♀️🌸

FF GAMING 2 months ago


Reauna Morrison
Reauna Morrison 2 months ago

this is hard

iiGlowinq 2 months ago

💖💖💖So Cute!I Adore These Drawings <3💖💖💖

Hamna and Farwa show🌸

To was so bad

Leilei Hnin
Leilei Hnin 2 months ago

I like it

Nusrat Aman Tanjina
Nusrat Aman Tanjina 2 months ago

VERY beautiful

Lucca 2 months ago


GoldenBrix 101
GoldenBrix 101 2 months ago


Dody Mohamed
Dody Mohamed 2 months ago

جميله قوي😍😍😍

Nay and Ana
Nay and Ana 2 months ago

This is dum just stop making videos just shut up

Rihab El
Rihab El 2 months ago

الجميل شكرا 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Roblox gril Lopes
Roblox gril Lopes 2 months ago

I like de drain

Michelle Salmon
Michelle Salmon 2 months ago

Me too

Michelle Salmon
Michelle Salmon 2 months ago

Hi how is things

Rista Enterprise.
Rista Enterprise. 2 months ago


Angela Sison
Angela Sison 2 months ago

Ammmm so yommy 🌈💝💖💗

Ar'Niyah Bridges
Ar'Niyah Bridges 2 months ago

not watching your channal anymore hate you

Ar'Niyah Bridges
Ar'Niyah Bridges 2 months ago

cant draw not subscribing

lego with me
lego with me 2 months ago


Peace on earth
Peace on earth 2 months ago

you have ugly drawings