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Jordans Life
Jordans Life 2 months ago

The mermaid tale😍😍 yes! Every girl loves a nice mermaid tale! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Telfer
Rebecca Telfer 2 months ago

Great share. Really useful for parents x

hiddenbooks 2 months ago

Awesome gift ideas for kids. I've enjoyed watching this video.

Anthony Llanos
Anthony Llanos 2 months ago

such amazing ideas. Thank you for sharing

MarisJournal 2 months ago

Awww Amy looks so great, I’ll be sure to check out her channel girl! And I absolutely loved your video! I need to catch up on your vlogmas videos too, so I’m gonna do that now ❤️ Hope all is well! Love you guys!

Diaries of a Disabled mom

omg my son would not get into the mermaid fabric. i was so mad. lol. ur gifts are better then mine cuz my son seems disinterested in almost everything except cars and red things. so it looks like i shopped for a baby. seriously. i love how u said cat boy and then an actual cat just randomly popped up. lmao. sorry my video was so late!

TheMystic Astronaut
TheMystic Astronaut 2 months ago

I just found Ami the other day! catching up on her videos

The Enault Family
The Enault Family 2 months ago

Love these idea! I have twins who the school district is saying have autism and we are in the process of getting them diagnosed officially but we have a vlog channel too. So glad I found you, new subscriber!

Erica Frias
Erica Frias 2 months ago

Awesome gift ideas!!!!!!

Mama Lisa’s Vlog
Mama Lisa’s Vlog 2 months ago

My son had issues with touching certain things and eating certain things due to sensory issues. But he had this one blanket that he refused to sleep without until he was nine due to how it felt. I think it’s neat that you look for what your kids enjoy rather than go with what society tried to tell you. Great video ❤️🙌🏼❤️

Ashraf Nawar
Ashraf Nawar 2 months ago

Best wishes for this Christmas and New Year Merry Christmas